EPIDEMIC OF JUDGE RECALLS: Moms Can Lift Cars and Recall Judges to Save Their Kids- As Mainstream Media Sleeps ………

What Do Moms Do When Their Children Are in Danger? 

PictureContra Costa County Moms and Dads Take on More Judges

​They Lift Cars in the Air. 
​They March in the Streets. 
​They March Down to the Schools. 
​They Camp Out in the Hospital. 
​And when Family Court Judges become so complicit and brainwashed as to take children from their mothers simply because of fancy lawyers and corrupt politicians, they serve and recall judges. 

​Law enforcement agencies that traditionally protect judges over the public couldn’t even stop these moms from serving a judge who was ducking the required personal service. These determined moms got to the judge  anyway and now have a record of 5 and 5. 

​In Contra Costa hundreds of parents are organizing social media and recall campaigns agaist judges who acted in the county as presiding judges, where a culture has been created to label parents fighting for their children as disgruntled, crazy and vexatious. #VexatiousMoms are celebrated everywhere in society, except family court. Women restrained from their own children have turned their fight against the judges who have allowed this to happen. Mocking mother judges who are a disgrace to motherhood , like Judge Jill Fannin. 

​Meanwhile, Santa Clara County activists, with all of the money and  power Silicon Valley has to offer, couldn’t do anything about sexually abusive judges like Stuart Scott. Nor does anyone seem interested in judges who have been using the abuse of law to harm women for decades (Conrad Rushing, Patricia Lucas, Mary Arand, James Towery, Mary Ann Grilli).

All the  public outrage over Judge Perksy, (that prompted Stanford Law Professor Michele Dauber  to launch a recall campaign against Judge Persky), Michele Dauber seems so focused on one judge ruling in one case, that Dauber misses the forest through the trees and seems  deaf, dumb and blind  to the real challenges women, immigrants and children face in Silicon Valley divorce, probate and civil cases. 

While exhaustive efforts and attention have gone to Emily Doe, victim of Brock Turner, the Santa Clara County DA, Jeff Rosen, seems unconcerned with thousands of victims of domestic violence, fraud and legal corruption in Silicon Valley Courts, that serve to harm women and children on a much larger scale.  


Judge Cynda Riggins-Unger SUCCESSFULLY SERVED With Notice of Intent to Circulate Recall Petition, SOLANO COUNTY “FIVE IN FIVE” After evading service of recall petition by summoning Solano County Sheriffs to block advocates from service, Judge Cynda Riggins-Unger was successfully served with the notice of intent to circulate recall petition. 
Unger evaded service twice: once at the Superior Court, and a second time when a process server was commissioned to serve her. The process server was finally able to serve the documents to the Clerk for Department 5.

This is the fifth time in five years that advocates have attempted to recall a Solano County Family Court judge, for failing to protect women and children from documented cases of physical and sexual abuse, a landmark issue advocates are naming “Five in Five”.

  • 2013 – Judge Daniel Healey, who was subsequently publicly admonished by the Commission on Judicial Performance and moved out of Family Court.
  • 2014 – Judge Cynda Riggins-Unger, who still serves on the Family Court bench
  • 2017 – Judge Christine Carringer, who still serves on the Family Court bench
  • 2017 – Judge Garry Ichikawa, who immediately announced his retirement
  • 2018 – Judge Cynda Riggins-Unger, served again

Over three dozen litigants have written formal complaints to the Commission on Judicial Performance about the judges’ behavior, alleging violations of the California Code of Judicial Ethics. The Commission on Judicial Performance is currently under heavy public and regulatory scrutiny for what is statistically documented to be a failure to address warranted complaints.

The Protective Mothers of Solano County have gathered more than 150 women impacted by an alleged dangerous bias in Solano County Family Court that disregards evidence of sexual and physical abuse and punishes women for speaking out.

Not all impacted litigants are mothers, women who have a romantic relationship, but no children, are also required to pursue protective orders through family court. This, advocates claim, further harms women who need protective orders.

In 2016 Judge Garry Ichikawa refused to provide a protective order to Kenesha Jackson, a Department of Rehabilitation employee who hand-wrote her pleadings. Shortly thereafter, Everett Highbaugh, the man from whom she was seeking protection, allegedly murdered Jackson in her home while her children were present. The case currently awaits trial.

Advocates claim this is one of many cases where judges blatantly refused to consider credible evidence of abuse and habitually ruled against the victims of domestic violence.

In one case, Judge Garry Ichikawa officially ordered the destruction of evidence.

“The most difficult part about this is building awareness. People always look for what the woman did to cause this, they don’t believe that judges are biased,” Advocate J.C. claims.

Advocates have been attempting to address the problem in family court for more than five years. Advocates claim that the problems with the judges are well known throughout the Solano Superior Court, Domestic Violence Agencies, as well as local attorneys. But no one has actually stepped up to address the issue.

With #metoo gaining steam and the public starting to raise awareness of issues of sexual and domestic abuse against women, as well as pervasive abuse of power shielded and protected by enablers, advocates are hoping that finally, people will begin to listen and help address the issue in Solano County.
Women and children are literally dying.

Release regarding Unger’s evasion of service at: recalljudgeunger.com/evades
Release regarding Unger’s recall at: www.recalljudgeunger.com/release

For more information, contact:
Protective Mothers of Solano County
Committee for the Recall of Judge Cynda Riggins-Unger
PH: 707-430-5095
FAX: 707-637-8730
EMAIL: info@recalljudgeunger.com
For a series of articles addressing the problem in Solano County: solanofamilies.org


Social Media Memes Mocking Judges are Viral on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat; Causes Children of Judges to Be Embarrassed in Eye for an Eye Parent Wars


Scott the Protestor: No Crisis Actor For Supervised Visitation In Custody Cases


​Santa Clara County continues to rob tax payers and selectively enforce the law;  failing parents wishing to spend time with their own children, and failing to protect children from gangs and community violence . Our children in Silicon Valley are in crisis and elected officials, judges and law enforcement agencies are more concerned with their jobs and their perks than the impact of their behavior on children. 

Scott Largent, nicknamed Scott the Protestor,  is a father who will not give up. He has bull horned police stations with a megaphone, wheeled protestor tables to Family Court  and stood down Lisa Herrick, the county court lawyer. He has called out faux orders of Judge Patricia Lucas  that seek to silence him and taken on  San Jose Police chief Eddy Garcia (who has been rumored to have admitted that prosecuting Largent  for a muni code violation was the worst decision of his career. Remarkable considering all the dirt in Garcia’s career related to the 49er bribes he took).

​Largent has called disgraced judge Stuart Scott the Harvey Weinstein of judges, and is known to have the empathy of court and county staffers too afraid to speak up about improper governmental activity. 

​Scott the Protestor is not even afraid to take on the metro sexually corrupt politician , district attorney Jeff Rosen, who is no longer able to maintain his pubic , or private , composure when discussing Largent  and the issues Largent seeks to expose. 

​Despite paying a heavy price for exercising his First Amendment Rights and fighting for the right to know his own child ( Santa Clara County Sheriffs regularly retaliate for judges in the county, by following Largent  home to harass  his elderly grandma after Largent tried to lodge a complaint against Judge Stuart Scott), Largent has not been deterred. 

Regularly attending all Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor  meetings, Largent is  ringing the bell and blowing the whistle to protect not only his own daughter, but all children in Silicon Valley who are victims of injustice and corruption in our counties and courts.  

​At this public meeting,  Judge Patricia Lucas was present for one of the first times in months. She  quickly rushed out to a private meeting with supervisor Cindy Chavez where she is reportedly retaliating against the county’s Probation Department after Judge Persky took the public fall for adopting the probation department’s recommendation in the sexual assault case involving Brock Turner and Emily Doe, a criminal case Jeff Rosen used to advance his career and credibility with Stanford University. 

​Like other counties Santa Clara receives billons in funding from the Violence Against Women Act, yet the county continues to grossly mismanage those funds and fails to protect the public from real abusers, while chasing down parents like Largent. 

​Largent has quickly gained a following of insiders and parents disgusted with the court system and epidemic Domestic Violence abuses.

Rumors that Scott the Protestor is in  talks to bring a television show to the area that will educate parents,  and their children,  on the realities of the dysfunctional courts and law enforcement agencies packed full of public funds.