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Burnet County violations of Due Process, Civil Rights by Judge Linda Bayless

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Mandamus against Judge Linda Bayless, Burnet County for violations of Due Process, Civil Rights and for failing to Recuse herself

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Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 1
“The Godfather”
played by pedophile-lovin Judge Peter J. Melchionne, Head of the Bergen Family Court

In a complaint letter and addendum filed this past week with Glenn Grant, J.A.D., Acting Administrative Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in New Jersey, New York mother Karin Wolf is demanding the removal of Judge Peter J. Melchionne, the Presiding Judge of the Bergen County Family Court in the State of New Jersey, and calls for an investigation into the matter.

According to Wolf, “What New Jersey needs is a public task force hearing like the one they did in Connecticut in 2014, where parents testified over the course of 14 hours about the perversions of family court.”

Ratings on Judge Peter J. Melchionne from The Robing Room:

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 2
Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 3

Ms. Wolf posits that the State of New Jersey had no compelling state interest to prevent her kids from leaving the State and returning to her, as the children became domiciled by operation of law with her in the State of New York upon her ex-husband’s death in April 2018. Ms. Wolf says the State of New Jersey has once again, violated her fundamental rights embedded in the United States Constitution and that this case is ripe for a 5.1 constitutional challenge in the federal court.

Some background of the case – In 2013, Karin lost her kids after years of being denied legal representation by the State of New Jersey, including the Bergen Family Court dismissing her attorney 15 minutes prior to trial, forcing her to proceed unrepresented, violating her Due Process rights; and the Appellate Division blocking her from perfecting an appeal by allowing the Office of the County Counsel to deny her free transcripts, which they were required to do pursuant to a U.S. Supreme Court precedent. In 2014, Judge Gerald C. Escala, known for taking a bribe in the Denike v. Cupo case, retaliated against Karin for filing a grievance against him and trying to protect her kids, barring Karin from contact with her kids.

In 2014, Karin sued the Office of the County Counsel in federal court and it was reprimanded by a federal judge. In that case, James X. Sattely, Esq. represented the Office of the County Counsel as a defendant; and Judge Bonnie J. Mizdol, now Head of the Bergen Court, was also a defendant.

James X. Sattely is now a judge in the Bergen County Criminal Court, who has, in a major conflict of interest, presided over Karin’s recent criminal case, where she’s being vilified (as the only living parent) for picking up her 14-year-old daughter during the summer of 2018 in North Carolina, for safety reasons, when the girl ran away from her stepmother Luciana Coutinho-Crane, whom the child alleges physically abused, sexually harassed, and medically neglected her.

In the fall of 2017, Karin’s young teenage daughter disclosed that her stepmother Luciana Coutinho-Crane was physically abusing her, leaving bruises on the child and spitting in her food; and that Coutinho-Crane’s father, Plinio Coutinho, kicked her and was exposing Karin’s kids to pornography; and that the child’s father, Edward Crane, was ignoring the problem and coercing the child to keep quiet, threatening her with foster care. As we’ve seen as customary for child protective services agencies throughout the U.S. in promoting abuse and pedophilia, the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP, formerly known as DYFS) covered it up and let it fester.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 4
“Cunt-ho the Wicked”
played by Luciana Coutinho-Crane
(Sadistic Stepmother whom child says abused her and exposed her to pornography)

Concerned for her children’s safety and morality, and placed in an untenable predicament, Ms. Wolf began checking up on the kids and seeking alternatives to Bergen County Family Court’s corruption.

In October 2017, Edward Crane (who had threatened to shoot his ex-wife Karin in the past) chased Karin in the car through the streets and highway spanning five towns in Bergen and Passaic counties, toting what is believed to be a gun. Karin called 911, and a police pursuit ensued.

Karin got a restraining order in her home state of New York and filed domestic violence criminal complaints against Edward in both Bergen and Passaic. Judge Meola in Passaic County found probable cause on four counts and scheduled an arraignment. On the other hand, Kimberly McWilliams of the Glen Rock Municipal Court (Bergen), either ill-trained or without smarts to know the difference between a civil complaint and a criminal one, refused to file the domestic violence criminal complaint, insisting Karin go to the Bergen Courthouse to file for a civil restraining order (despite Karin reiterating she already had one from New York – this did not compute).

Det. Sgt. James Calaski of the Glen Rock Police threatened Karin, saying that the State of New Jersey would not enforce her restraining order, despite federal law saying it must. Audio of the 911 call she placed on the day of the incident also revealed Chief Dean Ackerman of the Glen Rock Police victim-shaming her on the tape. Karin then filed criminal complaints against Calaski and Ackerman, as well as misconduct complaints with Internal Affairs.

For more on the sins of the Glen Rock Police Department, see heading below, “A Culture of Troglodytes in Glen Rock.”

On April 12, 2018, Karin brought Coutinho-Crane’s alleged abuse to the attention of Judge Melchionne of Bergen County Family Court and filed for a change of venue. Four days later on April 16th, Karin Wolf’s ex-husband Edward Crane died, and Karin Wolf became the sole surviving custodial parent.

Mr. Crane’s short-term wife, Luciana Coutinho-Crane hid the death from Karin for nearly a week. Officers at GRPD (buddies of Edward Crane) refused to assist Karin get her kids back peacefully, also revealing they’re without smarts to understand what a restraining order looks like.

In an effort to swindle the kids’ 2 million dollar inheritance, Coutinho-Crane then ran down to the courthouse to file for custody of Karin’s kids claiming to be the their “psychological mother” (whatever that is), employing Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli, & Conte, P.C., a law firm Karin had used in the past in her custody case with her ex-husband Edward Crane. Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli, & Conte, P.C. failed to properly notify Karin, serve her with the petition, or the Order.

Brazilian native Coutinho-Crane claims Karin is unfit for exercising her First Amendment Rights blogging about political corruption (particularly in Bergen Court), posting on social media, and founding a non-profit called Women’s Civil Liberties Union. Of course, this was too luscious to resist, as the Bergen Court was given a self-serving opportunity to further retaliate against Karin, and did so by granting Coutinho-Crane, a Brazilian citizen, full custody of Karin’s two biological children; as well as a convenient politically-motivated Gag Order on Karin.

Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli, & Conte, P.C. also represented Edward Crane in the criminal proceedings at the beginning of 2018 and have not been forthcoming about their involvement with the Cranes and their previous involvement with Ms. Wolf.

On the record, Karin asked Judge Melchionne why her dead ex-husband’s name was handwritten onto the initial April 24, 2018 order as a co-defendant. Judge Melchionne stated he didn’t know – didn’t know what he was signing, if he did indeed sign it. Several orders in the case show inconsistency of the signatures. Also, Melchionne was at a judicial conference out of state that day, not sitting on the bench.

Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli & Conte, P.A. was, at that point, illegally representing both the Plaintiff and a defendant in the case.

Brian Shea, Esq. of Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli & Conte, P.A. disqualified himself, but is MFMC is still representing the decedent Edward Crane in the case.

As Karin states in the Addendum letter:

“…in the process of my deceased former husband becoming a co-defendant on April 24, 2018, Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli & Conte, P.A. was immediately required to disclose their representation of my former husband Edward Crane earlier in the year, withdraw as counsel, and withdraw the pleadings. This business of ‘file now, get orders signed, and ask questions later (IF anyone finds out)’ is not only unethical, but downright illegal.”

The case is ripe with Due Process violations and conflicts of interest.

“In essence, this is a de facto adoption without procedural protections in place, which I have repeatedly documented and stated on the record.” – Karin Wolf, Letter to AOC

As usual, Judge Melchionne appointed his mistress Valerie Solimano, Esq. as Guardian ad Litem (GAL). This appearance of impropriety has sent tongues wagging in Bergen – because you know, there’s only so many times you can hear that story about Richard Gere and the gerbil…

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 5
“The Favourite Court-esan”
played by Valerie Solimano, Esq.
(Melchionne’s Mistress, appointed GAL on every case)

On May 7, 2018, Karin filed a civilian criminal complaint against Melchionne, Solimano, Coutinho-Crane, and several officers at the GRPD, for kidnapping, extortion, and official misconduct. At that point, Melchionne was required to recuse himself.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 6

According to Karin’s daughter, Coutinho-Crane and her dirty-old-man-of-a-father were still abusing her. This led to the child running away while on vacation in North Carolina and asking her mother to rescue her. Again, Karin was placed in an untenable predicament. Mother and child checked in with the police in Virginia and all was ok. Then, Ms. Coutinho called her buddies at Glen Rock Police Department to do her bidding in issuing a fake arrest warrant for the incident, which didn’t happen in New Jersey. No jurisdiction, but as we’ve seen, Bergen County just does what it wants, in martial law fashion.

At the time of her arrest, Karin’s criminal complaint was still pending against Judge Melchionne, Coutinho-Crane, and several officers at the GRPD. Certainly Ms. Wolf’s arrest and incarceration conveniently prevented her from testifying against them.

Within five days of the child running away, Coutinho-Crane stated she didn’t even want Karin’s daughter back. So much for her claim as the “psychological mother.” Apparently, having custody of the boy is enough to milk the trust fund, which together with the Bergen Court players in the case, have raided and plundered the children’s trust fund upwards of 300K. The case has employed about a dozen lawyers, GAL’s, doctors, and other family court leeches.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 7
“The Troll” or “Jayba the Hutt”
played by family court leech Jay Atkins, Esq.
(attorney for Wicked Stepmother)

Despite no finding of unfitness, abuse or neglect against Karin, the Bergen Court placed her daughter in foster care, on a case stemming from a case opened by the State of Connecticut against Coutinho-Crane for abuse and neglect, which New Jersey is gaslighting.

DCPP has been up to its old tricks again, taking people’s kids without basis, attempting to make a case when none exists, calling it “permanency” under the controversial Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (ASFA). CPS’ diabolical tactics are described in the book Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services by Carlos Morales, a former CPS worker and whistleblower.

The UK equivalent of the ASFA is The Child Act of 1989, the subject of the documentary, England’s Stolen Children, originally aired in France as Les enfants volés d’Angleterre.

The Adoption and Safe Families Act is one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on taxpayers and families in America. The ASFA was part of welfare reform, but instead redirected the monies going to single mothers, to incentivizing government agencies like DCPP and family courts to use Orwellian methods to steal kids, including putting hospital holds on babies for predictive neglect. In the UK, The Child Act has prompted pregnant women into running to Ireland and France to give birth.

Passage of the Act was pushed by Republican Newt Gingrich in collaboration with Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution, as well as Democrat Hilary Clinton.

Along with the ASFA, the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Act enables the State to steal children from their mothers in progressive Handmaid’s Tale fashion. First, remove the child(ren) from their mother, incentivized by federal money given to family court through the Fatherhood Initiative, then if the father dies, take the kids again via the ASFA. This is exactly what is happening to Karin Wolf and her children.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 8

The number of states now enacting anti-abortion laws is not surprising, as the business of misogyny via the Fatherhood Initiative and the ASFA are the pre-cursors. When Sarah Ragle Weddington, the attorney representing Roe in Roe v Wade was arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court, she argued that pregnancy impacts a woman’s ability to attend school, work certain jobs and ultimately, succeed.

In an American climate of mass incarceration issues and criminalizing motherhood, white male privilege lawmakers aim at using these new anti-abortion laws as a means to control and incarcerate women.

The Sarah Ragle Weddington’s of today might argue the custody and adoption issues women have been facing in recent years are a reason why women should not be forced to carry a pregnancy that could have serious implications and circumstances down the road, like being jailed for protecting their child(ren) from abuse (as in Karin’s case), or facing a custody battle initiated by their rapist.

The State of New Jersey has subjected Karin and her kids to a rigamarole of absurd processes that violate their fundamentally and constitutionally protected right to be a family. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly stated the State can’t take people’s kids away absent a finding of abuse or neglect.

Karin states that DCPP has violated her and her children’s ADA and HIPAA rights. She states that DCPP is threatening to terminate her parental rights, yet has purposely failed to schedule many of the unnecessary reunification services it is requiring for her daughter to be returned to her.

“What this really is, is punishment for suing the State of New Jersey and exposing corruption in Bergen County. Donald Trump and David Duke can raise their children, but not me?”

In The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services, former Georgia congresswoman Nancy Schaefer, who was curiously murdered (along with her husband and her documentary filmmaker, believed to be for exposing CPS corruption), stated:

“…that parenting classes, anger management classes, counseling referrals, therapy classes and on and on are demanded of parents with no compassion by the system even while they are at work and while their children are separated from them. This can take months or even years and it emotionally devastates both children and parents. Parents are victimized by “the system” that makes a profit for holding children longer and “bonuses” for not returning children…”

Schaefer also stated:

“State Departments of Human Resources (DHR) and affiliates are given a baseline number of expected adoptions based on population. For every child DHR and CPS can get adopted, there is the bonus of $4,000 or $6,000. But that is only the beginning figure in the formula in which each bonus is multiplied by the percentage that the State has managed to exceed its baseline adoption number. Therefore States and local communities work hard to reach their goals for increased numbers of adoptions for children in foster care . . . [and] there is double dipping.”

“The funding continues as long as the child is out of the home. There is funding for foster care, then when a child is placed with a new family, then “adoption bonus funds” are available. When a child is placed in a mental health facility and is on 16 drugs per day, like two children of a constituent of mine, more funds are involved and so is Medicaid; as you can see this program is ordered from the very top and run by Health and Human Resources. This is why victims of CPS get no help from their legislators.”

DCPP and the Bergen Court also purposefully excluded Karin from the Child Placement Review Board hearing at the beginning of the case, and attempted to exclude her from an Internal Placement Review (IPR).

Karin also states that DCPP had a psychologist, Dr. Marc Singer, who is an ex-cop, violate her rights under the ADA/ADAAA and interrogate her about the underlying criminal matter, without a lawyer present, causing her to invoke her Fifth Amendment right and abruptly leave the evaluation.

DCPP and the Bergen Court are pushing a report from pen-for-hire Dr. Allywyn Levine, an evaluator who attempted to diagnose her under the DSM-V, without meeting or speaking to Karin even once. That report was commissioned by Valerie Solimano, who is aligned with the stepmother, because hey, when you are a litigant who has brought 2 million dollars to the table, why not be rewarded? No surprise, that report says Karin’s daughter should go to foster care (why DCPP loves it) or be shipped off to boarding school, with, wait for it….Coutinho-Crane in charge of all the money.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 9
“The Hired Handjob”
played by pen-for-hire Dr. Allwyn Levine
(Psychologist who fraudulently diagnosed Ms. Wolf without ever meeting or speaking with her)

A significant portion of that money and the children’s status was subject to a divorce agreement between Karin and Edward, which he violated.

Karin also states that the public defender the Office of Parental Representation of the State of New Jersey appointed for her is useless, an ornament placed there by the State. Karin’s attorney, Michael Lamolino, Esq. refuses to assert her rights, including Karin’s demands that he prepare and file a written answer to the initial Order to Show Cause filed by Attorney General, and his refusal to make a Motion to Recuse Judge Melchionne when Melchionne has violated the ADA and has remained on Karin’s cases, despite her criminal complaint against him. In fact, the New Jersey handbook for public defenders specifically bars public defenders from zealous representation of the parents they are representing.

Judge Melchionne’s tyranny is such that Karin’s private attorney in the custody case, Louis Lamatina, Esq., also refused to make a Motion to Recuse Judge Melchionne, so as not to provoke, “Judge Melchionne’s ire.” This is common for family law attorneys who don’t want to “upset the apple cart” so as not to encounter problems in their careers down the road.

Karin said she had to write Judge Melchionne directly on February 13, 2019, demanding his recusal and refusing to sign a coerced financial settlement at that point. This incensed Melchionne, who retaliated by appointing a GAL for Karin, so that she could no longer make decisions in her case, including firing her attorney Lou Lamatina, Esq.

“Accordingly, I refused to solidify a financial settlement in the case. In retaliation, Judge Melchionne appointed a GAL for me without a finding of mental unfitness. Moreover, I have not been supplied with any handbook or set of State guidelines as to what GAL’s can and cannot do. Therefore, the appointment of all GAL’s for my children and me is void for vagueness.”

Lydia Tatekawa and Lavar Parker, two social workers at DCPP, have been illegally tampering with a witness, relentlessly trying to convince Karin’s daughter she was “kidnapped” by her only parent. Enlisted by the Bergen Prosecutor’s Office to manipulate the case for the State, and harboring a Napoleon complex, Tatekawa’s shady tactics are obsessive, akin to Inspector Javert of Les Misérables or the Spanish Inquisition. The daughter, now 15-years-old (almost 16), has maintained throughout that she ran away to escape the stepmother’s abuse, asked her mother to pick her up, and checked in with the police in Virginia. Karin’s daughter has gotten feisty with Tatekawa and told her off, along with Karin’s brother telling Tatekawa to f–k off. This sent Tatekawa’s knickers in a twist, and further lodged the bug up her ass. Mon dieu!…Confess! Confess! Karin has not, in fact, been charged with kidnapping.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 10
“Inspector Javert”
played by Lydia Tatekawa, Adoption Supervisor and Gaslighter

Tatekawa and Parker are also relentless in attempting to convince Karin’s daughter that Karin is mentally ill, despite a psych eval that says she’s not.

Recently, Judge Melchionne has jumped on that bandwagon, gaslighting Karin’s daughter and lying to her. As Godfather of the Bergen County Family Court, he must maintain the RICO enterprise.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 11

As Schaefer stated:

“…caseworkers and social workers are oftentimes guilty of fraud. They withhold evidence. They fabricate evidence and they seek to terminate parental rights. However, when charges are made against them, the charges are ignored…”

“…the separation of families is growing as a business because local governments have grown accustomed to having taxpayer dollars to balance their ever-expanding budgets…”

DCF/DCPP is required to place the child(ren) with relatives first, yet in the case of Karin’s daughter, DCPP refuses to place the child with her only living biological and beloved grandmother, Karin’s mom, who helped raise Karin’s kids for many years while Karin worked.

As Schaefer stated:

“…relatives are contacted, but there are cases that prove differently. Grandparents who lose their grandchildren to strangers have lost their own flesh and blood. The children lose their family heritage and grandparents, and parents too, lose all connections to their heirs.”

Schaefer stated:

“…the incentive for social workers to return children to their parents quickly after taking them has disappeared and who in protective services will step up to the plate and say, “This must end! No one, because they are all in the system together and a system with no leader and no clear policies will always fail the children. Look at the waste in government that is forced upon the tax payer…”

Despite the Gag Order, Karin Wolf has gone public with her story, as is her First Amendment right. Several years ago, the U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey, struck down a family court Gag Order as unconstitutional.

As Schaefer stated:

“…Child Protective Service and Juvenile Court can always hide behind a
confidentiality clause in order to protect their decisions and keep the funds flowing. There should be open records and “court watches”! Look who is being paid!”

A Culture of Troglodytes in Glen Rock

Glen Rock is an affluent suburban town fostering the Future Brock Turners of America movement and breeding future Handmaids. It’s a town that would rather not acknowledge domestic violence happens there nor have any “incidents” on their records, especially when the perpetrator is a white male.  According to the teenage male population there, girls are “bitches and ho’s” and “feminist pieces of shit.”  According to teenage female population at the school, Principal John Arlotta of Glen Rock High School (who has repeatedly covered up child abuse at his school) completely misses the mark on the #MeToo incidents happening or otherwise brewing at the school.

Demand to AOC for removal of corrupt Head of Bergen Family Court, Judge Peter J. Melchionne 12
“The Brock Turner”
played by Dean Ackerman, Glen Rock Chief of Police
(promoted to position AFTER sexually assaulting his co-worker)

In Brock Turner fashion, the Borough of Glen Rock promoted Chief Dean Ackerman to his current position after sexually assaulting his female co-worker, who sued the Borough.  Officer Matthew Stanislao also sued the borough in October 2014, after being sexually harassed by several officers at the Glen Rock Police Department for being gay, then was fired.  #MeToo

Then there is the 2015 incident where the Head of the Juvenile Division, Det. Sgt. Eric Reamy (then 51) was convicted of child endangerment for sexting a 14-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl he’d been assigned to supervise.  Those girls have now sued the Borough.  #MeToo


San Jose Family Court:  Christmas  Protest During Hanukkah

Parents ignored Judge Lucas’ FAKE  Order as they blasted the San Jose Family Court with Megaphones , Picket Signs  and Christmas decorations in an effort to bring media attention to how California Courts are harming families. 

When the parents  left, on the last day of Hanukkah, they left a decorated  Christmas Tree filled with ornaments in memory of children who were killed, committed suicide or taken from their parents because of family court judges and corrupt divorce lawyers. 

These parents have been protesting the courts for months. Often led by Scott Largent and Michelle Chan with mighty megaphones, the parents are not backing down on getting their voices heard and media attention to the courts. 

Scott Largent was arrested last May for using a toy megaphone in the exact location of Monday’s protest,  but Santa Clara County Sheriffs have reportedly backed off as Sherriff Laurie Smith refuses to enforce what many believe is an unconstitutional order issued by Judge Lucas to silence protesters during the Persky recall. 

Judge Persky was recalled in June 2018 and is now trying to get donations to pay legal fees that are a fraction of what many parents paid to get divorced in his court. 

Meanwhile, lawyers inside and out of the courthouse have become aware of criminal investigations that could get many divorce lawyers disbarred and judges removed from the bench after a link to Judge James Towery and DA Jeff Rosen reveals pressure on the San Jose Mercury to not cover family court issues date back to Rosen’s 2010 election. 

Michael Lazarin was present at the protest, as he continues to fight to raise awareness related to issues involving domestic violence, which impacted his biological daughter, Audrie Pott, who committed suicide in 2012.

Lazarin has been legally abused by Lisa and Larry Pott. the greedy evil step parents of Audrie, who made a fortune off the young girl’s death. Many  in  the upscale Los Gatos community believe Lisa and Larry  used Audrie’s  death for greed and profit. 

Sheila Pott , Audrie’s mother,  is reportedly being investigated for tax fraud and criminal charges related to claims she  assisted in an unreported campaign donation to Jeff Rosen through here real estate lending career. The Potts reportedly used private lawyer Robert Allard to arrange illegal  payments to Rosen that were not properly reported during Rosen’s 2014 campaign for re-election as Santa Clara County District Attorney. 

Also present at the protest were family members of Alycia Mesiti,  the young girl whose mother and aunts could not afford to protect her in family court, where Judge Persky and Judge Chiarello   refused to follow the law and gave custody of Mesiti. and her brother. to their father, despite his criminal history of abuse and refusal to pay the most basic child support. 

Several protestors had been victimized by divorce attorneys Heather Allan, Hector Moreno, BJ Faden, Jessica Huey, Valerie Houghton, Walter Hammon, Leah Amini, Elise Mitchell, Sharon Roper  and Bradford Baugh, lawyers who are currently being investigated  RICO activity where they obtain court orders to send kids to supervised visitation centers or reunification camps where many local judges and lawyers have a financial interest.  

The protest included both mothers and fathers who are united  in exposing family court corruption where  greedy divorce lawyers are appointed to represent children, and fail. And where corrupt judges use  Kids for Cash to the lawyer with the most cash and favors. 

California’s Judicial Council has tried to silence these protestors for decades. Rumor has it they are frustrated the parents in Santa Clara County, the county that just recalled Judge Arron Persky,  simply will not go away. 



Yes, Your Divorce Judge Is A Crook, and So Is Your Divorce Lawyer- Get the Photos- Troll Facebook

​Yep that is the sound of injustice as Judge Pegg openly flits with  Jim Hoover while tossing him more money in fee awards, or as Rebekah Frye sucks up to LaDoris Cordell,  while having affairs with clients and telling them ” can’t go to the cops because WE own the Los Gatos PD”,

Judge Hayashi is from Los Gatos and was secretly recorded at the home of a high tech exec  on Daves Avenue, agreeing to kickback rulings in domestic violence cases that are favorable to the powerful in Silicon Valley.

Santa Clara County has been rigging divorce  and domestic violence cases for over 20 years, and the District Attorney is in on it. 

Victims have been ignored when they can’t hire the ” right” lawyer, while abusers who hire lawyers like Hector Moreno, Marilyn Moreno , Bradford  Baugh, Frye and Lynne Yates Cater can get away with anything in Santa Clara Family Courts. 

Parents who have been arrested and jailed for not paying child support, for not turning their child over at a certain time in a created custody war are often shocked to find that what should be a simple divorce can turn into a financially crippling court proceeding that can drag out for 10 years, and that can land them in jail. 

Judges who regularly violate due process rights to take money from children do so with the blessing of Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, whose wife is a judge in the family local court. These judges socialize at a local fraternity called the Inns of Court with lawyers like Hector Moreno, whose son is employed in the DA;s office. 


Orange County voters finally recalled their corrupt DA. His replacement, Tony Spitzer,  is the sponsor  of Megan’s  Law , and  he is reportedly focusing initial efforts on CPS as well as  the lawyers and judges who have been harming children in the local family courts. 

In Santa Clara County the corruption runs so deep it can be seen through the misconduct of Allison Filo, a prosecutor who failed in a DV prosecution where she colluded with divorce attorney Bradford Baugh to prosecute for political reasons. Or John Chase, the Public Integrity DDA who regularly gives lawyers and judges a free pass. 

Moreno and Rosen are two government lawyers who have been letting lawyers and judges off the hook for criminal activity. while working to silence parents who are flagged as ” troublemakers”. 

When complaints to the Commission on Judicial Performance , or the State Bar are filed, the Santa Clara County DA  begins pressing criminal charges to wear out the complaining party.

Protesters who appeared at the front of the family courthouse last June, were targeted by judges and the court’s lawyer, Lisa Herrick, as the recall campaign of Judge Persky ramped up during the primary elections. 

Rosen, whose own campaign saw $1 million dollar donation disappear is known to be throwing out complaints against local judges and lawyers to help his own political aspirations. A mole from the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department has reported that Rosen tried to intervene with the election of Sherriff Laurie Smith, who has called out bad judges and bailiffs acting in family law cases, which Rosen has refused to investigated. 

Parents are being encouraged to take photos  and recordings of judges and lawyers misbehaving on Facebook, in public and at local bars. Judges may not be worried about getting in trouble from state watchdogs, or the local DA, but they have  been very bothered about information appearing on social media sites like this one. 

Keep sending photos and recordings to : CalJohnQPublic@Gmail.com



Travis County Texas Family Court Corruption 13

Travis County Texas Family Court Corruption

Travis County Texas Family Court Corruption

Victims discuss Domestic Violence by Proxy, Abusive Litigation, Parents Being Unnecessarily Denied Access to Their Children, and other important topics:

Host Mike Lee and guests discuss the problems and challenges caused by legal and other professionals of the family law legal complex. They shared personal and professional experiences of the participants and reveal that more problems may be created rather than solved by these professionals. The discussion will suggest that financial gain and self-interest rather than the best interests of the children drive the reality of family law legal injustice. These complexities often negate the best interests of the children.

If you have issues that you feel are unjustified or corrupt please email txfamilycourtcorruption@gmail.com

Professionals of interest are:

Dr Alissa Sherry / Legal Consensus

The Family Courts Are Anti Family- Corruption Must Be Exposed

Each year hundreds of parents of small children walk into the Family Court in New Rochelle and file petitions claiming that the other parent, usually the father, has inflicted some kind of harm on their child when in fact it is not true.The children are usually from five to ten years old. The parent who files goes before Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz who has fixed several cases and got caught with no punishment. She gives the parent advise. Gets Child UnProtective Services involved, The County Attorneys Office and Victims Assistance and assumes the defendant is guilty.

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Do You Keep a “To Do List?” If You’re Rebuilding After Divorce You Should!

divorce to do list

When rebuilding after divorce focus on what’s important for you and your family and what will give you space and time to heal.


One of the ways in which I organize my life is to make to-do lists and when I was rebuilding after divorce, I knew I needed a list that would help me to stay focused and on task. When you’ve been hurt and feel disoriented, it’s often difficult to keep track of what needs to get done, especially when you have children, a household and a business to manage.

I remember sitting down one evening, pen and paper in hand (yes, I’m old fashioned like that) and making myself a list of the things I needed in order to manage all the things in my life; it wasn’t easy but I got through it.

The reason why it wasn’t easy for me was because I already felt very overwhelmed by what had happened to me and, everything that came to my attention and needed taking care of on top of the things I was dealing with, felt like a ton of bricks piling up on my shoulders.

When you’re going through a major break-up, the last thing you need is to think about what else needs taking care of. Would making this list add to that feeling of being overwhelmed? Turns out, it actually helped me to see what I needed to get done now and what could wait. It put things into perspective for me and it ultimately allowed me to maintain my sanity when problems came up.

In no particular order, here is the list of things I had on my to-do list when rebuilding after divorce:

  • Find a handyman you can call when you need help with a project around the house. I consider myself pretty hands-on when it comes to home projects but I also knew I had tons of other things I needed to pay attention to. Having the name and number of someone I could contact if and when I needed help gave me some peace of mind. It also meant I didn’t have to ask my ex to help anymore when I needed a second pair of hands. He was always willing to help but I also wanted to be more independent now that he had left.
  • In addition to the handyman, have the name and number of an electrician and plumber. We all know the expression, “When it rains, it pours” and a few weeks after my ex had left, I had to deal with a few plumbing and electrical issues.
  • Along the same lines as the items listed above, find a mechanic. When your car breaks down or you need to bring your car in for maintenance, having the name and number of a trusted mechanic can give you peace of mind.
  • Find someone who can help you clean your house. I often prided myself on being able to clean the house by myself but when you’re emotionally taxed, coming home to a clean house does wonders for the soul. Again, this is all about finding ways to get help and focus on the priorities in your life: healing, spending time with your children, work, etc.
  • Get your own bank account and start to manage your finances. Ask for help if you need to figure out how to set up various accounts (e.g., savings, retirement, emergency fund, etc). I reached out to a local mompreneur group where I live and sure enough, I found a fellow mom who could give me professional advice on how to manage my finances and help me to understand my options.
  • Child care. I hired a mother’s helper a few times a week because sometime, I just couldn’t handle the kids on my own. I needed to retreat and take care of myself and when the babysitter arrived, I was able to get some alone time in my bedroom and know the kids were taken care of.
  • Reorganize your living space. For me, I found it extremely therapeutic to go through my closet and toss anything I didn’t want anymore. I also walked through my home one evening, after the kids had gone to bed, and tried to find ways to make the house my own. Sometimes re-organizing the furniture and the decorations you already have go a long way. I also found that going to discount stores or IKEA and buying decorations and accent furniture really helped to make my space my own and it lifted my spirits.
  • As a mom who works from home, I made a point of keeping a morning schedule for myself. I often found that I would get the kids up and going in the morning and then after dropping them off at school, I would go back to bed or sit somewhere trying to figure out how I would spend my day. It was awful. When I started to get myself ready for the day by taking a shower, applying some make-up and getting dressed, I felt my mood shift. Along those lines, I made a point of scheduling something for myself right after the kids had been dropped off. That way, I had somewhere to go and it made me feel good about myself.

Finally, the most important piece of advice I could give to anyone trying to get themselves back on their feet is: show kindness to yourself and allow yourself to feel this experience and to tell yourself it’s okay if it doesn’t all get done. Focus on what’s important for you and your family and what will give you space and time to heal.

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“Splitting Up Together” Shows Us the Pros And Cons Of Bird Nesting

“Splitting Up Together” Shows Us the Pros And Cons Of Bird Nesting

“Splitting Up Together” Shows Us the Pros And Cons Of Bird Nesting 14

If you’ve ever considered bird nesting or just want to watch a TV show representing divorced family life, check out the ABC comedy Splitting Up Together!

If you’ve ever considered bird nesting with your ex following divorce, then Splitting Up Together on ABC is the “exhibit A” you need to consult to help wrap your mind around that concept! The show, which debuted this March under the care of producer, Ellen DeGeneres, is an American adaptation of a Danish TV show, and follows the story of Lena and Martin (played by Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson), parents of three young children.

For those of you not familiar with bird nesting, it is the practice of continuing to share a home with one’s ex after divorce. Unlike typical divorces where the children alternate between homes, in this situation, the kids remain in their home, and the parents rotate in and out. The children never have to vacate their own bedroom or familiar surroundings and only go without the presence of one parent at-a-time, according to their visitation plan.

Many of us couldn’t imagine continuing to be in that close of proximity to the one we divorced, yet many child development experts praise bird nesting as a creative solution to co-parenting because it causes the least disruption to the children when their parents can no longer be married. It may be a child-centric dream, but it’s hard to imagine the logistics of it for most situations.

In the case of Lena and Martin, they happen to have a garage which has been mostly finished into an apartment. It lacks in air conditioning and some of the comforts of the main home; but, allows the adults to have a place to live when it’s not their turn with the children. For divorced people like the Splitting Up Together duo who are fortunate enough to have a guest house, finished basement, or move-in ready garage, it’s not a bad idea.

What about the rest of us?

Very few of us could afford to rent a second residence for our off week, whether shared with our ex or not, while continuing to contribute to the rent or mortgage of the family home. Even fewer could afford to maintain two separate living quarters for our time away from the kids. Personally, I would have a hard time coming “home” to my ex’s bachelor pad after he’s had a week of sexcapades and pizza binging. He wouldn’t help maintain our home while we were married, so I certainly wouldn’t expect him to do so now, and I’m no longer game for picking up his pizza boxes and dirty socks!

Lena and Martin had ground rules in place about passing off each living area to the other, so we don’t see too much strife between them about messes and so on; however, some of the typical co-parenting frustrations exist such as inconsistencies between the two about chores and responsibilities of the children, discipline, and so on. The close proximity of their living quarters also creates uncertainty about when to involve the other about such things as a child’s fever or sensitive puberty issues.

Is it ever okay to just barge in the family home on your week off to ask a question or share a concern or bother them on their week off? What if she has a date staying over? What if he just wants to be trusted to take care of a situation himself? Some of these questions are the same for us no matter what our visitation arrangement, I, for one, like to think of myself as “on duty” whether my kids are with me or not; yet, I respect the fact that my ex has the right to individual time with the kids, just as I do!

One thing that becomes very clear about bird nesting from watching the show is the need for boundaries. In many cases, we need to know when to be flexible (such as when the heat of summer hit and the garage was no longer habitable, prompting the characters to agree to share the main house for the summer). In many other circumstances, it becomes necessary to define what is and is not acceptable to maintain peace, privacy, and the need for each member of the partnership to heal and begin to form their own identity as a single person.

Is bird nesting realistic?

I have always contended that once the co-parents begin to develop other serious relationships, the arrangement will become stickier. How many of our dates would want to bounce in and out of our two residences, and will new partners be allowed to stay in the main home with the kids? This situation would be awkward, at best, and something that would have to be carefully planned through. What happens if one of the parents eventually remarries and wants to reside with their new spouse full time? Will nesting even be a possibility anymore?

New relationships and dating are likely to be some of the most contentious issues faced by bird nesters, as demonstrated by Lena and Martin. Martin becomes jealous after witnessing a sexual encounter between his former wife and a new partner, and Lena lets her mind go wild with speculation after seeing a female regularly visit her ex in the garage. Nesting turns up the volume on feelings of jealousy or possible unresolved romantic feelings when dates take place in one’s own property instead of across town!

I don’t know any divorced folks co-hosting pina colada parties in the backyard, but maybe I missed my chance at the fun by not bird nesting. Time will only tell how well Lena and Martin weather the challenges of divorce, co-parenting, and bird nesting while continuing to shack up together. While bird nesting is something to consider, it is full of unique challenges that most co-parents do not have to overcome; therefore, anyone considering it has a lot to talk about in order to make it work!

Splitting Up Together makes post-divorce parenting look rather easy compared to what I know of most situations. Perhaps they’re more evolved as co-parents, but I suspect that some Hollywood magic and the fact that this couple probably just needed marriage counseling is what makes it work so well for them. The removal of some of the stress and expectations of married life seems to have created a newfound sense of appreciation for one another and regret for the loss of the marriage. There are some genuine issues that need to be worked through, but I have to wonder if divorce was ever their answer?

I have respect for anyone who can make nesting work, which is why I regret to say that, in my own life, I feel it would be a life sentence of dealing with the same issues that plagued my marriage and drove us to divorce. I predict that, in my own life, bird nesting would equate to an eternal prison of cleaning up after someone I can no longer stand and getting horrible sleep in a garage where I cuddle up to his power tools and the lawnmower. No thanks.

My personal jury is still out on the viability of bird nesting, but this show may change my mind on that as I watch the characters play out many more post-divorce situations. Meanwhile, I will continue to watch simply because it’s refreshing to see representation of a divorced family and all the issues we go through!


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