Attention Candidates: Nevada Veterans Association has been Reactivated and Steve Sanson is the New President

Attention Candidates: Nevada Veterans Association has been Reactivated and Steve Sanson is the New President

In paperwork filed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, Steve Sanson has been legally recognized as the president of the Nevada Veterans Association.  The organization, originally founded in 2015, has been listed as dissolved since December 31 of 2018.  In addition to this, their status as a political action committee has not been renewed since the Nevada Veterans Association filed for PAC status in January of 2018.  The following screenshots from the Nevada Secretary of State website indicate the current Active status of the Nevada Veterans Association, its formerly dissolved status, and the most recent (2018) filing status as a PAC with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.








Mr. Sanson has worked tirelessly as president of another veterans organization in Nevada, Veterans In Politics International, a veterans group that scrutinizes and endorses political candidates friendly to veterans causes.  Veterans In Politics International also advocates for veterans and non-veterans with their campaign to investigate and expose corruption in the Southern Nevada Family Court system.


Having newly reactivated the Nevada Veterans Association, Mr. Sanson plans to shepherd the organization to be a force for good that will advocate for veterans and get them more involved in the political process.  This includes rebuilding its reputation as a veterans organization from the ground up, re-orienting its mission to better meet the needs of veterans throughout Nevada, and establishing new programming to help the association achieve the new mission once it is established.  The Nevada Veterans Association was initially founded by veterans to work for veterans and it will rise from the ashes to meet that goal once again.


One of the other actions Mr. Sanson and his team also plan on undertaking is to have other organizations cease using the name and branding of Nevada Veterans Association for their own purposes.  As indicated by the organizational status included in this [email], Nevada Veterans Association has been an inactive organization for over 1 year.  Despite this, its name and logo has been used by an organization purporting to represent Nevada Veterans Association, but has not filed paperwork renewing its status as a non-profit organization with the State of Nevada nor has it renewed its status as a PAC with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.  While there may be backlash from this group purporting to be Nevada Veterans Association as well as from Richard Carreon (whose name is listed as the most recent president according to the PAC paperwork), please be assured that this group does not legally represent Nevada Veterans Association.  If this group had been thorough and had been good stewards of their organization, they would not have let Nevada Veterans Association’s legal standing as a non-profit organization go un-renewed, they would have continued their reporting of earnings to the Nevada Department of Taxation and the IRS, and they would have ensured that their PAC status (of which their group was founded on) would have been renewed on an annual basis.  This kind of negligent stewardship by an organization that claims to keep the best interests of veterans in mind does not inspire confidence and does not deserve the title Nevada Veterans Association as they give a bad name to the kind of dignity, dedication, and thoroughness that characterize Nevada’s veterans.


Nevada Veterans Association is back, it is under competent, proven, and dedicated leadership, and it is ready to advocate for veterans.


If you have any questions regarding the status and mission of Nevada Veterans Association, please contact Steve Sanson at 702-283-8088

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child visitation after divorce

Child Visitation After Divorce: How My Narcissistic Ex Is Using It Against My Children

child visitation after divorce


My divorce never hit me. I was contently past all the stages of grief on the day of my divorce. I was free and so eager to start anew. (I even agreed to attempt reconciliation with my ex post-divorce, but that’s a story for another day.)

Some months later, I moved back to the town I had grown up in. My boys, then seven and eight, moved with me. It felt great to be starting fresh and to be surrounded by family and my childhood girlfriends again.

My boys and I did get the I’m-so-sorry-face from everyone we knew. But despite the catastrophe that others saw, I was relieved, happy, and shame-free to be divorced. I could breathe again, and my life was my own again. Or so I thought…

Given my move, I had agreed to my ex-husband, aka WASband, seeing our boys virtually every weekend and agreed that he could have the boys visit him at his home 400 miles away on any given weekend.

Child Visitation After Divorce

My ex abused my trust.

My WASband turned our flexible visitation agreement into a nightmare for my boys. He insisted that every visit be in Los Angeles in his world. I had agreed to this and he had a legal contract to enforce it.

So, our children traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then back again three to four weekends each month during the school year.

He didn’t care that virtually every Friday his children spent four hours or more traveling to him and four hours or more on Sundays traveling back.

He didn’t care if the children were sick.

He didn’t care if they missed the one and only birthday party they got invited to.

He didn’t care if they weren’t making friends at their new school.

He didn’t care if our son cried and cried over not being able to compete in his once-a-year Tae Kwon Do championship.

He didn’t care if their Friday flight was canceled by the airline. He made them take the 6:00 am flight on Saturday morning only to fly back on Sunday.

He didn’t care if the children were exhausted from all the travel.

He didn’t care if they couldn’t join the basketball team because of weekend games.

He just didn’t care. It was a zero-exceptions contract that I had agreed to.

My WASband’s words were, I am NOT willing to spend my custodial time in Northern California. There was intense hatred towards me in that single sentence. Each time I asked for some flexibility for our children, those words were written back to me in bigger, bolder font along with, My position hasn’t changed.

I had made a huge mistake.

I had willingly given a narcissist full discretion to decide where and how he spends time with our children assuming that he would be reasonable when it came to the children.

I don’t know if he saw their tears. I wiped them.

I don’t know if he heard their screams. Some days that’s all I heard.

He denied their pain. I couldn’t.

I don’t know if he realized their isolation. I saw it.

Over and over I begged a father to accommodate his children’s needs. Each time he refused.

There came a time when my children cried, I know the answer is no. The answer is always no. Then came a time when they no longer asked.

My ex now controlled the boys with custody.  

Spending his time with his children in Los Angeles trumped all else. He was blind to their physical health, their social development, and their emotions. He had to have control: It’s okay for [our son] to miss a birthday party in order to spend quality time with his father.

Of course, nothing was preventing this father from accompanying his son to this one and only birthday party that his son had been invited to all year.

And my ex also controlled me with custody.

When I mailed out a birthday card over summer break and asked my WASband to give the card to our son, my ex responded, “You should do that personally, meaning during your own custodial time.”

This was emotional abuse at its worst.

The control and emotional abuse I thought I had escaped resurfaced like a newer, stronger virus. This time, while aimed at me, it was infecting our children. The children weren’t doing well socially or emotionally.  Despite multiple pediatricians’ recommendations for immediate therapy for our children, my ex refused to consent.

Since the divorce and move my older son had begun to break out crying and screaming for no apparent reason. Of course, I knew the reason; he wasn’t coping well with his parent’s separation.

He was eight-years-old at the time and completely non-verbal about our divorce. He didn’t want to talk, or discuss, or listen to anything related to his mom and dad no longer living together.

Over the course of a year and a half, even after two pediatricians independently witnessed my older son have such an emotional meltdown including throwing himself around the room, my WASband maintained that my son didn’t need therapy.

The emotional outbursts became more frequent, became more intense and shifted from crying and screaming to also verbally threatening his family and physically hurting those around him.

Family court was a game of poker.

With no other resolution in sight, I turned to the Court for help. My children were in danger if nothing changed.

That journey through Court was long, expensive, and made unreasonably longer and more expensive by my ex on the other side. (During our eight-year marriage my ex had been in constant litigation all eight years; he sued all his business partners from multiple businesses, a dentist who voluntarily admitted a mistake, and an employee of a Fortune 500 company knowing the company would pay him damages just to avoid litigation).

I should have known better. My ex had no qualms or limits in abusing the legal system. He was an eye-for-an-eye man once he convinced himself that you had slighted him.

So, my ex showed up in Court with thick, oversized, zero-prescription eyeglasses and a bow tie to complete his geekiest Caltech persona. A charming serial entrepreneur with 20-20 vision (the one I had married) now sat disguised as a nerdy engineer in an effort to explain away his complete inflexibility in co-parenting his children.

He claimed he was an engineer who was scrambling to make ends meet and whose employer had been loaning him money for personal expenses. The fact was that he owned the company he worked for!

He showed virtually no income and no assets all the while affording private flying lessons, affording aircraft rentals, and paying his parents and extended family from business profits.

And so, a game of poker with the judges ensued. The first judge had enough common sense and provided temporary relief for the children from all the travel. This judge saw the thousands of pages of written communication between my ex and me as a complete breakdown of communication.

But he retired. Then a second judge with a completely different common sense, had me pay my ex’s attorney fees and didn’t bat an eye at the amount of travel our children were doing between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This new judge wanted proof to correlate sickness to excessive travel. Common sense wasn’t good enough. This new judge saw the thousands of pages of written communication between my ex and me as normal negotiation.

This judge saw my wealth against my poor Caltech-graduate WASband with his fake glasses and bow tie, who had no car in his name, no property in his name, who for years had paid his company’s profits to his extended relatives.

In retaliation to me going to Court, my ex had convinced himself that he needed $30,000 per month to support our children. And since he could afford neither a car nor housing, he wanted me to now support a new lifestyle for him, complete with private jet travel, five-star hotels, and much more.

A third judge put an end to my ex’s non-sense; my WASband got his child support but an amount which I proposed to the Court based on facts instead of exaggerations. Disappointed with this outcome, my ex filed two more cases trying to get exorbitant amounts of money from me.

Those cases, while dismissed, still took an emotional and financial toll. I’ve learned now that it’s a matter of time before my WASband sues me again.

Court was a two-year war. And war is never good.

One of my sons got therapy after two years of jumping through all the Court’s hoops. My children’s travel was slightly reduced and many smaller issues were resolved. Yet the Court was fooled by a narcissist.

The Court didn’t approve therapy for my younger son because I didn’t have any evidence for its need. So, now a year later when my younger son says, “I will kill myself,” and my WASband still refuses therapy for him, am I to return to Court?

The Family Court that deals with divorced families and children couldn’t see this coming? I could.

This Court that also ordered my ex to spend the first weekend a month in Northern California because it coincided with the Tae Kwon Do schedule didn’t think to make it an order that my WASband actually take the children to these Tae Kwon Do events.

The Court couldn’t catch the narcissist in disguise. How am I to point out this mistake to the Court? With another trial and 2-year battle? No thank you.

Life, Uh, Finds a Way.

For nearly three years now, my children have been traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles nearly every weekend. Yes, it’s hard and unheard of, but the one weekend each month we have together is better than ever.

We miss most of the special school events, but we did go to one dance last year and I caught my boys on camera doing the Floss with their classmates!

We do miss most of the special Tae Kwon Do events, but every now and then the stars line up and we get to go to the one we get to go to!

We do miss most family get togethers, so now many of my nine first cousins go out of their way to have our children meet.

For over two years now, my WASband has been telling our children: Your mom is a liar. Her entire family lies. It’s her fault; she’s the one that divorced me. He shows them snippets of court documents to prove his story with evidence.

Sadly, my nine and ten-year-old children are versed in court vocabulary including evidence, exhibits, credibility, and legal contracts. My WASband tells my older son:  You go to therapy because you have mental problems. Your mom forced you to go to therapy.

You’ll be in therapy for your whole life.

You need to lose weight. You need to get in shape.

Are you trying to gain weight?

He tells our children: Do you have any Indian friends? I’ll arrange a playdate [on my visits to San Francisco] if your friends are Indian.

This type of abuse attacks every aspect of their lives. There may never be a respite from this.

My children began coming back to me on Sundays, especially after long holidays, and telling me: You’re a liar. A big fat liar because you don’t have any evidence. Daddy has evidence. I was caught off-guard, hurt, and defensive.

My co-parenting counselor (not to mention others) advised me to open up to my children, but mostly all I could say was: These are adult issues. Children shouldn’t be worried about these things. I will tell you when you’re seventeen or eighteen. Your Daddy loves you, but some of these things he is doing and saying are wrong. And he may never change. You have to be stronger.

After two years of this, there are still new frustrations, more confusion, and deeper wounds but my children are finding their way. They tell me: Mommy, you have to be stronger!

And I am stronger because I chose to be free. My marriage was bad and the aftermath of my divorce worse, but I am free. I’ve begun to learn to allow myself to resign all outcomes to a higher power when I need to.

I’ve learned that there’s nothing that can break me. I’ve been shattered more than once, and I’ve gotten up to collect and put myself back together each time. I don’t hate my ex; it’s as if my body or mind or soul has decided that this person doesn’t deserve even my hatred.

I pray for his peace of mind, I tell my children to send love towards Daddy, and I’ve never been one to pray. Whenever I remember, I tell my children to say something nice about someone else each night.

I’ve learned to hug and cuddle. My children wonder: Why have you gone all lovey-dovey. I suppose it’s because love is all that remains for me.

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“Veterans in Politics Scores Huge Free Speech Victory!”

“Veterans in Politics Scores Huge Free Speech Victory!”

LAS VEGAS, NEV. (Feb. 21, 2020) – We are pleased to announce a huge victory for 300,000 Veterans statewide, a huge victory for free speech, and a huge victory for the Constitution!  “OO-rah!”

The Nevada Supreme Court today ruled in the matter of Steve Sanson and Veterans in Politics International (“VIPI”), versus Marshall Willick and the Marshall Willick Law Group, [Nevada Supreme Court Case No. 72778].

Happily, the Nevada Supreme Court today REVERSED the lower court decision which had previously ruled against Sanson and VIPI — and this spells a huge free speech victory!

CLICK HERE to READ the Supreme Court ruling in SANSON v. WILLICK (Feb. 21, 2020)


What’s going on?  Well, Steve Sanson—a long-time champion of Veteran’s Rights—is on a mission to safeguard the fundamental rights of Las Vegas parents by exposing systemic family court corruption.  Towards this end, Sanson had made certain critical statements of and concerning Willick and his law firm.  And then the drama began…

But most importantly, Sanson’s statements about Willick were: (1) made in direct connection with issues of public interest; (2) made in a public forum; and (3) made in good faith.

As it turns out, however, Marshall Willick and the Willick Law Group did not take kindly to Steve Sanson’s criticisms.  Willick thus sued Sanson and Veterans in Politics for defamation and emotional distress, etc.  And Sanson was forced to hire a defamation rights lawyer, (of which there are too few in the phone book!).

But Steve Sanson and VIPI had the good fortune to retain the services of a very capable and experienced free speech advocate, Anat “Annette” Levy, Esq., of Levy and Assoc., right here in Vegas.

Ms. Levy, a brilliant civil rights lawyer, believed that Willick’s so-called defamation lawsuit was really just an underhanded attempt to bully Sanson.  Willick sought to punish Sanson for helping moms ‘n dads oppressed by corrupt family court judges.  Willick sought to silence Sanson — to stop him from speaking out against the ongoing corrupt activities that plague the Las Vegas family court.

But Willick sorely underestimated the strength and resilience of his opponent — a proud United States Marine.

Sanson’s legal team evaluated Willick’s defamation lawsuit.  Ms. Levy correctly diagnosed Willick’s defamation claims as “frivolous.”  And so, she fought back!  Ms. Levy filed a meritorious anti-SLAPP motion — designed to dismiss Willick’s frivolous claims.  (Anti-SLAPP motions are special legal devices used to weed-out frivolous lawsuits by dismissing them in the first round.)

But sadly for Sanson, the trial court misapplied the law and rejected Ms. Levy’s motion to dismiss Willick’s defamation lawsuit.  The defamation lawsuit would now proceed to trial.

But Sanson and Levy were not ready to accept a poor ruling.  No indeed!  Committed to total victory, Ms. Levy filed an articulate and well-drafted appeal to Nevada Supreme Court.  And today, (Feb. 21, 2020), we are happy to announce that the Nevada Supreme Court has REVERSED the lower court decision.  And this is terrific news for free speech aficionados throughout the Great State of Nevada!

To gain an in-depth legal perspective, Veterans in Politics spoke with California civil rights attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. who stated that Nevada’s anti-SLAPP laws are actually based on California law.

Phillips, an experienced anti-SLAPP litigator, has been following the VIPI saga.  Phillips explained: “Sanson’s a good guy.  He always tells the truth.  He totally made statements under subsection 4 – meaning that his statements, of and concerning the plaintiff, came in direct connection with an issue of public interest – and Carson City finally recognized this all-important factoid.” 

The purpose of anti-SLAPP laws is to prevent situations where an individual, typically the “little guy” — who is often lacking in financial resources — is suddenly subjected to frivolous and costly litigation by a more wealthy opponent — who’s out for revenge because of something the “little guy” said.  And that’s exactly what happened in Steve Sanson’s story.

Big-shot family court attorney, Marshall Willick, does not wish to see Steve Sanson spreading the truth (and for obvious reasons), and so, Willick slapped Sanson with a frivolous lawsuit – disguised as a defamation lawsuit.  But today, thankfully, the learned justices in Carson City finally recognize Willick’s little stunt for what it truly was—a meritless legal maneuver calculated only to inflict economic burden and hardship — and punish Sanson – for telling the truth!

Steve Sanson, a proud Veteran, and brave social justice warrior is a friend to many beleaguered family court parents in the Vegas Valley.  A very elated Steve Sanson today told VIPI: “Yes!  That’s right.  We won!  And now is the time for everybody to stand up against family court attorneys and judges who railroad others!”

Sanson emphasized, “We will keep fighting the good fight!  And we will keep winning – for the sake of our fellow Veterans and for everybody else as well.  Yes, definitely, we will keep exposing family court corruption here in Las Vegas.”

Sanson explained, “The only reason they did this to me is that I stood up to all their corruption.  We stand up for Veterans who have been lost, ignored, chewed-up and spit-out by a system of indifference that refuses to recognize parents’ constitutional rights.”

Sanson added, “Hey, I took an oath to defend the Constitution, and so did all the other devoted men and women who honorably served in our armed forces.  No sir!  We refuse to allow them to ignore the Constitution for which we fought.”

It is now apparent that Willick’s lawsuit targeted Sanson for his speech-related activities, and further, the lawsuit was intentionally calculated to make Sanson incur legal fees he couldn’t afford.  Willick must’ve thought it a foolproof plan.  Willick himself stood to incur no legal fees because, after all, he represents himself.  But it was not to be.  The universe today righted itself and Willick’s plan to economically bludgeon Sanson has officially backfired!  Today, hope burns bright!

Sanson now awaits the court’s final details on remand.  Sanson hopes the court will soon calculate an attorney’s fees award—which could be a tidy sum of money.  Willick could get stung with having to pay a very substantial sum to Sanson’s attorneys.  But then again, that’s how poetic justice works!   🙂


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“Las Vegas Dad Sues Family Court Judge – for Blocking Him on Facebook!”

“Las Vegas Dad Sues Family Court Judge – for Blocking Him on Facebook!”

LAS VEGAS, NEV. (Feb. 7, 2020) – A Las Vegas dad today sued a family court judge for blocking him on Facebook.

Civil rights attorney T. Matthew Phillips today filed a federal court lawsuit against Las Vegas Family Court Judge Vincent Ochoa.

T. Matthew Phillips’ lawsuit relies on the recent ruling in the Knight case, where a federal appeals court ruled that elected officials, such as Donald Trump, cannot “block” or otherwise censor members of the general public on social media, [see Knight First Amendment Inst. at Columbia University v. Trump, No. 1:17-cv-5205 (S.D.N.Y.), No. 18-1691 (2d Cir.)].

T. Matthew Phillips, a self-styled “whistleblower,” alleges that Judge Ochoa blocked Phillips at His Honor’s Facebook page, which Phillips claims is unconstitutional.  According to the complaint–

“Defendant Ochoa violates [Phillips’] substantive rights under the First Amendment: (i) the right to free speech, and (ii) the right to petition for redress.”

Phillips is also suing Clark County and State of Nevada for negligence—for failure to train elected officials to not exclude dissenting voices in a public forum.  According to the complaint–

‘But for’ their negligence in failing to train the judge on basic free speech principles, Plaintiff would not have suffered civil rights deprivations.”

The 17-page complaint is critical of Judge Ochoa’s judicial policies.  Phillips believes the judge purposely avoids jury trials — a constitutional right.  Phillips believes the judge does not lookout for the best interests of the children.  According to the complaint–

“His Honor promotes and fosters a ‘fatherless society,’ in which the gov’t removes a parent, and then substitutes itself—in loco parentis, i.e., ‘in place of the parent,’ so that the gov’t may wield greater power and control over the lives of children, ultimately, to make them beholden to the state.”

The lawsuit seeks both money damages and injunctive relief.  According to the lawsuit, Phillips requests the following legal remedies–

“[Phillips] seeks an injunction requiring Defendant Ochoa to: (i) halt the censorship on Facebook, (i.e., removal of comments); (ii) halt the “blocking” of critics on Facebook; and (iii) lift the Facebook “block” on all persons, including Phillips, so that Dept. ‘S’ litigants may visit His Honor’s pages—to ‘freely publish their sentiments on all subjects,’ as Nevada Constitution affirmatively permits, [Nev. Const., Art. 1., § 9].” 

Asked whether he expects to prevail, Phillips stated:  “I’m a free speech enthusiast!  Win or lose, it’s fun to argue.”

Phillips added:  “All I want is to see my son.  But this judge will never, ever let that happen.  Ya know?  This judge even told me I look suicidal — but still, he refuses to let me see my son.”

What does Phillips hope to accomplish?  “I’m gonna prove that this judge violated my civil rights — and then I’ll have legit grounds for disqualification — and then I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that the next judge has a small semblance of humanity.”

We had no way of reaching Judge Ochoa for comment.


CLICK HERE! – PHILLIPS v. OCHOA (Feb. 7, 2020)

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Contact: Steve Sanson
Phone: 702-283-8088
February 21, 2020

LAS VEGAS – Today, Friday, February 21st, 2020, Veteran In Politics International won an appeal in the Nevada Supreme Court against attorney Marshal Willick and his law firm, Willick Law Group.

The case has its roots stemming from an interview Mr. Willick voluntarily participated in on the Veterans In Politics Radio Show in November of 2015. Steve Sanson, host of the radio show and president of Veterans In Politics International, and Mr. Willick discussed the passage of AB 150 in the 2015 Legislative Session.

The passage of this appalling bill allowed veterans disability benefits to be included in divorce proceedings. Mr. Sanson courageously spoke out against this highly detrimental bill that hurt veterans in testimony to the Nevada Assembly Committee on the Judiciary. In those same committee meetings, Mr. Willick voiced his fervent support for the bill. It seems that Mr. Willick, by his support of the bill, condones taking disability benefits from wounded veterans as a way of enticing future clients to claim more money during their divorce proceedings.

After the radio show, Veterans In Politics International posted several statements on social media over the course of several years calling Mr. Willick out for his blatant hypocrisy. He claimed to support veterans, but he advocated for a policy that preys on disabled veterans and hits them unfairly hard during divorce proceedings. Veterans In Politics was pointing out Mr. Willick’s despicable behavior towards disabled veterans at a low point in their lives and addressing other issues stemming from his status as a practicing attorney, which will not be discussed in this release.

To deflect criticism from his targeting of disabled veterans involved in the trying situation of a divorce, Mr. Willick and his law firm filed a suit against Mr. Sanson and Veterans In Politics claiming, among other things “defamation…false light, and business disparagement.” Mr. Sanson fired back with an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) motion to dismiss Mr. Willick’s claims.

While the Eighth Judicial District Court dismissed Mr. Sanson’s motion, he appealed the motion and was granted a major victory in a ruling filed today by the Nevada Supreme Court. The case has been remanded back to the Eighth Judicial District Court for “further proceedings.”

Today is a win for veterans advocates in Southern Nevada, especially Veterans In Politics International. Mr. Sanson and Veterans In Politics are proud to continue the fight for veterans, the fight against the injustices of the broken Family Court system, and the fight against individuals and groups that prey on veterans (especially disabled veterans) and their livelihoods.

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Paralegal David Schoen and Family Lawyer Jennifer Abrams

Feb 11, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Failed Assembly Candidate and Family Law paralegal, David Schoen, launched a new Political Action Committee (a PAC) called, Nevada Court Watchers, taking direct aim at the Veterans in Politics, led by U.S. Marine Veteran Steve Sanson who has been relentlessly pursuing corruption in the Family Court System for the past several years and is set to reshape the court in this year’s election. Many of the judges Sanson exposed as incompetent and/or corrupt are quietly retiring this year while others have drawn a real opponent. Schoen isn’t just some innocent third party do-gooder trying to educate voters about Family Court.

Schoen’s boss Jennifer Abrams, a family court lawyer, and Steve Sanson have to be engaged in a lawsuit for the last couple of years. According to Sanson, it all started when he posted a video on YouTube from a Family Court hearing in which Abrams was front and center as the lawyer. Abrams sued Sanson for defamation, but Sanson won an Anti Slapp motion and according to court records (see below). Sanson won a monitory judgment against Abrams in 2017. The case is pending on appeal.

Sanson said, his focus on Family Court corruption started back in 2014 when Family Court Judge Bill Gonzalez refused to honor federal law, the sailors and soldiers relief act, which required all court actions to be “stayed” while a member of the armed forces was deployed on official orders overseas. The judge ignored the law, and actually order soldiers who were deployed overseas in combat to appear in his courtroom. When they failed to appear, he ruled against them according to Sanson.

In addition, Sanson said he observed Family Court Judges violating federal law by using Veteran’s Disability Benefits to pay spousal support and other legal costs. And in fact, that sparked a new Nevada state law protecting Veteran’s Disability Benefits, authored by State Assemblyman Jim Wheeler.

Ever since then, Sanson’s group, Veterans in Politics has been “Waging War” on family court corruption. Sanson’s efforts have drawn over 350 folks to join his court observer program and sparked over a dozen investigations by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline resulting in Judge Rena Hughes found guilty “JUNE 19: The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline found that family court Judge Rena Hughes violated judicial code when she denied a mother’s due process rights by not giving her an opportunity to be heard during a hearing. She also gave the child’s father custody as a punitive measure against the mother.“

Sanson’s efforts have led to numerous Family Court Judges drawing real challengers in this election cycle including Judge Rena Hughes, Judge Vincent Ochoa, and Judge Charles Hoskins.

While Sanson was engaged in court observing, he started noticing several judges actually working part-time. Using the Freedom of Information Request to obtain Judges’ actual attendance records, Sanson found many judges working way less than 40 hours a week. His efforts were cited as a key reason why the State Legislature turned down a request from the judges for a 16% pay raise in 2017 and in the 2019 legislative sessions.

Sanson served in the first Iraq War in the U.S. Marines and now lives on his disability benefits. According to Sanson, he makes zero money from his court observer program or from Veterans in Politics.

Veterans in Politics have been endorsing Judges and other candidates for years. They, interview judges and candidates in public and record the interviews. With over 300,000 Veterans who call Nevada home, having such an endorsement can make or break a candidate. And that’s where Schoen’s one weak old group, Nevada Court Observers comes in. Schoen’s group seeks to undermine Veterans in Politics’ credibility and confuse voters, according to Sanson. Schoen’s group hasn’t filed their contributions report, so their funding sources are still a mystery.

Sanson has advocated for real reforms in family court including a jury trial system in Family Court. It’s the only court where you can lose your house, your kids, your money and be jailed, all without the right to a jury trial. Sanson is also seeking to make sure if a family court litigant is sent to jail they are entitled to a lawyer. He seeks total transparency in the system and accountability.

“David Schoen’s “new” group is an obvious effort to attack the messenger and protect a corrupt system,” said Sanson.

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Nevada PAC Threatens Judges and Judicial Candidates!

Nevada PAC Threatens Judges and Judicial Candidates!

Clark County Nevada

February 5, 2020


The Nevada Court Watchers PAC is composed of a group of individuals that, instead of working side-by-side with Veterans In Politics International in fighting corruption in the Clark County Family Court system, decided that they wanted to paint themselves as the one and only group in Southern Nevada monitoring judicial behavior.  They are doing whatever it is they do for their own glory, not the victims of the system.


Veterans In Politics has worked tirelessly to find candidates that will work for the betterment of the veterans in our community while continuing our heritage as defenders of the people by fighting corruption in the justice system.  There are many attorneys and judges on the bench that would like to silence Steve Sanson, but that’s because he has more knowledge about the corruption in Family Court than they want the general public to know.  Nevada Court Watcher PAC’s real goal is not to help families being torn apart in our court system, but to come after one man: Steve Sanson.


Nevada Court Watchers PAC is officially run by David Schoen, as can be seen by public records.  What most people don’t know is that Mr. Schoen and his wife are both employed by Jennifer Abrams.  Ms. Abrams in the middle of a legal battle with Steve Sanson and is using the Schoen’s and the Nevada Court Watchers PAC to hit him in the public sphere.  They are not so much running the organization of their own accord but at the whim of Ms. Abrams.  One of their lead minions’ in this mission to discredit Steve Sanson is Mark DiCiero, a washed-up disc jockey now employed by a once disbarred attorney.  The man, who was once in the limelight in Las Vegas is now trying to do everything he can to stay relevant and that means partnering with Nevada Court Watchers PAC to look like a knight in shining armor fighting for people’s rights when he is really trying to edge out Sanson and Veterans In Politics to claim glory for himself.


These people will do anything because they are desperate and know the truth of what they do and what we do, so they opt to kill the messenger because they can’t kill the message. Now they have reached a new low by threatening judges, judicial candidates and defaming Veterans In Politics and its President.

Intimidation and threats to control the judiciary:


Funny how they accuse Sanson of the very same thing that they are doing in the article they sent to all the judicial candidates: we’re going to attack you if you seek a particular endorsement.  The story goes Sanson phoned Judge Bryce Duckworth and asked him “why do you allow Marshal Willick to get away with so much crap in the Ansell case?”  It was a simple question brought up by Sanson as an observer in the courtroom without any kind of intention to intimidate or sway the judge.  Surprisingly, Duckworth practically involved Sanson in the case, ordering him to appear in the courtroom during Ansell’s case with a prewritten statement and no evidentiary hearing.  Duckworth took it upon himself to make all facts and findings on his own as judge, jury, and executioner.  After this display, Duckworth then recused himself from the case.  He did it, not because of Sanson but because his Bishop was Ansell’s CFO.  Then almost immediately, the Review-Journal story and presented the heavily edited video of the proceedings.  To add to the lunacy of the situation, two weeks later, Duckworth became the savior of Family Court by being appointed as its Presiding Judge. Being a dedicated court observer, Sanson filed a complaint with the Nevada Judicial Disciplinary Commission see link:

Judge violates the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct; investigation requested


Looking at the case and the hints of a conflict of interest within, Veterans In Politics believes that Duckworth and Willick had to be coordinating their actions in the case!


Rigged endorsements from Veterans In Politics:


The Veterans In Politics endorsement interviews are open to the public and video is live-streamed and posted for viewers to watch at any time. Every other group goes into a closed room and there is no evidence of the process.  If you want to know how we doing things at Veterans In Politics, here is a video that can help you understand our process: Veterans In Politics President moving forward in 2020!


They are quoting Jon Ralston and Glenn Cook two political crackpot, columnist.


Almost immediately after this article came out Ralston was terminated from channel 13 see link:

Call to Veterans: Boycott KTNV Channel 13 until Jon Ralston Issues a Public Apology for His Offensive Behavior


Glenn Cook article see link:

Review-Journal may surrender to Veterans In Politics’ demand to make its political endorsements transparent


Didn’t the RJ recently bring back “Judging the Judges” after years of being dormant?



A disturbing history of domestic violence:


The court documents displayed in their attack on Sanson refer to events that took place in 1994; 26 years ago. These documents came from a child custody case in California. As you know the family court is theater and you practically don’t need evidence.  However, this is a case where Nevada Court Watchers PAC reveals their true colors and only gives you half of the truth.  What they are not telling you is that the criminal case was DISMISSED.  The only action to take place afterward is that Sanson sued his ex in a Small Claims Court for his bail money.  Nevada Court Watchers PAC has no story, only half-truths.  Not the kind of thing that screams integrity if you like us.



An embellished military record and VA disability fraud:


First and foremost Sanson served 6 years in the Marine Corps and 6 years in the Army and was 4 times honorably discharged.  He served in a combat theater and was diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome and is now 100% service-connected. Do you know how many doctors and tests a person has to undergo to be a 100%, permanent service-connected disabled veteran?  This is just flagrantly untrue and we won’t even entertain this nonsense!



Tax evasion and fraud:


Veterans In Politics has filed taxes every year since Sanson took over the organization in 2005.  Sanson has never taken a dime from the organization.  Veterans In Politics International is a 501(c)4, the ONLY Veterans group in the State of Nevada that can endorse candidates.  We have our work in the community and our thousands of supporters and followers to attest to our good work, something Nevada Court Watchers PAC would like you to ignore out of spite and envy. The Veterans In Politics Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and was newly created to help family court litigants.  While it sounds like a good storyline for a TV show, Nevada Court Watchers PAC has no way to prove their accusations against Sanson and his salary-free work with Veterans In Politics.


They quoted another crackpot columnist Jane Ann Morrison who had to write a retraction about Veterans In Politics, which was right before she retired.


See the links:






These crackpots know that we have the ability to get candidates elected, especially judges because they run as nonpartisan candidates.


We have never asked for any favors from any of our endorsed candidates. We would like Nevada Court Watchers PAC to provide one judge that we endorsed that would officially admit that on a signed and notarized statement.  It would never happen.


We are glad that Nevada Court Watchers PAC has admitted that the Nevada Veterans Association & Nevada Veterans Council CANNOT ENDORSE!  These organizations can only give a rating, which amounts to nothing for candidates looking to build credibility in their races.


Unlike Nevada Court Watchers PAC, we aren’t going to retaliate against you from using your God-Given freedom to seek an endorsement from groups not associated with Veterans In Politics.  If you choose to stay away from us, that is your choice.  But, keep in mind, we have a track record and we will work for you to get you elected if you are endorsed by our group!


We would like to say thank you to Nevada Court Watchers PAC for handing us this article that is not covered under any Anti-SLAPP lawsuit…see you real soon!


If they are not talking about you, you must be doing something wrong!


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Why Do Friends Abandon Us During Divorce? Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Why Do Friends Abandon Us During Divorce? Here Are 3 Reasons Why

A while back, I attended a “Divorced Members Only” party. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a DMO party, but the invite came from a charming friend of a friend and I was thrilled to be included.

I entered the hip and modern backyard where I was greeted by the lovely hostess who is happily married to the lovely host who had each gone through a divorce prior to meeting, They guided me to the bar where I was handed the signature drink aptly named the 50/50 split and I made my way into the crowd.

Despite my vision of walking in to see 50 women feverishly nodding and smiling to compete for the attention of 5 single men, my 50/50 split and I walked into a welcoming, judgment-free zone to discuss the battle scars and silver linings of divorce. I met beautiful, successful women and men who asked the usual questions divorced people ask when we meet each other.

“Who is your attorney”?

“What is your custody schedule”?

“Do you get along with your ex”?

Did he (or she) cheat”?

From my more lengthy conversations that evening the subject of married friends came up repeatedly from this divorced contingent – both the ones who abandoned them and the ones who stuck by them. Many spoke of the anguish caused by the first group, and the sometimes lack of understanding from the latter.

We discussed many other fabulous non-divorce topics as well, but I left with an overwhelming sense of comfort in knowing that I am not the only one who pondered and struggled with one of the fallouts of divorce that causes more pain and confusion than expected.

So I did a little online research to get more perspective. I didn’t gain much, but I did find a few of the theories entertaining.

After reading self-help articles, and perusing group chats there were three scenarios that kept popping up about the “deserters”.

Why Do Friends Abandon Us During Divorce?

They side with your ex.

They may have a business relationship, or a longer history, or they just like him better. OK. Fine, I suppose he is allowed to have friends too.

They are worried divorce may be transmittable.

The thought here is that friends with marriages on shaky ground are afraid that socializing with divorced women may be infectious and lead their marriage down the same path. There are many great things about being divorced but I doubt 4 out of 5 divorcees recommend it, nor should we be considered contagious for going through one of the most stressful and depilating life events.

They feel threatened.

As in, threatened that their divorced friends are now eligible and may take their husbands!? I hardly ever use’ LOL’, but it applies so well. Do these same friends remember all the stories they shared about said husbands when we were friends? Drunken behavior, idiosyncrasies, intimate details? I may have been friendly with their husbands for many years, enjoyed family dinners and vacations, but wanted them for myself? Thank you, but no. I jest a bit here because I have friends with some pretty fantastic husbands. I root for their marriages. They are setting great examples for their kids, and mine too.

If you haven’t been divorcing or divorced long enough to know this yet, I can promise you that the “deserters” aren’t the married friends you need. The married friends you need are still HERE – in your ‘Favorites’ list on your iPhone, and on the emergency contact forms for your kids. And in a society where married people are considered “the norm” and divorced people are not, they have kept you in their ‘Favorites’ list as well.

The best news I can share with you after being 5 years divorced is that you will stop caring about the friends who deserted you in your greatest time of need. You will stop wondering why you didn’t get an invite to their Christmas party, or their 40th, or their kids’ birthdays. You will eventually get to a point where you run into them on the street, or are seated right next to them at a restaurant, have a brief, friendly exchange and then barely give it another thought.

Now as we love our married friends who have remained in our lives, things can get a little tense at times. DMOs have been married. We understand the constant state of acquiescence and negotiation in which married people live. We can remember that the way a spouse chews a meal or leaves dental floss on the counter can ruin an otherwise perfectly good day. If not from divorced parents what do our married friends know about being divorced?

Have the DMOs taken the time to look up from sobbing about their trip to family court, or a rant about their ex to explain how everything actually feels? I have not. I have been a bit selfish in expecting them to instinctively understand why I get so prickly about staying home with my boys in lieu of attending a GNO because I only see them 50% of the time. Or how sending them to another home can feel like losing a limb.

Or the isolation we feel when friends are out for a couple’s dinner and we are forgotten. It stings. And it stinks, but have we eloquently communicated that? Have we gracefully told them that we are ok with being the 3rd or 5th or 7th wheel?

It could relieve some tension to acknowledge these differences with the friends who have remained present. Reinforce that you love LOVE and that you want the best for their marriage. Embrace their spouses and their families. Bring your kids over to their homes so they can see married couples living in unison. Lean on them regardless of if they will understand your battles and let them lean on you as well – it will undoubtedly reinforce the fact that they made the right decision in keeping you on their “Favorites’ list.

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Mathew Phillips blast Family Court Judge Vincent Ochoa. Les Williams discuss NV Youth Football.

Veterans In Politics Video Internet Talk-Show





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Let’s Talk Divorce: 4 Ways The Family Court Fails To Protect Women During High Conflict Divorce

Let’s Talk Divorce: 4 Ways The Family Court Fails To Protect Women During High Conflict Divorce


We hear a lot about how women are favored during divorce but, in my opinion, the opposite is true. No one can hold onto resentment and anger like a man and nothing proves that more than the outrageous behavior by some during a high conflict divorce.

A woman’s only recourse is the protections afforded her by the Family Court and, bless our hearts, there aren’t many protections there.

I know a woman who has been divorced for over 12 years and still has legal issues with her ex. He constantly files a petition or motion with the court. It can be for something as simple as extracurricular activities her children are involved with to not liking the therapist her children are seeing. He makes NO attempt to negotiate and settle issues with the mother of his children. There is no emailing back and forth over a certain situation. He goes straight to the courts.

A woman has no defense against such a man. She is vulnerable to such a man’s whims because the Family Court allows the nonsense to continue year after year.

She has NO protection!

4 Ways The Family Court Fails to Protect Women During High Conflict Divorce

1. Failure to Protect Against Defiant Exes

If a woman is divorced from a man who defies court orders, she has no recourse via the Family Court. She can file a contempt of court motion but that’s like pissing into the wind. She will spend money on an attorney only to get a new order and listen to a judge tell her ex to “get it done or else,” and the or else never happens. The problem with contempt of court is this, a new court order means nothing to a man with a history of defying court orders.

2. No Protection from Crushing Financial Expense of Divorce

Most women going through the divorce process are stay-at-home Moms or the lower income earner in the marriage. They start the divorce process in a one-down position because they don’t have access to the best attorneys and experts to advocate for them. The Family Court takes none of this into consideration during the process and there is an old saying that is true, “the one with the money wins in Family Court.”

3. No Protection for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Victims of domestic violence are especially vulnerable in the Family Court system. Their main concern is naturally protecting their children from a violent man and with the courts’ main focus on not separating a child from a parent, the domestic abuse victim has to have substantial evidence of abuse to protect their children via the court.

What professionals fail to realize is that women in abusive situations don’t call attention to their abuse. Doing so can only lead to more abuse. So, instead of going to the emergency room so they’ve have a record of injuries or filing police reports, they stay quiet out of fear of inviting more abuse upon themselves and their children.

If a woman doesn’t have substantial evidence of abuse and brings up accusations of abuse in court she can be viewed as making false allegations of abuse and attempting to alienate a father from his child. Women all over the country are losing custody rights to violent men due to the lack of protection abuse women received in the Family Court.

4. Failure to Protect Children from Harm

If you’re divorced from a bully hell-bent on using your child as a pawn to punish you, the “best interest” doctrine, flies right out the window. A Family Court judge will NOT hold a man harming his children emotionally, accountable. I think they believe that a bad father is worse than no father so, purposely put children in harm’s way so they can tell themselves “at least the child still has 2 parents.” And, as someone who raised her children alone, with no contact from their father, I can say that, that belief is straight up BS!

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