Court Appointed Lawyers Rip Off Taxpayers &  Kids

Secret Recording: Lawyer Laughs at  Stealing Money  for Bogus Defense 

​Taxpayers are angry over a series of secret recordings that show how criminal lawyers are overbilling after being appointed in criminal and family court cases, which is widely ignored by mainstream media. 

Ironically, the LA Times has just reported Californians spend more than a Harvard education each year to keep kids in jail, while Tennessee commits to providing free education to youth in that state.  

Angry parents, and criminal defendants,  are taking to secret recordings to catch their thieves that are at the root of the problem, even when the crooks are their own lawyers. 

This video catches a lawyer laughing about all the money he bills to Santa Clara County, while refusing to work as directed to disqualify a biased judge. The lawyer even refuses to allow his client to fire him, laughing at all the money he bills for services he never provides. 

In family courts an unprecedented number of lawyers are being appointed in divorce and custody cases to act as referees, special masters, and lawyers for children. 

Lawyers Payback Judges Who Appoint Them 

In turn, court appointed lawyers make contributions to judge  election campaigns, or anti- recall campaigns as is the case with Judge Persky in Santa Clara County. 
See: San Jose Mercury article
See: Jeff Rosen sits on both sides of Persky Recall

As the world focuses on Persky in one criminal case, hundreds of parents are coming  forward to expose Persky’s harmful errors  as a former prosecutor. Others are focusing on how Persky harmed  families in divorce cases , while appointing  many of the lawyers now donating to keep him on the bench. 

More alarming is Rosen’s support for Persky, after pretending to support victims as he was up for reelection. Women like Emily Doe, the victim in the Stanford rape case, claim Persky and other judges like him, have ignored the treatment of women in family and criminal courts for decades. 

Parents fed up with excessive billing of divorce lawyers and worthless lawyers representing children, are using social media, and secret communications to record unethical lawyers that the State Bar has ignored for decades. See State Bar’s latest discipline report, shows little change. 

Lawyers often threaten that secret recordings are unlawful, but parents are using a host of secret recording devices to document attorney misconduct and public corruption in the legal system. 

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media sites are being used to spread the word about unethical lawyers and their unscrupulous billing practices. 

As the State Bar faces continued pressure to disbar bad lawyers, the media continues to tread lightly, and social media rebels and hackers get the recordings out through secret drops, Proton and Signal. 

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