Ding Dong Judge Mills is Gone and Family Court Protests Won't Go Away

Santa Clara County Family Courthouse Every Tuesday Morning 9-noon
Judge Vincent Chiarello killed this child by failing to give her mom a lawyer. Her father, represented by an immoral lawyer,  drugged, raped and killed the young Mesiti girl  when he got full custody despite criminal record filled with domestic violence and abuse. . 

FAMILY COURTS, CA – Judge Bruce Mills, the man who terrorized people in Contra Costa family  and criminal court has gone missing according to Nick Cantrell of the East Bay Times. 

Court insiders speculate  Judge Mills’  body is buried deep at sea on orders of controversial probate  Judge Edward  Weil, appellate court  Judge Humes and presiding judges Jill Fannin and  Patricia Lucas,  who are covering up judge crimes that include everything from fraud and misuse of judicial powers, to flagrant sexual harassment and pedophilia. 

Tireless parents, picketers and protestors say they are not giving up on removing unethical judges and lawyers from the state’s family courts, and  Judge Mills is just the first to fall. 

​Santa Clara County has seen a ramping up of the “disgruntled”, “crazy” and “discredited” litigants who have lost their children, their property and their dignity merely because corrupt  judges including  Drew Takaichi, James Towery , Stuart Scott, Vincent Chiarello and Arraon Persky toss their power (and libido)  around like confetti at a Cold Play Concert in Levi Stadium. 

​Judge Vincent Chiarello killed Alisa Mesiti and picketing parents are demanding something be done about it.

 Drew Takaichi  and Aaron Persky have also been documented using their judicial powers to steal  children and send  them to live with pedophiles, while good father’s were ignored and condemned to pay support for children they were not allowed to see. 

Mothers and female lawyers have tolerated sexual harassment, abuse and domestic violence that judges in Santa Clara County laugh about at holiday parties and in local bars and brothels, hosted by the Santa Clara County Bar Association. 

​Picketing and protesting is now regularly occurring in Santa Clara County outside the sparking new courthouse, as Sheriff Laurie Smith is impotent when it comes to having her flunky cops (deputy Swenson)  serve picketers with Judge Lucas’ faux orders. 

Protestors have been heard shouting:  “Lucas can wipe her ass her fake  orders”, that most say violate the most basic First Amendment Rights. 

Di9vorce attorneys in Santa Clara are watching in horror as the picketing reflects uprising seen in 1997, which demanded the removal of Judge Stewart from the bench and that brought heightened scrutiny to attorney misconduct in family law cases,  where 90% of people are involuntarily forced to represent themselves because they cannot afford a lawyer. 

​Santa Clara County will continue to welcome protestors every Tuesday morning from 9- noon, until the children and money are returned. 

​On Tuesday,  May 8th a giant protest and march organized by victims of rouge CPS workers and corrupt family court  judges will bring press out in Contra Costa County, where mothers, fathers and grandparents will continue to demand change in California’s Family Courts. Email us for details !