Disgruntled Litigants Win Social Media War: Secret Recordings Uncover Crooks in Probate and Divorce

Disgruntled litigants have written letters, lodged complaints and taken to social media to expose what is going on in California’s Probate and Divorce Courts. That  effort appears to be paying off. 

Solano County moms kept from their children by family court judges have gotten two judges to  retire early by ramping up on  5 recall efforts backed by strategic social media campaigns.  

Alameda County’s District Attorney, Nancy O’Malley,  was convinced to launch investigations and indictments in probate cases where elderly citizens and their children have been  robbed by unethical lawyers, receivers and others dealing with their family estates after activists persisted. 

 East Bay Tines reporter Nate Gartrell  reported that Contra Costa Judge Bruce Mills was  slammed by an independent investigation  and 38 page report which revealed Mills’ conspiracy with Judge John Kennedy. Multiple family law court judges abused their office and power to retaliate against and jail court reform activist Joe Sweeney. Joe was  jailed after a game of judicial hot potato designed to falsely incarcerated a dad.

Underground activists claim the jailing was in retaliation for Joe’s activism and that the conduct of Contra Costa judges is being echoed across the judiciary where lawyers, judges and police officers are acting in violation of the law to subvert justice and protected speech.

Orange County parents are working with  FBI agents  and Department of Justice to expose lucrative  private judge relationships where attorneys  like David Weinberg are  being investigated for running a divorce mob that includes family law attorneys Tom Tuttle, Keith Dolnick,  where Antitrust activity runs rampant. The mob was exposed after moms secretly recorded hearings before private judges and found court reporters and lawyers were working in concert to change court transcripts and protect privately paid judges acting in divorce and probate cases. Weinberg is reportedly being investigated by the State Bar for fixing prices in divorce cases where he billed over $700,000 in attorney fees. 

Napa and Sacramento counties are investigating private judging relationships as well and the State Bar  has been referring lawyers like Bob Blevans,  Diana Richmond,  Paula Salinger and Nancy Perkovich to the Attorney General  and local DA offices, after these  lawyers reportedly used law enforcement agencies and court reporters in an effort to jail litigants who spoke up or filed State Bar complaints against them. 

Santa Clara County  family court female judges Lucas, Emede, Arand and Yew are reportedly being investigated by the State Auditor for protecting male judges who have been sexually harassing female lawyers and litigants in divorce and probate cases. The investigation shows that Judge Rudy, Judge Towery and Judge Stuart Scott have been emailing nude photos of female litigants  and female prosecutors. Additionally Santa Clara COunty Superior Court has been found to be attempting to block litigants from filing appeals in a manner that appears to indicate improper governmental activity that acts as obstruction of justice. 

Ironically as Santa Clara’s DA is asleep a the wheel where public integrity is concerned, Lake County and Alameda County District Attorneys are investigating lawyers and others engaging in Antitrust  activity that fixes prices, reduces the quality of legal services and deprives people involved in divorce cases of honest legal services. 

Lawyers acting for children,  as court appointed experts or  custody evaluators are not only facing increased state and federal complaints, they are facing public shaming as “disgruntled litigants” work in the shadows of social media, contact neighbors, friends, and family members of judges and lawyers overbilling and misusing tax payer money.

Social media campaigns are targeting LinkedIn , Snapchat, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter and Facebook  to expose  California’s probate and divorce court bad actors.

Disgruntled litigants are photographing and video recording their lawyers, and judges during private settlements and court proceedings in an effort to protect themselves. A flood of such recordings are racing across the internet  and landing in social media circles where they are scrubbed and recirculated such that they can’t be traced or identified. 

An underground social media movement, #OperationExposure, appears to be organizing hundreds of underground lawyers, parents, children and grandparents who believe the best defense for injustice is to secretly video and audio record lawyers who violate the law or use settlement agreements to hide fraud and corruption. 

” If you have done nothing wrong, why would you care if someone records or takes your photo?” says  one underground member. ” We do this to protect ourselves because these judges and lawyers are too willing to break the law.”
Moms, dads and even children fed up with unethical lawyers charging unconscionable fees in family law cases are secretly recording conversations that show lawyers have been  willing to violate the law, bribe expert witnesses and pad their bills. Secret recordings passed on through the media and investigators may change the game.