Domestic Violence: How to Ruin Your Ex's Life and Make Your Lawyer Rich

Nicole Ford (above), Elise Mitchell, throw a victim of domestic violence under the bus.  

Journalists and Victims Threatened by 49ers to Stay Silent on Domestic Violence. 

Silicon Valley artists target Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Judge James Towery, and divorce lawyers: Nicole Ford, Elise Mitchell, Hector Moreno, Leah Amini, Walter Hammon Valerie Houghton,  and Bradford Baugh  for failing to protect victims of domestic violence and falsely prosecuting innocent parents in divorce cases to earn more money.  A number of complaints also allege these lawyers have also been threatening the press to keep the 49er brand from becoming tainted. 

Domestic Violence in Silicon Valley is at an all time high. Not because parents are more violent, but because government and private lawyers have colluded to grab at state and federal funds as well as private funds during divorce and custody cases by falsely claiming domestic violence, or by failing to protect poor clients from DV. 

Nicole Ford and Elise Mitchell, were recently overheard looking for an ‘arm reduction surgeon” and laughing about the fees they took in the Domestic Violence case involving former 49er Ray McDonald. A case that is getting a new look after the 49ers fired Ruben Foster following a Florida arrest for domestic violence. 

Santa Clara police body cams show that 49er Ruben Foster got favorable treatment after the Santa Clara County DA refused to prosecute Foster for interfering with the police during a recent DV case. 

Josh Bentley, the lawyer for all 49ers,  has reportedly been giving Jeff Rosen kickbacks to keep 49er DV issues out of the media and the San Francisco Chronicle recently pointed to Rosen’s failures.

Dan Jensen is referred by Apple’s HR department when Silicon Valley tech executives are arrested for domestic violence, indicating the problem is not isolated to Silicon Valley’s celebrity sports figures. 

Elise Mitchell, a divorce lawyer who sits on fee arbitration panels for the Santa Clara County Bar Association has been secretly working to get certain lawyers fee awards while retaliating against lawyers who seek DVROs against high profile 

Divorce Attorneys Sharon Roper and Bradford Baugh have been caught colluding to use domestic violence to earn more attorney fees, claiming they can earn over $100,000 in a single divorce case simply by adding in a false DV claim. 

A article in the San Francisco Chronicle blames much of the problem on  Jeff Rosen, the Santa Clara County DA, who is reportedly facing criminal charges himself for failing victims.