How to Catch Divorce Lawyers Who Steal Your Money

Divorce lawyers are notorious for stealing money and in Silicon Valley, the money the most nefarious lawyers take can reach into the millions for a single divorce case. Q goes undercover with one of the worst divorce lawyers to practice law, Bradford Baugh. 

Baugh has developed a criminal enterprise. One that should put him, and several others in jail. For the past 30 years this is how Baugh and alwyers like him have worked: 

Initial ” Free ” Consultation: 
Yep, Economics 101: There is no such thing as a free lunch. When Baugh investigates a new client, he launches his army of spies. The army consists of paralegals Baugh stole from Schlepphorst, or receptionists he nabs off the family tree of his former partner, Bill Dok.  When Baugh sees a new client, he has already checked that client’s net worth on Lexis Nexus, so he knows exactly what he can steal from a community property estate. 

Conflict of Interest
Baugh sends new clients to local lawyers in order to conflict those lawyers out, while failing to report his own conflicts. Baugh has told clients to consult with attorneys Paul Nesse (now deceased), Robin Yeamans, Donelle Morgan, Catherine Bechtel, Bob Hoover and James McManis  because Baugh is worried other  lawyers will expose his crimes. Donelle Morgan demands  a $50,000 retainer in cases where she opposes Bradford Baugh. Morgan has also reportedly encouraged Baugh’s former clients to sue Baugh for malpractice and report him to the Bar. 

Fee Agreement
In fee agreements obtained by  Q, it appears Baugh has evolved his fee agreement conceal criminal activities  In addition  to a fee agreement, Baugh threatened clients to not disclose his bills, provides clients with information that includes cleaning up their social media  and information on how to get ready for legal battles that Baugh will drag out for years.  See Baugh’s new client paperwork here and here. 

Private Judge Pressure  

Interestingly enough , Baugh also has been known to put communcaiotns  out to conflict our CPAs and custody evaluators who might 

Fee Agreement
Baugh has been known to sandbag on fee agreements, making them less likely to disclosure. Before he  offers a fee agreement Baugh allows retainers to sit and bills to build up, such that he avoids having to produce them in court. 

” Clean Up Social Media Footprint”