Investigative Reporter Lilia Luciano of ABC 10 and SF Rappers Tell Problems in Family Court


Lilia Luciano of ABC 10 in Sacramento is the first mainstream media reporter to dive into problems in California’s divorce and custody matters, exposing the problems in family court and with CPS workers and court appointed experts. 

Perhaps the greatest loss of trust in our legal system is bubbling in family court issues, where courtrooms have become modern day popularity contests overseen by incompetent and overworked judges. False claims of abuse, the lack of judges following the law and abusive parents who conceal abuse with high paid divorce lawyers and experts are the problem. 

In CPS cases people without money or education often find their children susceptible to federal funding that encourages CPS workers to get children into the system and placed in foster care. 

Lilia has featured pioneers in the family court reform movement from Kathleen Russell of the Commission on Judicial Excellence, Joe Sweeney of Center for Modern Courts and Family Court Legal Custody expert Robin Yeamans of Campbell, California. Parents including Shane Down from social media #NOTYOURRIGHT to Kathey Lester, a retired federal court processor are also being covered by Lilia who is diving deep into social media to find the truth. 
Michelle Chan, a writer and mom who lost her child to a corrupt CPS process, has worked with folks like social media guru Jenny Wells  and Cathy Cohen to get these stories  out to mainstream media. 

(Lilia is reportedly a Jane and John Q Public regular reader, as are many underground lawyers sympathetic to the family court reform movement.) 

At the heart of the issue is money and corruption. Family courts in California  have been largely ignored by state lawmakers and judicial managers. The State Bar has been a runaway train, failing to discipline lawyers who use family law cases to create an underground economy that benefits themselves.  In today’s modern courts property is no longer simply divided as lawyers use domestic violence to loot from victims and  where abusers can buy verdicts that allow them to continue to emotionally and financially  abuse,  or intimate,  partners who  try to escape, or expose,  the abuse. 

The modern judge appears more prone to rule  to benefit lawyers they favor, or CPS and other Family Court Service workers who help judges keep a lid on dissent. 

In Santa Clara County, Family court service workers have been pointing investigative reporters like Luciano to problems and corruption in the system. 

In San Francisco CPS victims have joined with family court victims and organized large protests, created music and art, and used social media to investigate corruption that is harming families and children. 

Transparency and public attention will be the key to undoing the damage done in secret courts and confidential reports that are designed to profit a select few yet that  act to harm so many children. The story will be told in mainstream and social media with off shoots of creative music, art and film that seek to expose the problem in our modern family courts.