Judge Persky Recalled: Victims Issue Final Word

                  Do Judges Hear the Victims Yet?


​James McManis has profited from the rape culture in Santa Clara County for years, and he was the major donor for the No on Persky Recall Campaign that went down in flames on June 5th is Santa Clara County. 

​On one side of the recall where judges and lawyers who vowed to keep the “independence ‘ of the judiciary. This side was led by former Santa Clara County judge La Doris Cordell, who was not very nice to the protestors on the other side, showing the judge culture still runs deep in her veins. 

​On the other side, the Recall Persky side,  were moms, a few dads,  and an army on social media. An army that is  fed up with a judiciary that was anything other than impartial and independent. An army La Doris Cordell and the aging judiciary were ill prepared to face in a local election. 
​                                                       POOR PERSKY? NOT ! 

​Yes, Persky had a family. Yes, Persky was a nice guy. Yes, Persky was one of the county’s smartest and best judges, but Judge Aaron Persky was still part of a Judge Culture that voters and the #metoo movement said must go. 

​Before he went though Persky, who could have retired , cost Santa Clara County tax payers over $5 million dollars in security, recall ballots and other costs merely to make a point for the judiciary. A point he will never make now that he is the first Superior Court judge to be recalled in California after 86 years. 

​Persky will forever be linked to his ruling in the sentencing of Brock Turner. Persky will live out his days with that being his judicial legacy. His children will see it, and his family will feel the financial pinch that all families who were trapped in Persky’s court felt for years. When Persky’s grandchildren look him up on line, they will see the recall, the protests and perhaps they will see where history changed in California’s courts. 

​Persky loses his $150,000 a year pension, but more importantly he loses the millions he could have made working at JAMs and as a private judge, referee or Special Master. 

​Some say Persky will not lose and that law firms like  McManis  Faulkner are already cashing  in on hopes of getting  Persky assigned in complex cases. 

​The  issue that failed to come out before the election, was related to Persky’s  rulings in family court. That is where Persky was seduced into the culture of criminal activity  that would eventually be his downfall in the recall election. 

​Judge Persky oversaw the Wahl v Perkins case, a case where divorce attorney Bradford Baugh was disqualified, but Persky never appears to have reported Baugh, as Canon 3D2 required. And while attorney misconduct appears to run rampant in Santa Clara, very few judges ever do anything about it.  ​Persky has personal knowledge of lawyer and judge crimes, and ironically, Persky is the one being tossed from the bench, not the criminal judges and  family law attorneys. 

​As the judges and lawyers who endorsed the No on Persky Recall scratch their heads in amazement, several fractions of the Persky Recall are turning their attention to District Attorney Jeff Rosen, who is said to have known about Antitrust activity in Santa Clara County divorce cases that serves to harm women and children, and he did nothing. 

​                                            SOLANO COUNTY MOVES JUDGES – #METOO! 

Santa Clara had the signs ……..and media attention, but  a small group of women who are true warriors continue to impeach and recall bad judges who are violating rights where  children are concerned.

​These moms, labeled a “MOB”, have had enough and are supporting each other in court watching, letter writing and yes, that dirty  deed, protesting. 

Soon all judges will learn they just might want to start worrying about social media and protestors because they are not going away.

Trying to get DA Jeff Rosen to worry about the crimes Mary Ann Grilli, James Towery, Nat Hales, James Mc Manis, Bradford Baugh , and countless others committed in divorce and custody cases, is point less. So Jeff Rosen is about to see what voters have planned for him. 

​Molly O’Neal, of Santa Clara County’s Public Defender’s office, called victims who supported the recall of Judge Persky a “Mob”. Funny, look at the MOB in Solano County, they look more like a group of moms angry at judges who took their children, for no legal reason. 

​Bye Bye Persky. Bye Bye Carringer.

Who is next in 2018? Still time to recall or impeach judges, the DA and the politicians who protect them over protecting victims and children.