Federal Court issues summons to defendants in Wolf v. New Jersey

Karin Wolf files Petition for Writ of Mandamus in Federal Court showing proof of fraud upon the court by Peter Van Aulen and Edward Crane in child custody case

Fraud upon the court photo

Petition for Mandamus 1st page

Concrete evidence of procedural fraud by Peter Van Aulen and Edward Crane.  This alone is enough to overturn the entire case and void all orders from Feb 1, 2011 to present.  This is what fraud upon the court looks like:

Property Settlement Agreement, Removal Clause – Article II, #6, incorporated into the Final Judgment of Divorce, dated May 22, 2007

PSA Removal clause

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Peter Van Aulen’s Certification of Attorney’s Fees, dated February 1, 2011

PVA Proof of fraud

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