McManis Faulkner Court Records Show Family Courts and State Bar Complaints  Going to the Dogs


Despite hundreds complaints, to the State Bar, the CJP and local  courts, a new civil law suit, and a dog named Rudy, may ultimately protect families from unethical lawyers who prey on children and animals to earn more money during divorce and custody cases. 

​According to a recent Patch article, James McManis and his firm, McManis Faulkner, may soon see another side of justice, after years of wins and questionable practices in divorce and custody cases. 

In one divorce case dating back to 2008, involving internet founder and tech mogul Drew Perkins, the husband reportedly used  McManis to literally drive his wife insane, fighting for children he had no interest in truly parenting, a practice commonly seen employed by Silicon Valley divorce lawyers and ignored by family court judges as attorneys earn obscene amounts of money.

McManis,  and other Silicon Valley divorce lawyers,  working for Perkins reportedly earned over $15 millions in fees in  a divorce case tainted with conflicts and undisclosed interests, where Perkins reportedly asked his first lawyer, Bradford Baugh, to make his former wife’s life miserable, when presenting a blank check for Baugh’s retainer.  

Lawyers like McManis and Baugh have littered communities with a wreckage of  manufactured conflicts, mostly over children and pets, that unnecessarily drive up legal fees and ruin families forever. 

A civil suit filed against McManis shows that McManis willfully engages in litigation tactics to avoid discovery designed to  wear out the other side, but Mr. Newman, the Plaintiff in the civil  case appears to be tenacious in fighting McManis, alleging violations that could lead to claims under Civil Code 526, meaning McManis may be linked to wasting tax payer funds in addition to the millions he took in private divorce cases. 

Legal records and published case law opinions paint McManis as a hero, a defender of public records,  as in  San Jose v Superior Court and a civil case where McManis represented Janice Naymark, who sought public records from local counties and law enforcement agencies.

In the Naymark case, McManis beat back policies and practices related to public records that were fiercely opposed by city lawyers in San Jose, Campbell and.  Los Gatos, including Ann Ravel, one of the top leaders in California’s Democratic party. 

McManis has become known as the KING of fees and “Cover-up Clauses”, and while he is being privately shamed for what he and other unscrupulous lawyers have done to children, it may be what he has done to dogs that ultimately sees its day in California’s State Bar Court.