Medical Recognition That Parental Alienation is Abuse

I wanted to share a great article I just found on the Impact Parental Alienation has on Children.  I know this was posted in 2013 but it’s nice to see that the mainstream medical community is beginning to recognize how damaging Parental Alienation is to children. In this article on Psychology Today they even go so far as to state “There is now scholarly consensus that severe alienation is abusive to children (Fidler and Bala, 2010), and is a largely overlooked form of child abuse (Bernet et al, 2010)”.  Parents who have been alienated from their children know and understand how destructive and abusive this treatment is of their children. Parents have been battling courts that have outdated information and a biased agenda. They have been fighting for years for Parental Alienation to be recognized for what it is – Abuse.

According to People magazine, Angelina Jolie could lose custody of her children for trying to damage the relationship they have with their father.  If Parental Alienation comes into the limelight in high profile divorces like Brad and Angelina then maybe just maybe it will trickle down to the ordinary families like yours and mine that just love their children and want to be part of their lives after a divorce. In our book Parental Alienation After Divorce – Child Abuse or Hype? we share multiple real life examples of families that have been torn apart by parental alienation.  It would be nice to think that judges are starting to take Parental Alienation serious and willing to step in and do something about it.  This is at least a step in the right direction. Maybe there’s hope after all.