Police Threaten to Arrest Parents Kept from Kids- Patch and ABC News to the Rescue  !

As ABC news and local Patch news in Campbell, CA  begin to explain what parents in family courts continue to face, Santa Clara County Sheriffs continue to harass and threaten parents protesting court judges, lawyers and CPS workers  keeping children from their own parents in what appears to be divorce and custody case rigging of the worst kind. 

​Moms who have not seen their kids for  4 years, Scott the Protestor who was arrested for for his activism and after wearing a Princess dress and carrying a #DADSLivesMatters sign when he was kept from his daughter’s first birthday party, continue to be harassed, singled out, threatened and retaliated against in Santa Clara County.  

​Sheriff Laurie Smith, to please Judge Patricia Lucas and District Attorney Jeff Rosen continues   to send law enforcement officers out to identify and single out parents for arrest.

​Parents point to self-representation and a system acting to protect lawyers and judges over children and families, particularly where attorneys are appointed to represent children or one parent and the other parent has no lawyer. Lawyers Heather Allan, Leah Amini, Bradford Baugh, Rebekah Frye and Valerie Houghton are just such lawyers in Santa Clara County, and more are being identified in San Mateo, Contra Costa, Monterey and Orange County. 

​County lawyers and elected officials have known of these issues and refuse to protect victims,  or investigate improper governmental activity.

​Parents with no contact with their own children are not backing down. Protests are regularly embarrassing family court judges in Sacramento, Contra Costa and Santa Clara County. 

​Get involved  with teams: 
​Judge complaints are pressuring state law makers to defund the Commission on Judicial Performance in June. 
​State Bar Antitrust Complaints are exposing Family Lawyer Misconduct 
​Protests in Santa Clara at 201 North First Street in San Jose 
Protest May 8, 2018  10:00am in Contra Costa at Civic Plaza near Walnut Creek Library 
​Sacramento Parental Alienation Protests April 25, 2018 
​#NotYourRight groups from Sacramento to Yolo County

​Contact Jane and John Q Public if you want to get more involved, or need help.