Public Comment Make Microdocumentaries to Explain Domestic Violence, Divorce and Corruption in the Courts

Public Comment Platform Shames Judge and DA 

​In what is becoming known as  “microdocumentaries” , a group of Silicon Valley parents are using public comments to explain the harm local courts are inflicting in divorce cases that deal with  complicated topics including  suicide, domestic violence and sexual assault.  
Activists, parents and investigative reporters have joined to personally  “seed and shame” judges and lawyers on social media, in Patch articles and on Facebook and  to  shock the public by revealing  what is bring done in local communities in the name of the law. 

A recent escalation of ambush interviews on family law lawyers who have harmed women and interviews with elected judges and DAs leaving political meetings, are also being used to address the financial problems family courts have unleashed in Silicon Valley. 

Thousands of victims lurking in the shadows of fear are helping to spread the word on social media. Many claim the movement gives them a sense of public justice where they were denied justice during a divorce or custody case because of a broken and corrupt legal system.