Secret Courts:  Judges Rotate In and Out of Family Court to Rig Elections, and Divorce Cases

More Divorce Lawyers Caught in Divorce Case Rigging and Election Fraud 

A so- called public meeting  where Judge Lucas was schedthat was canceled last month , has yet to be rescheduled as judges and local lawyers dig in to try to influence local elections and stop the embarrassment they faced following the recall of Judge Aaron Persky last June.

As the Santa Clara County Courts prepare to announce new judicial assignments in family court, members of the local Bar association are abuzz with the usual gossip and brown- nosing that will earn them more in fee awards. 

Controversial Judge Pegg is flagged to take over from Judge Emede when it comes to presiding over the county’s family court.  Judge Emede began withdrawing from county political committees as members of the pubic began to protest the court and blast judges during public comments. 

Judge James Towery has made it be known he will not leave family court, despite an active  investigation into judicial misconduct underway with the Commission on Judicial Performance. Towery is also named in connection with an Antirust complaint with the California Supreme Court, where documentary evidence suggests Towery has been using the bench to help lawyers launder money through their trust accounts. 

Divorce attorneys Lynne Yates Carter, and Bradford Baugh have reportedly been working backroom deals with Silicon Valley tech executives to scrub the internet in order to help improve Towery’s image, and income from the law firm Hoge Fenton. 

Towery is also being sued by a father who claims Towery helped felony indicted attorney Valerie Houghton with an underground scheme designed to steal money from parents involved in custody cases. 

Judge Mary Ann Grilli is reportedly continuing to haunt the hallways of the Santa Clara County family courthouse, [osing  as a settlement conference officer, whom Judge Cynthia Lie reported has been ” ineffective in managing the lawyers”. 

Judge Weinstein is returning to family court, and is reportedly taking notes from James Towery on how to make money by rigging divorce cases that Weinstein could not do in his prior criminal court assignment. 

Judge Patricia Lucas is reportedly cracking after her two years as the county’s presiding judge. She told fellow judicial officers, and local lawyers,  that  public pressure and the mounting criticism she got following Scott Largent’s comments as she sat on the Judicial Council, has ruined her career and ability to continue to allow the rigging of divorce cases that benefited so many local lawyers. 

Divorce lawyer Walter Hammon, who was disbarred for stealing client money, is banking on the election of Susan Ellenberg, a close friend of Hammon’s who is running for Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, and who would likely block efforts to prosecute Hammon if he were caught up in the current antitrust activity that is being reported to the California Supreme Court. 

Judge Hayashi was reportedly ranting in court after she learned she would not get the assignment she requested.

At a recent cancer funding drive at the residence of a prominent tech exec on Daves Avenue in Los Gatos, Hayashi was overheard complaining how protestors had tarnished  her political image, based on her connection to Judge Drew Takaichi through  the Korean community. 

Judge Drew Takaichi is being investigated for case rigging in cases involving certain lawyers, including Richard Falcone, whom Takaichi acted with on the Santa Clara University Law Review. Takaichi also has issued rulings in cases that involved public corruption connected to Los Gatos real estate, as a kickback to area lawyers, and Judge Hayashi, a Los Gatos resident. 

Judge Amber Rosen, who has decorated her juvenile court with stuffed animals,  has reportedly settled into the new courthouse with a warm welcome from fellow family court judges, as her prior contacts at the Department of Justice, and her marriage to District Attorney Jeff Rosen continues to assure  family court judges that they will be free from criminal prosecution. 

Litigants  outside Rosen’s  court have begun complaining of further appearance of judicial corruption and many report  Rosen appears to be wiling to protect Judge Tondreau, who  has destroyed so many local children in his court. 

Judge Rudy and Judge Huber are reportedly being shuffled out based on their connection to case culture that is being viewed as intolerable in the #metoo movement. 

Judge Franco, who made some fair rulings, has reportedly bucked to pressure from the gang led by Judge James Towery, and is out of family court next year. 

Judge Stuart Scott is reportedly lying low under the protection of Jeff Rosen. Judge Scott  will remain in family court where he is reportedly continuing to rig divorce cases initially heard by Judge Mary Ann Grilli. 

Cindy Hendrickson, who was elevated to the bench after Judge Persky was recalled, is reportedly stuck in family court, as a punishment for not supporting the NO RECALL efforts of her fellow judges. Many claim she will be hard-pressed to shed her prosecutor culture as she presides over family court issues. 

The court’s top management will boast Judge Ryan, a judge who told Patricia Lucas she didn’t even know how to use the court’s computer system just last year. Ryan will be supported by Judge Zayner, a judge who has been known to be assigned to cases involving local protestors, and those critical of the courts. 

Earlier this week, Zayner failed to comply with the Code of Judicial Ethics, after county Counsel Michael Rossi failed to make an appearance in a case where a self-represented father appeared in a civil matter . In that matter taxpayers have paid for  Supervisor Cindy Chavez, and Supervisor  Dave Cortese,  to obtain  restraining orders against a father,  to prevent him from speaking out about how his family was destroyed by the rulings of Judge Aaron Persky and the misdeeds of DA Jeff Rosen. 

Sadly, Judge Zayner appears to already be onboard with letting lawyers break the law, while parents seeking a simple divorce are published for violating the smallest rule. 

Thank you Valerie Houghton, Donelle Morgan, Elise Mitchell, Nicole Ford, Heather Smith, Walter Hammon, Bradford Baugh, Sharon Roper, BJ Fadem, Nat Hales, Lynne Yates- Carter, James McManis and Heather Allan , for helping to contribute information used in  this post.