Solano County Protective Moms:  Impeach Judges Who Protect Abusers for Profit

Sunday Salute: Parents use persistence, grace and determination and head to Sacramento to impeach Judges who protect child molesters  and domestic violence abusers.


They have been called “disgruntled”, “not credible”, “vexatious” and “not fit” to raise their own children, yet these parents have pressed against injustice and fought to protect their children as judges wrapped in immunity placed these parents on supervised visits, appointed unethical lawyers to represent their children and recommend denial of custody. 

As these parents left abusive marriages and relationships, they faced more abuse than ever and  nobody told the parents, they were entitled to help from California’s Victim’s Compensation Fund, a fund that considers parents deprived of the custody  of their own children to be victims based on Child Abduction Act.

Years of facing judges entrenched with the belief they could take children away from good parents, and place them in the sole custody of parents who are more than likely abusers, these parents had enough.

The wrote to the Commission on Judicial Performance and they attended hearings to get that Commission to do their job.

They rented tradeshow space to warn others in their community and they bought t-shirts, business cards and websites to support a mission law makers refused to address.

They lodged Solano County  Recall Petitions that got Judge Cynda Riggins-Unger  and Judge Garry Ichikawa   to ride off into government sponsored retirement, but when Judge Christine Carringer refused to go, they took to the option of impeachment themselves.

These parents are not backing down. They have the support of other victims, and a local press doing its job to present the facts. There is a novel idea, the press in our communities reflecting the people, and not the story the PR firms judges hire to create their own FAKE NEWS about our legal system.  ( See email from PR firm hired by judges to shut these parents up).

Like the  favorite children’s book, The Little Engine That Could, these parents are proving that love for their children, desire to protect all children from harm and passion to change the attitudes of a deeply biased and entitled California judiciary may prevail after all.

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