Supervised Visitation and Grandparents hit ABC News: Parental Alienation Day- WE MISS OUR KIDS!

​Grandparents and parents stripped from their families and children by order of family court judges have had enough and ABC10 news is about to see the power of these folks that have been branded crazy and disgruntled by judges in California who grew a little too comfortable forgetting the law and fairness. 

​Santa Clara County Sheriffs, under Laurie Smith, continue to need a civics lesson as they continue to take names and threaten parents with arrest, the groups are only growing stronger. 

​A live Facebook Feed of interviews with ABC10 and court reform activists Joe Sweeney and Kathleen Russell went viral in the first few hours it was on social media. Over 1000 pissed off people commented and hundreds of shares will reach the eyes of children to let them know they are not forgotten. Mainstream media is about to get a lesson in the power of social media where parents have plenty of time since the courts took their children. 

​Tireless parents like Patrick Glynn who is posting the video on YouTube, hope Parental Alienation Day, April 25,2018 and ABC news covering family court issues will bring about change. Glynn has generously donated his time and money to bring awareness to the fact that family courts are depriving parents and children from relationships they deserve. 

​Meanwhile, parents in Santa Clara County picketing, and protesting parents  are not deterred by overzealous  cops. The group of 50 will continue to grow and plans to picket and protest every Tuesday from 10-noon, or beyond, even in the face of arrest by crooked cop gone bad: Deputy Solorio. 

​Want to go? Come out and get educated about your local family courts- custody , support,  and help expose unethical judges, lawyers and custody evaluators keeping children from their parents and grandparents in violation of the law. 

201 North First Street in San Jose, CA Every Tuesday Morning – Protective Moms, Father’s Rights – Pink Wall – Grandparents United all join to pressure county officials, judges and lawyers to stop using children for profit in family court. May 8th all groups will join in Contra Costa groups.