Yes, Your Divorce Judge Is A Crook, and So Is Your Divorce Lawyer- Get the Photos- Troll Facebook

​Yep that is the sound of injustice as Judge Pegg openly flits with  Jim Hoover while tossing him more money in fee awards, or as Rebekah Frye sucks up to LaDoris Cordell,  while having affairs with clients and telling them ” can’t go to the cops because WE own the Los Gatos PD”,

Judge Hayashi is from Los Gatos and was secretly recorded at the home of a high tech exec  on Daves Avenue, agreeing to kickback rulings in domestic violence cases that are favorable to the powerful in Silicon Valley.

Santa Clara County has been rigging divorce  and domestic violence cases for over 20 years, and the District Attorney is in on it. 

Victims have been ignored when they can’t hire the ” right” lawyer, while abusers who hire lawyers like Hector Moreno, Marilyn Moreno , Bradford  Baugh, Frye and Lynne Yates Cater can get away with anything in Santa Clara Family Courts. 

Parents who have been arrested and jailed for not paying child support, for not turning their child over at a certain time in a created custody war are often shocked to find that what should be a simple divorce can turn into a financially crippling court proceeding that can drag out for 10 years, and that can land them in jail. 

Judges who regularly violate due process rights to take money from children do so with the blessing of Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, whose wife is a judge in the family local court. These judges socialize at a local fraternity called the Inns of Court with lawyers like Hector Moreno, whose son is employed in the DA;s office. 


Orange County voters finally recalled their corrupt DA. His replacement, Tony Spitzer,  is the sponsor  of Megan’s  Law , and  he is reportedly focusing initial efforts on CPS as well as  the lawyers and judges who have been harming children in the local family courts. 

In Santa Clara County the corruption runs so deep it can be seen through the misconduct of Allison Filo, a prosecutor who failed in a DV prosecution where she colluded with divorce attorney Bradford Baugh to prosecute for political reasons. Or John Chase, the Public Integrity DDA who regularly gives lawyers and judges a free pass. 

Moreno and Rosen are two government lawyers who have been letting lawyers and judges off the hook for criminal activity. while working to silence parents who are flagged as ” troublemakers”. 

When complaints to the Commission on Judicial Performance , or the State Bar are filed, the Santa Clara County DA  begins pressing criminal charges to wear out the complaining party.

Protesters who appeared at the front of the family courthouse last June, were targeted by judges and the court’s lawyer, Lisa Herrick, as the recall campaign of Judge Persky ramped up during the primary elections. 

Rosen, whose own campaign saw $1 million dollar donation disappear is known to be throwing out complaints against local judges and lawyers to help his own political aspirations. A mole from the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department has reported that Rosen tried to intervene with the election of Sherriff Laurie Smith, who has called out bad judges and bailiffs acting in family law cases, which Rosen has refused to investigated. 

Parents are being encouraged to take photos  and recordings of judges and lawyers misbehaving on Facebook, in public and at local bars. Judges may not be worried about getting in trouble from state watchdogs, or the local DA, but they have  been very bothered about information appearing on social media sites like this one. 

Keep sending photos and recordings to : CalJohnQPublic@Gmail.com