Call to Disbar Divorce Lawyers

Mitchell Ehrlich Openly Mocks Women 

Two years ago a group of photographers captured divorce lawyers associated with the Santa Clara County Bar Association mocking people emotionally embroiled in Silicon Valley divorce cases. Lawyers and judges openly sang about all the money they steal as they separate and destroy families across the county. 

The culture these lawyers have created, has  allowed them to emotionally abuse, sexually harass and outright steal from clients in one of the most corrupt family courts in the state. 

Judge James Towery, former Chief Trial Counsel, of the State Bar,  is responsible for much of this culture. Known for having three divorces himself, Towery was caught at a law firm cheating on his wife, when her father owned that firm. That divorce was silently and quickly settled and Towery has been retaliating against women ever since. 

Female lawyers are consistently awarded less in legal fees before Towery, and if they refuse his sexual advances, they earn even less. 

Judge Stuart Scott, a close friend of Towery’s, was seen taking cash payments from Deputy Jack Solario, payments concealed as court reporter fees, but designed for special protection, and sexual favor payouts. 

Fed up with these harassing Judges, a group of court staffers have secretly recorded James Towery calling women lawyers, and litigants ” sluts” , ” gold-diggers ”  and other disparaging names. These recordings are being secretly slipped to trusted family court reform advocates. 

Towery’s gender bias is so flagrant that women litigants and lawyers report dressing provocatively to get favorable rulings,  and attorney fees awards,  in his court.  Valerie Houghton tells female clients to ‘ Show their boobs in court’ , or be prepared to lose in front of Judge Towery.

Towery has also been caught taking bribes of 49er tickets, loan refinancing on his homes through money laundering schemes and  kickbacks  through Hoge Fenton, criminal activity that has been protected by the district attorney, who used Towery in his reelection campaigns. 

Attorney Mitchell Ehrlich, of Lonich & Patton, has been receiving “protection” from Towery and the State Bar, after Ehrlich was known to draft private settlement agreements that concealed Towery’s , and other judicial officer’s  misdeeds. 

Ehrlich has been seen in local bars owned by lawyer John Conway, where lawyers reportedly arrange  ” dates ” for James Towery, Stuart Scott, Mark Pierce, and other male lawyers, with women Ehrlich knows are being used in sex trafficking rings.

Q has learned that a group of female clerks, paralegals and lawyers are joining forces  to bring a sexual harassment law suit that may snare  hundreds of law firms, and  lawyers, in litigation that could not only get these lawyers disbarred, but stands to permanently damage their careers.