False Claims of Domestic Violence Create Financial Boom for Divorce Lawyers

Forbes magazine recently discussed the top six dirty tricks men play in divorce cases, but a recent audit and secret recordings taken over a 8 year period in some of Silicon Valley’s most successful divorce lawyers are actually telling clients to lie and hide money to pin their former spouses with domestic violence claims to get out of paying support. False claims of DV and not solely made by men. 

An audit and secret recording taken by staff members show lawyers like Kathryn Schlepphorst, formerly of Hoge Fenton, are just one of many dirty lawyers profiting off emotional damage they cause in divorce cases to make more money. 
Forbes’ list includes dirty tricks like hiding assets and delaying proceedings, even conflicting out the best lawyers, but secretly divorce lawyers are encouraging prospective clients to make false DV claims first, in order to reap the rewards of such claims in divorce court. 

Sadly, in a divorce case one party has the ability to request , or withdraw , a DVRO, which is often rubber-stamped. These cases are rarely given a jury trial , and often a solo family court judge is all to happy to slap on a DVRO , when requested by a favored attorney.