Judges Called Out for Separating Families

There is an old Sherriff in town, and she is not afraid to take on Judges who arrest protestors or  that fail to protect victims of domestic violence, according to public comments made at the state’s meeting of court managers. 

California’s Judicial Council’s  July meeting was summer light, but 50% of the public speakers were from Santa Clara County, where members of the public called out Patricia Lucas for failing victims of domestic violence and for abusing her power by arresting parents  protesting judges who continue to separate families. 

Lucas hung her head and the chief justice didn’t seem to be able to pay attention as victims and parents blasted the judges for what they have done to families. 

In a county where Trump supporters were sent by San Jose police into an angry mob, for which the cops have no qualified immunity, and where the district attorney, Jeff Rosen, openly cheated tax payers, the impotent judges who have routinely separated families is no surprise. 

The meeting began with a caller from Santa Clara, who is a victim of domestic violence, and had her daughter taken from her by judge Drew Takaichi, who ignored a fathers criminal record for domestic violence and child abuse. 

A father then noted that judges routinely fail to follow the law, and criminalize parents with no criminal history in divorce court. 

Worse was the speaker who called out Judge Lucas, a strong Persky supporter, who has had a troubling history of backlisting media she disfavors, and arresting protesters who are critical  of the courts.