We Are Q- Next Stop Silicon Valley Divorce Mob

Silicon Valley divorce lawyers who have hijacked children, separated families, stolen homes and raided retirements of thousands, will now join the Q Wall of Shame. Lawyers can decide if they will continue to remain silent, or call out those who disgrace the legal profession while working in Silicon Valley’s family courts. 

Cops, court workers , government lawyers, underground lawyers and retired judges have been stealing public and private money for decades. Victims often are run out of Siliocn Valley in shame. or bankrupted,  while the worst lawyers and firms continue to profit like the glory days of Wall Street.

Family Court Judges who separate families have been caught cheating on their payroll affidavits and government lawyers have buried and suppressed evidence to cover judge crimes against  Silicon Valley families. 

Secret court recordings, video and leaked documents, along with actual court files have uncovered the most sinister criminal enterprise in California’s history , Siliocn Valley’s divorce mob. 

Deputies have secretly recorded the most disgusting court hearings,  and meetings with family court staff who took children from their parents for no reason other than money.  Drones have captured criminal activity on the court’s new lavishly landscaped patio areas. 

All this will revealed and Silicon Valley’s Divorce Mob will be exposed in a new documentary series that will launch with a special fall tour. 

Q members are organizing a special tour bus that will take visitors on a tour much like those given of  celebrity homes  in Beverly Hills. This tour will wind through the Silicon valley neighborhoods, business, offices  and restaurants  to show the life  of the most dangerous criminals operating an enterprise known as Silicon Valley’s Divorce Mob. 

The tour will begin at the family courthouse, where court dockets and files will serve as the guidebook history.  Visitors will be treated to a special You Tube Video premiering on the tour that will feature suppressed evidence, illegal recordings and surveillance video that catches the criminals in the act. 

The tour will wind through San Jose’s Rose Garden areas, and posh Los Gatos neighborhoods, passing the overpass where a young Oracle worker jumped to her death when she was unable to pay her legal bills and was subjected to paying to visit her own children.

Anonymous interviews will tell how Siliocn Valley lawyers sexually assaulted and harassed their clients, one , even promising favorable rulings in a probate case in exchange for sex.  Another telling clients to lie in court. 

The tour will wind through Santa Clara and Stanford Universities, taking in  the infamous dumpsters and law libraries , the scene of many crimes, and where the mob began to form over 30 years ago. 

Offices of the worst lawyers and so called court experts will be scheduled for  Flash Protests, where tour visitors will be able to call out members of Siliocn Valley’s divorce mob and encourage boycotts of businesses who support them. 

Current Scheduled Stops include the neighborhoods, offices and hangouts of : 
Criminally indicted lawyer Valerie Houghton
Daniel Jensen, divorce lawyer of La Doris Cordell, clean up lawyer
Divorce Attorney Rebekah Frye,  lawyer of the client who  committed suicide on hwy 101
Minor’s Counsel, BJ Fadem openly transgender minor counsel who abused children
Nicole Ford, failed domestic violence advocate and political climber
Elise Mitchell, racist bully at the bench, child abuser
Divorce Consultant and lawyer, Michele Hales, money launderer, crook
Referee, Nat Hales, money laundering, conversion, constructive fraud
Divorce Lawyer, Walter Hammon, child stealer , and crook
Hoge Fenton, law firm that protects that covers up attorney misconduct and fraud
Mc Manis Faulkner, law firm most investigated for fraudulent bill padding and mail fraud
Self Proclaimed Civil Rights Lawyer, James Mc Manis, most sued for malpractice , campaign fraud with Judge Persky
Divorce Donelle Morgan, disgorgement and conversion queen 
Divorce lawyer Bradford Baugh, kingpin of mob, pedophile ring operator, money launderer, money laundering , fraud , filing false documents, judge bribes.  
Intero Real Estate offices, judge kickbacks , and low or no cost home loans for mob. 
Divorce Lawyer Elizabeth Goodley, woman abuser and crook
Settlement Conference Officer Sharon Roper, illegal recording master
Divorce Lawyer Sharon Roper, master forger and fraud
Retried Judge Mary Ann Grilli, payroll affidavit fraud, kickbacks to Bradford Baugh and Valerie Houghton
Judge James Towery, former chief trial counsel state bar, sex abuser , harasser, kickback taker.
Retired prosecutor Sinunu- Towery, San Jose Rose Garden coverup lawyer
Leslie Packer, child abuser 
Teri Johnston, child abuser
Ken Perlmutter, child stealer 
Minor’s Counsel Heather Allan, child abuser and separates families for profit
John Orlando 
Divorce lawyer and former prosecutor, Hector Moreno, improper governmental activity
Garrett Dailey, divorce case rigger in Sixth District Court of Appeals
Judge Manuokian, expense account cheater 
James Butera, CPA, fraud , conversion, disgorgement, conspiracy
Jack Peth , CPA, fraud, conversion
Megan Thompson, CPA, pretty crook
Michael Thompson, CPA, old crook, back pocket of Bradford Baugh
Marilyn Moreno, over biller and liar 
Lynne Yates Carter, money laundering, conversion, fraud, bill padding 
Kathryn Schleophorst , mole, snitch and Emede’s kickback queen
Michel Jones, child abuser 
Susan Stahl , child abuser 
Los Gatos boy Scouts, pedophile protectors
Los Gatos police , DUI ticket fixers and domestic violence concealers 
Fleming, Family Court Service kidnapper
Travis Krepelkha , crook and bad dresser 
Offices of good lawyers driven to suicide, or stroke, (Boscovich)
Law Offices of Nat and Michele Hales,  fraudulently collected money, corrupt motive 
Michael Reedy, conversion, fraud 
Richard Roggia, money laundering, false documents, fraud, conspiracy 
CPA offices of Michael Thompson who conspired with Bradford Baugh to steal retirement accounts. 
CPA offices of James Butera , who has worked with Bradford Baugh to hide millions of dollars in child support hearings. 
School where Owner of the A’s baseball team’s daughter works as she tries to get out of paying child support. 
Golf course where vocational examiner Tim Harper engaged in crimes
Homes of 49ers charged with domestic violence and sexual assault, with video of Swat raids. 
Neighborhoods  of Judges Takaichi, Grilli . Towery, Pegg, Lucas, Arand, and Persky, who falsified payroll affidavits. 
Neighborhood of JAMS attorney Gallagher who profited from her husband, Judge Danser’s  ticket fixing. 
Santa Row Neighborhood of Nat Hales, who offered favorable probate rulings for sex favors. 
Los Gatos Boys Scouts who harbored alleged pedophiles. 
Saratoga High School that covered up domestic violence and child abuse of Audrie Pott. 
Homes of Los Gatos Little League volunteers who  bribed judges
Los Gatos Police Department that helped divorce lawyers  steal homes and kids. 
Offices of  Heather Allan who separated more families after minor’s counsel appointments. 
Offices of Elizabeth Goodley who assisted Bradford Baugh in harming clients and stealing money.  
Santa Clara County District Attorney  Jeff Rosen’s offices and locations where he took bribes and hid campaign contributions, caught on film. 
Offices of the most crooked law firms: Hoge Fenton, McManis Falkner 
Offices of government lawyers who knew and were silent
Offices of victim services employees who had heated affairs. 
Offices of Orange Title Company, Intero Real Estate, and banks that gave judges free and low cost Silicon valley Homes. 
Headquarters of Facebook, Oracle, Western Digital, Netflix, DigiDesigns,  Paypal, Google, Yahoo, Apple and other Siliocn Valley companies that helped hide money, secreted domestic violence,  violated privacy laws and harmed children. 

Tour will take two hours and visitors will receive collectables outlining the history of Siliocn Valley’s divorce mob. Email us if you want someone added to the Mob Tour.