Ignoring Marsy's Law: Government Lawyers Protect  Jewish Pedophile Rings in Affluent Silicon Valley


DDA Stacey Capps harmful error and failure to protect victims of elder abuse and Domestic Violence

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen has used his Jewish background to advance his political career, while covering up secret deals that protect some of California’s most powerful lawyers, judges and pedophiles.
Many whom Rosen is protecting belong to the Synagogue and Jewish Community Center in Los Gatos, where Rosen associates.

While pandering to the press and covering up  scandals in Silicon Valley’s jails (killing of Michael Tyree),  Rosen  used tax payer money to travel to Germany, drove in fancy Mercedes and padded  overtime accounts of prosecutors earning over $350,000 a year with secret accounting practices ( as reported by NBC investigates) .

​New information has come to light showing that Rosen has also  been padding Victim/Witness Services and has to explain what he did with over $50,000,000 while he offered victims no services state and federal grants offered to provide. 

Molesting Little Boys: 
Like the Catholic Church Scandal, Jeff Rosen has known that men in affluent Los Gatos, connected to Rosen through the local Jewish community,  have been serially molesting little boys in programs sponsored by the Los Gatos Jewish Community Center. These rings also appear to be operating in the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center.
​Rosen has assisted with secret  deals to protect some of the most influential Jewish families in Silicon Valley, with law firms that include Hoge Fenton and McManis Faulkner,   that draft settlement deals like those discovered in the Catholic Church scandal uncovered by the Boston Globe in 2009. 

Rosen has  failed to protect children in Los Gatos Little League and Boy Scouts programs, where attorney Bradford Baugh, Valerie Tarvin, Nat Hales, Valerie Houghton, Rebekah Frye, Catherine Gallagher, Hector Morneo and Leah Amini appear to be gaining court orders to silence mandated reporters and protective parents.

Judge Drew Takaichi’s  form 700 indicates pedophile rings are laundering money through real estate and court orders that connects  Takaichi to kickbacks  earned from  Los Gatos real estate cases, that  appear to be tied to questionable accountings that may indicate  a scandal is  brewing for Mike  Wasserman, Santa Clara County Supervisor who is fighting to maintain his seat in an upcoming election. 

Beating & Sexually Assaulting Women
Attorney Eric Geffon , turned judge, was used by Rosen  as a “clean up lawyer”, to help celebrity 49er football players silence women who tried to report sexual assault and domestic violence,  after Santa Clara wooed the 49ers away from San Francisco.  Geffon made secret deals with Rosen to clean up for  Ray McDonald and  silence Kendra Scott when she first came out about Domestic Violence in 2014. Rosen is said to have used his political power to get Geffon appointed a judge,  in return for silencing the women who were beaten or sexually assaulted by players in the NFL’s 49er organization.  

                 Rosen’s emails to Stanford Law Professor Michele Dauber

Staffers on leave from the Santa Clara County’s Victim Services Unit have sent confidential files showing that Rosen colluded with Stanford Professor Michele  Dauber long before Judge Persky’s sentencing of Brock Turner, who was convicted of sexually assaulting Emily Doe on the Stanford campus.

  Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith was rumored to have used deputies assigned to security on the Stanford Campus to assist Rosen in garnering support from Feminists connected to the  #METOO movement and launching recall efforts against Judge Persky, as a campaign stunt during an election year, despite the fact that Rosen will run unopposed in 2018,

This pattern mirrors what was seen when Rosen ran for reelection in 2012, where he reportedly used a Sheriff deputy assigned to the Saratoga High School campus to set up  four young students on false sexual assault charges following the suicide of Audrie Pott and the ensuing PR campaign on cyber bullying laws, that got Rosen reelected.

CBS Bay Area produced a six part investigative series covering repeated failures of California’s judges and prosecutors to comply with Marsy’s Law, a powerful law that protect victims of violent crimes. San Mateo prosecutors have faced State Bar discipline for failing to comply with Marsy’s law, leaving many to wonder if Rosen’s connection to disgraced former State Bar employee James Towery is giving Rosen prosecutorial immunity where victims are concerned in affluent Silicon Valley communities.

​The Jewish community is growing increasingly concerned about Rosen  and  rumors that many in the community are  supporting campaigns to impeach Rosen, with #IMPEACHROSEN leading  social media sites.