Women Who Stole Justice Using the Sex Card:  Sheriff Laurie Smith and Former Prosecutor  Sinunu Towery

State and County Pay Big for Cop and Judge Sex 

San Francisco, CA – ​California’s Judicial Council Secretly paid out $600,000 to settle sexual harassment claims against three judges, while refusing to report to tax payers who those judges were. Many suspect all three come from Santa Clara County and the Sixth District Court of Appeal, where insiders report the payoffs were made to protect Judge Stuart Scott, Judge James Towery and Judge Conrad Rushing. Judge Patricia Lucas who  is reported to have arranged the hush settlements to cover up a much larger problem.

Secret settlements are  particularly concerning because Stuart Scott is a former Santa Clara County prosecutor, and James Towery was Chief Trial Counsel for the State Bar, where he reportedly ignored valid complaints against some lawyers, and fabricated evidence against others with the help of his wife, former prosecutor Sinunu-  Towery. 

​On Easter Sunday,  Tracy Kaplan,  from the San Jose Mercury exposed a sexual harassment case that Sheriff Laurie Smith had buried shortly before her first election. Smith actually took , in violation of protocols and law, a tape from an Internal Affairs Investigation, which was reported to the county at the time, but not pursued. Smith went on to claim first female Sheriff in California. and survived four elections in what now appears to be a misuse of her office, and through manipulating the media. 

​The allegations claim that Smith, who was married, repeatedly hit on one of her subordinates and ultimately ruined his career. Smith appears to have continued that management style, in a clear abuse of power  as her male jail guards and courtroom deputies continue to obstruct justice, kill  and beat citizens, (See jail guard hearings for death of Michael Tyree, and inmate beating of Mr. Garcia) .

​One such lawyer protecting Smith appears to be former prosecutor Sinunu, also a woman who had a local reputation for hiding evidence, protecting certain political foes, and burying others, like Ben Fields. Fields was disbarred when Sinunu Towery’s husband, Jim Towery,  was Chief Trial  Counsel at the State Bar. 

​Sinunu Towery was also known for her own sexual escapades, having “open” relationships with men who worked through Silicon Valley Faces, embroiled in embezzlement that Sinunu never investigated when she was a prosecutor. 

​Insiders reported that the Towerys have conspired to use Silicon Valley’s more influential legal system as their personal dynasty, and ATM machine,  threatening, arresting and harassing anyone who threatens to expose them., or to report flagrant  sex and child abuse. 

​Most concerning is the Press involvement in these issues, A highly regarded journalist, Fredric Tulsky, from the San Jose Mercury News, crafted an investigative story: Tainted Trials.  

While the journalist was advancing his own career and obtaining speaking invitations from Santa Clara University, as organized by Sinunu,  he reportedly had used Sinunu Towery as a weekly source, and ultimately may have edited out  information that would have been damaging to her and her career in the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. 

​Many are calling for a deep investigation into the Santa Clara County Sheriff and District Attorney campaigns over the past year, and if those campaigns may have been tainted by a biased press, and improper governmental activity.

​More are wondering how many false criminal complaints have been made and how many divorces have been ruined as these two women advanced their careers,   on their backs, and in unmarked police cars.

Some are even claiming that Sinunu married James Towery not only to get protection under spousal privilege, but where Jim Towery used his connections at the Bar to attack his wife’s adversaries and  disbar lawyers who could have threatened that career.

​Sadly, as the #METOO movement seeks to  put more women in positions of power throughout our community, if those women behave similarly to the men allegedly sexually harassing and retaliating against subordinates,  the movement will have done little to shine a bright light on injustice  in our local governments.