Facebook Posts  Family Court Judges Fear Most…..

Facebook Groups Take Out Judges More Than CJP


In just two years, a group of fake Facebook names became California’s family court’s worst nightmare. 

After Joe Sweeney was jailed in August of 2016,  for posting online about his divorce, social media went nuts and the CJP audit passed and the State Auditor took on California’s Judicial Watchdog to see why they are not doing their job.

Joe’s Jailer, Judge Bruce Mills, took the Chicken Shit way  off the bench and retired just moments before state tax payers ripped his pension, 

Now, Judges who once sought to silence and mock  the self represented and “disgruntled litigants  groups, suddenly saw the possibility of recall, removal and replacement!

Solano moms swiftly removed two judges.

Then the groups  march straight down Main Street in Walnut Creek and Martinez, only to turn their summer months to remove Contra Costa’s Judge Fannin, Judge Haight and Judge Hardie, Parents are determined to gather signatures and see these judges go just as Santa Clara County’s Judge Persky was recalled on June 5, 2018, 

Add in that Judge Fannin, who has ruined more moms and self- represented moms and dads than other Contra Costa judges, is also being sued for not following the law. 

                               Enter Writer- Mom and Megaphone Wonder Michelle Chan

Now what all judges fear most is the little mom with a megaphone, and her CPS groups that are regularly stocked by judges on Facebook. 

That megaphone mom, Michelle Chan, is marching south, having started in San Francisco , swept through Contra Costa and has taken direct aim at Santa Clara County’s  Judge James Towery, Judge Stuart Scott, Judge Drew Takaichi , Judge Vincent Chiarello and Judge Patricia Lucas, all who will be on the recall ballot by early 2019. 

With Bruce Mills retired, Judge Persky recalled, and six California Judges in two counties on recall lists, seems Joe Sweeney’s report on the failures of the CJP,  the little groups on Facebook,  and the little mom with a megaphone,  have a better track record of taking care of dirty, incompetent and corrupt  judges than the CJP.