Judge Orders Hit On Kids with McDonald's Justice League  Happy Meal Toys and Non- Profits Steal from Victims of Domestic Violence

Judge Poised to Arrest Children for Happy Meals

Victims who have endured years of intimate partner violence, emotional abuse and financial harm got a little justice last week after the
Department of Justice got an Executive Director of a Fairfield Non-Profit to plead guilty to stealing money from victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and dating violence. 

Solano County residents and victims have fought hard for public integrity in their courts and local law enforcement community. Judges have been recalled and pressured to resign and the district attorney has started a perjury unit that investigates false claims of domestic violence. 

Sadly, Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties have more money and are tougher nuts to crack , but there are breaks in the dam. 

In Contra Costa Judge Jill Fannin, who is on the recall and impeachment hit list,  reportedly has been using court staff and members of the grand jury to investigate protestors and those circulating petitions to remove her from the bench. Such conduct is not only improper governmental activity, it is criminal, and could be charged as a misdemeanor, Parents are now calling on the Contra Costs County DA  to investigate. 

Federal Government to Investigate Silicon Valley Courts and County Lawyers

A deep investigation has found that Lucas has teamed up in pods of government lawyers, including James Gibbons- Shapiro, Jeff Rosen, Steve Mitra, Danielle Goldstein and Cheryl Stevens,  to rig family law cases where domestic violence earns millions for the local courts and corrupt lawyers, and where judges have been using the Santa Clara County Sheriffs to harass and intimate parents to protest family court issues. 

Over $100,000,000of state and federal money has failed to reach victims  since 2010. Irregular accounting audits  shows the money has been misused, misdirected or outright stolen  through non- profits including LIFT 3, that was named in the Solano County indictment, as well as  Silicon Valley Faces, and the Victim- Witness Services program housed in the Santa Clara County DA’s office since 2015.  

Recently it was learned that Judge Patricia Lucas’ issued  orders  that had Scott Largent arrested on May 1, 2018, That same order  could have thousands of children arrested for using  toy megaphones found in the newest Happy Meal Toys offered for sale to parents at McDonald’s,  Ironically,  as Judge Lucas continues to issue orders and mismanage judges determined to punish parents who protest family courts,  Fox News has published an Ohio State opinion that describes an in-depth audit that shows just how toxic judges in family courts have become. The report notes family courts are putting children in serious danger. 

Scott Largent, one of the most recognizable family court advocates, and backpack journalists, is calling on lawyers from DC Comics, and McDonalds to help children who are being victimized in California’s family courts.