8 Things You Need To Know When Dealing With A Narcissist

8 Things You Need To Know When Dealing With A Narcissist


When dealing with a narcissist normal ‘human’ rules don’t apply!

You can’t talk sense, be heard or reach a resolution.

In fact, the narcissist DOESN’T want ANY resolution.

So how do you deal with these individuals?

How CAN you get peace, sanity, release, relief and your life back?

Soooo many of you have asked me ‘How do I DEAL with this person?”

Well… today’s information is going to HELP you beyond measure because I’m giving you the absolute sure-fire 8 ways that you can DEAL with a narcissist … powerfully and effectively.

If you want to cut out all the bamboozles, word-salad, three-ring circus, confusion, and pain whilst trying to deal with a narcissist … as well as the FEAR of what they could do to you … today’s Thriver Tv episode grants you the 8-step proven formula.

I can’t wait for you to watch, absorb this in and know how to DEAL with a narcissist for REAL.



Video Transcript

People ask me all the time – how do I deal with a narcissist?

Today I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you –the 8 things I know that absolutely will help you deal with a narcissist.

And be prepared because some of these things may not be what you thought.

Today, by watching this video you will know exactly how to handle any narcissist in your life, no matter who they are or how dodgy, confusing or slippery they are.

It’s taken me over a decade and working with thousands of people’s recoveries to work this formula out – and it stands up – every time. No narcissist can take you down if you apply this.

I really mean it, ever.

First of all, we really have to be careful to know that we are dealing with a narcissist, because a lot of people bandy around the term. Let’s clarify:

A narcissist is someone who displays pathological lying, conscienceless behaviour at the expense of others and it is all about them. They also have a very poor concern or consideration for others, treats them as objects, are highly entitled and are not sorry or accountable for their behaviour. This is consistently how a narcissist rolls.

If someone in your life is like this, you need to know that the normal rules for engaging with other human beings does not apply here.

Hence why these specific 8 things are necessary to know.

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Step 1 – Be Impervious To Being Love-Bombed

Narcissists are extremely manipulative and cunning. They know how to appeal to you, charm you and tell you whatever you want to hear to gain your confidence.

As sensible adult human beings, we need to understand narcissist or not, or potential narcissist, the only way you can ascertain someone’s true character is over time by getting to know them.

If we are feeling empty and hungry for love, compliments, recognition or for whatever someone is offering us, such as the potential to make business deals and money, we are susceptible to abusers.

If we feel empty and like we ‘need’ someone to fill that gap for us, then an expert manipulator knows all they need to do is show up as ‘the solution’ for us to jump straight in and believe them.


Step 2: Listen To Your Intuition Even Though Your Personality May Not Recognise A Toxic Person

Your Inner Being knows the difference. If you feel twingey inside, or if something feels off there is every chance it is. If you find yourself feeling like something is wrong and then start making excuses in your head, you are definitely in Wrong Town and heading into treacherous waters.

This means you need to confront things, you need to speak up.


Step 3: Lose the Fear of Criticism, Rejection, Abandonment and Punishment For Speaking Up

We all know that CRAP of handing our power away! So many people, when confronted with someone who they find toxic, questionable, inauthentic or intimidating are terrified of speaking up.

But you may not realise that this is a huge evolution graduation point that you just must pass. If you can’t stand up, show up and speak up then you are never being a self-generative force of your own safety, and unsafe and abusive people and situations will continue to enter your life experience reflecting to you your lack of self-safety on the inside.

Narcissists will keep coming one after the other after the other and no amount of ‘trying to pick them’ is going to make one ounce of difference. This is your healing and evolution lesson to start laying boundaries and honouring yourself.

Here you have an incredible opportunity to not only flush out a narcissist because they all unravel when you shine a big bright light on them, but it will also evolve you beyond them, if you do this and then keep working with the further steps.

Have you ever wondered why narcissists and abusive people keep coming into your life? Does this make sense now? If this is a light bulb moment for you, I want you to tell me in the comments below.


Step 4: Have No Attachment To Them Getting It and Doing the Right Thing

This is one of the biggest hooks that narcissists get you with and use to keep you hooked up to the handing over of attention and narcissistic supply.

The narcissist does not have the capacity to come into the consciousness of being able to have empathy, concern or awareness about other people’s feelings and needs, and as the centre of their own universe has no desire to.

One of the biggest soul and evolution lessons we learn from the narcissist is that it’s only when we lose our dependencies and stop trying to force other people to validate, confirm us and grant us what we believe we need, that we are free to be these sources to ourselves, unshackled by the trauma of those who can’t and won’t.


Step 5: Lose the Fear of What the Narcissist May Do Next

Narcissists don’t like losing you as a source of narcissistic supply. When you are dancing around their wounds trying to fix them, appease them and make deals with them, they have control of you. When you remove these things, they can get down and dirty.

This is when they will try to find your weak link. For you it could be guilt, compassion, accusing you or wrongdoing, threats to damage things that matter to you, blackmail, withholding money or support, taking your property or children, threats to replace you with new supply, promises of amends, fake apologies and crocodile tears …. The list goes on and on.

This is where you need to detox every trauma inside you that is keeping you attached to the fear and pain of what a narcissist may do to you and caving into their onslaughts, tactics, hoovering or love-bombing. (The NARP 10-step Module process is very thorough and effective to release and eliminate these hooks.)

It’s your fear, emotional pain and unhealed inner wounds that feeds the narcissist the bullets to keep shooting you with. When you release all of that, you will see how powerless narcissists really are.


Step 6: Create Powerful Boundaries

Most people think someone must respect your boundary for it to be respected.

No, they don’t – you just need to enforce it.

Boundaries are not done with lecturing or prescribing to someone. They are done through action. An explanation is not necessary, only the execution.

If someone refuses to respect your values, heart, needs, feelings and boundaries, don’t argue, lecture and prescribe – detach and start generating your True Life without them.

Don’t tell a narcissist you are leaving, and the relationship is over. Just do it and block and delete all means of contact.

If harassed, take out an intervention order.

Bingo! Over and out!


Step 7: Release the Trauma, Fear, Pain and Shame Regarding the Inevitable Smear Campaigns

Again, like everything I share with you, this relates to the Quantum Law of so within, so without. If you are traumatised by what people think of you, you are going to have a really hard time.

If you release all your terrors of persecution, abandonment, exile and even possible annihilation with NARP (these are huge core human wounds), be yourself, only care about healing what YOU think of YOU, and get on with the generation of your own amazing life, you will discover that people will effortlessly come to you, agree with you and shun the narcissists attempts to discredit you.

There is nothing for you to fix or amend with others, this is really about healing your core relationship with yourself – and then as it does all else follows.

So within, so without – you will see.


Step 8: Deal With Authorities Calmly and Clearly Without Triggers

I know this is so difficult to achieve, and it can seem like all systems, authorities and legal personnel are corrupt, against you and even narcissistic themselves.

It’s here that I want to talk to you about ‘I am’ energy that creates miracles in even the most difficult of circumstances.

It goes like this:

  • I am showing up in integrity and solidness without emotional triggers detailing me.
  • I am unattached to outcomes.
  • I am in the knowing that this experience has been chosen for my higher evolution and there are no mistakes here.

By losing all traumas connected to these situations, you will start to show up calmly, cleanly and honestly. Have your facts, expose the narcissist’s behaviour with evidence unemotionally and don’t diagnose that the narcissist is a narcissist.

That is when, the right people start to show up and things start falling into place and line up in your favour.

If you work at these states, you will be beyond formidable.

I can’t tell you how many Thrivers in this community have won all sorts of battles against narcissists where authorities have been involved, by working at their Inner Being to reach these states.

In fact it isn’t just possible – it truly is inevitable.

You can check out my Thriver stories to research some of these and also any Thrivers out there, who have won with authorities against narcissists, please be as kind to share your experience below to help inspire others who are still battling with this.


Okay, so, if you work through these 8 things with gusto, and at shifting the traumas out that arise as you do so, you will graduate.

You will know that you can handle any narcissist and then Life will say “Okay you’ve got this now” meaning they will disappear from your path. You’ve learned what you needed to.

But you need to deal and NOT be scared of dealing first.

So now I want to invite you to get down to the dealing and becoming a narc-proof boss, which you can do by signing up to my free inner transformational resources. This is where we do the real inner work to make this happen, quickly and powerfully.

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