Empath’s Guide To Healing After A Narcissistic Relationship Breakdown – With Dr. Christiane Northrup

Empath’s Guide To Healing After A Narcissistic Relationship Breakdown – With Dr. Christiane Northrup


It’s almost been a month since we announced the release of my upcoming book ‘You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse‘, and now we are nearing the final two weeks until it’s released!


I dearly hope you’re enjoying all the materials we’ve had coming your way.

The reason I’ve reached out to you with all our pre-launch material is that we are passionate about serving the greater mission – to spread global awareness of narcissistic abuse, and the tools to heal for real, to break the cycle of abuse/abused for us and our future generations.

Today, we have another extremely special interview for you, which I know will give you immense benefit, regardless of which phase of your recovery journey you are at …

I am honoured today to bring you our next expert interview, a lady who is respected and loved by so many.

Dr. Christiane Northrup, my dear friend and colleague, has been on the leading edge of women’s health and wellness for decades. She is a literal power-house revolutionising awareness, healing and change globally.

Christiane has multiple New York Times best-selling books and her work has been featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

I adore Christiane’s work and philosophies, as they are SO Thriver orientated, granting you the ability to take your power back and generate the life you were born to live.

Many of you are empaths and old souls so I know you will just love this interview!

Within it, Christiane and I discuss the rise of global narcissism, and how we are in the times of such powerful and exciting healing necessity NOW!

Many of us have experienced the following … as giving, sensitive souls with much Light to offer, we are targets for psychic vampires – people who drain our energy lives, sanity and souls dry.

This is why this conversation is a much-needed one!

Within this interview Christiane shares:

  • Who an empath really is
  • How to give, heal and serve without being preyed on by narcissistic individuals
  • How autoimmune diseases are closely linked with narcissistic abuse
  • Why intelligent people can’t fix narcissists
  • Why when you cut the chord with a narcissist you feel like you will die
  • How to take your power back whilst healing
Christiane and I also talk about the deeper reasons for narcissists appearing in our lives, and how as energetically sensitive souls, we CAN shore up our gaps and susceptibilities so that toxic people can no longer feed off our energy.



Show Notes

Christiane discusses global narcissism and the exciting times we are in. (4.12)

Who is an ’empath?’ (5.28)

Why intelligent people can’t ‘fix’ narcissists. (9.46)

An important message for healers and caregivers. (11.45)

How to give, heal and serve without being drained dry by narcissists. (13.39)

What is cognitive dissonance? (17.59)

The link between autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and having an energy vampire in your life. (19.00)

Why cutting the chord with a narc feels like you are going to die. (20.47)

Why we can’t change a narcissist and how narcs can find your gaps to feed on. (22.20)

The ‘time in between’ – leaving a narc and finding your tribe. (24.28)

Narcissistic Abuse brings more light into you and your life. (29.05)

Empaths are Angels and we are in ‘The End Times’ of the old paradigm. (29.47)

Waking up to taking your power back through healing. (32.05)


Thank You For Watching!

I always love interview conversations with Dr. Christiane, because she gets right down to it, and tells it how it really is!  I always learn so much from her!

This topic relates to sooooo many of us in this community.  Like there was for me, there will be MANY powerful takeaways for you!

Please share this interview with your tribe – the people like you, who are sensitive, empathic souls, who have been hurt by over-entitled narcissistic people.

I’m soooo looking forward to this conversation with you.

Please post below!