Redefining Your Dreams And Goals After Narcissistic Abuse


This episode is about helping you get in contact with your True Self and True Life, which means being able to access and activate the loving, healthy and successful life that is your birthright to live.

I know, after narcissistic abuse, you may believe that a great life just isn’t possible for you.

However, I know the exact opposite, that because you have been narcissistically abused, your True Life is even more possible for you than it ever was.

And I can’t wait to explain to you WHY in today’s video.



Video Transcript

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Okay so now … I am so excited to be sharing today’s TTV episode with you.

Because I enjoy nothing more than creating my own personal dreams after narcissistic abuse and helping thousands of other people, globally, to do the same.

People just like you … no matter how much you’ve been hurt or what you’ve lost, there is an amazing life awaiting you, if you know how to activate it.

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Okay … now let’s move onto this episode.


The People Who Stand to Gain the Most

This is what I believe with all my heart – the people who have lost everything are in the best position to gain the most.

You may think I’m crazy but listen up.

What we were living, wasn’t our True Soul’s destiny. We thought it was, but it wasn’t. When connected to a False Self trying to source our life through them, everything was breaking down. Our health, our finances and ultimately our entire being.

All of this was screaming at us “Wrong Town!”

This is what I discovered, for myself and countless other people, just like you, who have lost everything – when we learnt to value our Soul and our Inner Being above all else, all losses started to reverse.

When we turn inwards to self-partner, and purposefully and lovingly release and reprogram our inner traumas (which is exactly what NARP allows you to powerfully do) then an astounding phenomenon takes place.

All of Source, Life and Creation start to partner us also, with mega-gusto.

Rather than the uphill battle of constantly trying to make life work from the outside (trying to obtain and retain people and situations in order to allow us to feel loved, approved of, safe and secure), we have finally got into the true driver seat of Creation.

We have realised the only way to create a life successfully is from the inside out.

It has to be between us and ourselves.

And even more than this, this IS the essential relationship between us and our Higher Power (Source).

When we have healed ourselves, we realise wholeness as just an ‘isness’. It’s our natural, organic state without the traumas and false beliefs that we have all been inflicted with. And, we return home.

From this place, we begin directly sourcing with Life itself.

No longer are we handing away our power to the people and situations that are not aligned with our True Self and True Life.

No longer do we choose, roll around with and get mined by abusers.

It’s not until we take on the journey of self-partnering, that we realise what a false journey (albeit unconsciously) we were on, and how it was never going to work out durably or deliver the only life that was ever going to gratify us.

As a result of healing and feeling whole on the inside, regardless of where your life is or what anybody else is or isn’t doing, then your life … your True Life, begins.

Powerfully, in ways that will nourish and flourish you beyond your wildest dreams!


What Are Your Dreams and Goals?

People say all the time, “I don’t know what my dreams and goals are”. Or maybe they do know, but don’t know how on earth they could ever activate them.

And, maybe they have been used to living a life where they have been trying to provide other people with their dreams and goals instead, in order to feel loved and safe.

When you start a deep inner healing, a realisation takes hold – that you are here for a purpose, that is aligned with your Soul Truth. And this is what you deeply want to do!

You also start to deeply sense that your aligning with your true soul purpose in no way means that you need to go without. It is, in fact, the exact opposite.

All that you ever wished for including love, health and wealth come naturally when you are no longer on the wrong path. When you honour your Soul and Source, Source and your Soul fully respond. This Force unlocks for you all that your heart desires.

That has been my experience and the experience of more Thrivers that I could mention.

What you want as your dreams is what your heart is telling you. Your goals and dreams are personal, and in no way are they selfish. They involve your greatest contribution to the world.

When you are fully being yourself, you will serve The All in the highest of ways.

None of this is possible if you continue handing away your power trying to be what other people want you to be in an attempt to get love, approval or safety. You need to self-partner and become your own powerful source.


How to Connect to Your Truth

I really want you to understand this … your life is not about other people loving you more.

It is about you loving you more.

Your life is not about getting approval.

It’s about you approving of yourself.

Your life is not about doing something so that you can make money.

It’s about being the person you were born to be and then being abundantly supported by all of life as a result of this.

Yes, you can have love, health and wealth whilst being of incredible service to this planet.

You can have it all!

After narcissistic abuse and losing it all, you TRULY stand to gain it all.

You can activate this by turning inwards and healing yourself, in order to integrate with your infinite power and the wisdom of your Inner Being.

Your greatest mission is to be self-partnered. To let go of the shame and blame of yourself and others. To lose all of the painful feelings that have been standing between you and the entering of your incredible extended, expanded life.

You are here to make a difference, and to be the new wave of self-partnered, self-generative Oneness, that changes everything for you personally and everything you touch in this world.

How do you activate this?

How do you stand in your truth to start redefining your dreams and goals?

My highest suggestion is to listen to the truth of your heart and soul.

List what you want and don’t hold back.

Your soul doesn’t get it wrong.

If you are feeling it then it is true for you.

Your personal destiny that awaits you, is seeking you as much as you are seeking it.

What is blocking this destiny from touching you, inspiring you and calling you into it?

Nothing, other than your fears, limited traumatic programming and beliefs that allow you to talk yourself out of it, be fearful and not go for the ride.

That is completely normal, even though it is horrifically unnatural. You were programmed with the traumas of limitations by other people with their own internal trauma that disconnected them from their dreams and goals.

The great news is, there is a TOTAL way for you to clear those blocks within you so that your true destiny comes into view.


Sign Up, Clear Out and Show Up

I will be showing people in intense detail in my three-day Super-Thrive workshop how to work through these processes, but I’ll share with you what I did to make my incredible destiny happen so that you can too.

Step 1: Sign Up

I had the sense that I needed to do this years ago, so I did.

I declared to Source, All of Life and my Superconscious the following …

“I sign up. I hand myself over to you to be the vessel for my highest and best potential to enter me as me. I will be a conduit for my most powerful and expanded contribution on this planet, and to be the person, the ONLY person, that will completely gratify me.”

I knew I meant it, even though I had NO idea what this would make happen!

This led to the necessity for me to …

Step 2: Clear Out

Then what happened, was all the fears and limitations that I already had within me, were thrust up to the surface.

Things like, “I’m too old and I don’t have the qualifications to be super successful.”

“I know that I should be able to be flourished and nourished with love. But love has never worked out for me before.”

“How on earth am I going to get the support to be able to do this mission? Or be accepted for my ideas?  It’s never happened before!”

This I knew … there was no WAY I was going to be able to walk through the door into my Super-Thriving magnificence, with this JUNK stuck in my suitcase.

I had to unpack diligently, all those fears, confusions, doubts and limitations trapped in my Inner Being.

So, I committed FULLY to doing that …

When I did this because I’d already made the declaration for my Superconscious Self to enter me, it did … on steroids.

Which then led to step number three.

Step 3: Show Up

The most amazing things were now happening.

Where fear, inertia, and lack of courage had been, I was filling up with inspiration, impulses and feelings and thoughts that I had never experienced before.

Excitement and tangible ‘possibility’ arose within me, relating to EVERY area of my life.

And, as I looked around me, I was blown away by the synchronicity, opportunities and the literal miracles of people, situations and events rushing towards me that completely represented my highest expressions of Love, Health and Wealth.

This had NEVER happened before.

I knew what I had to do.

I had to SHOW up!

I had to be available, open and empowered ENOUGH to explore and actualise these incredible opportunities!

To be able to do that … to have the courage, boundaries, and energy to be able to participate fully with the super-boost that Creation Itself was granting me, I had to learn how to ride on top of an incredible wave.

Rather, than falling off and sinking.

To do that it was really important to keep going back to Step 2 – clearing out any fears, blocks, limitations or confusion that arose.

Of course, at times these new opportunities quite frankly terrified me, yet this was exactly where I needed to show up, exploring and working with these new expanded potentials.

I had to bust out of all of my previous comfort zones in order to capitalise on these opportunities.

And the same is 100% true for you.

This is where the inner Quantum Tools are so powerful, because they bypass your logical brain, and get deep within you to release all of your limiting blocks and activate your power.

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Come Super-Thrive with me!

And as always, I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.