What Does Going Quantum Really Mean?

What Does Going Quantum Really Mean?


I am always telling people to ‘Go Quantum’ when healing from narcissistic abuse.

Today in this Thriver TV episode I am going to explain what Quantum Energy is, what Quantum Healing is and HOW they both work.

We are going into the UNSEEN world where trauma has a hold and where healing REALLY needs to take place.

It’s going to be possibly the RIDE of your life … leading to a true healing solution.



Video Transcript

I get asked this question a lot.

A REAL lot.

People ask, ‘Melanie what does “Quantum” really mean?’

This is why, today, I wanted to bring to you this episode. To explain exactly what I mean when I talk about ‘Quantum Law, Quantum Energy and Going Quantum’ and also why Quantum Understandings are so vital to recover from narcissistic abuse. Actually, in fact, recovery from any trauma.

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I am going to attempt today to convey to you this understanding in cognitive terms. You may feel this truth cellularly within you, however, truly, this needs to be physically experienced to be REALLY understood.

As such, I have a very important offer for you at the end of this video, where I will take you on an experience of Going Quantum.

So please make sure that you watch all the way to the end.

Okay, let’s dive in.


The Definition of Quantum

The word ‘quantum’ comes from the Latin word quantus, which means ‘how great’.

The word came into use before the year 1900, in reference to quantum satis in medicine, which means ‘the amount which is sufficient’.

In scientific terms today, ironically the word quantum refers to the smallest particle. It refers to the minimum amount of energy required for change to happen, or the minimum value of any physical property in an interaction.

For the basis of how I teach Quantum Energy, it relates to the wave function beyond a physical particle. If you break down atoms to the smallest possible part, even to the smallest of sub-atomic particles, and go beyond what is physically able to be measured, what is left are only waves of energy.


What Is the Space?

What is this non-physical wave? Is it just space where there is no density?

We now know, scientifically, that the cells in our bodies are made up of 99.9999999% space.

What is the purpose of all of the space? And what would be the REASON for SO MUCH space to exist?

Is the space so much more than just ‘emptiness’?

Or rather is this ‘space’ the place where Universal Consciousness resides? Is this the God Particle?

Most Quantum Scientists believe that this space is Universal Consciousness itself. And I totally agree with them.

Dr. Joe Dispenza calls it ‘The Field’.

Many spiritual people believe that this space is in ALL places and IN everything, and that there is nowhere that it is not; they believe it is either God or an Infinite Intelligence.

New Quantum Science, in the search for where cells receive their information and instructions, after going to the smallest inside denomination, got down to a wave function of consciousness.

The conclusion is that all physicality is receiving its instructions from ‘the space’; from a consciousness that exists beyond the physical functions and compositions of a cell.

This is the ‘unseen’ from where all ‘seen’ is born.

A simple example of this, is that every physical concept birthed into reality started as a non-physical concept or decision (an idea) before it became physically real.

Quantum Energy is The Universal Consciousness, which is generating physical reality beyond what is measurable and seen. It is an infinitely powerful force that directs the majesty and beauty of nature and instructs the billions of chemical processes in our body to take place – without us even thinking about them.

Now let’s talk about how ‘Going Quantum’ relates to how you can TRULY heal from your trauma symptoms. Not to just try to manage your symptoms, but to get true resolution – meaning releasing the trauma so that it no longer exists inside you.

What Is Quantum Healing

The only difficulty in trying to understand Quantum Healing is that we ‘exist’ in our heads.

Our True Life is going on beneath the level of logical reasoning, and True Healing is about reaching emotional trauma that is beyond our cognitive perception, hidden in the body.

Because it is hidden in this way, we can’t reach it with our brain. The logical part of our brain, according to new neuroscience, does not communicate with our limbic and emotional systems where trauma is stored.

Let me demonstrate this with an example.

Repeat after me, ‘I think devastated’, ‘I think traumatised’,

Of course, these statements are meant to be ‘I feel devastated’, ‘I feel traumatised’.

Now repeat after me, ‘I think healed’.

Now say, ‘I feel healed’.

Which, if any, of these statements connect with you and could ever be true? Only the ones that are to do with ‘feeling’? ‘Thinking’ has absolutely nothing to do with dealing with your emotional state. You cannot think your way out of emotional trauma – no matter what you think, research or talk about, because these are all functions of the brain.

Quantum Healing is the releasing of toxic trauma in our BODY to create space for Universal Consciousness to come into our cells and heal what we don’t have the power to heal with our logical mind.

Now I can understand if you feel that this is lofty or even spiritual woo-woo.

Once upon a time I thought this too … before I started living my life the Quantum Way.

Maybe, as I previously did, you wonder why Universal Consciousness would even WANT to heal us.

The greatest ‘BEGINNING’ understanding that you can have regarding Going Quantum, is that there is a benevolent force of Wellbeing that reasserts itself within an environment that is supportive to wellbeing.

If we get ourselves out of the way – the parts of ourselves encased in the toxicity; the clogged up trauma that is not allowing that system to flow through us – then a Universal Consciousness enters us and we reset to Wellbeing.

This is the DEAL – the trauma within is not allowing us to experience Wellbeing. Because within our 99.9999999% cellular space potential, we have residing a ton of trauma, victimisation and pain.

It is not allowing us to be filled and BECOME Universal Consciousness. We do not match the organic coding of this Infinite Consciousness, which allows Lifeforce and Abundance to fill us, BE us and EXPRESS through us.

We are snapped off from this Benevolent Force.

Okay, now I’m going to explain this to you another way…

If you have a cut on your leg, you have a wound. If you clean up the infection, then healing takes place ALL by itself. It’s the NATURAL force of Universal Consciousness doing its thing.
Now let’s apply this truth of Universal Consciousness healing to an emotional wound.

Imagine you have an emotional trauma, an internal wound deep in your Being with an accompanying painful belief system attached to it, stored in your body as trauma. It could be something like ‘I am not worth loving.’

The TRAUMA and the accompanying painful belief are the infection. This ‘infection’ is something that has taken hold in you. It is NOT wellbeing. It is NOT Universal Consciousness.

This means you are now living cut off and separated from Universal Consciousness. You are steeped in trauma – experiencing painful emotions regarding ‘I am not worth loving’, as well as experiencing more trauma from other people who you would like to love you.

How do you return to the TRUTH of Who You Really Are? The truth that you ARE worth loving, which IS Universal Consciousness.

The ONLY way that it can be done is by CLEANING OUT the infection. By releasing the trauma that has infected your inner space – YOUR consciousness – so that your True Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, can enter you again.

This is vital, because it is your inner consciousness, in the 99.9999999% of inner space, that is granting the instructions to EVERY part of your life. Meaning, how you think, what you feel, who you meet, who you choose, who chooses you, and how you play out your life with people and situations.

Which Consciousness do you want RUNNING your life on auto-pilot?

YOUR trauma consciousness or the Consciousness of Wellbeing – Universal Consciousness?

Universal Consciousness is the vast, unlimited POWER of your greatest Wellbeing. Universal Consciousness is your highest potentiality to experience health, love, joy, life-mission, success and the only life that was ever going to truly fulfil you.

Universal Consciousness is YOUR Superconscious.

They are ONE and the SAME thing. And neither of them ‘get it wrong’. And they both WANT exactly what YOU consciously want!

Your most successful life can only EVER come to fruition when you release all the false lies and trauma trapped in your body – your subconscious programs – and get them out of the way to then fill with Universal Consciousness.

Only then will you restore wellbeing (heal from all your trauma conditions for REAL). You will also be filled in ways that will flourish and nourish you to create your life in greater abundance than you could ever possibly imagine.

But only if you do the inner work to get free of trauma. It’s just not possible otherwise.

One of the greatest lies we are told is that we are stuck with our inner traumas, and that our only option is to learn to manage and live with them.

This is a total LIE!

I promise you, when you Go Quantum and go inwards to load up and release each wound – which is exactly the process that my Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) takes you through – you will not JUST heal your trauma, but also SWITCH to becoming Universal Conscious/Superconscious Beingness on the previous difficult topics in your life.

This means you Go Quantum, which means:

BEING powerfully yourself.

KNOWING your values and truths, and aligning with them.

HAVING the self-worth, inner power and confidence to set limits, regardless of what other people are or aren’t doing. And…

BEING clean and spacious inside, so that true inspiration will both enter you and flow through you, unfolding your highest potential of love, mission, purpose and power.

Before this shift, you weren’t safe, solid and impervious enough to FULLY shine in your TRUE CAPACITY for all the world to see.

Do you understand now that Going Quantum is SO much more than just recovering from abuse?

Can you understand now that it is the reactivating of the TRUTH of Who You Really Are, allowing you to rise into your True Self and True Life?

I can’t wait to show you how EASY it is to do this and start experiencing this shift in ways and time frames that you didn’t even know were possible.


The REAL Simplicity of Going Quantum

The logical mind wants physical proof. Our mind is complex; it doesn’t want to accept the presence of an energy or a consciousness, let alone an infinite one.

Our logical mind decides that it needs to ‘figure it out’ and in doing so to ‘create complexity out of issues’. Our mind is in our way; it wants to think too much, control everything and do it all itself. There is NO way it wants to surrender to a force so much greater than itself.

Yet, once you do, you will wonder why on earth you wasted SO much time trying to do Life through your incredibly limited mind, rather than bringing your unlimited Superconscious Self into alignment with your creative subconscious powerhouse.

This is what Going Quantum is all about – working at the emotional energetic level to get to the real reasons why you are having the life you are and then, when you do, to reintegrate, realign and heal yourself at your Core – for REAL.

To work with reinstating Universal Consciousness (True Healing) within you, requires bypassing the brain and mind, and going straight to the level of belief. It requires connecting to and trusting your feelings, which are your body wisdom, which is your intuition.

Then it is about locating and releasing the trauma – in a way that I will show you how to do; and then filling the space with Universal Consciousness, which I will also talk you through.

The process is loving, gentle, easy to perform and grants instant and somatically felt relief.

In fact, the process is SO simple, that once you learn it, you will be ASTOUNDED at how much easier it is than trying to ‘think’ your way into wellbeing.

It’s, in fact, CRAZILY simple and incredibly NATURAL to do.

Which of course is exactly what the mind does NOT want to accept.

Okay, so this is it – a way to put an END to dragging your trauma around in circles for years, if not indefinitely.

Is this something you want? Freedom and healing from your trauma to get your REAL abuse-free life started.

Do you want that level of relief more than anything?

If so I’m going to connect you to it and show you how to do it TODAY!

If it is, declare it. Pause this video and write below, ‘I WANT to be trauma-free!’

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