Parental Alienation Update

If you’ve read the “Our Story” section of our Keeping Families Connected site, then you already know that I have personally experienced the intense pain, rejection, hopelessness and anger that a targeted parent of Parental Alienation experiences. There are many causes of pain in this life. But very few things have the ability to inflict the massive trauma and sense of loss and injustice that losing a child to this form of abuse causes.

Through the years I have had hundreds of people from around the world write to me asking how I survived this trauma. It’s not uncommon for parents to contact us that are so despondent that they are considering taking their own life. They usually describe the pain of their own situation, then express appreciation for our site and sharing our story, and then almost always ask me one of two questions. “How did you survive?” or “How can I survive?” Either way, it equates to the same question.

I’ve decided to respond to that question with a series of posts in an effort to help others with the same question. Hopefully, what I share will inspire you with, hope, encouragement and perhaps even a renewed perspective not only to survive but to thrive, regardless of your current circumstances. The first post in this series will be available here on Friday Aug 2, 2013.

The wounds from parental alienation cut especially deep, but the principles I will share can be applied to anything in life.

Have a great day!