Divorce Attorney Elise Mitchell's Private Files Document Blow Jobs to Judges

State Bar and the Nurses Strike Expose Court Corruption

Nurses striking in Alameda County had the opportunity to spend several hours chatting about Silicon Valley divorce lawyers, which led them to Chris Dull, a family law attorney who is known for using online dating services, watching porn during office consultations  and sexually, verbally and emotionally abusing women clients, workers and colleagues, As the nurses shared stories, a pattern in Silicon Valley divorce cases emerged and an unusual network appeared to  be forming. 

Joining the nurses were several area teachers who began to explain alarming mental health issues related to students whose parents put them in divorce court; One teacher described how a student had written in a journal with a note; “Please Read”, revealed horrific child abuse imposed by her own father. As a mandated reporter the teacher reported the journal entry to the school psychologist. The teacher later learned the district attorney had been called, but had done nothing. 

More and more nurses appeared to join in the discussion over local divorce and custody cases, describing horrific crimes of abuse, fraud and that is fueled by a core group of family lawyers  who have avoided prosecution because of kickbacks to the local district attorney through Santa Clara University. 

Once nurse who neighbors an attorney at the State Bar said that the Bar has known lawyers are committing crimes and not being disbarred, or prosecuted based on secret deals with government lawyers in Santa Clara County.  Another nurse commuting  in from Los Altos was circulating buttons, that nurses from Sacramento agreed to circulate throughout the capitol to get the word out as to how Jeff Rosen has been failing victims having to deal with criminal abusers in divorce or custody cases.