Divorce Attorney Elise Mitchell's Private Files Document Blow Jobs to Judges

Divorce Attorney Elise Mitchell's Private Files Document Blow Jobs to Judges

James Towery sexually harassed the legal secretary in his own law firm. The problem for Towery was that the secretary kept notes, and his wife, Marilyn Morgan , a partner in the firm with her husband, James Towery, and father, found out. That landed James Towery in divorce court, which he and Marilyn quickly shifted out of the county with the help of Marilyn’s father, a well connected lawyer with the local Bar. 

Judge James L. Stoelker has been using his contacts from representing big banks in a money laundering scheme designed to kick back money from the sale of homes in local divorce cases.

Judge Manley has been rigging outcomes in drug court, while getting kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry. 

Judge Roberta Hayashi has used non-profit cancer organizations to launder money to her campaigns  and has done so at some of the most elite fundraisers in the Los Gatos homes of Silicon Valley’s top CEOs and tech industry executives. 

For the past 20 years women lawyers, clerks and secretaries have been keeping records of lawyers gone wrong. Those records are now cropping up and being shared. Just as former President Bill Clinton had to deal with Monica’s Blue Dress problem, local lawyers and judges are no longer able to contain the secrets they hoped would remain buried in secret settlements and court files that the local  media never wanted to touch. 

Divorce Attorney Elise Mitchell’s high turnover in her office may come back to bite her as one former employee kept secret recordings that outline collusion with the local district attorney’s office and the courts. 

Papers recovered from Notre Dame High School  show Mitchell as holding the notes and secrets of some of Santa Clara  County’s most powerful judges and lawyers. 

Notes contained in the papers show  elaborate schemes that involve Santa Clara University, Stanford, Presentation , Norte Dame and St Mary’s in San Jose where divorce lawyers were using  local courts to assure a steady stream of young women and boys  to sex trafficking rings. Payments from local law firms were also linked to the court clerk of Judge Matthew Gary in Sacramento. The clerk was then running payments through court reporters to private supervision centers  and real estate businesses where spouses and relatives own interests. Lists explain the scheme launders money through the relatives of judges overseeing divorce and custody cases.