The Family Courts Are Anti Family- Corruption Must Be Exposed

Each year hundreds of parents of small children walk into the Family Court in New Rochelle and file petitions claiming that the other parent, usually the father, has inflicted some kind of harm on their child when in fact it is not true.The children are usually from five to ten years old. The parent who files goes before Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz who has fixed several cases and got caught with no punishment. She gives the parent advise. Gets Child UnProtective Services involved, The County Attorneys Office and Victims Assistance and assumes the defendant is guilty.

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Investigative Reporter Lilia Luciano of ABC 10 and SF Rappers Tell Problems in Family Court


Lilia Luciano of ABC 10 in Sacramento is the first mainstream media reporter to dive into problems in California’s divorce and custody matters, exposing the problems in family court and with CPS workers and court appointed experts. 

Perhaps the greatest loss of trust in our legal system is bubbling in family court issues, where courtrooms have become modern day popularity contests overseen by incompetent and overworked judges. False claims of abuse, the lack of judges following the law and abusive parents who conceal abuse with high paid divorce lawyers and experts are the problem. 

In CPS cases people without money or education often find their children susceptible to federal funding that encourages CPS workers to get children into the system and placed in foster care. 

Lilia has featured pioneers in the family court reform movement from Kathleen Russell of the Commission on Judicial Excellence, Joe Sweeney of Center for Modern Courts and Family Court Legal Custody expert Robin Yeamans of Campbell, California. Parents including Shane Down from social media #NOTYOURRIGHT to Kathey Lester, a retired federal court processor are also being covered by Lilia who is diving deep into social media to find the truth. 
Michelle Chan, a writer and mom who lost her child to a corrupt CPS process, has worked with folks like social media guru Jenny Wells  and Cathy Cohen to get these stories  out to mainstream media. 

(Lilia is reportedly a Jane and John Q Public regular reader, as are many underground lawyers sympathetic to the family court reform movement.) 

At the heart of the issue is money and corruption. Family courts in California  have been largely ignored by state lawmakers and judicial managers. The State Bar has been a runaway train, failing to discipline lawyers who use family law cases to create an underground economy that benefits themselves.  In today’s modern courts property is no longer simply divided as lawyers use domestic violence to loot from victims and  where abusers can buy verdicts that allow them to continue to emotionally and financially  abuse,  or intimate,  partners who  try to escape, or expose,  the abuse. 

The modern judge appears more prone to rule  to benefit lawyers they favor, or CPS and other Family Court Service workers who help judges keep a lid on dissent. 

In Santa Clara County, Family court service workers have been pointing investigative reporters like Luciano to problems and corruption in the system. 

In San Francisco CPS victims have joined with family court victims and organized large protests, created music and art, and used social media to investigate corruption that is harming families and children. 

Transparency and public attention will be the key to undoing the damage done in secret courts and confidential reports that are designed to profit a select few yet that  act to harm so many children. The story will be told in mainstream and social media with off shoots of creative music, art and film that seek to expose the problem in our modern family courts. 



Grandmas, Nurses, Baby Stollers, Dogs & Media To Rescue Children from Family Court Judges


​Walnut Creek, CA- On May 8, 2018,  dads, grandmas, nurses and moms with baby strollers  brought out the dogs and the media because they have had enough of bad judges, corrupt lawyers, indifferent  CPS workers and cops threatening to take away toy megaphones. 

​ABC 7 , ABC 10 Sacramento, CBS, KTVU and anonymous bloggers were there to capture what  surely was  the largest and most unexpected family court protest in California’s history. 

​The  passionate protest began on a sunny spring morning in the quintessential suburb of Walnut Creek, California. Protestors connected in advance through social media then dawned with signs, shirts and megaphones, they  drove from as far away as  Yuba County and Santa Clara to join Contra Costa parents demanding the removal of Judge Jill Fannin and Judge Hardie. They demanded changes to CPS and they demanded dishonest lawyers be disbarred. 

​Prior to the March the group gathered, put finishing touches on hand made signs,  and shared their stories. As the speakers told tales of CPS workers ripping children from good homes, and parents without criminal records being placed on supervised visitation with their own children, reporters grappled with the disconnect they experienced after having been told for decades these people were simply disgruntled, crazy, abusive and vexatious.  

​The protest was not violent, as Judge Lucas  has historically told the press to justify unconstitutional  orders that have provided for her to justify arresting two family court reform activists in the weeks leading up to the epic  Contra Costa protest  on May 8th. In fact in Contra Costa,  the Walnut Creek police, and the Contra Costa Sheriff supported the protestors with escorts, support and refusal to arrest, where the Santa Clara County Sheriff use threats and intimidation as a matter of routine. 

Santa Clara County Moms  who are demanding the  removal of Judge Pegg, Judge Chiarello, Judge Scott, Judge Persky  and Judge Towery rocked   shirts noting  #childrenslivesmatter and joined Scott the Protester in the Board of Supervisors chambers the following day for public comment before Supervisor Chavez and Cotese. 

​Finally, Scott Largent stood with hundreds of others, on court property, using amplified  devices and shouting deafening demands for bad judges, lawyers and CPS workers to be fired. Conduct that had gotten Scott Largent arrested,  which was documented on videos that went live on Facebook and viral on YouTube. Videos that will be used on the internet to show Patricia Lucas’ children what she really does as a judge. 

​Nurses, social workers and others who started the day in masks, say they felt free to take  their masks off and join the crowd because mainstream media finally came to call where family court issues were concerned. 

​Noted in the crowd were Joe Sweeney, Court Reformer credited with attacking the Commission on Judicial Performance, and megaphone darling, Michelle Chan, dubbed mother of the CPS accountability movement.

​Throughout the day tales of false domestic violence and ignored child abuse ripped through the crowd and the event reached its mot passionate moments as the crowd faced the courthouse and screamed for justice to the judges and court staff who hid inside. 

​On  May 9th several parents from the protests  made public comments to the Santa Clara County Supervisors Cindy Chavez and Dave Cortese, trying to explain what it is like to have domestic violence ignored and to have indifferent judges ordering good parents to be put on Supervised Visitation based on involvement of a few corrupt lawyers such as Heather Allan, Bradford Baugh, Nicole Ford and Elise Mitchell.

Comments  brought many members of the audience to tears after Michael Lazarin explained how the community ignored domestic violence prior to his daughter Audrie Pott committing suicide in 2012 and where moms described how judge Pegg and Judge Drew Takaichi abused their power as judges to take their children away without cause, and with incentive to pay favored lawyers. 

The protests and public comment have launched an investigation into if  District Attorney Jeff Rosen,  Rabbi Aron from the Shir Hadash congregation in Los Gatos. and Mike Wasserman,  ignored  domestic violence that served to harm Michael Lazarin’s daughter Audrie Pott, and others like her.

At the same time, Rosen was known for deterring victims of sexual assault perpetrated by rabbis in the Los Gatos community, with the help of Rabbi Aron.  An investigation is also underway to determine  if Supervisor Mike Wasserman acted for the benefit of his  political  career.. These cases show  tax payer money intended for victims was redirected through  Silicon Valley Faces, and the Shir Hadash congregation in Los Gatos, which appears to have been covered up  a 2012 sexual assault scandal that completely violated CCAR’s Code of Ethics and that let sexual predators remain in the town of Los Gatos. 

​Protestors will return on Tuesday May 15, 2018 and this time will meet at the Santa Clara County Building located at 70 West Hedding in San Jose at 9:30am ,  where they will call on the media and demand changes in CPS, Child Support and family court. 


District Attorney Jeff Rosen is being investigated for ignoring victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Los Gatos to advance his career and that of his wife Amber Rosen, now a Santa Clara County Family Court Judge.


Judges Blink Under Threat of Social Media and Contra Costa County Family Court & CPS Protest

Judges Blink Under Threat of Social Media and Contra Costa County Family Court & CPS Protest

The Only Thing More Dangerous than Lots of Money, is Having Nothing Left to Lose! 

CPS and indifferent judges need only look in the mirror on May 8, 2018,. as hundreds of batshit crazy, disgruntled litigants, and parents denied custody of their own children will descend on Walnut Creek’s Civic Center to demand change. 

​Parents are coming from Sacramento (#notyourright) and Santa Clara County ( #freeScotttheProtestor) to demand changes in the state’s family courts. 

​The have been painting signs, posting on social media and ordering t-shirts to make sure their message is heard. 

​ABC 7 and KRON, along with a host of print reporters will be on hand learning the person survival stories involving good parents and children trapped in CPS, foster care and our family courts. 

​Sanctions- False Charges- DVRO- Parental Alienation are all on topic for the day as Judge Fannin, and Judge Lucas sit by, nervously aware such protests could end their career. 

​Retaliation being very real, protestors may wear clothing to  disguise their identity  and  to avoid the harassment and intimidation Santa Clara County routinely imposed. 

​Protesting and picketing parents intend to return to Santa Clara County to keep protesting complicit judges and cash greedy lawyers. 

The March starts at 10:15 am at the Walnut Creek Civic Center. 

​Email us for questions:


Facebook Catches Jewish Mafia Family Court Lawyers Tied To Judge Persky Recall

Facebook Catches Jewish Mafia Family Court Lawyers Tied To Judge Persky Recall

Dark Money: Keith Dolnick Caught on Facebook

Divorce attorney Keith Dolnick shot to instant fame with the ruling from Napa County in Hayward v. Superior Court.  However, leaked documents and secret recordings show Dolnick’s win may have more to do with his connections to Los Gatos’ Jewish community than his legal skill. 

Sure, Dolnick won a case that set private judging and referees on notice, but the ruling was a legal goldmine that brought Dolnick to Santa Clara County through court CEO David Yamasaki and court counsel Lisa Herrick, a former partner at McManis Faulkner. 

​Mc Manis Faulkner is the clean- up lawyer for Santa Clara County. James McManis often takes cases to give the appearance he is fighting against the Sheriff and agencies that won’t give up public records, but McManis is actually a clean up lawyer. A lawyer who writes settlements to hide sexual predators, pedophiles and liars in family court cases. 

​Dolnick, who has been secretly recorded by countless women in Orange County, who did not get the same outcome that Ms. Hayward had to pay $3,000,000 to get.was reportedly brought into the family court mafia group by attorney  James  McManis Lisa Herrick and Robert Allard,  where Dolnick was told he would see cases thrown his way if he agreed to play ball with the “in crowd” in Santa Clara County. Kael Briski and Steve Werth also were reportedly brought in through JAMS lawyers in San Francisco, who do not want private judging restricted. 

​McManis is reportedly the middleman  who acts  for District Attorney Jeff Rosen working overtime to try to block a recall movement of Judge Persky, who is also linked to the Los Gatos Jewish community through Shir Hadash, a congregation that reportedly offered $500,000 to cover up alleged sexual abuse of Rabbi Steve Kaplan as Rabbi Melanie Aron  influenced elections as a kickback to Rosen and Judge Persky.  

David Yamasaki,  court CEO, is ground zero for public corruption in both Orange County and Santa Clara . Yamasaki reportedly brought  Dolnick into what is being called the Jewish Family Court Mafia, connected to the building of the controversial Santa Clara County courthouse. Court clerks and members of anonymous reported two years ago that Yamasaki, with the help of Lisa Herrick, formerly of Mc Manis Faulkner, was reportedly stealing palm trees and other construction materials as kickbacks for family court judges and lawyers during the planning and construction of the new family courthouse in San Jose, which has become the stage for family court protests. 

Ironically, Dolnick is on record for telling his clients NOT to use Facebook, while he uses Facebook to expand a network of lawyers who are drafting settlements and JAMS mediation agreements that cover up sexual harassment, abuse and pedophilia for the lawyers and judges part of the Jewish community based in Los Gatos. 

Critics point to Dolnick’s legal record and success as mirroring that of Elkins lawyer Garrett Dailey. Dailey was allowed to win an important case against a local rule used in Contra Costa County family courts, a win that was designed to appease pro per litigants growing restless over unfair family court proceedings.

Dailey did little for pro pers and instead built a career appealing cases for some of the most criminal family law attorneys in California, while gaining favor with the Judicial Council- the agency that manages the court finances in the state. 

Dolnick’s Clients Leak Secret Recordings: Reveal Dark Money Divorces

Dolnick’s clients who lost custody of their children and their fair share of community property in a divorce case before private judges like attorney David Weinberg, Michael Reedy, Richard Roggia and Nat Hales have been secretly recording Dolnick  to prove he selectively acted as ineffective counsel while working to protect elite rings of pedophiles  and abusers, many hiding in the Jewish legal community.

Leaked documents and an independent audit shows governmental lawyers like Ann Ravel assisted in  case rigging and operation of an  underground economy of “dark money” that was fueled by the conversion of community property in high conflict divorce cases throughout California.  Dark money operations are fueled with money converted from families engaged in divorce and  laundered through organizations like UC Berkeley and the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, for the benefit of lawyers drafting secret settlements and working to discredit those who may expose criminal activity that protects pedophiles and abusers lurking in Silicon Valley communities. 

Dolnick’s link to Ann Ravel through the Los Gatos community is especially alarming considering Ravel’s power and influence over California’s Judiciary and as a law professor at UC Berkeley.


Scott "the Protester" Largent  Arrested: Singled Out Fighting Family Court to See his Daughter

Videos and Facebook Live Catch Judges and Sheriffs

 SAN JOSE, CA – Scott Largent has given over 2000 public comments trying to get Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors to pay attention to the county’s family courts.  sheriffs and biased judges.  Few people can believe that Largent was arrested  for simply exercising his most basic First Amendment rights. 

As Tracey Kaplan from the San Jose Mercury reported: IT IS TRUE 

During a May Day Family Court Protest, Mothers who have not seen their own children for over 4 years, Native American grandmothers fighting to keep CPS from giving their grandchildren to foster care, and other fathers raped by the family court system  joined Scott Largent, as they do  every Tuesday morning to picket, leaflet and protest what biased judges are allowing to happen in modern day divorce and custody battles. 

On May 1, 2018  Scott Largent began his dissent when he  sounded the alarm once again, informing Cindy Chavez, Ken Yeager, Mike Wasserman, Joe Simitian and government attorney James Williams that women are facing unprecedented harm in the county’s courts and Patricia Lucas’s unconstitutional order was designed to silence them. 

Two hours after the meeting, Largent joined other activists and protesters, and was singled out and arrested by Santa Clara County Sheriff Rey and Duty Gomez, both the subject of  Internal Affairs investigations for retaliation. 

Two weeks earlier protesters from Silicon Valley’s DeBug had done the same, but were left alone, as a non-profit supported by county, state and federal public funds. 

Pressure from mainstream media, including calls from  Lillia Luciano from ABC 10, NBC’s Gonzalo Rojas, Metro’s Jennifer Wadsworth and San Jose Mercury’s Tracey Kaplan reportedly caught the cops redhanded and Largent’s charges were reduce from a Penal Code 148 (resisting arrest) , to only the violation of what many are calling Judge Lucas’ unconstitutional faux order.

Largent has famously referred to the order as “Butt Wipe” and “Lucas’s fake order”

Over 10 protesters caught Largent’s arrest on video and live Facebook feeds, the video shows Sargent Rey talking via phone to Judges Clark, Lucas, Towery and Stuart, all insisting Largent be arrested ” to make an example out of him and scare other parents.”

Judges Breaking the Law in their Administrative Capacity
Judge Michael Clark heads the county’s Domestic Violence Committee, and has repeatedly violated the Brown and Open Government Act while doing so, but Clark is more infamous for his rulings against Kathey Fyke in the most corrupt Sixth District Court of Appeal case, Falcone and Fyke. In that case, Lucas also shows her true colors by claiming Fkye was not believable as she nearly died of a heart condition when for4ced into family court where her properties were taken, she was declared vexatious and sanctioned over $1,000,000.  Such cases are typical of family court rulings against women in Silicon Valley.

All Santa Clara County Judges have been under fire since Judge Persky’s ruling in the Stanford rape case, and after Judge Chiarello failed to protect a mother and her daughter, which resulted in the daughter being drugged, raped and killed by her own father. 

Courts and County Misuse State and Federal Grants 
Court insiders report that “Kimberly” , from Family Court Services acted as a lookout to alert judges when Largent arrived to the protest and assisted judges and sheriffs in trying  to identify if protective moms like Catherine Campbell were among the protesters. Inside information shows Lucas insisted on Largent;s arrest, to keep him from finally visiting with his daughter, a visitation two years in the making, and made possible with state and federal grant money. Attorney Heather Allan, known for outright abuse and bill padding is reportedly working with Lucas and other family court judges to prevent Largent from seeing his daughter, as punishment for his activism. 

 In the end, Kaplan’s coverage changed the game, but  it may be anonymous blogs and websites, along with over 30,000 anonymous people on Facebook who ultimately  change California’s Family Courts as wildly successful investigative reports hit ABC 10 in Sacramento and set Twitter and other social media on fire  and mainstream media climbs onboard with watchdogging California’s Family Courts.


News Report: Call for Fulton Family Court Investigation - My Advocate Center

News Report: Call for Fulton Family Court Investigation – My Advocate Center

What do Fulton County families and children need most?

If you ask parents caught in legal conflict, you’ll likely hear the word transparency.

Georgia news media, parents, advocates and legal professionals attended a press conference on April 24th that covered in detail the danger experienced by safe, loving parents and their children in family court cases.

The allegations are serious and a plea was made to Fulton County’s District Attorney Paul Howard to investigate the claims.

The press conference featured Georgia expert William Perry who is known for his news reports on ethics failures in government. Perry, who goes by Georgia Ethics Watchdog in his reports, learned just how dangerous the legal environment is for families, and decided to do something about it. Several tragic stories were shared and family law attorneys weighed in, agreeing that something needs to be done. Atlanta’s Fox5 News aired the story that evening, doing a remarkable job at laying out what is complicated and challenging to explain.

The news report explained that for these parents who are being victimized, nothing is more important to them than their children. Children are reportedly being taken from them without any regard for the law.

Perry addressed needed policy changes and spoke about his challenge to law enforcement and other authorities to investigate cases where good parents are wrongfully accused, torn from their children and set up to fail.

News Report: Call for Fulton Family Court Investigation - My Advocate Center 7My Advocate Center’s term to describe the problem is profit over protection.

Outcomes make no sense given our laws and the facts in such cases.  The real needs of children are thrown by the wayside. Does it need to be this way?

The image here was taken by a news team at the Fulton County courthouse in recent years, when custody experts were paid to suppress evidence of child abuse that was substantiated by forensic evaluations and law enforcement. The litigation resulted in protection and proper medical treatment being withheld from the child.

Young adults are coming forward now to speak about their experiences such as what this child experienced when outcries for help were ignored and silenced. There is no need to wait in beginning investigations and working to remove danger by closing loopholes in state policies.

When families are exploited there is often a lack of transparency and due process in the management of the litigation, so Perry emphasized the need for parties to be allowed to record their own court proceedings.

Superior Court Rules on Recording Court Hearings

This issue was addressed by Georgia’s Supreme Court and Superior Court judges and includes recommendations from stakeholders in the press, My Advocate Center and other advocacy groups.

The new rule changes take effect in May of 2018, benefitting the public, professionals who are ethical and committed to protecting clients and children, and also benefitting the courts in creating more efficiency and positive outcomes.

Parents, grandparents, professionals and even children are speaking up about experiences and the need to take action. Contact My Advocate Center’s founder Deb Beacham here to report details to My Advocate Center or to ask for assistance.

Investigations and News Reports Matter

Learn more about what is happening across Georgia and how investigations can make all the difference in improving safety, family stability, and the ability for parents and children to recover from trauma.

Contact My Advocate Center to review case studies and data on these issues. Investigators will discover that the problems described here are wide-spread and found nationwide, but with Fulton County’s large population and high rates of domestic violence and child abuse, there is a special need for a concentrated review of cases in this area.

Background material for news reports and investigations can also be found in reports such as this story by an Augusta news station about glaring misconduct by a Guardian ad Litem who manipulated cases based upon whether vulnerable women would comply with his demands, or not.



Ding Dong Judge Mills is Gone and Family Court Protests Won't Go Away

Santa Clara County Family Courthouse Every Tuesday Morning 9-noon
Judge Vincent Chiarello killed this child by failing to give her mom a lawyer. Her father, represented by an immoral lawyer,  drugged, raped and killed the young Mesiti girl  when he got full custody despite criminal record filled with domestic violence and abuse. . 

FAMILY COURTS, CA – Judge Bruce Mills, the man who terrorized people in Contra Costa family  and criminal court has gone missing according to Nick Cantrell of the East Bay Times. 

Court insiders speculate  Judge Mills’  body is buried deep at sea on orders of controversial probate  Judge Edward  Weil, appellate court  Judge Humes and presiding judges Jill Fannin and  Patricia Lucas,  who are covering up judge crimes that include everything from fraud and misuse of judicial powers, to flagrant sexual harassment and pedophilia. 

Tireless parents, picketers and protestors say they are not giving up on removing unethical judges and lawyers from the state’s family courts, and  Judge Mills is just the first to fall. 

​Santa Clara County has seen a ramping up of the “disgruntled”, “crazy” and “discredited” litigants who have lost their children, their property and their dignity merely because corrupt  judges including  Drew Takaichi, James Towery , Stuart Scott, Vincent Chiarello and Arraon Persky toss their power (and libido)  around like confetti at a Cold Play Concert in Levi Stadium. 

​Judge Vincent Chiarello killed Alisa Mesiti and picketing parents are demanding something be done about it.

 Drew Takaichi  and Aaron Persky have also been documented using their judicial powers to steal  children and send  them to live with pedophiles, while good father’s were ignored and condemned to pay support for children they were not allowed to see. 

Mothers and female lawyers have tolerated sexual harassment, abuse and domestic violence that judges in Santa Clara County laugh about at holiday parties and in local bars and brothels, hosted by the Santa Clara County Bar Association. 

​Picketing and protesting is now regularly occurring in Santa Clara County outside the sparking new courthouse, as Sheriff Laurie Smith is impotent when it comes to having her flunky cops (deputy Swenson)  serve picketers with Judge Lucas’ faux orders. 

Protestors have been heard shouting:  “Lucas can wipe her ass her fake  orders”, that most say violate the most basic First Amendment Rights. 

Di9vorce attorneys in Santa Clara are watching in horror as the picketing reflects uprising seen in 1997, which demanded the removal of Judge Stewart from the bench and that brought heightened scrutiny to attorney misconduct in family law cases,  where 90% of people are involuntarily forced to represent themselves because they cannot afford a lawyer. 

​Santa Clara County will continue to welcome protestors every Tuesday morning from 9- noon, until the children and money are returned. 

​On Tuesday,  May 8th a giant protest and march organized by victims of rouge CPS workers and corrupt family court  judges will bring press out in Contra Costa County, where mothers, fathers and grandparents will continue to demand change in California’s Family Courts. Email us for details ! 


Ex Wife of District Attorney Tells All: Family Court,  and Other Divorce Secrets in Silicon Valley

Pamela Nudelman Describes Silicon Valley Divorce 

​Pam Nudelman was just getting warmed up to expose Silicon Valley’s divorce secrets when  Supervisor Joe Simitian began working  overtime to cut Pam off during her Public Comment period at the monthly supervisor meeting. 

​A nerve has clearly been hit as the lawyers and county officials who worked so hard to bring the 49ers and Oakland A’s to San Jose, have suddenly found themselves facing the music for what they have done to women, men and children in Santa Clara County divorce cases over the past 20 years. 

Fueled in part by the #METOO movement, and driven by injustice, Pam is determined to tell her story. Her hope is to  help other women, even if her Public Comments are cut off by government lawyers hoping to shut her up. 

​After mainstream media ignored her, and Santa Clara County’s appointed and elected officials dismissed her,  Ms. Nudelman pressed on hoping to explain how she suffered during and after her divorce to a former prosecutor with the Santa Clara County district Attorney’s Office.  During a long term marriage Pam supported her husband and children, even when Alan Nudelman was charged with burglary, a charge he pled down and that the State Bar never was interested in addressing. (See LA Times News Article- Alan Nudelman.)

After Alan Nudelman beat down his wife with the help of divorce attorney Bradford Baugh in a painful divorce, Alan went on  to work as legal counsel for the Oakland A’s where he and Alan Ruby worked to bring the A’s  to San Jose, as had been done previously when Santa Clara lured the NFL’s 49ers to Santa Clara.

Additionally, Nudelman went on to make money as a criminal clean up lawyer for the county, his criminal record that was discharged with community service a the Los Gatos library not withstanding. Nudelman never had to pay his wife from a long term marriage any spousal support, as attorney Bradford Baugh assures in all his male client’s cases. 

For over 16 years, Ms. Nudelman alleges  she suffered most  at the hands of private  and government attorneys used in her divorce and paid handsomely by her former husband Alan Nudelman. The army of  attorneys paid  in the Nudelman divorce included Bradford Baugh,  Nat Hales, James  Cox, Rebekah Frye, Joseph Johnson, Margret Patrick, Craig Silman  and others who hijacked her community property and failed to protect a wife   as they pandered to her politically connected husband. Experts like Tim Harper and James Butera were retained by Baugh to rig reports and assure Pam was denied support and her share of community property. A scheme Mr. Baugh tells all clients he intends to employe in highly litigated divorce cases. 

Not surprisingly Brad Baugh currently represents Kari Wolff, a Los Gatos School teacher who is the daughter of the Lew Wolff, owner of the Oakland A’s . A payback Nudelman assured for Baugh beyond what was paid in the divorce. 

​During a Santa Clara County Family Court proceeding in Wolff v. Rossi,   Baugh pressed on before Judge Pegg, with corrupt CPA James Butera, insisting that Ms. Wolff should not have to pay her former lawyer husband more in child support, despite being worth over $1.6 billion dollars. As billionaire school teacher Kari Wolff tried to slip out of making sure her own son was properly supported in a manner she could easily afford, Mr. Baugh;s criminal Divorce Mob, which included Jim Hoover and countless so -called experts, kept the counter running at over $3000/hour in a hearing Judge Pegg cut short for personal reasons. Seems everyone in Santa Clara pays attention to lawyer bills, and not kids. 

Such claims are common for Mr Baugh in Santa Clara County courts, and Ms. Wolff’s former husband. Mr. Rossi, is connected to the firm that hired Jim  Towery , after Towery was fired by the  State Bar for using his office to protect dirty lawyers and his own  wife DDA Sinunu Towery, who was the prosecutor failing to protect women who were beaten, murdered,  raped, and sexually assaulted by 49ers players after the team won a Super bowl and moved to Santa Clara.  (Joe Montana and Steve Young are reportedly  horrified). 

​After enduring a nearly five year divorce, and on her 60th birthday,  Pam got word that  she won  a $3,000,000 plus judgement against  Joseph Johnson.  The judgement granted by Judge Cain showed that  lawyers Pam did hire during her divorce were not effective counsel when dealing  with the Antitrust activity of Bradford Baugh and his goons. Pam will likely never collect on the  judgement, as Johnson has filed for bankruptcy, as he appears to no longer benefit from Baugh’s criminal enterprise. 

The State Bar did nothing about any of these unscrupulous bottom-feeding-shark lawyers, despite multiple complaints Pam,  and others, made against Baugh and Nudelman during this time. Including complaints of sexual harassment of  clients in family law and criminal cases who are especially vulnerable. . 

​Many of the same lawyers in Pam’s  case are the subject of Antitrust complaints currently being investigated by the State Bar. These complaints show Silicon Valley divorce lawyers engaged in Unfair Business Practices that deprived mostly women and the elderly  of honest legal services during their divorce proceedings.

​Pam’s judgement against her former attorney came as James Towery, local  lawyer turned corrupt family law judge, acted as the Chief Trial Counsel for the State Bar, where Towery reportedly protected the worst lawyers, including Pam’s former husband and Towery’s wife,  both governmental lawyers employed with the  Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. 
​The Towerys are suspected of rigging hearings and protecting lawyers in both Santa Clara County’s criminal and family law courts,  as part of their retirement plan. Paradise Papers show the Towerys along with Silicon Valley lawyers have been moving assets to Costa Rica, assets  which were stolen from Santa Clara County residents during Silicon Valley divorces. 

Like thousands of other women in Silicon Valley, family courts failed  Pam Nudelman. During her divorce she was forced from her home, driven from her children and threatened with financial ruin, that required her to sleep in a warehouse in affluent Silicon Valley as her husband was nice and comfortable in the family’s $4,000,000 Los Gatos home, which neighbored Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Pam repeatedly tried to voice her struggles to be free from her husband’s  verbal, emotional, financial  and physical abuse, but she was repeatedly ignored and dismissed after lawyers part of a criminal enterprise called Pam  “crazy”, “unstable” and “not credible”. Nobody helped Pam and the Los Gatos Police even appeared to assist Bradford Baugh and Alan Nudelman in an effort to make  false domestic violence claims to discredit Pam completely in the county’s courts. 

False claims and misconduct by the Los Gatos police, and other Santa Clara County law enforcement agencies are part of the culture that fuels Mr. Baugh and his criminal enterprise. A recent complaint was filed by a father whose ex used Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy Plett to lodge criminal charges of child abuse to win in a custody case. The county could have to pay millions, just as the city of San Jose had to pay nearly $7,000,000 for an officer who used excessive force on a woman and then walked over her broken body, calling her a “liar” . 

​Pam knows where the bodies are buried in the District Attorney’s Office, and in the  Los Gatos police department.  where  a few bad apples suck at the teat  of tax payers and where a powerful monopoly is  anxious to silence her, even 15 years later. Pam has complained to  county officials that she has had vehicles tampered with, bullet holes shot in her car, and that she fears for her life, yet county managers have done nothing to protect Pam, nor to investigate over the county’s BLUE WALL., that protects the state’s most corrupt judges and lawyers. 

Despite death threats, PTSD and sadness from being driven from her own children.  Pam is  determined  to tell her story, speaking out to protect other women, and with no thought of possible  financial gain. 

Agents for Pam are  attempting to have her story told in a Netflix series. The series would  expose Santa Clara County’s family and criminal courts for what they have done to women over the past 25 years as Silicon Valley rose to be one of the most affluent and influential places in the world. A place  where Pam Nudelman has kept all the records, license plate numbers, and the receipts. 



Brotopia and QAnon Hit Silicon Valley Family Courts

PictureJames Butera part of Monopoly in Silicon Valley’s Criminal Divorce Mobs.

In her new book BROTOPIA, Emily Chang describes the culture in Silicon Valley’s  work and investment spaces, yet  completely  ignores Silicon Valley family courts,  where a stronghold of Bro -Judges, lawyers and court appointed experts   have created a criminal culture  that has left children without mothers and unleashed legal rulings that  show women are 10 times more likely to be financially ruined in Silicon Valley divorce courts than men.

Motherless America , is a recent book that touches on how welfare issues impact mothers in family courts across the nation. 

​However, for the men not part of Silicon Valley’s “Bro Culture”, they too are being financially destroyed by what appears to be a core group of family law attorneys who have hijacked Silicon Valley’s divorce courts in schemes where children are legally kidnapped and community property is converted to pay penalties and fees to lawyers engaging in Unfair Business Practices and Antitrust activity. 

​Criminals operating in Silicon Valley divorce cases include controversial attorneys and custody evaluators who are getting sloppy. Some say this criminal enterprise is larger than the Social Security and Immigration fraud lawyers have imposed on the public in recent years. 

2018 has seen  a soaring number of State Bar Antitrust and Unfair Business Practice Complaints, and  the newly reorganized State Bar appears unprepared to address.  

​Criminal divorce enterprises work in groups, with individuals such as Michael Kerner , John Orlando, Leslie Packer and Phil Stahl robotically issuing fraudulent reports in high conflict custody cases,  that judges rubber stamp for certain lawyers. 

​Accountants James Butera, Michael Thompson, and  Sally White appear to act for the enterprise in a manner that creates an innocent monopoly of court appointed accountants, each willing to assist a  core groups of lawyers earning over $500,000 on the average Silicon Valley middle class divorce that can be dragged out for 6-10 years. All willing to evade taxes. 

​Enter QAnon Local. These are local  groups of parents, court  whistleblowers, and ethical county workers, who are organizing  and collaborating to make change  county by county where divorce and custody cases are concerned.

Groups are working on State Bar and Commission on Judicial Performance complaints, as well as escalating state and federal lawsuits. QAnon Local members deploy communications like high tech spies, as they  share reports, use underground lawyers and obtain confidential information that exposes criminal activity including secret deals, offshore accounts and  and payments to law enforcement officers and governmental officials.  

QAnon Local is masterfully using social media, anonymous sources and getting the attention  of mainstream media  that has ignored divorce courts for decades. 

​Court staff and insiders have provided valuable information and secret sources to  QAnon Local demonstrating  that women in Silicon Valley are 10 times more likely to be subject to fees and penalties (sanctions) that exceed  $100,000 or more in a modern divorce case than men. In some instances Judge Aaron Persky, Judge Vincent Chiarello , Judge Mark Pierce, Judge Drew Takaichi, Judge Patricia Lucas, Judge Mary Arand, Judge Stuart Scott and Judge James Towery have  legal records showing they sanctioned hundreds women over $500,000 before their divorces are final.

These judges use reports issued by members of a criminal enterprise to legally justify their rulings. The judges appear to issue these rulings with the hopes of later earning private judging assignments from the criminal enterprise, as Judge Mary Ann Grilli is reportedly doing, after she awarded the criminal enterprise over $100,000,000 in just the past ten years.

Fees and penalties charged as attorney fee sanctions in divorce cases appear to NOT be reported to the IRS, creating a tax immunity for many lawyers willing to participate in  criminal activity where divorce cases are concerned. 

​A detailed line up of the criminal enterprise includes lawyers and custody experts willing to cross county lines, and obtain orders from less than ethical judges. A sampling includes:  

​Custody evaluator, Michael Kerner, accidentally emailed Jane and John Q Public and exposed secret deals he offers to Hector Moreno’s clients.  Kerner is a key player in Silicon Valley’s divorce mafia.

​Custody evaluator John Orlando,  known for selling rigged reports to lawyer Hector Moreno. Orlando’s  phone number ends in 50-50 , where Orlando has been secretly recorded in James Towery’s courtroom engaging in ex parte communications with Judge Towery. Orlando is known for assuring a 50-50 custody recommendation to parents  with documented domestic violence and alcoholism, if the price is right, or if the price is paid by attorneys James McManis, Heather Allan,  Bradford Baugh, Elise Mitchell, Hector Moreno, Leah Amini, or Valerie Houghton. 

Attorney Hector Moreno  has sent threatening emails to Jane and John Q Public after his clients reached out to Q  for help. He is currently facing RICO and Antitrust lawsuits and his son, Michael Moreno, a prosecutor for the Santa Clara County District Attorney,  is being investigated for witness tampering in the criminal cases involving former 49ers , as Hector Moreno represented their victims in family court. 

​Attorney Bradford Baugh notoriously used in depositions of lawyers belonging to the criminal enterprise, and  to protect court appointed experts, who are used as lookouts for the criminal gang operating in Santa Clara County divorce cases. 

Attorney Heather Allan  routinely court appointed to represent children, despite children reaching out to warn judges of her abusive conduct, 

Attorney Rebekah Frye has cooked the books and overbilled clients, including tax payers, during her appointment as a minor’s counsel, where she reportedly was paid off to conceal information of pedophilia and drug use that harmed the young clients she represented. 

Attorney Stacey Stevens has been willing to threaten the press and court files show that Judges Fannin, Weil and Hayes have refused to report Stevens to the State Bar , as required by law. 

Attorney James McManis has destroyed the financial health of women and the elderly in family law cases for decades. McManis recently started representing media and others seeking to sue law enforcement agencies, in order to gain information and reduce settlement payouts by the county. McManis is known for litigation tactics and suppression of evidence where Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department is concerned. McManis  is rumored to be protecting criminal activity of Sheriff Laurie Smith, who was recently reported by Tracy Kaplan in the  San Jose Mercury for interfering with Internal Affairs investigations dating back 25 years

​CPA James Butera reportedly returned part of a retainer for Moreno’s clients when they threatened to sue him for malpractice and where Butera was copied on emails to Jane and John Q Public .  

​Custody Evaluator Ellen Mauldin, used in  high conflict custody battles, reportedly rolled over on her own child, and was arrested and charged with shoplifting from Costco in San Jose’s Almaden  Valley, where many children whose lives she has destroyed, still live. 

Custody Consultant Valerie Houghton, still used today in many Silicon Valley custody cases with attorney Heather Allan, Bradford Baugh, Leah Amini and Liz Goodley, has been indicted by Santa Clara County’s District Attorney’s Office  for a number of white collar crimes including;  stealing money from the clients of lawyers she regularly accepts assignments from. 

Custody Expert Phil Stahl has reportedly concealed domestic violence and child abuse, for high paying clients. 

Custody Expert Leslie Packer was found to be rigging reports after a former staff member sent damaging information to a group of disgruntled parents. 

​In Contra Costa Judges Weil, Haynes, Fannin and Austin appear to  be trying to copycat Santa Clara County’s Brotopia rings. 

​Parents who wish to have the support of others, while remaining anonymous as the enterprise is uncovered and charged,  are encouraged to reach out to Q’s email where they will be redirected to Signal and Protonmail to prevent exposure and retaliation. 


​Women in Silicon Valley have also obtained an 800 hotline , the number will be announced soon, and anyone who feels they are victims of the Brotopia Culture in Silicon Valley are invited to call and connect with others.