Happy 4th Of July! 10 Hilarious Someecards To Help You Celebrate

Happy 4th Of July! 10 Hilarious Someecards To Help You Celebrate

Some of us will be out, some of us will be in. However you choose to celebrate the 4th of July, don’t forget to laugh at life, yourself and just in general. Have a great holiday! And, if you are celebrating your 1st post-divorce “independence” on the 4th we wish you an especially fabulous day.

1. We all need a break from that!

4th of july1.jpg

2. And that he doesn’t ruin the traditional 4th of July celebration

in Washington by making it all about himself!

3. The 4th of December? Nah!

4th of july3.jpg

4. Some people go crazy in the streets, some go crazy online!

4th of july4.jpg

5. Meet trimmings, fat, sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite. Nom Nom!

4th of july5.png

6. Be careful out there folks! It’s a new America.

4th of july6.png

7. You know you are codependent when you starve at the 4th of July

picnic because your boyfriend can’t find anything to eat. 

4th of july7.png

8. It’s the American way!

4th of july 9.png

9. The party starts at 10! BYOB!

4th of july 10.png

10. Any woman who can’t celebrate her independence needs

therapy, not chocolate.

4th of july 11.jpg

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5 keys to creating a happy blended family

5 Keys To Creating a Happy Blended Family

5 keys to creating a happy blended family


Finding new love and a committed relationship after divorce is a delightful experience. Those positive feelings can, at times, get in the way of the reality of blending two families into one.

Below are 5 keys to creating a happy blended family once you’ve moved forward into a new marriage.

1. Love and Acceptance:

Every member needs to feel loved and accepted by the other members of your blended family. Transitioning into a blended family is difficult for all involved. Parents and children will respond and react differently to the idea of coming together and building relationships. For children, this means building relationships with people they barely know.

For that reason, they may be obnoxious, obstinant and down-right hard to deal with. When this happens it can pit parents against each other and they may begin to see traits in each other that aren’t attractive. The quickest way to defuse angry children and unreasonable new spouses is to show love, acceptance, and empathy for what they are feeling.

If you can step outside yourself and attempt to view the situation from the other person’s perspective, love, acceptance, and empathy will be easy to offer.

2. Security and Attachment:

Healthy relationships can’t be formed if everyone isn’t feeling secure and attached. This problem can be an issue with children who’ve experienced the divorce of their parents. For children, divorce can be traumatic and result in a loss of trust or, an unwillingness to trust again too quickly. Along with love, acceptance, and empathy, children will need quite a bit of reassurance that they are an important part of the new blended family.

It takes time to heal children who are still trying to adjust to their parent’s divorce. It also takes time to bond with children who aren’t used to sharing parents with other people. Validation for what the children are experiencing and consistent love will break down barriers and help children attach to other members of the blended family and begin to feel secure.

3. The Other Parent:

I know a therapist who is also a step-mother. She has no children of her own and has become consumed with every aspect of her stepdaughter’s life. She insists she is at every doctor’s appointment, every parent/teacher conference and part of every decision made about the child’s life. As a result, there is great friction between her and the child’s biological mother.

My therapist friend has crossed boundaries that no step-parent should cross. The job of a step-parent is to respect the biological parent and their boundaries, not the other way around. When boundaries are crossed you are sending your step-child the message that you don’t feel their biological parent is doing a good enough job of parenting.

Never do anything that gets in the way of a step-child bonding with and receiving love from the biological parent. You are the step-parent, not the biological parent, know your place!

4. It Takes Time:

It can take 2 to 8 years for a blended family to navigate the basic stages necessary for developing a sense of harmony and loyalty.  The older the children at the time of blending, the longer it will take for bonding to occur. Blended families will need to pass through many stages, the getting to know each other stage, the forming attachments stage in order to develop into a strong blended family.

Research has shown several models of the stages of development for blended families. Blending is not a smooth process and, knowing that from the outset will go along way in keeping one parent or the other from throwing in the towel when the waters aren’t smooth. You have to be willing to give it time!

5. Not All Problems Are About Blending:

Life, stress and everyday problems have to be dealt with at the same time you are blending your family. Your new blended family can experience problems that have nothing to do with an obnoxious step-child or whether a member has attached and is feeling loved.

As a blended family, you are expected or, will have to deal with all the normal crap life throws your way. Children will grow and develop their own sense of autonomy, spouses will argue, the mortgage will need to be paid and life will go on if you don’t allow outside issues or normal personal changes to interfere with your commitment to maintaining a happy, healthy blended family.

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Divorce Attorney Elise Mitchell's Private Files Document Blow Jobs to Judges

Divorce is Hard Enough on Children Why Are Judges Now Threatening Kids with Justice League Happy Meal Toys?

Judge Lucas Poised to Arrest Children with Happy Meal Toys Going to Family Court 

Victims who have endured years of intimate partner violence, emotional abuse and financial harm got a little justice last week after the Department of Justice got an Executive Director of a Fairfield Non-Profit to plead guilty to stealing money from victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and dating violence. 

Solano County residents and victims have fought hard for public integrity in their courts and local law enforcement community. Judges have been recalled and pressured to resign and the district attorney has started a perjury unit that investigates false claims of domestic violence. 

Sadly, Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties have more money and are tougher nuts to crack , but there are breaks in the dam. 

In Contra Costa Judge Jill Fannin, who is on the recall and impeachment hit list,  reportedly has been using court staff and members of the grand jury to investigate protestors and those circulating petitions to remove her from the bench. Such conduct is not only improper governmental activity, it is criminal, and could be charged as a misdemeanor, Parents are now calling on the Contra Costs County DA  to investigate. 

Federal Government to Investigate Silicon Valley Courts and County Lawyers

A deep investigation has found that Lucas has teamed up in pods of government lawyers, including James Gibbons- Shapiro, Jeff Rosen, Steve Mitra, Danielle Goldstein and Cheryl Stevens,  to rig elections for local sheriff and for divorce cases in family law cases that generate millions for the courts. One Whistleblower noted that Judge Lucas recently assured that Hirokawa’s writ was before Judge Zayner, making sure Hirokawa’s name would not be left off the 2018  ballot. 

The FBI and DOJ are now reportedly looking at  $100,000,000 of state and federal money that  failed to reach victims  since 2010. Irregular accounting audits, and judges siting on local political committees for domestic violence and human trafficking, show a concerning link to how  state and federal money  has been misused, misdirected or outright stolen  through non- profits including LIFT 3, that was named in the Solano County indictment, as well as  Silicon Valley Faces, and the Victim- Witness Services program housed in the Santa Clara County DA’s office since 2015.  

Recently it was learned that Judge Patricia Lucas’ issued  orders  that had Scott Largent arrested on May 1, 2018,  Largent has been a vocal critic of how family courts are issuing domestic violence restraining orders, and orders that place parents on supervised visitation, where they must pay $50-150 per hour to see their own children.

Lucas’ order   could see thousands of children arrested for using  toy megaphones found in the newest Happy Meal Toys and  offered for sale to parents at McDonald’s,

Ironically,  as Judge Lucas continues to issue orders aimed to punish parents who protest family courts, or victim who protest light sentencing in sexual assault and DV cases,  Fox News has published an Ohio State opinion that describes an in-depth audit that shows just how toxic judges in family courts have become. The report notes family courts are putting children in serious danger. 

Scott Largent, one of the most recognizable family court advocates, and backpack journalists, is calling on lawyers from DC Comics, and McDonalds to help children who are being victimized in California’s family courts.