divorce court order

What Happens To Men Who Defy Divorce Court Orders? NOTHING!

divorce court order

What Happens To Men Who Defy Divorce Court Orders? NOTHING!

Over the years, I’ve spoken to many women whose ex-husbands were defying divorce court orders to pay child support. What most of them have learned when they take their ex back to court for contempt is that judges rarely throw a deadbeat in jail. They threaten to do so, but in my opinion, it isn’t often that a judge will follow through on a threat.

Not enforcing a court order undermines a woman’s ability to care for her children. For some reason though, a judge seems more concerned with how being jailed will negatively affect a deadbeat father. It isn’t only child support orders that aren’t enforced — in the Family Court System, it’s any order.

In September of 2014, my former husband and I finally went back to court on the post-majority expense issue and another issue having to do with housing. My ex was ordered to pay 93% of our son’s college expenses. He angered the judge by behaving arrogantly so the judge retaliated by slamming him with 93% of the expenses. However, with grants and scholarships, my former husband would have only had to pay a couple of thousand dollars a year. It wasn’t like the man was going to go broke helping his son with college expenses.

The judge also ordered him to follow through on the agreement he had made with me for housing dating back to September of 2010. The judge did something that I thought was very odd. He read into the court record what he had ordered and then he told both lawyers to get together and come to an agreement on how the order would be worded. Once the lawyers had come to an agreement, the judge would write the order and sign it.

My lawyer immediately contacted my ex-husband’s lawyer trying to come to an agreement on the wording. That wasn’t an easy task. When a man has been ordered to pay and do things he doesn’t want to do, his lawyer will drag his feet because the last thing he wants is an order signed by a judge.

I had a son in college who wasn’t getting any help from his father with his expenses and the housing issue was hanging over my head. I was constantly stressed over not knowing from one day to the next if I was going to lose my home. Nine months later, I was still stressed out.

Finally, after motions by my lawyer and threats from the judge, we had an agreement on the wording. In July 2015, the judge signed an order, nearly ten months to the day after we had gone to court. It was an order that my former husband never had any intention of following in the first place.

Shortly after leaving the marriage, my ex developed a sense of entitlement. Having children to care for emotionally and financially no longer fit into his agenda. He did the least he could do as far as supporting them and obstinately refused to do more even though it had been court-ordered. What he has done to them emotionally would cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.

He scoffed at the July 2015 court order just as he had all the other court orders. He was court-ordered to sign mortgage documents on a substitute home for his children. Instead, he went out within days of getting the order and signed mortgage documents for a home he was building for himself. It was a blatant snub and he got away with it.

I took him back to court for contempt of court…once again. The judge yelled at him and threatened to throw him and his lawyer in jail that day. The judge ruled from the bench in February of 2016 telling my ex that he had 60 days to comply with the original decree of divorce, which had been written in September 2010 or he would go to jail.

My ex never saw the inside of a jail and never will because judges don’t enforce court orders. To hell with those annoying written laws, the laws that mandate a judge punish someone for defying court orders. It’s those unwritten laws that determine what really happens when defiance occurs and nine times out of ten, nothing happens.

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Judge Pichon Shames the Black Robe: Her Orders Give Kickbacks to Judges and Her Husband

       Judge Crime Recorded at Sushi Confidential 


After a complaint that Judge Pichon was on the take by issuing orders to businesses that provides grants to her husband. Members of Q secretly recorded Judge Pichon while she dined a few blocks from the courthouse last week.  Judge Pichon has repeatedly refused to comment to this blog, so she was not asked after the recordings and court documents were leaked by a court Whistleblower. 

Part of the female leadership in Santa Clara County Courts, Judge Pichon has settled into the cronyism that plagued her male counterparts of decades. Court files show that a pro se litigant used his investigative skills to get Pichon thrown off a case where she had been issuing rulings that paid money indirectly to her own husband in the form of grant awards.  
Pichon is also believed to have buried judge complaints from Santa Clara County while she first held a seat on the CJP, the agency that disciplines judges. Pichon is also reportedly on the take with kickbacks from fee awards  Santa Clara County judges give to Hoge Fenton, and Fenwick West, local law firms that continue to pay Judge Patricia Lucas and Judge James Towery as court orders award their former firms fees. 

The FBI is currently taking complaints and investigating lawyers, judges, and Santa Clara  county’s district attorney, Jeff Rosen, whose wife, Amber Rosen,  has joined Stuart Scott, Lori Pegg and James Towery and where complaints indicate attorney Catherine Gallagher appears to have made millions on kickback fees through court appointments in cases involving Hoover Krepelka, Dok, Baugh, Tarvin,and Amini, Mc. Manis Faulkner and Hoge Fenton. 

Honest Service Fraud, which involves the taking of bribes and kickbacks,  is a federal crime. Judge Pichon may have flown too close to the sun and gotten too greedy, her conduct may expose the entire Santa Clara County legal community. The most horrendous crimes are that these judges took children from parents, for money. 

New leaks show that former presiding judge and JAMs mediator, Catherine Gallagher, the former wife of disgraced Judge Danser, has received over $2 million dollars in cash fees from divorce case rigging. Much of this money appears to have been used putting her sons through private schools and college., Gallagher reportedly made secret deals with Santa Clara County judges and lawyers following her husband’s removal from the bench and being stripped of his pension

Gallagher appears to have been involved in rigging over 50 Silicon Valley divorce cases, more  cases than her husband was caught rigging in the county’s traffic courts.