How To Soothe PTSD, Anxiety And Depression (3 Minute Exercise)

How To Soothe PTSD, Anxiety And Depression (3 Minute Exercise)

Nervous system disorders such as PTSD, anxiety and depression are widespread with narcissistic abuse, relationship addiction and trauma.

They are awful, debilitating and life-threatening. Just as it was for me.

What I realised was that these states were in my life because I hadn’t yet turned inwards to heal the dire self-separation that I was suffering as a result of the trauma I had experienced. I know the same is true for you.

In this video, I’m going to show you an exercise you can use to soothe your symptoms and connect with your Inner Being to find relief from your symptoms.



Video Transcript

The symptoms of narcissistic abuse, relationship addiction and trauma are awful.

These are things like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression, just to name a few.

These things can feel unshakeable.

When trying to recover from narcissistic abuse, or survive an existing narcissist, there may be times when you feel like you are getting better, and then you find yourself sliding back down into that deep black hole again.

I’ve been there.

Thank goodness for a long time I’ve known how to permanently get out of these states. For real. Which means not just trying to manage these conditions every day, but rather that they simply don’t exist anymore.

If this is something that you would like to experience for real, please pause this video and let me know in the comments below by saying, “I want out of this forever!”

Okay, so let’s get into this episode and drill down regarding what is really going on and how you can heal from this.


What Are Our Nervous System Disorders?

Our nervous system disorders, I believe, primarily mean that we don’t feel SAFE.

This means that you don’t feel safe in your body as yourself, and in life, meaning you don’t have confidence or belief in your own capacity to be able to keep yourself safe.

That, fundamentally, is exactly what PTSD is. It is the firing of extreme signals to you that are trying to warn you so that you can be safe because you feel so unsafe.

The problem is that these triggers can be literally anything, by association, that remind your nervous system of the trauma that you’ve experienced, or the abuser who inflicted the trauma upon you.

This is anxiety. This is what panic attacks are all about.

It’s crippling because if you try to go about your normal life, then you are continually experiencing anxiety, or you have to retreat from life to try to completely avoid the triggers, which is not living.

Even worse than this, it means that the trauma that is generating the “I am not safe” feelings is still trapped inside you, eating you alive. This is depression. Those are the self-annihilating feelings of helplessness, powerlessness and hopelessness because you just can’t escape the terrible feelings that are continually consuming you.

Then, naturally, you digress into feelings of worthlessness because you can’t recover.

Again, I really want you to know I have been there.

I had Complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) through the roof. During my darkest days, I was completely engulfed in uncontrollable adrenaline surges of panic and psychotic episodes, and I had manic suicidal depression.

That’s how bad my experience ended up as a result of, “I am not safe in life”.

I promise you, with all my heart, that I absolutely do not have any of these symptoms and issues in my life at all anymore. That is despite being told by medical professionals that I would never recover, and I would need to take antipsychotics for the rest of my life in order to function at any capacity.

All of that was not the truth!

I’m no more special than anybody else and no freak of nature, because there are so many people, in this community, who have also emerged from the most horrific cases of PTSD, anxiety and depression, who are also free of all of this.

Many of these people used to feel like I did in the past, “that there was no way out of this”.

But there is … Truly.


Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional

I really want you to know that abuse from your childhood, ancestral acquired DNA, adult experiences and other sources, absolutely brings emotional and mental pain and breakdowns.

Yet, this is not the final story. It is a signal.

This is calling you to delve inside to discover what is really going on within you and to learn that you have the power to free yourself.

I promise you that you becoming your own saviour can be done!

Then there is no more suffering. There is no more trying to survive the wounds that are going on inside of you, whilst trying to make your life go forward, which of course is your natural human coded truth.

When you know how to go inwards, to release your trauma and open up the space for your subconscious and superconscious to start working together healthily, then all of that energy that was tied up in fight and flight (survival) is freed so that you go forward as the human being you were always intended to be.

Free to be yourself and create, regardless of what has happened in your past.

That’s when your life will finally begin.


The One Thing You Can do Right Now to Recover You

I am going to give you the answer to how to recover You, straightaway.

Show up for yourself.

You can do this by turning inwards.

Let me explain exactly what I mean.

Close your eyes for a moment and come with me on this little journey that we are about to share together.

I want you to imagine that you have a young child with you who you adore. Maybe this child is your son or daughter. This child is upset and frightened and crying. He or she is shaking and feeling terrified.

Because you haven’t realised how much this child needs you, he or she is now screaming for you.

Imagine if you turned to this child and said, “Shut up. What is wrong with you? I am going to ignore you and to drown out your screams, I am going to jump on Facebook, watch Netflix, eat more cake, drink alcohol, smoke a cigarette or run into the arms of somebody who is hurting me and try to get them to love me.”

How would this child feel? How would this child respond?

How safe would this child feel when his or her guardian has completely abandoned them?

Now, translate all of this to you and yourself.

Your Inner Being is feeling drastically unsafe, and you are presently, possibly just as I used to do, self-avoiding and self-abandoning and attempting to self-medicate the screams away.

Yet, your Inner Being, just like a small child, needs You. In fact, you are the only person who your Inner Being is screaming for.

Not the false substitutes. Not false sources such as narcissists. And certainly not the distractions and addictions that you have been using to try to numb out your inner screams.

This I promise you with all my heart, that when you turn inwards with the dedication and devotion to be there for your Inner Being, unconditionally with love, just as you would for a small child who you adore, relief will come very quickly.

Your Inner Being will heave a sigh of relief and say to you, “finally you are here”.

Then you will awaken to realise that the state of you has always been determined by the state of your relationship with your Inner Being.

Your life is always about how self-partnered you are or aren’t. This is the foundation of all of it.

If you are not integrated with your Inner Being, you are disintegrating.

If you are not evolving yourself regarding the consciousness to self-partner and become whole, then you are dissolving.

In a nutshell, your separation from yourself is exactly what the state of PTSD, anxiety and depression are all about.

Just as it was for me.

And what I deeply realised was that these states were in my life because I hadn’t yet turned inwards to heal this dire self-separation that I was suffering as a result of the trauma I had experienced. I know the same is true for you.

Thank goodness the great news is, there is a powerful way to self-partner and heal, which is not about decades and decades of trying to re-parent yourself back to health. That is the old paradigm. There is a much newer and better way.

Let’s explore this together.


Self-Partnering the Right Way

Okay, I want to set an intention and do a little Quantum Shift with you.

To come along with me, make sure that you won’t be disturbed, and can be as relaxed and present as possible as we do this together.

Okay, take a few deep breaths and roll your shoulders back and breathe, take another couple of deep breaths. Now I want you to scrunch up all of the energy in your body and hold it really tight … and let go. Take another couple of deep breaths. Now again scrunch up all the energy in your body really, really tight and now let go. Take two more deep breaths.

Now I just want you to be breathing with your body open, and repeat this mantra after me:

“Inner Being, I am here for you. I am so sorry that I haven’t been listening to your screams for me. I validate you, sweetheart. I know that you feel unsafe. I know that for you and I to be healthy, I need to be there for you and hold you and help you heal. Maybe I’m just learning how to do this. Maybe I’m not always going to get it right. Yet now I firmly understand that I can’t blame and shame you and ignore you back to health. I need to show up and be there for you. I promise you my darling Inner Being, with all of my heart, that I am going to love you back to wholeness, with all that I am, and I’m never leaving you again.”

Now, with that intention in your heart, and knowing that you don’t need to get this perfectly right and that nobody is judging you and your Inner Being is not judging you, you can stop separating from yourself, and start turning inwards and come home.

Okay now let’s do this little Quantum Shift together.

I want you to imagine that standing a little way from you is your Inner Being.

I just want you to observe this person with love in your heart. He or she may be dishevelled, crying, and distraught or may even be wearing dirty clothes. He or she may appear as a child or even as a past life self.

Don’t censor what you receive, just observe what you see or feel with an open heart and mind.

And, regardless of the state of your Inner Being, don’t be repulsed, don’t turn away. Be super present with love.

Now, pour love from your heart towards your Inner Being.

As you do so, you see that a Higher Being or Higher Beings, of your choice, are surrounding your Inner Being.

These beings are pouring light into your Inner Being and holding and supporting him or her.

Now, approach your Inner Being, and reach out and hug him or her.

Simultaneously you are pouring love from your heart into your Inner Being, and the Higher Beings are pouring Divine Light into your Inner Being as well.

No words are necessary, just see your Inner Being filling with this Light.

Now I want you to imagine as you cuddle your Inner Being, that the Divine Light from the Higher Beings is entering and filling you as well.

And you see that the darkness and trauma is being flushed out of you by this light. This is happening with your Inner Being as well. And you see that as the darkness and shadows are released, that they are all dissolving back to love for recycling.

Now I want you to imagine bringing your Inner Being inside of you, and then the Higher Beings reach inside you, and they are switching on your genes. This ignites the Light of Consciousness and Source to flow through you as you, and you fill with so much Light that your outline disappears and you literally burst into a ball of Light.

Now, I want you to just breathe and be the Light.

With no thought, just breathe.

And I want you to say after me, “I am the Light. The Light I am. It just is. It’s all that is.”

And breathe …

Okay, and slowly come back to the room. Be aware of your body, and the chair that you’re sitting on … and come back.

Let’s allow that to integrate a little …

Now, feel into your Inner Being. How does that part of you who was feeling dreadfully unsafe, feel now?

If you like, pause this video and share your comment below.


Taking Your Self-Partnering Further

What you just experienced is a short adaptation of Quanta Freedom Healing. Quanta Freedom Healing is a process that bypasses your mind and takes you to a deep inner somatic experience to activate your healing for real.

You had a little taste of this with what we just did together.

I would love to take you further so that you can experience how to get true relief, release and core healing from PTSD, anxiety and depression, as well as any attachments and connections to abusers in your life.

Because, as I said before, your True Life will begin when you do that. And it can happen very quickly.

So, come on this journey with me in my Free Masterclass which begins on April 29th. You can join this Masterclass by clicking this link.

In this special event, you will understand exactly how and why Quanta Freedom Healing activates true healing that our limited logical mind just can’t produce.

Please remember, if you can’t make this event live, then you will receive a recording you can participate in at any time that works for you.

It’s been my absolute joy to share self-partnering with you today, and I so hope that it has helped.

And as always, I am looking forward to answering your comments and questions below.



parental alienation cause ptsd

Does Parental Alienation cause PTSD?

parental alienation cause ptsd

Does Parental Alienation cause PTSD?

Let’s start with what Parental Alienation Syndrome is. It is an aggressive form of psychological abuse whereby one parent, usually, degrades and destroys the relationship between the children and their other parent.

Though primarily occurring in high conflict divorce and custody situations, it can be seen in intact families, between parents of parents, and even worse, child protective agencies. This destruction of a once very strong bond between the children and the parent is like a living death with no closure and thus a daily reminder of someone we love and feel disconnected from.

So what is PTSD?  PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  But what does that mean?  The DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists it  with a diagnosis code of 309.81 and describes it as follows:

the development of characteristic symptoms following exposure to an extreme traumatic stressor involving direct personal experience of an event that involves actual or threatened death or serious injury, or other threat to one’s physical integrity; or witnessing an event that involves death, injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of another person; or learning about unexpected or violent death, serious harm, or threat of death or injury experienced by a family member or other close associate (Criterion A1). The person’s response to the event must involve intense fear, helplessness, or horror (or in children, the response must involve disorganized or agitated behavior) (Criterion A2). The characteristic symptoms resulting from the exposure to the extreme trauma include persistent re-experiencing of the traumatic event (Criterion B), persistent avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma and numbing of general responsiveness (Criterion C), and persistent symptoms of increased arousal (Criterion D). The full symptom picture must be present for more than 1 month (Criterion E), and the disturbance must cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning (Criterion F.)

But what does all this mumbo jumbo mean?  It means that when a devastating event or series of events occur to an individual, it can have profound effects on their ability to cope and deal with it.  The victim becomes paranoid or scared. They have panic attacks, uncontrollable crying, inability to think clearly, anger, fear, hatred, rage, uncontrollable fight and flight responses, even reoccurring thoughts or dreams of the event.

It can lead to extreme depression, exaggerated emotional responses including irritability and anger, substance abuse, insomnia or excessive sleep, nightmares, heightened attention and reactions, inability to concentrate or finish a task. Basically, the person feels lost, confused, scared, and all alone.

PTSD is classified with three levels or types. Acute PTSD occurs within the first 3 months. Chronic PTSD continues for 3 months or more. And Delayed Onset PTSD occurs after 6 months or more have passed and then the symptoms appear.

You can actually have PTSD but not know it because you have learned how to cope with it, control it and deal with it by compartmentalizing it. In other words, you have learned various tools and tricks to put it at bay so you can focus on what needs to be dealt with and then at a later date, when you can allow yourself, you break down from the PTSD. PTSD is not just a word or phrase for a tragic event; it is literally about the signs and symptoms caused by the reaction to this traumatic event.

How does parental alienation cause PTSD?

Parental alienation is severe trauma to an important relationship between a parent and their child. It is pervasive and goes on and on day in and day out until finally, the victims either concede to the stress of the emotional abuse or fights back with all their might. Each person’s response to this trauma is different.

For the Targeted parent and the children, it becomes a roller coast of emotions, fears, devastation, and abuse.  A living death with no closure, they cannot move forward in a positive way. They are traumatized by the aggressive attacks from the alienator and hence the severe responses that we often see in the children and then in the targeted parent.

One might even venture a guess to say that the alienating parent is suffering from PTSD because of the loss of the marital relationship and control but is in survival mode to make sure that they are not abandoned and that they win at all costs.

Some of the many responses I have heard and seen from the trauma of PAS are:

  • Uncontrollable rage and anger,
  • Constant Fear,
  • Constant anguish,
  • Paranoia,
  • Avoidance of the aggressor,
  • Avoidance of the children,
  • Substance abuse of all kinds,
  • Inability to think rationally,
  • Inability to control their emotions,
  • Distancing themselves from everyone around them,
  • Putting up walls to protect themselves,
  • Flunking school or life,
  • Obsessive-compulsive issues,
  • Deviant behavior in the children,
  • Hypervigilance in everything they do,
  • Burying themselves in school or work,
  • Panic attacks,
  • Nightmares,
  • Over-exaggerated responses to stimuli

I could go on and on with the signs and symptoms of PAS but there is no need. From this list, you can see how the psychological abuse of PAS has the same signs and symptoms as PTSD. This proves that PAS should be considered a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the trauma of psychological abuse. And this opens the door to an additional way of treatment for the victims of Parental Alienation.

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