How To Survive When Things Start Falling Apart

How To Survive When Things Start Falling Apart


Today’s The Thriver’s Life episode is BIG!

It’s about the funky energy and massive breakdowns that people are experiencing in their life right now.

It seems that very few people are exempt from this right now (I’m seeing it everywhere!) And even I have been struck by it too!

Can you relate? Have you been feeling it? Are you seeing painful and crazy things happening in your own life as well as so many people you know?

I have – and that’s why I passionately wanted to deliver this video to you today.

What is GOING ON with this?

In today’s video, I explain, what is happening, why it happening and what to do about it!

If you are having HUGE challenges emotionally or struggling with real life painful events right now, today’s episode is a MUCH needed watch for you!


Video Transcript

Welcome to the Thriver’s Life series.  The creation of your highest and best life after narcissistic abuse.

Today, I want to talk about an incredible energy phenomenon that is taking place.

At MTE we are truly in the trenches seeing how the community is travelling and what people feel and need, and right now we are seeing so much happening for people in the way of the breakdown of their old order to make way for their breakthroughs. This seems to be happening universally even to Thrivers who have been doing a great job of up levelling their lives. And this is why I wanted to address this today, to help all of you get a grip on what’s going on in these huge energy shifts, as well as how to deal with it.

How does this funky time translate into real life events? Quite frankly so many people are going through stuff at the moment. Big stuff. Impactful stuff. VERY painful stuff.

This leaves us thinking and wondering … what on earth is going on?

This isn’t just happening in this community; I am seeing it everywhere around me as well. And, I know so many of you are reporting the same thing …  experiencing this yourself, as well as seeing people in your own life hitting the wall, coming face to face with big massive disappointments and dead ends.

Is this true for you right now? Is this what is going on? If so please pause the video, scroll down and let me know in the comments.

Soooo, this is what I want to talk to you about today, this time of overwhelm, where so many of us have been feeling incredibly painful feelings and suffering devastating events in our lives, and again we feel like we are in the abyss not really sure how to get out of it.

It can be a shocking feeling, for many of you successful Thrivers to believe you would never feel such significant pain again. Yet, here we are going through it! The good thing is that we have the tools this time to deal with it.

You may or may not believe in energy reports. I used to, when I had more time, write them for this community. They are about energetic shifts, planetary alignments and how we are all affected at a collective level depending literally on what is going on in the ethers. These energy reports, that many wonderful energy reporters do, are often uncannily accurate.

If energy reports and planets are not your thing, I totally get that, and I promise you that this video is about a lot more than that.  However, if energy reports are something that fascinates you, then you may be really interested to know that there are huge planetary alignments and eclipses which are surfacing a whole heap of stuff right now. June was big for it, and July is going to be even bigger.

To me, what is happening is the huge wake-up call of personal responsibility. If we have been living in delusions, meaning not living from our truth, or our highest and most loving self, we are meeting these unhealed parts of ourselves like battering rams right now. This really means that we can’t just sweep things under the carpet anymore. And with this time comes massive overwhelm.

If we are clinging to old systems out of fear, that aren’t serving us, these may be crumbling around us. It could be relationships, career, health or financial issues – that scream at us when they hit – ‘No more! you can not continue as you were here!’

These are the following things that are just not going to cut it for us anymore … victimhood, blaming, old emotional addictions and habits that damage us, our insecurities, and having ingrained negative belief systems.

In this time of intense energy shifts, ‘so within, so without’ is in our face like never before. If we are harbouring painful, resentful, self-defeating beliefs about ourselves, others and life, these are exactly the results we are seeing manifest right before our eyes.

The truth is we are meeting ourselves – more now than we ever have, via the events we experience outside of us. If we are being abused, criticised, cut off and treated unfairly – this is all in relation to the flawed and painful belief systems that we are carrying inside, as well as our handing our power away trying to gain love, approval, security and survival from those around us, who are not true sources of these things.

It’s so important to know that all of this is happening for powerful and incredible reasons – ‘for’ us and not ‘to’ us.

So, in these crazy, powerful and painful times of the endings of false eras to make way for the birth of true ones, what is it in your life that is breaking down or has actually been ripped away? Is it a meaningful relationship? Is it a cherished dream? Is it a direction that you had your heart set on? Is it your security?

This happened to me very recently with my partner of 20 months. The relationship abruptly ended. There is nothing on the outside that could be fixed, we have both decided rightly to go our own separate ways, and as I have done many, many times in my life, it is about going deeply inside myself to grow, heal and evolve myself – again.

What else is there to do? The answer is nothing. I could spiral down into pain, self-recrimination, pondering, reminiscing and missing him … taking my energy out and into the pain, or I can work steadily towards the solution.

We mine our greatest gold through our wounds. If we are willing to sit with and be with our pain and use Quantum Tools to move the toxic dense pain out, then we get the breakthrough into even more of our True Self.

Like many of us, at the moment, I am deeply in a breakdown/breakthrough growth spurt. I am presently doing hours of work on myself a day to move forward into being a more loving, compassionate, effective person as well as a more capable loving person in relationships. I am letting go, in fact spiralling up and out with Quanta Freedom Healing in this death/rebirth process, more parts of myself that don’t serve me, and opening up the space and bringing in Source where those wounds once were. Which is the becoming of higher consciousness, and more love and truth to be more of my True Self.

Okay so, these are the steps I want to grant you to help you shift out of your present pain and breakdown, to get to your breakthrough.


Release All Resistance

The first thing is to not go into resistance. If we cling and hang on to the old orders in our life that are falling down, we are in for a very hard time. We will get dragged through the stench and the decay of these things that we are no longer able to be retained in our life that can’t come with us to the next level of our emotional, spiritual development.

So, my highest suggestion is to make it your practice immediately to say to yourself, ‘I bless and accept this and I know that Life and Source have my back, and wants the highest and best for me. This is all in perfect and divine order.’


Turn Inwards Instead of Outwards

And then the next part of the puzzle is to stop frantically try to control things on the outside, and rather Go Quantum, meaning come inside to deal with things where they really are taking place … in the Creator Universe that we are on the inside. If we don’t take control of the only being who we have the power to control – ourselves – we will be pulled completely out of control. Especially in these testing times.

Now is the time to connect to ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally as well as be really honest with ourselves about what it is within and without that is no longer serving us. The thing is, I believe, we always know. Often it just is that we aren’t being honest with ourselves. We try to make deals with life and others, instead of letting go and the reason is because we still have unhealed insecurities within ourselves to address and heal.

When we use Quantum Tools to let go of the toxic pain, to make way for peace, love, resolution, and acceptance – we start to get our answers. Healing can enter.


Shifting The Trauma Out

When working on the shifting out of the trauma, in times such as these, the overwhelm and shock may be so huge that you literally don’t know what you are shifting out, or you may not be able to concentrate on getting information about it. I really want you to know that you don’t need to work out exactly what the trauma is in regard to information.

If you have a tool such as Quanta Freedom Healing where you can move the trauma up and out of your body, then all you need to do is breathe deeply into it, be with it, fully feeling it and then visualise the releasing of it. It will shift up and out, and you can then bring in the light of Source to replace it, which starts shifting you out of the pain and into your relief and solution – which is your path toward growth, and the next highest version of your life on that topic.

I hope this episode can really help you, and I’m looking really forward to working with you on these topics, within your comments and questions, which really are Empowered Self topics, about taking the ultimate road to freedom, breakthrough and success when we suffer great pain and disappointment. Because that is the Thriver Way – knowing that if a breakdown is a 10/10 on the scale, then the breakthrough will be as equally impactful.

And remember, after narcissistic abuse recovery, gloriously we take it further!


Because we CAN!

Lots of love, bye bye.