“We Hear You, We Believe You”: ‘Allen v. Farrow’ Director Says Emmy Nominations Send Message To Sex Abuse Survivors

The Center for Judicial Excellence continues to proudly be an official Resource to the HBO Series, ‘Allen v. Farrow’. Congratulations to Dylan Farrow and everyone at Jane Doe for their record 7 Emmy Nominations in the Non-Fiction program category.

“People were outraged, felt like they were finally hearing a story they’d never heard before, astonished by how much the narrative they had absorbed turned out to have been really untrue… Woody Allen’s legacy was to have written a blueprint for getting fathers off for abusing their children. That whole bait and switch of the second you’re accused–the best defense is a good offense, you immediately accuse your accuser, and thanks to rampant misogyny, everyone’s eager to jump on the bandwagon of any narrative that says ‘the woman did it.’ That actually has held a lot of weight ever since in family courts. That was sort of lightbulb moment for defense attorneys.”

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