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New York Teen Advocates On Behalf Of Late Toddler: Preventing Child Abuse in Custody Cases

14-year-old Shayna Blumenfeld of Port Washington, from home, appeared virtually in front of New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Forensic Custody Evaluators, expressing the importance of making child safety the top priority in custody cases. Shayna is a youth ambassador for Kyra’s Champions, an organization that works to pass laws to protect […]

Tarrant County Trainwreck

Tarrant County Trainwreck Harris County doesn’t have an exclusive on family injustice. In Fort Worth the recipe of money and divorce breeds new questions … source

Back in Business

Look who’s back in business… We hoped the new family district judges would cut out the gravy train from the lawyers who practiced in their court, but it looks like … source

Who's The Real Chicken?

The Texas Attorney General rightly defends Chick-fil-A, but it’s time to poop on his parade. For more information, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow … source