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Parents & Progeny As Payloads For The Unholy Alliance Of Adoption Services and Federal Funding Under Title IV and Betrayal of Best Interest of Children

Some of the documented cases of which the FCVFC is personally aware involve confidential records of children transferred into the hands of abusers.  We are writing about cases in which we had full access to confidential evidence and full documentation as to the credibility of the evidence and production of such in court. The fact […]

Shifts Happen – Healing Financial Prosperity After Abuse

Imagine finding true financial freedom after leaving behind a toxic relationship that left you traumatised, sick and barely functioning. This is exactly what Kami, a Thriver Community member, experienced after working on her inner self with Quanta Freedom Healing™. Inspired by nature, Kami found her calling as an artist and now sells her stunning, intuitively […]

Judicial Power To Destroy Lives In League With Attorneys Who Facilitate The Ability Of Predators To Gain Custody  Of The Children They Abuse

Federal financial aid program TItle IV was meant to provide funds and services as aid to dependent children. It was intended to be a wonderful program to protect and rehabilitate vulnerable children and their protective parents by facilitating state mental health and legal programs. This can include rehabilitation and restoration of broken families, families in […]

How to Cope with Communal Narcissism

0:00 Intro 0:30 What is communal narcissism? 5:49 how do you manage communal narcissism—in yourself and others? How to Cope with Communal Narcissism The very notion of communal narcissism may seem impossible, but you’d surprised how many people fit this new brand of narcissism. In this video I explain just how communal narcissism works and […]

Columbus man accused of killing son, confesses to police he intended to shoot the mother but did not intend to kill the child

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Columbus Police described a chaotic crime scene and bizarre 34-hour manhunt during a Thursday morning court hearing for a man accused of killing his 4-year-old son. Jacquese Antwan Walker did not appear in court, waiving his right through an attorney. But that did not stop Columbus Police Sgt. Amanda McKelvey from […]

Judicial Power To Destroy Lives

Judge Gregory Strasser, of Marathon County Circuit Court in Wisconsin, rolled his eyes and made faces as he pronounced a virtual death sentence against a 6-year-old girl bonded back with full custody to the father who raped her just prior to her visitation with her mother. Judge Strasser pronounced the mother to be retarded and […]

Mental Health Practitioners As Predators Facilitating False Diagnoses To Counter Abuse Allegations In Order To Secure Custody Transfer Of Children To Well Documented Abusers

In yet another case in which the child was giving to the alleged abuser, the following complaint was written by one of our colleagues, Dr. Bandy Lee. *** Dear Grievance Committee Member: I am writing to support a formal complaint against Mental Health Counselor Brenda Nemitz.  I myself am a forensic psychiatrist, and a brief […]

The One Strategy That Will Never Work with a Narcissistic Partner

0:00 Intro 0:59 What is Triple P? 3:25 What happens in the cycle of Triple P? 6:30 How to break the cycle of Triple P—for yourself or others The One Strategy That Will Never Work with a Narcissistic Partner When faced with the inevitable reactions of a narcissistic partner during times of stress or struggle, […]