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5 Symptoms Of Abuse That Can Be Healed

Today I want to reach out to you to give you hope – regarding how you can heal the five areas of your life that are severely impacted by narcissistic abuse – your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health. At the beginning of this article, I want to validate you with a deep dive […]

Dr. Jennifer Kagan-Viater Discusses the Impact of Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Abuse on Parenting: Keira’s Law

In this episode of the Where Parents Talk podcast, Lianne Castelino speaks to Dr. Jennifer Kagan-Viater, palliative care physician and mother, as well as Philip Viater, family law lawyer and father, about the impact of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence on parenting. “…it has been very difficult. You know, I think what some people […]

Help ProPublica and NBC News Investigate Termination of Parental Rights in the Child Welfare System

Journalists at ProPublica and NBC News would like to connect with people whose parental rights have been terminated in the past decade. We have received an outpouring of responses, and at this time we are only looking for people with cases in Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and […]

CA Assembly Passes “Piqui’s Law” by Senator Rubio, Family Court Bill Heads to Senate Judiciary

SACRAMENTO, CA – In a unanimous, bipartisan vote, the State Assembly today passed Piqui’s Law, by Senator Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park), which mandates judges take training on domestic violence and child abuse to prioritize child safety in custody proceedings and clarifies California’s ban on the use of dangerous reunification programs in family court. Senate Bill […]

“Shared Parenting” Places Ideology Over Children

by Barry Goldstein Just as custody courts developed responses for domestic violence at a time when no research was available, early proponents of shared parenting sought to experiment when there was no research about shared parenting. Initially, parents seeking shared parenting did so voluntarily, in situations where they were able to communicate and cooperate. There […]

4 Steps To Setting Boundaries With Toxic People & Narcissists

Trying to set boundaries with unhealthy, toxic, and narcissistic people can leave you confused, abused, and tormented. They’ll trigger you and then offload their own trauma onto you to maintain their false and delusional narrative, pushing back and smashing any boundary you try to set up. Then your emotions will go into a tailspin, and […]

6 Ways To Stop Handing Your Power To Narcissists

Today I want to talk to you about the 6 ways that you can stop handing your power to a narcissist. Why is this so important? Because narcissists are powerless to operate against you if you DON’T hand them your power. Truly this is for real – and I hope that today is going to […]

Affairs of the Court

In the family courts, judges, lawyers, and court-appointed psychological evaluators have all become threats to an intellectually competent, psychologically compos mentis, moral, ethical society. The latest drove of pariahs to join the hordes of psychopathic predator judges and appointees across the country to speak for “family values” are the “reunification therapists.” On the list of […]