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On April 5, 2021, a federal lawsuit was filed by Ali Shahrokhi and T. Matthew Phillips against family court judge, Mathew Harter.  [Shahrokhi, et.al. vs. Harter, 2:21-cv-00557-APG-BNW]. The lawsuit seeks a court order removing Harter from the bench—for violating Plaintiffs’ 14th Amendment right to expect a “fair judiciary.” This federal lawsuit against Harter alleges that […]

‘How many more kids does the system have to fail?’ Father Says Murder of His 2-year-old Son Jayden Hines was Preventable

Despite his concerns with his son’s safety while visiting his mother, Rashawd Hines had to follow the court-mandated custody arrangement and drop off his son, not knowing it would be the last time he’d see his little boy, 2-year-old Jayden Hines. Lakeland police say Alegray Jones, a man dating Jayden’s mother, beat the young boy […]

This is What a Bad Attorney Looks Like

A year or two ago a case came to us in which, in a matter of days, we helped the children be restored to the protective parent. Recently the protective parent returned to us again, so we are back at work for her, to help her keep her children safe from their abuser. The mother […]