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Shifts Happen – Series 4 – Session 14 – Risking Vulnerability

There is a powerful Quantum Truth that is necessary to emotionally go free and manifest your Highest Potential. Accepting yourself, warts and all. Why is accepting yourself vital? Your self-acceptance allows you to deserve love, compassion, and kindness from yourself and others and to receive expansive blessings from the Source. Vulnerability means “realness”. Accepting yourself […]

Shifts Happen – Series 4 – Session 13 – Ascertaining Relationships With Others

I’m very excited about the beginning of Series 4 of Shifts Happen – “Connection to Others”, where we will be doing 4 powerful sessions, one each week, to help you ascertain relationships safely and be vulnerable enough to generate real connections without risking abuse. As well as being empowered into authenticity, thus generating evolved relationships […]

Shifts Happen-Series 3- Session 12 – Being Financially Free

I love the journey of quantum prosperity we have been on together, all leading to today’s session –“Being Financially Free”. Let’s just recap where we have been in this Series 3 – Manifesting Prosperity – Session 1 from Series 3 was – “Becoming Abundant” – you learned that financial prosperity can thrive in an energy […]

Understanding Narcissism and Sociopaths

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving world, psychological terms like “narcissist” and “sociopath” have become a part of our everyday vocabulary. Their depiction in popular media has led to a certain level of confusion, with these terms being used interchangeably and even inaccurately. This article aims to shed light on the true meanings of narcissism and […]