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What Is Quanta Freedom Healing?

I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a Quanta Freedom Healer! It was a long journey to get to where I am today, and one I would never have taken had I not been completely broken by abuse.

Today I want to tell you a little about that journey, and explain all about what Quanta Freedom Healing is, and how it came about.

This will help you to understand why Quanta Freedom Healing can work for you, even if you feel hopeless, helpless and as though you’ve already tried everything possible to heal from abuse – I felt that way too!

Most of all, I want to give you hope that you can not only recover from your pain, but you can create a life that is even more fulfilled, joyful and expanded than before the narcissist came into your life – the life you deserve!



Video Transcript

Today, I will answer a question that many of you have asked: What is Quanta Freedom Healing? To explain it as best as I can, I need to explain how it came about, because it’s not like I knew I was going to become a Quanta Freedom healer. I certainly didn’t.


The Breakdown Epiphany Moment

Like a lot of us, I went through significant narcissistic abuse. At that time, I was researching narcissism, and a specialist was helping me understand who the man in my life was.

Even though I also joined post-traumatic stress disorder groups and narcissistic abuse forums and was getting answers about narcissism, I was still hooked. I was obsessing and ruminating, and I couldn’t stop breaking No Contact. Eventually, I had a complete psychotic and adrenal breakdown.

I’d already lost much property, reputation and the ability to function normally. I hadn’t eaten or slept properly for six months. I was only 80 pounds. All of my hair had fallen out. I was already in a really bad state. When the breakdown happened, I honestly believed the professionals who told me I’d never recover or return from it.

I started planning how to leave the planet because I didn’t want to go on. While thinking about how to do that, I had a voice in my head that kept saying to me, “No, there’s another way. There’s another way.”

I was arguing with this voice, and then I walked into my bathroom and fell to the floor. I put my hands up and screamed, “I can’t do this anymore. Help me.” I was calling out to God, a Higher Power, and I didn’t know what else to do.

At that moment, I had a profound experience: it was like my head opened, and everything I’d previously believed was sucked out of me. What entered into its place was a this deep, powerful knowing, and a voice spoke to me, telling me what had happened; why it had happened; how this person was a catalyst in my life who was showing me all the parts of myself that were unhealed and unconscious; and that it wasn’t about him – rather it was about healing me.

Then I got catapulted into the future. I saw and felt myself as healed, whole and Thriving, and I felt like I’d never felt ever before. Then I got flung back into who I was, emaciated, shaking, sweating. I wasn’t healed, but I knew I could heal. I’d been told how to start this from the inside out, and that I would be supported in this journey.

I chose that path from that day. The voice had instructed me to turn within, to speak to myself as if I loved myself like a small child. Something astounding happened. The intense psychotic episodes disappeared without the need for medication. Then synchronicity started happening. I met people and got downloads, information and clues about inner healing modalities, which I’d never looked at before, even though I’d been doing personal development and spirituality for decades.

Then I studied Theta Healing, Kinesiology and EFT and other modalities. I became certified, and started putting together a combination of tools to heal myself, which at the time I called “Holographic Healing”. I was getting really good results. Complicated Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) was melting away. I was starting to feel more connected and more whole than I’d ever felt before, in spite of my losses.


The Breakthrough Healing Moment

However, I had a persistent agoraphobia that made me feel unsafe in open spaces due to the trauma of narcissistic abuse. I was trying everything I could to heal myself. I was researching quantum physics and neuroscience and trying to assemble protocols. I was outsourcing the best of the best healers without success in shifting it. It happened that a girlfriend was going to Ko Samui, but I couldn’t go with her. She told me, “Come later,” but I was worried about how I’d manage the trip alone since I have agoraphobia and can’t even go to the shop without becoming a meltdown.

Despite this, I knew I had to go. So I did, and it was one of the most traumatising experiences of my life. I eventually got there, collapsed into her arms, and we went to the resort, where I felt safe again. After that, I could enjoy the holiday, but I still wanted to get out into Ko Samui, and I knew I couldn’t.

One day, alone in the hotel room, I set an intention that I was going to channel the healing answer to my agoraphobia. I opened up my heart, mind, and soul and immediately I started taking dictation. I was writing down protocols and healing steps. They were things that I knew in regard to Kinesiology and Theta Healing, but there were also things that I didn’t know, which were a deeper timeline aspect, more compartments of the subconscious to access. And there were also Source downloads that were much more impactful, richer, and bigger than I’d been used to.

Even though I didn’t know the details, I had goosebumps when they came to me (you may understand what I’m saying). I applied the first-ever Quanta Freedom Healing to myself, and two hours later, I was in Ko Samui, more playful, confident and connected to people than I had ever been my entire life. I knew something astounding had just happened.

I returned to Melbourne and stopped doing Holographic Healing with my clients. I said, “No, we’re doing Quanta Freedom Healing.” I discovered that their deep, persistent trauma was shifting as well.

Many of my clients had other therapists, psychologists, or domestic violence workers, and these therapists rang me up and asked, ” My client today was different than yesterday. What happened?” Then they came to see me for a Quanta Freedom Healing – because a lot of practitioners have got their own trauma too.

Through word of mouth, my business exploded. I had more clients than I could handle, and I knew I needed to create a healing program because news of Quanta Freedom Healing spread overseas. People that couldn’t even get to me were contacting for sessions.

Since its birth 15 years ago, the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program has helped tens of thousands of people from 150 different countries worldwide heal and release inner trauma with the Quanta Freedom Healing modules. I also have other programs that have been instrumental in helping people achieve this goal.

Before I explain more about Quanta Freedom Healing, it’s important for me to explain why healing from the inside out is vital.


Why Can’t We Heal Logically?

We know from our real-life experience that the obsession and the rumination that goes with narcissistic abuse are crazy. What ends up happening is that we are doing “stinking thinking”. We’re trying to think out of our obsessional thinking and get an answer or information that will give us closure and peace, but it just doesn’t work.

Why doesn’t it work? The reason is because the seat of our trauma and our painful programs is in our body. They’re not in our head. Wonderful neuroscientists such as Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, the late Candace Pert, and others, are now explaining to the world why the brain follows the body.

For example, I want you to say, “I think devastated,” and feel into it, then follow it up with “I think traumatised.”

These statements are disconnected. They’re like caveman talk. These statements should be, “I feel devastated. I feel traumatised,” because they’re going on in your body.

You cannot get into your body and heal logically – that’s like trying to access your television from a radio frequency. When we are in our head we are not healing what’s going on inside of us. Rather, we’re thinking about what hurts, causing more identification with our trauma, which makes it worse.

Now let’s look at trying to recover logically from another angle. What if you were hit by a car, lying on the road, bleeding, and people yelled at you to get up? Or went after the driver, and start tracking and researching him? You would not heal and may not survive. Ask yourself how many times have you told yourself to get on with it, or researched narcissism without attending to your inner wounds? Only inner healing heals your inner wounds, no different to physical wounds needing attention.

Just because you can’t see your inner trauma doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We have yet to realise that our inner emotional system is as powerful as our inner physical system when given the right environment and conditions to produce healing.

Now imagine you had an abscess and tried to put some cream and a bandage over it. It’s not going to get better. Lancing it and releasing the toxic infection creates space inside to heal. It’s exactly the same with internal trauma – it has to be released to create space for healing. Quanta Freedom Healing is incredibly effective because it does this. Whereas trying to ‘think’ it out keeps the trauma trapped inside.



What Is Quanta Freedom Healing?

Quanta Freedom Healing is the core component of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) and my other healing programs. These are audio healings that can be accessed from any device. Quanta Freedom Healing takes you into a deep theta brainwave, which bypasses the logical brain, to access inside your body, even if you’ve been struggling with rumination and obsession.

This level of healing is not just relaxation, it has intentions and energetic codes that access your subconscious. All you have to do open up, breathe, and follow my voice, and a few simple instructions. In fact, the less you do, the better the process works on you.

Quanta Freedom Healing loads up the trauma from different parts of your subconscious and releases it, which frees space inside you to receive the download of the True Source replacement, on whatever topic you’re working on. That gives you a shift out of  Who you were being, into your Higher Self potential on that topic.

This feels like relief, a release. It feels like space. Where that trauma once was, there is now the space for the healing – which is inspiration, outer solution and support – to enter. It’s the calm, the power and the wisdom to know what to do. As you get better on the inside, you do so much better on the outside. Support, synchronicity and miracle start to enter your life. Resolution and solution come in greater ways than you could imagine possible.

Narcissists can’t stand against with regular Quanta Freedom Healing work.  They’re a False Self in a lower consciousness of deceit and darkness. You have become a bright Light; fearless, with Source partnering you, no longer handing over narcissistic supply (fear and pain). With Quanta Freedom Healing, narcissists stop harassing you, leave your experience, capitulate, lose against you in court. You win custody, get good settlements, alienated children return to you. These breakthroughs and much more are common occurrences in our Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) Community.

Quanta Freedom Healing grants you a much deeper tool than the logical, practical experience that we’ve been trying to use to heal from abuse. Thank goodness, because narcissistic abuse is a battle for your soul! You know its spiritual – the insane feelings of being psychically infiltrated and having your life-force sucked out of you is not logical and practical.

Deep inner somatic healing is spiritual. It’s where healing has to take place.

We need a deeper healing solution.


Usual Quanta Freedom Healing Timeframes

Most people, from the first healing, feel it. If you’ve done a Quanta Freedom Healing you know that you feel relief, space and better. Generally, within one to three weeks, the obsessive rumination will start to calm down enough that you can eat, sleep, and function. Within one to three months, so much of your trauma will have melted, relieving disorders like Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, fibromyalgia, adrenal malfunction, anxiety, depression, and triggers.

Most people’s lives are unrecognisable within 6 to 18 months. They have rebooted emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically in ways that they weren’t able to access even before the abuse, even if abuse is all they’ve ever known. They’re living abuse-free lives and thriving in their new lives, regardless of what they lost and left behind in the past.


Who is Quanta Freedom Healing For?

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, or religious preference, whether you left 40 years ago or are still with this person. The person could be a lover, intimate partner, spouse, family member, friend, neighbour, or child – Quanta Freedom Healing is unconditional because it focuses on the trauma inside of you that is making you sick, hooked, and stuck in abuse programs.


Support With Quanta Freedom Healing

The healings work in a way that revolutionises how we heal. There is no more requirement to bash pillows and scream out wounds, or decipher and investigate your childhood logically for years to try to heal. Rather, with Quanta Freedom Healing, your body is signalled to “light up” the dense energy, then you simply feel it without information, follow my voice to let it go, replace it with The Light and experience life-changing shifts in minutes, as opposed to decades of work.

With the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP), as well as many additional resources, there is a Global Forum of Super Thrivers from all over the world, there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to lovingly support you and grant you true healing solutions.

In our wonderful NARP Community, we have seen it all – any inner and outer issue that you are struggling with. Also, unconscious abusers all do the same stuff and it’s highly predictable. We can guide you and let you know what’s coming up and how to get through it. We know how to do this quickly, powerfully and in the least painful and most empowering way no matter WHAT you are going through.

All of the incredible NARP Community Forum support comes completely free with your NARP program.

I hope you now have a much better understanding of the super-tool, Quanta Freedom Healing, which is responsible for us granting leading edge abuse and trauma recovery, worldwide. I most of all I want you to have hope that there is a way to heal for real.



At MTE we are thrilled about these results, that we live personally and share every day with people. It’s so much easier, more supportive and loving to heal this way.

It was important for me to make Quanta Freedom Healing and the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program as accessible as I could to as many people as possible. This is why I made the price of this complete life-time healing system a once only payment less than the usual price of three hours of therapy. I’ve also given you a small monthly payment option – with full access to all resources and unlimited time community support immediately.

Plus, I take all of the risk for you to try it. There’s a complete money back guarantee for you to try the life-changing Quanta Freedom Healing Modules in the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, and if you don’t receive spectacular results, with one email to you can receive a full refund of your money with no questions asked.

So, I hope that I’ve explained Quanta Freedom Healing and why trying to survive abuse and trauma has been so painful and hard. Narcissistic abuse doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

If you’d love to heal from abuse and expand into more success on every topic, I’d love to help you. Here is the link to NARP, and also you can read people’s Quanta Freedom Healing success stories here.

Let me know in the comments whether my explanation for Quanta Freedom Healing today makes sense. Also, if any of our lovely Thrivers would like to share their explanation or experience of Quanta Freedom Healing, please do!

I look forward to answering your questions and comments below.


No Justice in a Family Courtroom; A REAL MAN TAKES CARE OF HIS KIDS!

No Justice in a Family Courtroom; A REAL MAN TAKES CARE OF HIS KIDS!

Clark County, Nevada

May 2, 2023

Veterans In Politics Foundation had an opportunity to Court Observe this case in less than an hour we were intrigued by this case that we wanted to learn more.

We pulled the entire case file and were furious about the way the Eighth Judicial District Court Family Division would allow this father to continue to rack up financial legal bills for the mother and refuse to charge the father with the frivolous filings. In addition, allowing the father to continue to violate court orders by not paying his child support.

The biggest frustration we observed with this case is the hate the father has towards the mother. The hate is so great towards the mother that it blinds the father and his revenge for the mother made his daughter a casualty of his narcissistic world.

The child always pays the price of their parent’s mistakes.


The Court Cautioned Victor Sal Victoria “of letting the child down” The Court suggested the Father “stand by his word and … not disappoint the child.”  The Court made note of Victor’s already limited visitation, which he has not been exercising, and his lack of involvement in his child’s life. Victor has been an absentee parent for the majority of his child’s life.  Instead of spending time with his child he spends time filing frivolous motions in court and pretends to be someone he’s not.

Victor makes a six-figure income which he should be contributing to the care of his child. He has failed to pay a significant amount of money for child support, health insurance, unreimbursed medical expenses, etc.    Therefore, the child has to suffer because Victor will not contribute to his child’s needs.

For a few short months, Victor was allowed to have more visitation with his child than the few hours a week schedule.    Then the Judge quickly revoked that order due to Victor’s unsupervised behavior. This proves that he is not a fit father and has no intention of ever being the dad his child deserves.

Don’t take our word for it. Please click on the case file videos below:

  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Now it begins before Family Court Judge Potter on 10/06/10 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Continues before Family Court Judge Potter on 11/23/10

3. This is how you handle a Divorce & Custody! Matter before Family Court Judge Potter Victoria 2/1/11

  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Starts before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg on 1/16/20 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg on 3/17/20 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg on 5/19/20 1-7 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg 5/19/20 2-7 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg 5/19/20 3-7 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg 5/19/20 4-7 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg 5/19/20 5-7 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Let’s Go Before Family Court Judge Forsberg 5/19/20 6-7 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg 5/19/20 7-7 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Rhonda Forsberg 9/7/21 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Bad Audio Before Family Court Judge Forsberg 1/18/22 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Senior Court Judge Gerald Hardcastle 6/14/22 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Super Senior Court Judge Cherry 8/16/22 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Get the Ref a Nametag 10/25/22 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Get the Ref a Nametag 11/8/22 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/16/23 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 1-8 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 2-8 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 3-8 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 4-8 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 5-8 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 6-8 
  1. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 7-8 

27. Victor Sal Victoria vs Victoria Matter! Before Family Court Judge Marli Parlade’ 3/24/23 8-8



Wife of Family Court Attorney; Exposes State Bar, DA Child Support, Police, and Family Court Judge!

Wife of Family Court Attorney; Exposes State Bar, DA Child Support, Police, and Family Court Judge!

Clark County Nevada

April 23, 2023


Veterans In Politics International has exposed the criminal, unethical, and violations of Federal and State Laws regarding Family Court since 2016 none-stop. Since our involvement, this topic has garnered much attention.

The behaviors in this article are horrendous, to say the least, and we felt it would be best told by the litigant herself.

Here is her nightmare:

Hello, my name is TARA KELLOGG. I am the ex-wife of ALEX GHIBAUDO ESQ. I filed for divorce, which was finalized on February 1, 2017, after 16 years of marriage. We have one child together, born May 17, 2001. I will now give you a relatively brief summation (infra) to establish the basis/foundation of what has transpired. From there, you can see why I reasonably believe a Federal Lawsuit is warranted against the State of Nevada for egregiously blatant, undeniably intentional, and unimaginable willful violations of my Civil and 14th Amendment due process rights. Further, I have all the evidentiary documents and documentation to prove my powerful FEDERAL CIVIL CASE against the STATE OF NEVADA well beyond a reasonable doubt.

My record keeping is impeccable and thorough, as you will soon find out if/when you need anything related to my following assertions and claims. Now comes my factual timeline and the prima facie elements to prove The State of Nevada’s intentional and willful misconduct towards me. The State’s misconduct has actually and proximately caused my disability damages (actual and punitive). Alternatively, at the very least, the facts below will prove the prima facie case for unthinkable negligence, in which the State owed me a duty, breached that duty, and as such, has actually and proximately caused damages to which I am entitled.

STATE-LICENSED ATTORNEY ALEX GHIBAUDO graduated from law school in 2006 and started his first (failed) law firm in 2008. By August 2009, Ghibaudo was suspended from the practice of law for the following reasons:

 Several acts of (physical, emotional, financial, and psychological) Domestic Violence from 2003 through 2014 (Ghibaudo’s reinstatement).

 Alcoholism.

 Repeated violations of Protective Orders.

 Repeatedly abandoning clients.

 Failing to provide an accounting of client funds.

 Criminal misuse of clients’ IOLTA accounts, past and present).

 Failing to respond to the office of bar counsel after repeated requests regarding multiple grievance files.

 Making several “unprofessional, threatening, and demeaning telephone calls” to other attorneys.

Alex Ghibaudo Misconduct: (A) Foundation and summary:

  1. Judge Lisa Brown was my first Judge. Judge Brown recused herself to avoid the appearance of impropriety because Ghibaudo repeatedly contacted her by email and phone.
  1. Judge T. Arthur Ritchie was appointed the new Judge. I had an opportunity to “spin the wheel” for $500.00 and get a judge better or worse than Ritchie. Attorney Creel and Willick said Judge Ritchie was the best option; “Judge Richie is by the book Ritchie.” I now know that Willick and Creel fed me a lie. They believed I was a big fish and would pay substantial fees, knowing damn well Ritchie would drag out enforcement of my Decree indefinitely.
  1. Judge Ritchie had the simple task of enforcing my divorce decree signed by Judge Lisa Brown.
  1. Throughout 2017-2023, Judge Ritchie has NEVER enforced any provision in my Divorce Decree.
  1. Ritchie despised my divorce decree and had no intention of ever enforcing the decree resulting from the required settlement conference.
  1. In 2019, my attorney of record was Sigal Chattah. During a hearing in 2019, Ritchie threw down my Divorce Decree on his bench while shouting,” This is crap.”
  1. All that was needed from Ritchie was to enforce Judge Brown’s finding of facts and enforce my divorce decree “as is”, “not make up his version of “Ritchie Law instead.”; Hence, this is where all the” judges-attorney’s club” privileges, corruption, blatant bias towards non-attorneys, judicial misconduct, and Ghibaudo misconduct begin and end since no one in power is doing anything to end it, even now. Unfortunately, this same misconduct persists going back eight years.
  1. Refused to require Ghibaudo to produce personal and business tax returns annually to determine child and spousal support per Divorce Decree.



On 3/6/2017–I sought and received a TPO against GHIBAUDO. Ghibaudo and his girlfriend, Elske Shipp, sent illegal, unwelcome, unsolicited pornographic images on my cell phone of the two engaged in sexual intercourse. The text messages lasted 44 minutes.

On 7/18/2017–Trevor Creel Esq. filed a STATE Bar complaint against Ghibaudo. (Trevor Creel’s Bar complaint was systematically dismissed and disposed of)

   Rule 8.3.  Reporting Professional Misconduct.

(a) A lawyer who knows that another lawyer has violated the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to that lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects, shall inform the appropriate professional authority.

Hearing on 8/22/2017 

Alex – “Your honor, just like what I put on the record, what I mentioned to you off the record before Court.

Ritchie – What did you say?

Alex – just like what I put on the record, what I mentioned to you off the record before Court.

Ritchie – I don’t want you to make some notion that we had some dialogue before Court.

Ritchie and Alex had dialogue before Court, and I believe they have had several conversations outside of Court. This is highly improper and constitutes extreme judicial misconduct. No other Judge on the “up and up” would ever allow such a private conversation with one party (an attorney, no less) without the other party being present. Since Ritchie allowed as much, this reeks of corruption and strategizing as a co-conspirator with Ghibaudo on exhausting my attorney funds until I drop out.

I believe wholeheartedly that Ghibaudo and Ritchie communicate regularly about this case.

  1. Ritchie knows Ghibaudo’s false allegations before he spews them from his mouth.
  1. Ritchie knows Ghibaudo’s request for unrelated relief (not written in motion) before he requests such.

Hearing on 10/6/17 

  1. Judge Ritchie provides Ghibaudo with tax and business advice while I pay attorney fees to Willick, Creel, and Creel’s paralegal. Alex pays nothing.
  1. Alex continues to lie about his financials disseminated online by me without a single shred of proof.

EVIDENTIARY HEARING-Ritchie avoids the unsettled divorce decree provisions because he refuses to hear them.

Ritchie – “I’m going to do my best to close this thing out.” (a lie, or even worse, could be construed as “closing this thing out” as the functional equivalent of “until Ms. Kellogg’s attorney’s fees are exhausted, and she can’t afford to come back into my courtroom.”

My case is still ongoing 8 years later. Does that seem like “closing this thing out” to you or any reasonable person or Judge?” Hell no.

On November 7, 2017, a JUDGMENT against Ghibaudo was signed by STATE ELECTED Judge T. Arthur Ritchie. Including:

  1. Child Support Arrears.
  1. Medical Insurance Arrears for the minor child.
  1. Family Support Arrears (the Judgment is still unpaid).

2017 – Numerous status checks occur every six days to ensure Ghibaudo paid the MINIMUM amount per the divorce decree, which rarely happens. Continued status checks cost more attorney fees than the minimum support obligation. This was, and still is, Ritchie’s intentional design to financially force me out of further litigation against Alex by completely exhausting my attorney funds to continue.

Not an attorney fee award is in sight from Ritchie (I stopped counting after Ritchie hit one dozen (12) deferred attorney fee requests, even though the relevant statute Ritchie is supposed to follow states that all litigants need to be on equal financial grounds. If not, the litigant with the higher income is statutorily mandated to pay the lesser-earning litigant’s attorney fees. The statutory relevance here is to keep everything equally balanced between the parties (especially when the higher-earning litigant is filing frivolous motions to exhaust the lower-earning litigant’s attorney fees deliberately).

Per the Decree of Divorce, Ghibaudo is to provide his tax returns for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 to determine child support and alimony amount according to Ghibaudo’s income. Ritchie Never enforced the production of tax returns, Schedule C Profit and Loss statements, DFDF, etc.

To avoid a Writ of Execution, Writ of Garnishment, Alex filed a fraudulent motion indicating that HIS registered agent did not serve him with the documents. Alex’s ridiculous claim is that his registered agent is mine and my family’s 20+ years of friends.

Alex then embellished his initial lie under penalty of perjury (again) with another completely fabricated falsehood (by saying his registered agent would spend Christmas with my family, celebrate birthdays, take trips, etc.). These are All Lies under oath, no less.

Ritchie then unreasonably determined that Alex’s absurd and blatant lies somehow warranted scheduling another expensive evidentiary for which I would have to foot the bill and based on no reasonable grounds. Each time Ritchie forces me to humor Alex’s lies and fabrications in Court, I am the only one forced to pay attorney fees.

Alex, a somehow licensed attorney still, represents himself pro bono.

Further, Ritchie never mandates that Alex pay my attorney fees even though it’s the law, which is also required in my divorce decree.

Here, Ritchie set aside two full days in August 2021. Alex repeatedly lied, perjured himself, and could not remember his numerous lies; thus, he constantly got tripped up by my attorney, Jonathan Nelson.

On Day 2 of Evidentiary Heating, Alex requested a continuance. The request was denied. At the end of day two, Ritchie ruled that “the beef” between Alex and his Registered Agent was between them. This was a fact Ritchie knew or should have known before even scheduling such a ridiculous evidentiary hearing premised on such a frivolous motion filed by his buddy Alex.

Thus, I prevailed (as Ritchie couldn’t appear that blatantly corrupt, especially if there were a chance his bias toward Alex might be publicized on YouTube, etc).

This is why courtroom transparency is needed, or judicial corruption would continue to be buried under cover of & “sealed case adjudication without cause”).

However, this little “evidentiary hearing stunt” pulled off by Ghibaudo and Ritchie, in cahoots with one another, still cost me thousands of dollars to defend the ridiculousness orchestrated by both Ritchie and Alex (to drain my attorney fee resources continually).

Further, on the same day, Ghibaudo changed his LLC (Limited Liability Company filed with the Secretary of State), making it impossible to collect the 2017 judgment.

Judge Ritchie knew about this, allowed it illegally, and did nothing to remedy Guibaudo’s wrong. Once again, Ritchie is exhausting more of my attorney fees ($250K to date and counting) on an unnecessary evidentiary hearing causing me even more financial hardship (without ever awarding attorney fees) that no other reasonable judge would have ever entertained over Ghibaudo choosing his Registered Agent. (a registered agent, my family nor I had any input or influence over Ghibaudo’s decision to do such). Unbelievable.

GHIBAUDO’S suspension lasted for five years, and he was reinstated in 2014, followed by a two-year (“stay out of trouble”) probationary period. However, that was a seemingly impossible State Bar requirement. GHIBAUDO could not escape trouble and was arrested on January 1, 2016.

Further, GHIBAUDO did not report his arrest to the Nevada State Bar as per the terms of his suspension.

Hearing 2/26/18 – Trevor Creel files a request for a lien against me for non-payment of $61,000, although I paid them well over $50,000.00. Ghibaudo is a working attorney with a substantial income. He refuses to pay support, judgments, etc. In contrast, I was a full-time housewife and mother to our ill daughter. My level of education at the time of separation was high school, and I received an AA degree in 2017. Ghibaudo was present at the hearing. He wants Judge Ritchie to confirm that he is in no way responsible for the attorney fees from the Willick Law Group, and Ritchie assures him that this is my debt.

On 3/19/2018—Alex Ghibaudo was held in Contempt of STATE Court for failure to pay court-ordered support in January, February, and March 2018.

On 9/13/2018— Sigal Chattah submitted a STATE Bar complaint against Alex Ghibaudo Esq., for threats and harassment. (The complaint was systematically dismissed and disposed of).

On 10/31/2018-Ghibaudo unilaterally and illegally stopped paying all court-ordered support per the established and controlling divorce decree on October 30, 2018.

On 3/20/2019— Tara Kellogg and Nicole Ghibaudo were granted a TPO against Alex Ghibaudo for threats to cause physical harm, harassment, and stalking.

On 6/27/2019—ELSKE SHIPP (under GHIBAUDO’S direction again) hacked into my USAA account to receive unauthorized information on my two children and me. I received a text message from USAA stating: “You were recently added to the personal profile of ELSKE SHIPP. If you have any questions, please call 800-292-8995.” I discovered that SHIPP accessed the account I opened in 2014, and SHIPP wrongfully added herself as a fiancé. I immediately worked with USAA to secure my and my children’s personal information to circumvent any identity theft by Shipp (who was arrested and/or convicted of various crimes herself independently of GHIBAUDO).

On 8/9/2019—I, Tara Kellogg, submitted a STATE Bar complaint against Alex Ghibaudo

  1. Failure to pay court-ordered support obligations.
  1. Failure to disclose a conflict of interest between Ghibaudo and Hearing Master, Jennifer Henry assigned to cases adjudicated Complainainant’s Request for Temporary Protective Orders, all in violation of Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct 3.5 (a-b): 8.4 c-(f):

On 8/26/2019—I received a letter from Phillip J. Pattee (STATE Bar Counsel) at the Nevada State Bar. The letter concluded, “No further action will be taken in this matter.”

On 9/5/2019—I, Tara Kellogg, sent STATE Chief Justice Mark Gibbons a certified letter with supporting documentation about Nevada State Bar Counsel Phillip J. Pattee. “I believe the investigatory and disciplinary process is being abused or ignored. I also believe that Bar Counsel Phillip J. Pattee is biased, lacking objectivity when reviewing complaints about Alex Ghibaudo.”

On September 25, 2019—the STATE Supreme Court of Nevada Re: Your Correspondence Dated September 5, 2019

“Your letter dated September 5, 2019, along with exhibits, has been forwarded to me for a response. As there is pending litigation in this matter. Chief Justice Gibbons is unable to intervene or advise you in this matter. Your letter and exhibits will be forwarded to the Executive Director of the Nevada State Bar for consideration. Sincerely Elizabeth A. Brown Esq. Clerk of Court.” (I never heard from the Nevada State Bar).

On 9/26/2019–Criminal Conspiracy by Ghibaudo, Elske Shipp, and Heather Bekish.

  1. The inception of the first Fake Facebook page, “Hekela Koa” developed and devoted to disparaging, harassing, and stalking me (Tara) incessantly.
  1. In total Ghibaudo, Shipp, and Bekish developed 7 Fake Facebook pages.

On 10/2019–SHIPP (“high as a kite”) contacted my then family law attorney Sigal Chattah and demanded that my bank statements be directly sent to Shipp’s email address without authority or authorization whatsoever. SHIPP has no reason, right, or basis for requesting my bank statements.

On 10/28/2019–I contacted the STATE-appointed Henderson Police Department because of the relentless and continued online harassment from SHIPP/GHIBAUDO. Upon information and belief, the Henderson Police Department contacted SHIPP and advised SHIPP to stop engaging in this behavior and misconduct. However, SHIPP flouted authority and continued engaging in said behavior. SHIPP was empowered and emboldened by GHIBAUDO as a STATE licensed officer of the court.

Ghibaudo continued telling SHIPP “It was “okay” to carry on with the harassment. Thereafter, the Henderson Police Department inexplicably closed the case within minutes after learning GHIBAUDO was a STATE licensed attorney. Ghibaudo threatened to sue them (calling the officers “pigs” in the process).

On 10/30/2019–GHIBAUDO and SHIPP unlawfully and without permission attempted to access my Capital One account. I received a message from Capital One that my account had been locked out due to too many failed attempts. Henderson Police Department Incident Report No. LHP191025000778.

AGAIN, the Henderson Police Department did Nothing because they were intimidated by a STATE licensed attorney (Ghibaudo) threatening to sue them.

On 10/30/2019–GHIBAUDO and SHIPP attempted to unlawfully and without permission access my PayPal account from an unknown mobile device.

November 2019—Conference call with STATE elected District Attorney Steven Wolfson, Suzi Trubi, Assistant Director of Child Support Enforcement, my dad, Dr. Joseph Kellogg, and me.

The conference call addressed Alex Ghibaudo’s failure to pay Spousal Support since October 30, 2018, and child support arrearages and Child Support Enforcement’s ultimate failure to enforce.

In addition, we further discussed NRS 201.020. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this conference call resulted in nothing of consequence (like virtually everything else at the STATE level whenever my CIVIL OR DUE PROCESS RIGHTS are at issue.

NRS 201.020  Penalties; jurisdiction.

1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, a person who knowingly fails to provide for the support of his or her:

(a) Spouse or former spouse;

(b) Minor child; or

(c) a Child who upon arriving at the age of majority is unable to provide support for himself or herself because of infirmity, incompetency, or other legal disability that was contracted before the child reached the age of majority, Ê as ordered by a court, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

2.  A person who violates the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a category C felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130 if:

(a) The person’s arrearages for nonpayment of the child support or spousal support ordered by a court total $10,000 or more and have accrued over any period since the date that a court first ordered the defendant to provide for such support; or

(b) It is a second or subsequent violation of subsection 1 or an offense committed in another jurisdiction that, if committed in this State, would be a violation of subsection 1, and the person’s arrearages for nonpayment of the child support or spousal support ordered by a court total $5,000 or more and have accrued over any period since the date that a court first ordered the defendant to provide for such support.

3.  A prosecution for a violation of subsection 1 may be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in any county in which:

(a) A court has issued a valid order for the defendant to pay child support or spousal support;

(b) The defendant resides;

(c) The custodial parent or custodian of the child for whom the defendant owes child support resides;

(d) The spouse or former spouse to whom the defendant owes spousal support resides; or

(e) The child for whom the defendant owes child support resides.

[1:170:1923; NCL § 10516]—(NRS A 1965, 1440; 1967, 474; 1969, 271; 1979, 1284; 1983, 1878; 1995, 1196; 1999, 1208, 3568; 2001, 278).

In direct reference to this statute supra, GHIBAUDO OWES ME OVER $300,000.00 IN SUPPORT ARREAGES, which are still unpaid, yet the STATE-elected D.A. Wolfson never found such egregious criminal violations by STATE-licensed GHIBAUDO “necessary enough” to pursue, past or present.

Instead, Woflson nonchalantly stated, “He did not want to get involved in pursuing this blatant CRIME.” This is coming from the D.A. which has a statutory and elected duty (that was breached) to pursue willful and egregious crimes against victims, including but not limited to families and especially children!

Then Nevada State Bar renews Alex Ghibaudo’s law license annually. The State Bar knows full well that he does not pay his court-ordered support obligation, judgments, and attorney fees.

In 2019 and 2020–GHIBAUDO, SHIPP, and a new player/agent in their sick and twisted game, one HEATHER BEKISH (Bekish is a disgruntled ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend), posted a Craigslist ad offering “my” sexual services to strangers. The ad provided my phone number. I received numerous terrifying, unwanted, unsolicited, and lewd phone calls and voice messages (I have one saved voicemail for evidentiary purposes).

In 2019-2020, BEKISH, SHIPP, and GHIBAUDO publicly shared my medical information, bank statements, bank account numbers, and Deposition of Tara Kellogg. My private information was posted online, in emails, and in text messages. The trio disseminated my information in my sealed Family Law case. I repeatedly requested STATE elected Judge Ritchie safeguard my protected information just as Ritchie would a juvenile. He ignored my request, just as he had done for years (multiple breaches of his duty as a STATE elected family law Judge).

As discussed supra, and on other occasions, SHIPP, GHIBAUDO, and BEKISH have engaged in an online and in-person campaign of harassment, defamation, abuse, stalking, and other atrocious conduct towards me, as explicitly discussed above and below.

SHIPP, BEKISH, and GHIBAUDO admitted to their goal and purpose of accomplishing the above-discussed objectives and admitted the same in writing and orally.

On 4/3/2020–I received a letter from my health insurance provider (Aetna). The letter said that Alex Ghibaudo from the Law Firm G Law contacted Aetna to inform them of his power of attorney status. This assertion by GHIBAUDO to Aetna was a blatant lie and completely misrepresentative and illegal since I gave GHIBAUDO no such authorization to say or do so.

On 8/2/2020—An email to STATE-elected Steven Wolfson outlining Ghibaudo’s failure to pay child support, court-ordered spousal support payments, and Larry Bertsch’s Forensic Accounting report. The report concludes Ghibaudo’s misuse of two (2) IOLTA accounts and refusal to provide documents, statements, and tax returns.

On 8/9/2020—Phil Pattee (Nevada STATE Bar, Bar Counsel) emailed my attorney, Chris Reade.

Please note that the email is dated one month before the court granted Ghibaudo’s Law License Suspension for failure to pay Court-Ordered Child Support.

The email explicitly states as follows verbatim (an unimaginable STATE-authored admission of an intentional and willful breach of duty):

“I got a call from Phil Pattee at the State Bar Office of Bar Counsel. He noted that they had received the information on child support from the CCDA and would be doing Nothing further with it. He said that the District Attorney has no authority to suspend a law license and knows it has no authority to suspend a law license. He said as he chuckles when he gets another complaint against Alex, he puts it in his 3” thick file on Alex. He said this one would likewise be put in Alex’s file but Nothing further would be done at this time.”

On 8/12/2020—STATE sponsored Child Support Enforcement-District Attorney’s Notice of Motion and Motion to Suspend Alex Ghibaudo’s Law License to Practice Law in the State Of Nevada is granted. (Yet, Ghibaudo did not pay, nor was his Law License suspended per order).

Here, another breach of duty is shown by this agency since such an ordered suspension is specifically what their job is (enforcing payment or imposing the appropriate penalties).

On 8/21/2020— An email from STATE elect Steven Wolfson to me confirming that Child Support Enforcement is pursuing the suspension of Alex Ghibaudo’s Law License for failure to pay child support.

ORDER September 17, 2020: 

The Court finds that Tara is willfully underemployed to maximize her spousal support claim, that the income should be imputed to her for the period between October 2017- the present (8 months after the Divorce decree was signed) (The NRS code states that you cannot retroactively decrease support). The Court can appropriately calculate the NET (the divorce decree states that all calculations are determined GROSS, not NET) support that is due during this time and that amount based on the evidence presented is $2,000 a month.

The Court further finds that Alex is employed as an attorney who incorporated his law firm with the Nevada Secretary of State about six months after the settlement conference on December 19, 2016. (Per the settlement agreement, all assets will remain community property until divorce).

The Court further finds the duration of the marriage, which was 13 years. (WRONG 15 years, 6 months) YOU DUMB FUCK. SIX YEARS ON MY CASE, AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE YEARS OF MARRIAGE!

The Court further Finds that the Court considered the earning capacity, age, and health of each spouse. Alex has an earning capacity of $140,000 per year; Tara’s earning capacity is $24,000 per year.

The Court Further Finds that the Court considers the standard of living during the marriage and finds the marriage, both parties had financial and personal issues. So that is not a compelling consideration in this case. (Ghibaudo had personal and financial issues; hence, drugs, alcohol, hookers, strip joints, and supporting random girlfriends).

In 1999 Alex moved into my 3,000 sq ft house with a pool valued at $650,000.00 and drove my $60,000 car to begin his education at CSN. (Alex had nothing.) He pissed everything away). Please see my attached deed. I stupidly added Ghibaudo to the deed to my house.

The Court Further Finds that the Court considered the career before marriage of the spouse who received alimony. Here, Tara has been taking college courses for years and has received an Associate Degree. She is currently seeking a bachelor’s degree and made effort in that regard.

I started school at CSN in 2013 while being the sole caretaker of our minor child and housewife.

I was unable to continue school and graduate from UNLV. However, Alex strategically stopped paying support on October 30, 2018. He knew full well that I would soon receive my Bachelor’s Degree. Ghibaudo does not want me to obtain an education and has made this known throughout our marriage.

The Court Further Finds that the Court considers the award of property granted in the Decree.

There was not much property granted in the Decree of Divorce to either party. (DUH! Alex stole over $700,000.00 from me. He took out a second and third mortgage on my house to afford his deplorable, vile lifestyle while living in San Francisco and attending Law School. My money provided “UNKNOWINGLY” his animalistic lifestyle behind my back.

Additionally, Alex sold my $80,000.00 vehicle and $10,000 engagement ring. He sold all the furnishings in my house and borrowed over $100,000.00 from my parents without repayment. My home foreclosed in 2009.

The Court has continuing jurisdiction to modify unaccrued periodic alimony payments outlined in a Decree of Divorce upon showing changed circumstances. NRS 125.150(8) (Ritchie imputed income retroactively back to 2017).

The only change in circumstances is the substantial increase in Ghibaudo’s income. Alex’s income increasing x 3.

The Court may consider, among other factors, a party’s earning capacity, not just income, when determining a fair and equitable alimony award. NRS 125.150.

Ghibaudo and I participated in a settlement conference and agreed on all terms, At any time any party could petition the Court for a divorce.


  1. My disability was never mentioned in the settlement conference and agreement.
  1. My disability is NOT mentioned in Divorce Decree. Why? Because it’s nobody’s business.
  1. Judge Ritchie used the required Financial Disclosure Form (FDF) questionnaire against me. The FDF asks two questions under penalty of perjury.
  2. Do you have a disability? Yes
  1. If yes, please provide supporting documentation. I provided the same documentation supplied to the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) required by the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

On 8/21/2020— An email from STATE elect Steven Wolfson to me confirming that Child Support Enforcement is pursuing the suspension of Alex Ghibaudo’s Law License for failure to pay child support.

  1. Judge Ritchie never enforced any provision in my Divorce Decree in six (6) years.
  1. Refused to enforce child support
  1. Refused to enforce health insurance for Ghibaudo’s daughter, EVER.
  1. Refused to enforce Marital Debt.

On 9/26/2020—Shipp, Ghibaudo, and Bekish created a Facebook account (“Hekela Koa”). The newly aligned trio created seven (7) Facebook accounts for inflicting emotional and mental distress upon me through relentless cyberstalking, cyberbullying, harassment, and other unlawful, actionable acts on a criminal and civil level. AGAIN, the Henderson Police Department did Nothing to protect or secure my 14th Amendment due process or any of my civil rights. Multiple breaches of their express duty to the public to protect and serve ALL victims, not just selectively.

On 10/19/2020–Cease and Desist letter was mailed to Elske Shipp and Heather Bekish from Chris Reade Esq. The letter went ignored and the harassment continued.

On 1/11/2021— Chris Reade Esq. filed TPO against Alex Ghibaudo for threats against Tara Kellogg and family members.

  1. Ghibaudo said he would physically, financially, and personally “fuck Ms. Kellogg up” and would make her wish that she were dead.
  1. Ghibaudo doubled down on his threats and said he would take out his frustrations on Ms. Kellogg physically and her family, whom Mr. Ghibaudo alleges was behind Ms. Kellogg’s litigation.
  1. Ghibaudo said he would retract the physical threats if Ms. Kellogg agreed to “specific settlement terms in good faith. This physical threat by Ghibaudo, in exchange for a compromised civil settlement, is unequivocally clear, blatant, and illegal extortion, in which the County D.A. and various STATE courts of competent jurisdiction deliberately turned yet another blind eye to STATE-LICENSED Ghibaudo’s criminal conduct.

On 1/11/2021—An Email from STATE appointed Assistant Director Suzi Truby (Child Support Enforcement) to my Attorney Chris Reade informing Mr. Reade that Assistant District Attorney Adam Hughes will not suspend Alex Ghibaudo’s Law License for failure to pay child support after all.

Note: STATE attorney Hughes had no discretion or authority to make such a unilateral move outside his scope of authority. This decision came after Hughes spoke with STATE Bar counsel Phil Pattee, and was told by Pattee that Hughes had no such authority to suspend GHIBAUDO’s law license even though the STATE statute clearly says otherwise.

On 1/19/2021—I drove to the Henderson Police Station at 225 E Sunset Rd. The previous police reports made at my home were fruitless. As such, the “trio’s” threats and harassment increased exponentially because the Henderson Police Department enabled their misconduct towards me and essentially encouraged it by their non-action.

Upon request, I provided a detailed police report, including violations of the protective order issued on 1/11/2021. Police Officer Hendrickson “conveniently,” said the TPO does not mention/cover social media. Therefore, the threats, harassment, and stalking continued and increased substantially, even though clear and unambiguous NEVADA STATE STATUTES are in place that say otherwise.

Hearing February 3, 2021: 

Attorney Chris Reade filed a motion for an order to show cause, attorney fees, and costs.

Ghibaudo failed to pay 39 months of court-ordered support out of 40 months. Monies paid to enforce divorce decree $300,000.00, Ritchie – Denied.

Hearing June 2, 2021- Clark County Family Court Judge Arthur RITCHIE THREATENS ME!! 

Ritchie – that should Plaintiff attempt to enforce this Court’s prior orders or her awards of support Plaintiff would be acting at Plaintiff’s own risk.

On 7/16/2021–Email correspondence between Chris Reade Esq., and Alex Ghibaudo Esq., and cc’d to my dad, Dr. Joseph Kellogg.

The emails said as follows:

  1. “If your client refuses this reasonable request (continuance), I will seek sanctions and attorney fees. When Ritchie denies it because he’s covering your client, because he’s white like you all are, I will appeal it. (Alex calls Ritchie Racist).

“If you think this is a fucking game I’ll play and mine will be to drain those ghoulish parents of hers (Tara’s) of every fucking penny he may have…you listening Joe? (Tara Kellogg’s father, Dr. Joseph Kellogg). Do you want to reconsider or not? Respond.

  1. “By the way, tomorrow every single unflattering picture of hers (Tara) is going up and I will tell the story publicly. It’s all coming out now. Fuck this, I will not be extorted by a POS.”
  1. “Just keep getting that retainer refreshed because this won’t end anytime soon so long as your old POS daughter keeps playing her stupid fucking games old man.

Just wait till I tell the world what a piece of shit you and your family are.

  1. Chris Reade Esq. emailed me the following:
  1. “He is high as a kite, But Tara, if you don’t think this email accusing Ritchie of racism is not an exhibit, you are grossly mistaken. WTH was he thinking?
  1. “He also indicated that he intends to vexatiously drain your parents. That’s an abuse of process that he just admitted to.”
  1. Email dated August 12, 2021. In the email from Ghibaudo to Shipp (Ghibaudo’s girlfriend) and cc’d to Bekish (the disgruntled ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend Mike A/K/A Hoyt Torrey).
  1. The email directs Shipp and Bekish to create another fake Facebook account or send disparaging, deplorable, disgusting flyers to my neighbors sent anonymously.

The intent is: “I aim to force this bitch to kill herself.” 

  1. To date, Ghibaudo, Shipp, and Bekish have created seven (7) fake Facebook accounts to stalk, harass and threaten me to “the point I kill myself” (as intended by the email I provided you from Alex and cc’d Elske Shipp (Ghibaudo’s girlfriend) and Heather Bekish (the disgruntled ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend Mike A/K/A Hoyt Torrey).
  1. Ghibaudo’s threats throughout the years must be taken seriously. Ghibaudo has a long string of severe DV arrests and convictions against me and his current girlfriend.
  1. In 2020, Ghibaudo disseminated my bank statements and deposition to his minions and many others.
  1. Ghibaudo makes physical threats directly to my 80-year-old dad, Dr. Joseph Kellogg.
  1. Ghibaudo threatens my dad with his intent to continue litigation indefinitely. (Emails in my possession).
  1. TPO sought and received by attorney Chris Reade against Ghibaudo. (See TPO in my possession).
  1. Phil Pattee enables Alex (Read the Chris email about the 3-inch binder BS).
  1. The State Bar runs unchecked in Clark County (DA Wolfson does not want to “get involved”).
  1. Ghibaudo and Shipp commit perjury (See perjury folder in my possession). Discuss the videotaped lying testimony by Alex and Shipp vs. the phone records exposing those lies.

Here, the courts, DA, or state Bar have done zero. about it.

On August 12, 2021, an email authored by GHIBAUDO (on his business letterhead, no less) to SHIPP and BEKISH read verbatim in its entirety as follows:

“Heather, are you opposed to starting another Facebook page about them both? I can feed you all sorts of information and shield and protect you from any kind of liability. My goal is to utterly destroy both of them. I’m not fucking around with these pieces of shit anymore. One idea I like is to print out pictures of the two of them together, attach them to his disbarment doc, and distribute them to her entire neighborhood; all, of them. I’m willing to mail it if we cannot get in.


SHIPP, BEKISH, and GHIBAUDO admitted to their goal and purpose of accomplishing the above-discussed objectives and admitted the same in writing and orally.

On 8/16/2021— STATE-backed judge Ritchie required an unprecedented, improper, unfounded, abnormal, and unheard-of two-day Evidentiary Hearing on a Writ of Execution/Writ of Garnishment.

On August 17, 2021, Ghibaudo changed his LLC to defraud me in violation of NRS 89.022.

From 2018 through 10/2021, I, Tara Kellogg, filed twenty-eight (28) police reports for continued threats, harassment, and stalking with the STATE approved Henderson Police Department.

  1. ALL police reports were closed without investigation (blatant breach of duty).
  1. Seven police reports were left blank.
  1. Eight Police reports had basic information incorrect, such as my name.
  1. On 10/03/2022, Officer Eric Bohn from the Henderson Police Officer reopened my case(s) and forwarded it to the Cybercrimes Unit.
  1. In March 2023, Detective Vargason from the Henderson Police Department (Cybercrimes Unit) contacted me three (3) months after I provided:
  • The flash drive included threats, harassment, relentless stalking, grotesque, deplorable, vile, repugnant photos of me, including my name: Tara R. Kellogg, Tara Rae, Tara Rae Kellogg
  • My sworn declaration/affidavit.
  1. Detective Vargason dared to inquire how long it would take to view the flash drive (as if he did not want to be unduly burdened from doing the exact job he is paid very well for).
  1. I was incredibly insulted by Detective Vargason and “matter of factly” assured him that the length of time it might take him to do his job would be substantially less time than it took me to put all of the “nightmarish documentation together for him (unpaid no less).
  1. I contacted Detective Vargason approximately one (1) month later for an update. Not surprisingly and conveniently, Detective Vargason “did not see any crimes, harassment, stalking, threats, etc”. Although, the last email I received from Ghibaudo specifically stated, “I aim for this Bitch to kill herself.” There is Nothing to see here, I guess (unbelievable).

On November 23, 2021– Ghibaudo was exactly three years (36) months behind in his court-ordered-support obligation.

Jonathan (JK) Nelson said, Ms. Kellogg is continually prejudiced by your failure to act.

Ritchie set an Order to Show Cause for February 2022. Why?? Because Jonathan Nelson was spot on!

Michancy Cramer said in Open Court, “Tara can go sleeping around with half of California. 

Ritchie said NOTHING!!

Ghibaudo held in contempt. However, Ritchie emphatically refused to implement a $500.00 fine for each month Ghibaudo failed to pay support or incarcerate Ghibaudo for failure to pay Court ordered support for a whopping 39 months.

Instead, Ritchie held me in contempt for sharing hearing videos (currently on appeal).

Ghibaudo disseminating my bank statements and other financial docs, deposition, etc., from the evidentiary hearing from May 2019-September 2020. This can be proven.

Ritchie decreased my alimony retroactively and substantially. Ritchie declared that I do not have a disability. However, my disability was never mentioned in the settlement conference or the Divorce Decree. Why? Because it’s nobody’s damn business.

When did this Family Court Judge become a medical doctor?

Ritchie was seeking any reason to decrease my alimony by any means. I stupidly answered honestly on an FDF, “Do you have a disability? Under the Penalty of Perjury, I answered yes.

(Although, it’s nobody’s fucking business) The question further asked me to provide documentation. Thus, I logged into My UNLV account and provided the same documentation I had provided the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at UNLV.

The letter from my psychiatrist and the document from the Social Security Administration. I have the evidence to support this as well.

Ritchie discriminates against people with disabilities, and he is sexist and racist.

Judge Arthur Ritchie, needs immediate removal from the bench before continuing the mountains of destruction, and he MUST be stopped.

On 1/27/2022—Tara Kellogg was ordered to be present for a Deposition at Ghibaudo’s office by Ghibaudo.

Such an order was inherently dangerous since it put me at severe risk of having to be in the same room with an individual who had been arrested and/or convicted more than 30 times for assaulting me in the past.

Including two acts of strangulation. The STATE discovery commissioner ruled against me and my legitimate safety concerns in favor of being unreasonably placed in danger at Ghibaudo’s office. What is so outrageous here is that this was during the height of COVID when such depositions were routinely conducted by” bluejeans” for far less.

Thus, I employed a retired Metro Police Officer to accompany me during the “ridiculous” seven hours Ghibaudo kept the deposition going for his amusement (like a cat taunting a defenseless mouse).

Additionally, Ghibaudo refused to allow the former Metro officer in his office. Ghibudo said, “I hate fucking pigs.” I was terrified the entire time and was legitimately convinced he would kidnap or kill me based on his past actions and current physical threats.

In 2022, GHIBAUDO and SHIPP signed me up for many services and contact lists without my consent. For example, SHIPP signed me up for a job search service that resulted in several unwanted calls and voice messages. SHIPP has no right, privilege, or reason to be concerned about my unemployment status or personal life.

On 2/11/2022–GHIBAUDO and SHIPP created a Facebook account under the name of Lisa Jakobsen (“Jakobsen Account”). The Jakobsen account was created solely to harass, threaten, insult, intimidate, ridicule, defame, stalk, and other legally impermissible behavior toward me.

SHIPP has admitted to being the creator of the Jakobsen Account, and GHIBAUDO admitted to several threatening, harassing, stalking posts (I have the text messages confirming such for evidence provided by Heather Bekish in a lapse of Judgment on her part).

I made countless calls to the Henderson Police Department and numerous Police reports that fell on deaf ears yet again. Shocker. I am now a prisoner in my own home because no one at the STATE LEVEL is doing an iota of what they are required to do by law to protect and serve me as a daily, never-ending victim of this trio.

On 2/12/2022—Again I filed a police report for threats and harassment. Please note that I had a previous appointment with my physician on Friday, March 24, 2023. The appointment was to renew my Disabled Placard. My doctor determined that I will no longer require renewal of the disabled placard. My physician determined that I was “completely disabled.”

The Henderson Police Department is one of the NEVADA STATE agencies that have actually and proximately caused by Federally recognized SSA disability and damages (in which compensatory and punitive damages are highly warranted in Federal Court). The police failed to do a simple investigation. Had the Henderson Police Department (an agent of the STATE OF NEVADA) done a sliver of work between 2018-2023, my future would look drastically different for the better.

However, they chose to do NOTHING instead but ensure the aforementioned “trio” continued to haunt me daily with their antics and with unfettered discretion.

The Henderson Police Department would rather have me employ an expensive PI and do an investigation on my own than do their actual job.

However, “but for” the Henderson Police Department’s willful, intentional (or at the bare minimum, wanton and reckless negligence) over the years, I would not be disabled (ACTUAL DAMAGES) at this point in my life. I would not be diagnosed with PTSD. I would not be depressed every hour of every day, I would not have debilitating anxiety and a life not worth living, as my psychiatrist astutely diagnosed).

Further, I have now developed a reasonable fear toward STATE law enforcement and elected officials based solely on the prolonged mistreatment and injustice I have been forced to endure needlessly for over eight years. I have had to learn “the hard way” that these institutions seemingly are not in place to protect me in the least, especially if a STATE licensed attorney is the criminal hell-bent on seeing me ultimately “DEAD.” 

Click on this Powerful interview:

Tara Kellogg victim of Family Court Torture by Nevada Attorney Alex Ghibaudo & Judge Arthur Ritchie


sad mother sitting on the floor crying holding a child's shoe

6 Ways a Mother Can Lose Custody as a Result of Her Misconduct

sad mother sitting on the floor crying holding a child's shoe


It is a difficult decision for any parent to lose custody of their children. It can be an even more difficult decision when the mother has lost custody due to her own misconduct.

Ways a Mother Can Lose Custody

In order to understand how this could happen, it’s important that we take the time to examine 6 ways in which a mother might lose custody as a result of her own actions:

1. Child Abuse

Society tends to see women as nurturing, but they can be just as capable of abuse. Despite the commonly held belief that women are less capable of child abuse than men, it is often more shocking to learn that a mother has abused her children. Some people assume this type of behavior occurs in only one-parent families and especially among stepfathers or adoptive parents, however, mothers can also be abusive.

The reason mothers lose custody of their children is abuse: physical, emotional, and sexual. Some people assume that women are less likely to be abusers, however, they can commit all types of child abuse which makes it more shocking when a mother abuses her kids because society sees them as nurturing but sometimes this isn’t the case.

Sometimes, a mother isn’t abusive herself but fails to protect her children from abuse by the new partner. If the court becomes aware of this behavior in either case, they are likely to lose custody.

When a father knows his child is being abused by the mother but does nothing about it, he fails to protect their child and this can impact both his custodial rights as well as the mother’s. This means that parents have an obligation to take care of their children.

2. Child Neglect

If a mother neglects her child’s basic needs, like health and education, she runs the risk of losing custody. For example: if she leaves them hungry or homeless without any clothes to wear they will likely end up in foster care. Neglect is often intertwined with other issues such as abuse or substance use so one should not be ignored for another.

There is no set standard for a “perfect parent”. Family law judges understand that parenting isn’t perfect, so they are willing to overlook some small mishaps such as being late picking up the children from school or not keeping an appointment. However, if there’s long-term neglect of the child and this threatens their well-being, then you could risk losing your parental rights with family court intervening.

A father may be able to prove the negligence of his children by the mother. Teachers, daycare providers, family members, and others are all potential sources for proof against a negligent parent. If these people notice that there is something wrong with how parents care for their kids but don’t know what exactly it might be or if they would want to testify in court about it on behalf of an estranged father’s custody case, then perhaps direct evidence can help them out!

3. Substance Abuse or Addiction

The courts take addiction to alcohol and drugs very seriously, in part because it can have a negative impact on the care that an addict’s children receive. If a mother struggles with addictions to alcohol and other substances she may be put into question as being unfit or unable to take care of her children.

If a mother is discovered to have a dependency on prohibited substances or drugs and alcohol, she risks having her custody rights revoked. Children of addicts are more likely to suffer neglect, abuse, and imitate their parents by picking up bad habits as well. In cases where there’s evidence of the mother’s substance use (drug/alcohol), fathers can present this evidence requesting that his ex-wife be stripped of visitation privileges with his children altogether in order for them not to pick up these unhealthy behaviors themselves.

Despite the fact that a mother can be awarded custody if she agrees to get treatment for her addiction, this isn’t always possible.

A result of giving mothers custody over their children when they are addicted is it may endanger them physically, sexually, or emotionally and put their lives in danger (e.g., drunk driving). However, there are times where mothers might still retain custody after signing an agreement allowing them access to counseling for addictions as well as following through on getting help from these services (if necessary) .

4. Violating a Court Order

A mother’s custody rights can be lost or reduced should she violate a child custody order. When a parent disobeys their scheduled responsibilities, neglects court-ordered visitation times with the father, and interferes with his parental privileges they may face consequences such as losing legal custodial authority of her offspring.

If a shared custody agreement is ordered by the court, and she fails to comply or interferes with her co-parent’s parenting time, then she will be in violation of the court order.

Violations of court orders are like any other form of misconduct: the more serious the violation is, it should be treated with a correspondingly stronger punishment. Assume that a mother consistently misses deadlines for dropping off or picking up her child by only several minutes, this technically qualifies as violating an existing custody agreement but will rarely have drastic consequences on their custodial rights since these kinds of minor violations tend to carry minimal punishments in most cases.

A mother who decides that the court’s order providing specific parenting time is a suggestion and not a directive may violate their custody agreement. If this continues to happen, it could lead to losing custody of her child.

A father should keep a detailed log of every time his ex-wife interferes with or violates their court order. Every instance the mother keeps the child from him sabotages visitation plans, and more can be used against her in court to lessen her custody rights as punishment for causing havoc between them.

Fathers should be sure not to let the violations of a court order go without any consequences. The usual reason they do this is that they want to avoid conflict, but mothers will only see that as an opportunity for them to violate it more often and solidify in their minds that it’s just a suggestion instead of something she needs to follow.

5. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not just something that happens to other people. To protect your children, you should also know the signs of domestic violence that are exhibited by mothers. You do not have to put up with abuse and ensure that they stay safe from harm.

If a mother is deemed to be abusive, she can have her custody revoked. This will ensure that the children are not exposed to potentially harmful abuse and also protect them from potential future harm.

Domestic violence is emotional abuse that may turn physical with time. Children are in danger of being exposed to this if they come in contact with or spend significant time, living in the home. Courts are aware of this and will take action for your safety.

6. Severe Mental Health Issues

Mothers with mental health concerns still have the right to custody of their children, however, if a mother’s state endangers her child/children or compromises them in any way then she can lose that legal privilege.

In these cases, the court has to consider whether or not it is in their children’s best interests if they are left under a mother’s care. The father will have to show that her mental health issues compromise their safety and argue that without his presence, their well-being would be better protected. This can sometimes require extensive interviews by psychologists as well as counseling before any final decision being made so this process may take some time but should always remain fair for both parties involved.

Other ways considered by the Law for mothers to lose custody of their children:

  • Child Abduction
  • Parental Alienation
  • Lack of Involvement in the Child’s Care
  • Reporting Abuse by the Other Parent

The final and most important thing a mother can do is to seek the help of an attorney. There are many ways for mothers to lose custody of their children as a result of misconduct, but there are also attorneys that specialize in challenging such decisions. If you’re feeling like your child’s best interests may not be at risk due to this ruling, please contact one of our lawyers today. They will work hard on your behalf and make sure that your rights as a parent remain intact so that you have time to raise them with the love and care they deserve!

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CalMatters Commentary: California’s gig worker battle takes new turn after court ruling

CalMatters Commentary: California’s gig worker battle takes new turn after court ruling

The seemingly perpetual political and legal battle over whether gig workers for Uber, Lyft, Doordash and services are contractors or employees took another turn last week and may go full circle – back to the state Supreme Court and possibly a second trip through the Legislature. A state appellate court upheld all but one section […]


post-divorce anxiety in kids: anxious little boy sitting against a blue background

5 Ways To Ease Post-Divorce Anxiety In Kids

post-divorce anxiety in kids: anxious little boy sitting against a blue background


The stress of a divorce can manifest differently in children, just as it does in adults, and your kids will naturally experience some anxiety during this tough transition.

Age can be a factor in how they handle the stress. They may have big concerns about changing residences or schools, or how the holidays will change with two households—and anxiety around everyday stressors like test-taking can be exacerbated during this time.

The good news is there are ways that you can help relieve the pressure and help remove some of your child’s post-divorce anxiety.

Ways to Ease Post-Divorce Anxiety in Kids

Get Your Kids Moving

Encourage the same stress fighting activities in your children that you need for yourself. Make sure your kids are getting regular physical exercise, which gives them physiological benefits such as an endorphin boost and reduced anxiety.

Regularly participating in an after-school or community sports program or dance class can help kids get their minds off the divorce or other situational stressors that cause anxiety. Regular exercise doesn’t need to be expensive – you and your child can take walks or go running together, or even try out instructional YouTube videos on aerobic activities like Zumba or cardio kickboxing.

Spending that time together also is a great way to check-in with your child and offer the opportunity to talk about what’s causing them anxiety.

Test Time Can Trigger More Anxiety

The stress of a divorce can exacerbate the performance anxiety around testing that many children already have. Fear of failure can weigh on them heavily, particularly during a time when they may worry more about disappointing you.

Tests with higher stakes, such as final exams, can be even worse. Preparation is key. Talk with your kids and make sure you’re not making some of the most common mistakes on test day, such as not carefully reading directions. Prepping your kids before test day will help get them in the right mindset, as will a good night’s sleep and a decent breakfast.

Let them know your expectations are reasonable and that you’ll love them even if they fail. Knowing you’re there to support them will help ease the pressure.

Walk Through the Changes

If your divorce involves shared custody, your child may have some anxiety over living in two places. They may be getting used to a new room, a new house, or a new neighborhood in addition to the major changes in the family structure.

Whenever possible, involve your child in discussions about the new living arrangements. Let them help decorate their new bedroom, whether it’s choosing a new comforter or a paint color to help make it their own.

Ensure they have some familiar things in the new space, either permanently or in a bag that travels from place to place. Eventually, staying in both places will become a new kind of stability, especially when you help create a sense of normalcy and routine.

Keep a Lid on Conflict

Even the most civil of marital breakups has its moments where the soon-to-be-ex-spouses can’t agree. Even without arguing, the tension can be palpable. If you need to have it out with your ex, do your best to take the discussion out of view of your kids.

Never use your child as a go-between or an emissary. Parental conflict can make a child feel caught in the middle, and anxiety increases. Even parents who stay together can cause a great deal of anxiety in their kids if they display a lot of conflict, so take heart in knowing that even with the divorce, you can make things easier by keeping conflict out of view.

If conflict is unavoidable, be sure to give your children lots of emotional support following any confrontations.

Talk It Out

Sometimes kids might be afraid to talk about how the divorce is making them feel for fear of making things worse or causing you trouble. Be sure they know your door is open, and that they know their well-being is a top priority for you.

Ensure they understand that the divorce is not their fault—kids may internalize perceived actions and reactions, and feel guilty over the breakup. Let them know it’s okay to have a lot of different feelings, even positive ones, and help them articulate what they feel.

Their anxiety will lessen if they know it’s not wrong to feel or not feel a certain way, whatever that may be. They may have a lot of questions, and you should try to be prepared for ones about where they’ll live and how the divorce may impact their routine, even if the answer is “I don’t know yet.” You can assure them that you and your ex-spouse are working on all of the answers for them.

Divorce is highly disruptive to a child’s sense of stability, and assuring them you want to keep it as least disruptive as possible can help them regain some footing. Knowing that you’re a constant support in their lives can help them get through times when anxiety seems to grow.

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Family Court Attorney Marshal Willick pays Sanson $175,000 to settle case!

Family Court Attorney Marshal Willick pays Sanson $175,000 to settle case!

Clark County, Nevada

March 5, 2023

Family Court Attorney Marshal Willick pays Sanson $175,000 to settle case!

Clark County, Nevada

March 5, 2023


Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) and its President Steve Sanson, have settled their third Anti-SLAPP lawsuit (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). This time against megalomaniac family law attorney Marshal Willick.

Willick is known to bully, sue, defame, dox, harass, and intimidate people he doesn’t like until he gets his way, but this time he ultimately had to cough up $175,000 to Steve Sanson in a case that has been going on since 2017.

Attorney Marshal Willick along with his girlfriend, attorney Jennifer Abrams, are emblematic of the chronic problems that plague the family court. In early 2017, Sanson criticized abuses in the Clark County Family Courts and declared WAR on it. As part of that war, Sanson published a courtroom video of Abrams’ sketchy courtroom conduct. The video was highly embarrassing for Abrams (view video: Jennifer Abrams Nevada Attorney attacks a Clark County Family Court Judge in Open Court

Sanson then exposed embarrassing details of a tier 2 registered sex offender openly working in Willick’s family law office.

Sanson was a threat to their family Court racket, so in an apparent effort to stifle his efforts, Willick and Abrams both filed frivolous lawsuits against Sanson and VIPI alleging everything from defamation to civil conspiracy.

As the cases made their way through the courts, Willick told a group, “We have to do something about Sanson’s war on the family court to protect the judges.” The net result was that Willick and Abrams recruited a couple of online trolls: former addict Mark DiCiero and paralegal David Schoen, to dox and harass Sanson – along with any other family court litigants they believed to be associated with him or VIPI. They did this through an online group called Nevada Court Watchers or “NCW” – and later a political action committee called “NCW PAC” which was a companion group that threatened judicial candidates who even dared to speak to Sanson.

The cases hit their peak when Willick, in coordination with either a vulnerable or in our opinion corrupt judge, arranged a kangaroo hearing where Sanson was falsely accused of attempting to influence a case. The video of this hearing was widely publicized in an attempt to discredit Sanson ( view video: BRYCE DUCKWORTH FAMILY COURT JUDGE STORMS OFF THE BENCH

Despite her extraordinarily poor taste in suitors, to her credit, Abrams was the smarter of the two settling with Sanson and his organization for $155,000 in June 2021.

As usual, Willick is not so smart. He only opened his checkbook following three failed settlement conferences, multiple failed trips to the Nevada Supreme Court for appeals, and a failed attempt to dismiss his so-called airtight case against Sanson and VIPI. When it finally became clear that Sanson would not bow to intimidation.  At one point remarkably Willick had the entire Eighth Judicial District Court Bench disqualified. In addition, Willick changed attorneys several times.

With no way out, Willick finally gave in and settled with Steve Sanson and Veterans In Politics International.

Sanson and his organization were sued by these attorneys because he championed, exposed, and provided solutions for the corruption that plagued the Eighth Judicial District Court Clark County Family Division. The same corruption that some unscrupulous family law attorneys profit from.

Sanson and VIPI have sparked a whirlwind of citizens rising and banding together. Many litigants thought that they were alone. Many litigants were afraid to speak out because their judge essentially kept their children hostage.

Before VIPI began exposing the corruption in the Clark County Family Court, it was hardly spoken about. Sanson and VIPI gave this issue its undivided attention to expose the cancer of Family Court holding several public protests outside the family courthouse, educating litigants on their rights, getting corrupt family court judges removed from office, and exposing again and again how unethical attorneys and judges arbitrarily seal cases to shield their unethical and unlawful behavior from the public.

The cost to Willick and Abrams was not inconsequential. The total paid to Sanson by Willick and Abrams so far is $330,000. This doesn’t even include the money Willick and Abrams spent on their own attorneys in their failed attempts to silence VIPI.”

Veterans In Politics International will never stop exposing corruption, will not stop endorsing good candidates for elected seats, will not stop educating litigants on how to defend themselves in family court, and will not stop promoting legislation that is going to once and for all rid us of the corruption that has plagued our family court system for decades.




The Impact of High-Conflict Divorce on Children | Signs of Parental Alienation and How to Prevent It

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging experience for all parties involved, especially when it is a high-conflict divorce. Unfortunately, when parents cannot come to an agreement, it can negatively affect their children, leading to parental alienation. In this article, we will explore the connection between high-conflict divorce and parental alienation, and what parents can do to prevent it.


How High-Conflict Divorce Can Affect Children


A high-conflict divorce can have a profound impact on a child’s mental health and well-being. Children may feel like they are caught in the middle of their parents’ disagreements and may start to blame themselves for their parents’ issues. Children may also feel like they have to choose between their parents, leading to loyalty conflicts. These issues can lead to anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems in children.


What is Parental Alienation?


Parental alienation occurs when one parent deliberately tries to turn their child against the other parent. This can be done in subtle or overt ways, such as badmouthing the other parent, limiting contact with the other parent, or manipulating the child to choose one parent over the other. This behavior is often a result of a high-conflict divorce, where one parent is trying to gain an advantage over the other in a custody battle.


Signs of Parental Alienation


Parental alienation can be difficult to detect, but there are some signs that may indicate that a child is experiencing it. Here are some common signs of parental alienation:

  1. Rejection of one parent: A child who is experiencing parental alienation may reject one parent without any valid reason. They may refuse to spend time with the parent, speak negatively about them, or even refuse to acknowledge their existence.
  2. Lack of guilt: A child who is being manipulated may not feel guilty for their behavior towards the alienated parent. They may feel justified in their rejection of the parent and believe that they are acting on their own.
  3. Inflexible allegiance: The child may be unreasonably loyal to the alienating parent, even in situations where the parent is clearly in the wrong. The child may take the alienating parent’s side in conflicts and refuse to listen to the other parent’s perspective.
  4. Fear or anxiety: A child who is experiencing parental alienation may feel anxious or fearful around the alienated parent. They may believe that they are betraying the alienating parent by spending time with the other parent.
  5. Lack of empathy: The child may show a lack of empathy towards the alienated parent, even if the parent is clearly suffering. They may seem indifferent to the parent’s feelings and needs.
  6. False accusations: In some cases, the child may make false accusations against the alienated parent, such as accusing them of abuse or neglect. These accusations may be part of the alienation campaign orchestrated by the other parent.


It is important to note that these signs may also be present in situations where there is no parental alienation. Therefore, it is essential to carefully evaluate the situation and seek professional help before making any assumptions.


Preventing Parental Alienation


Preventing parental alienation requires a collaborative effort between both parents. Here are some tips and strategies that can help prevent parental alienation:

  • Put the child’s best interests first: Both parents should prioritize their child’s well-being and put their own issues aside. It is essential to create a safe and stable environment for the child. This means focusing on what is best for the child, even if it means compromising or making sacrifices.
  • Communicate respectfully: Effective communication is crucial in co-parenting. Parents should try to communicate in a respectful and civil manner, without blaming or criticizing each other. This can help reduce tension and conflict and create a more positive co-parenting relationship.
  • Create a co-parenting plan: A co-parenting plan can help set clear expectations and boundaries for both parents. It should include a schedule for visitation, holidays, and other events, as well as guidelines for decision-making and conflict resolution. By establishing a plan, both parents can have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, which can reduce conflict and promote cooperation.
  • Avoid badmouthing the other parent: It is crucial for parents to avoid speaking negatively about the other parent in front of the child. This can create confusion and negative emotions for the child, leading to parental alienation. Instead, both parents should focus on encouraging a positive relationship between the child and the other parent.
  • Encourage a positive relationship with the other parent: Parents should encourage their child to have a positive relationship with the other parent. This can be done by speaking positively about the other parent, facilitating communication, and supporting their relationship. It is important for the child to feel comfortable and supported in their relationship with both parents.
  • Seek professional help: Family therapy and counseling can be a valuable tool in preventing parental alienation. A qualified therapist can help both parents work through their issues and develop effective co-parenting strategies. Therapy can also provide a safe and neutral space for parents to communicate and resolve conflicts.




Parental alienation can have severe consequences on a child’s mental health and well-being, and it is often a result of a high-conflict divorce. However, by putting their child’s best interests first, communicating respectfully, and working together to create a stable and positive environment, parents can prevent parental alienation and support their child’s healthy development.

If you are struggling with the emotional toll of parental alienation

Our team of experienced counsellors can help you process your emotions and give you the strength you need to keep fighting.

Book Now

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Purple and yellow rollercoaster

Surviving Divorce: Practical Tips for Coping with the Emotional Rollercoaster

Purple and yellow rollercoaster


Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. It is a time of great upheaval and change, with many difficult decisions to be made, both practical and emotional.

Surviving divorce

Coping with the emotional rollercoaster of a divorce can be especially tough, but with the right mindset and support, it is possible to come out the other side stronger and more resilient. In this article, we will explore some practical tips for coping with the emotional rollercoaster that is divorce.

Allow yourself to grieve

The end of a marriage is a loss, and it is important to allow yourself to grieve. It is normal to feel a wide range of emotions, including sadness, anger, and confusion. Try to give yourself permission to feel these emotions without judgment, and seek support from friends and family or a professional therapist if necessary.

Grief is a natural process that we experience when we lose something that was once an integral part of our lives. The end of a marriage can be especially painful, as it represents the loss of a partner, a shared future, and a way of life. It is important to allow yourself to grieve this loss and acknowledge the full range of emotions that come with it.

It is normal to experience a wide range of emotions when going through a divorce. At times, you may feel overwhelmed by sadness, anger, or confusion. These emotions can be intense and difficult to process. It is important to give yourself permission to feel these emotions without judgment. Allow yourself to cry, scream, or do whatever else you need to do to express your feelings.

Take care of yourself

Divorce can take a toll on your physical health, so it is important to prioritize self-care during this time. Make sure to eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. Taking care of your physical health can also have a positive impact on your mental health, helping you to feel more resilient and better able to cope with the challenges of divorce.

Taking care of yourself during a divorce is not just important for your physical health but also for your mental and emotional well-being. It is common for people going through a divorce to experience high levels of stress and anxiety, which can lead to a variety of health problems such as headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and weakened immune systems. That is why it is crucial to prioritize self-care during this time to help your body recover and remain strong.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to focus on healthy eating habits. Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats can give you the nutrients and energy you need to stay physically and mentally healthy. Additionally, regular exercise is a powerful stress reliever that can help reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and improve your sleep. Find an exercise routine that works for you, whether it’s a brisk walk, yoga, or a fitness class, and make it a regular part of your self-care routine.

Find a support system

Going through a divorce can be isolating, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Reach out to friends and family members who can offer emotional support and a listening ear. Consider joining a divorce support group or seeking the help of a professional therapist. Having a support system can help you feel less alone and provide a safe space to process your feelings.

Finding a support system during a divorce is crucial for your emotional and mental well-being. Going through a divorce can feel like a lonely and isolating experience, especially if you don’t have a strong support system in place. However, it is important to remember that you don’t have to go through it alone. Your friends and family can be a great source of support and comfort during this challenging time. Reach out to them, and let them know how you are feeling. Sometimes, simply talking to someone who cares can make all the difference.

Practice self-compassion

Divorce can bring up feelings of self-doubt and self-criticism, but it is important to practice self-compassion during this time. Be kind to yourself and try to speak to yourself in the same way you would speak to a friend who is going through a difficult time. Remember that you are not alone and that many people go through divorce and come out the other side stronger and more resilient.

Focus on the future

While it can be difficult to imagine life after divorce, it is important to try to focus on the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. Set goals for yourself, whether they are related to your career, personal life, or other areas. Having something to work towards can help you stay focused and give you a sense of purpose and direction.

Going through a divorce can leave you feeling lost and unsure about the future. However, focusing on the future can help you to move forward and create a positive outlook for yourself. Setting goals for yourself is a powerful way to start imagining a life beyond divorce. By identifying what you want to achieve and working towards it, you can begin to build a sense of purpose and direction.

When setting goals, it is important to choose things that are realistic and achievable. This could be anything from improving your physical fitness, taking up a new hobby, or pursuing a new career opportunity. The key is to choose things that are meaningful and motivating to you, and that will help you build the life you want after divorce.

Set boundaries

Divorce can be an emotionally charged time, with many difficult conversations and interactions with your ex-spouse. It is important to set clear boundaries to protect your emotional well-being. This could mean limiting communication with your ex-spouse or setting ground rules for how you will interact. Remember that it is okay to say no to requests that feel unreasonable or overwhelming.

During a divorce, it is essential to prioritize your emotional well-being, which includes setting boundaries. Setting clear boundaries with your ex-spouse can help you avoid unnecessary stress and conflicts. This could mean limiting the frequency and mode of communication between you and your ex-spouse or setting specific ground rules for how you will interact.

It is important to communicate your boundaries clearly and assertively and to be prepared to enforce them. This might mean refusing to engage in certain types of conversation or activities that you feel are hurtful or unproductive. It may be difficult to set boundaries at first, especially if you and your ex-spouse have a history of blurred boundaries or codependency. However, setting boundaries is crucial to your emotional health and can help you move on with your life in a healthy way.

Take a break from social media

Social media can be a minefield during a divorce, with constant reminders of your ex-spouse and their life without you. Consider taking a break from social media, or at least unfollowing or muting your ex-spouse’s accounts for a period of time. This can help you focus on your own healing and avoid unnecessary triggers that can make coping with the emotional fallout of divorce even more challenging.

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it can be a useful tool for staying connected with others. However, during a divorce, it can also be a source of stress and anxiety. Seeing photos or updates of your ex-spouse moving on with their life can be difficult to process, and it can also trigger feelings of jealousy or resentment.

Taking a break from social media can be a helpful step in managing the emotional fallout of divorce. By unplugging from social media, even for a short period of time, you can give yourself the space to process your emotions without being constantly reminded of your ex-spouse. This can help you focus on your own healing and moving forward.

If you find that you cannot completely disengage from social media, consider unfollowing or muting your ex-spouse’s accounts. This can help to minimize the reminders of them in your daily life and avoid potential triggers. If you do choose to remain active on social media, be mindful of the content you post and the people you interact with. Avoid engaging in negative or emotionally charged interactions online, and instead focus on using social media in a positive and uplifting way.

Seek legal advice

Divorce can be a complex legal process, and it is important to seek the advice of a qualified attorney to help you navigate the process. An attorney can provide guidance on issues related to property division, child custody, and alimony. Having a knowledgeable and experienced professional on your side can help reduce stress and anxiety and ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

In conclusion, navigating the emotional rollercoaster of divorce can be an arduous journey, but it is important to remember that it is not an insurmountable one. You are capable of making it through this difficult period in your life and emerging on the other side even stronger than before. The practical tips discussed above, such as allowing yourself to grieve, prioritizing self-care, and finding a support system, can help you manage the emotional fallout of divorce.

Remember that you are not alone. There are many resources available to help you through this challenging time, including family, friends, support groups, and professionals. Don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. It’s okay to ask for assistance and support when you need it.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that this period in your life does not define you. You have the power to create a bright future for yourself, filled with joy and fulfillment. By focusing on your own self-care, setting boundaries, and embracing new opportunities, you can move forward from divorce with renewed energy and optimism. Remember that healing takes time, but with patience and persistence, you will emerge from this experience stronger and more resilient than ever before.

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The Nevada Judicial Selection Commission (NJSC) sent this idiot’ name to the Governor for consideration for the Family Court Bench.


I wrote a letter of opposition against him and I did public speaking in opposition. But they had 4 applicants and they had to send 3 names to the Governor. This idiot barely made the cut… The NJSC should have done an impasse.


Here is the Letter sent:


January 16, 2023


To: Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection

RE: Jason Stoffel


The last thing that the Clark County Family Court needs is another prejudiced “judge” focused more on the enrichment of crony attorneys than on the best interests of the child.”

Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) would like to make sure that there are no corrupt judges on the bench – especially in Family Court. That is why we do our best to expose every single candidate we believe is bad for the citizens of Clark County.

If Stoffel is appointed, he will become just another toxic, robe-wearing crony puppet utilized by corrupt family lawyers to line their pockets, enrich court-connected experts, financially rape families, harm children, sadistically abuse litigants and their children, and generally abuse the legal process in the Courts for profit under the protection of sealed cases where their reprehensible actions are shielded from exposure.

Not long ago, VIPI welcomed Stoffel with open arms. We invited him to many of our events and functions and we even referred multiple people to Stoffel to help them with their cases.

But as it turned out, Stoffel is a spineless sycophant. As soon as VIPI began exposing unethical behavior and corruption in family court, Stoffel was presented with a choice and decided to sell out and align with the corrupt snakes who infest the Family Court, namely his idol attorney Marshal Willick who he notoriously fawns over and never fails to brown nose.

Willick seems to have a Svengali-Esque power over Stoffel. Another way we believe Stoffel demonstrated his allegiance to Willick was by using his position as President of the Clark County Bar Association to ban our organization from the “Meet your Judge Mixer”, which we had previously attended for years without incident. (See article: Banned Meet Your Judge Mixers – A Broken System!)

As a reward for selling his soul to the corrupt “racketeers” of the Family Court, Stoffel has been rewarded by Willick and his fiancée and partner in slime, attorney Jennifer Abrams with much ado, praise, and adoration through their online troll/bully/harassment front groups “Nevada Court Watchers” (NCW), “NCW PAC”.

You can safely bet that Marshal Willick, his fiancée, and the other “lawyers” at The Willick Law Group won’t be on Stoffel’s recusal list despite their deep-seated relationship, however, any lawyer whose client’s case is assigned to Stoffel, where Willick, Abrams, or any of their staff is opposing counsel would be foolish to not use preempt Stoffel, who we believe would be a “judge” effectively controlled by Willick.

VIPI did not endorse Stoffel in the Primary of the 2014 campaign, but we supported him in the General election campaign against the incumbent, Judge Vincent Ochoa. During that campaign, Stoffel provided us with a wealth of information related to Ochoa’s son, Vicente Marcus Ochoa, who had robbed a balloon store during Judge Ochoa’s reelection campaign. (See article: Las Vegas Police Make Arrest In West Valley Party Supply Store Armed Robbery)

Stoffel also advised us to look into Judge Ochoa’s disregard of Nevada Custody Laws in a radio interview with attorney Michele LoBello on AM720 (See article: Vincent Ochoa Family Court Judge Admitted to Violating Nevada Custody Laws ).

The feud between incumbent Judge Ochoa and Stoffel escalated when Ochoa confronted Stoffel regarding Stoffel’s allegations of the judge sleeping behind the bench and dozing off at a Veterans In Politics Endorsement Interview. This eventually culminated in a bar fight between the two candidates. (See article: Quarrel At A Bar Leads To Family Court Judge’s Removal From Custody Case.)

In 2016, Stoffel was sued by his client, Russell Zitch, for malpractice, breach of contract, negligent hiring, and infliction of emotional distress, however, the lawsuit was dismissed due to the Statute of limitations. (See Eighth Judicial District Court, case # A-16-738562-C, Though the time for the court to hear the malpractice case expired, it is clear that Stoffel’s client had substantive issues with his performance as an attorney.

In addition, it is clear that Stoffel’s inability to control his temper to the point of getting into a physical altercation with the incumbent judge during his previous election campaign makes Stoffel an excellent candidate for psychiatric evaluation, but a lousy candidate for a judge, much less a judge adjudicating cases related to the best interests of children.

Speaking of children, it stands to reason that decisions involving parent/child issues should probably be decided by someone that has children!

Stoffel has never had the experience of being a parent but is expected to understand the concerns and anguish that some of the parents appearing before him.


The last thing that the Clark County Family Court needs is another prejudiced “judge” focused more on the enrichment of crony attorneys than on the best interests of the child.

Respectfully Submitted By;


Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International,

President of Veterans In Politics Foundation,

President of Nevada Veterans Association,

Host and Founder of Veterans In Politics Video Internet Talk-show,

US Marine Corps Disabled Gulf War Veteran

US Army Logistics

PO BOX 28211, Las Vegas, Nv. 89126

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