THE CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATOR SCAM: $50,000 – $70,000 FOR A “CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATION,” AND ANOTHER $20,000 FOR HER “EXPERT TESTIMONY” From people that I have talked with and reviews that I have seen, Alissa Sherry is one of the WORST child custody evaluators in Texas. EVERY PERSON that I have talked with about her cannot stand her and thinks she is incompetent, lazy, and terrible. Perhaps that is why anti-family attorney Marshall Thompson, Bar Card Number 24059139, of Thompson, Salinas, and Londergren LLP, wants to keep using Alissa Sherry as the evaluator. That and the fact that her “evaluation” and her “recommendations” put Dr. David O’Conner in a bad light. The Child Custody Evaluation Scam often does not get the attention it warrants. The Child Custody Evaluation is an OPINION, often given by a person who who skews the report based on his or her biases or influenced by money. In many cases, their reports are trash. The evaluators are often people who meet with parents and children just enough to give them stuff to write into a report to give them an air of erudition and validity, but are full of omissions and incorrect conclusions. Yet attorneys and judges rely on these reports and people to restrict a good, loving, and fit person of his or her rights, destroy parental bonds, and sometimes charge upwards of $50,000 for their “services.” Some child custody evaluators are corrupt, others are just inept. In most cases their services are unnecessary, but are just another way to deprive people of money for useless services ordered by a judge or requested by an attorney. They often cause more damage than good. They are an integral part of the family destruction industry. Even though all the EVIDENCE indicates Dr. David O’Conner is a great and loving father, and there was NO EVIDENCE that Dr. O’Conner is in any way the the slightest threat to their son, Marshall O’Conner wants to continuing proceeding with a lawsuit on behalf of Trish Ho, Dr. O’Conner’s ex-wife, based on “Dr.” Alissa Sherry’s report – and he wants to Dr. O’Conner to pay his ex-wife’s attorney’s fees so that he can continue litigating. #AlissaSherry #MarshallThompson #JudgeKarinCrump #250thDistrictCourtTravisCountyTexas

Alissa Sherry Consulting / Legal Consensus Services Reviews

Watch out especially if you have children. Sherry is a poorly paid UT asst professor who makes money as a gun-for-hire in custody battles. She writes opinions without thoroughly investigating or even laying eyes on a child.

Alissa Sherry Consulting / Legal Consensus Services Reviews

If zero stars could be given, that’s what I’d give Alissa Sherry. I’ll first begin with addressing Dr. Sherry’s narrative of parents who speak out about their experiences with her. She refers to them as “disgruntled” and having personality disorders.

Hopefully you realize, labeling victims as “disgruntled,” ETC. who have the courage and bandwidth to speak out about the unprofessionalism, breaches in contract, trauma, and harm they and their family have experienced IS A TACTIC TO INVALIDATE their statements.

Furthermore, trauma experienced is not something to invalidate, especially by a mental health practitioner! Where’s her integrity and pledge to “do no harm?”

There are psychological, social, and physiological ramifications from invalidating traumatic experiences. That’s a form of violence in itself.

No wonder victims have at times misbehaved, especially when going through a life-altering, distressing family law litigation. Wouldn’t you if your life was turned upside down, inside out and custody of your child[ren] was being threatened or had been taken away – all because of what Alissa Sherry claims? Her reports are instrumental tools used in family law litigations. Who is she and how do we know she doesn’t have a personality disorder or mental illness? These are questions potential clients and professionals should be considering.

Most parents go into family law litigations blindly, not realizing the amount of power & control attorneys, judges, psychologists, & participating professionals assume over them; and they know nothing about those persons they entrust with their lives and their child[ren]’s lives. They also don’t consider the political & business dynamics involved. The laws need to change to protect families-in-crisis, and individuals, in general. People need to become more knowledgeable of the Texas Constitution and Statutes and more engaged with their civil servants (including but not limited to monitoring their activities and decisions)!

Speaking out is one of the few ways victims can begin to empower themselves, heal, and move forward in life again. Trauma has a way of keeping a person “stuck.” People, including most professionals, forget or disregard the physiological aspects of trauma and what it does to the brain and body systems.

As a supposed mental health practitioner, Alissa Sherry should very well understand that and encourage victims to move from victimization to survivor to thriver…and she should want to participate in the solutions, rather than the problems.

So, why isn’t she doing that? Ask yourself, how is Alissa Sherry benefitting from fundamental attribution error, correspondence bias, and continuing to practice the way she does?

Here’s a very noteworthy example of Dr. Sherry labeling parents who speak out:
On February 12, 2019, Dr. Sherry sent an email titled “Important Board Meeting This Thursday 9 AM!” to many attorneys, psychologists, guardians ad litem, and other professionals she deems as colleagues or has an interest in soliciting their support. She created bias against parents in that email depicting them as disgruntled and hostile.

Interestingly enough, that 2/14/2019 board meeting turned out to be quite an astonishing event as many parents and professionals came to it to testify how they’ve either been harmed by said professional or have major concerns about how psychological reports are being utilized in family court hearings. It was hardly a demonstration of hostility, belligerence, or civil unrest.

If you’re interested in learning about the testimonies given at the 2/14/2019 Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists’ public board meeting, please contact the TSBEP Public Information Officer/Legal Assistant and request the audio recordings. They are public records.

In fact, consider researching the board’s archives and making open records requests for the past few years of public board meetings and learn how so many parents continue to testify how they and their families have been harmed and make pleas to the board to appropriately intervene.



Anti-Family Court Child Custody Evaluator, Alissa Sherry, provided this confused testimony in favor of forced divorce in Texas. Though she took a position for forced divorce, her testimony had almost NOTHING to do with it. Instead, she talks about the abuse and perjury that takes place in anti-family court – and the necessity of family for healthy children. Any psychologist worth his or her weight wants people to live in the world of truth, not a world of lies and rationalization of wrongdoing. Yet unilateral no-fault, i.e., forced divorce, is based on a lie. Forced divorce is abuse – every bit as bad at the abuse the spoke about in her testimony.

Texas House Bill 1449 – violated by the psychologists that helped enact the law

Status: Passed on June 20 2015 – Effective on 9/1/15

HB 1449 would make several changes to Family Code

The bill would require specific details to be included in a court order for a child custody evaluation, such as the name of each person who would conduct the evaluation, the purpose of the evaluation, and the specific issues or questions to be addressed in the evaluation.

Under the bill, child custody evaluators would be required to disclose potential bias or conflicts of interest in an increased number of scenarios. For example, disclosure would be required for any information where a reasonably prudent person would believe impartiality would be affected in conducting an evaluation.  The court would not be able to appoint a person who disclosed such information, and an evaluator would need to step down if such information was later discovered.

Child custody evaluators would be expected to include more information in their evaluation reports, including an assessment of how the reliability or validity of their report may have been affected by the extent of information received.

The bill also would increase protocols for the evaluators’ handling, keeping, and releasing of records and information obtained in the execution of a child custody evaluation

This bill also states that a child custody evaluator shall provide to the attorneys of the parties to a suit, any party who does not have an attorney, and any other person appointed by the court under this chapter in a suit a copy of the child custody evaluation report before the earlier of: (1) the third day after the date the child custody evaluation report is completed; or (2) the 30th  day before the date of commencement of the trial [changed from the 5th day].

HB01501 docs

WITNESSES: For — Charla Bradshaw and Steve Bresnen, Texas Family Law Foundation; Benjamin Albritton; Christy Bradshaw Schmidt; Aaron Robb; Alissa Sherry; 

WITNESSES: Against — Paul Andrews, Texas Psychological Association; Tim Branaman;


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Alissa Sherry Consulting / Legal Consensus Services Reviews

Devastating and high priced! Report was full of errors that didn’t even make sense due to 3rd party reports and picture evidence that she knowingly chose to ignore.

Involuntary Private Parental Rights Termination by a Psychologist – TSBEP/TBHEC

Involuntary Private Parental Rights Termination by a Psychologist

My name is Lauren Walker and I am a parent whose life was devastated by an unethical custody evaluator.

I have a beautiful 6-year old daughter, and we haven’t seen each other since July 2018, when a jury terminated my parental rights. I went from my daughter’s primary caregiver to being removed from her life altogether in a mere 2 years. My family spent over $1,000,000 defending me in this custody battle – 17 hearings in all —  that was fueled by the custody evaluator’s continual recommendations to the judge.

I was beaten badly by my ex-husband.  I experienced a traumatic brain injury from him kicking me in the head with his boot.  My daughter and I, at one point, received a protective order to keep us safe from my ex-husband. When I left him, he continued to use the court system to abuse me.  The termination petition was instigated by my ex-husband – not the State.  And, the idea to terminate my rights originated from the custody evaluator, who grossly exceeded her scope, and violated rules as well as the code of ethics.

Not once did any other professional recommend that it was in my daughter’s best interest for my rights to be terminated.  Yet, that’s what happened … due to the custody evaluator’s actions and ongoing manipulations in the courtroom.

Dr. Johnathan Gould, who is a renowned forensic psychologist, reviewed Dr. Alissa Sherry’s evaluation reports.  I have a 27-page report with details of his findings. He concluded that her report was completely flawed and did not qualify as a custody evaluation.

Dr. Gould cited:

  • Concerns about the information included and excluded from the report

  • For example, the inclusion of speculation and hearsay opinions, and the exclusion of direct observation of parenting

  • Failure to assess critical parenting attributes, which was the purpose of the evaluation

  • Misuse of psychological tests

  • Use of unreliable methods and lack of scientific-based findings

  • Notable differences in the treatment of the parents

Dr. Gould recommended that the jury should not use the evaluation as evidence to support its decision.

My daughter’s and my story is terrifying and heart-breaking.

In closing, I plead with this Board to conduct strenuous oversight and investigation of its forensic psychologists involved in family court cases to prevent this tragedy from happening again, and to correct cases that have already ended in tragedies.


Thank you.

Lauren Walker

This is part of the Expert Opinion Summary from Dr Jonathan Gould::

It is my professional opinion, within a reasonable degree of professional certainty, that Dr. Sherry’s evaluation is seriously flawed. Dr. Sherry provides a robust understanding of the dynamics and chaotic organization of the families.

  • She does not, however, provide information relevant to answering questions about parenting attributes, abilities, or capabilities.

  • She does not provide information relevant to answering questions about the nature and quality of parent-child interactions.

  • She does not provide information relevant to answering questions about the psychological and emotional needs of the child.

  • She does not provide information relevant to answering questions about the fit between the parenting attributes, abilities, or capabilities of each parent and the psychological and emotional needs of the child.

Dr. Sherry’s interview procedures neglect gathering information about critically important areas of parenting, parent-child interactions, parent-to-parent communication, and child’s perception of each parent.

Dr. Sherry’s information gleaned from collateral interviews was essentially absent of information describing third party observers’ personal knowledge and behavioral descriptions of parenting behavior or parent-child interactions.

None of the parent interview data and none of the collateral interview data were organized around factors identified in the professional and scientific literature pertaining to positive parenting.

Dr. Sherry’s uses of psychological test results were of questionable value. Her use of computer-generated reports raises concerns about use of hearsay and concerns about the admissibility of opinions based upon the computer-generated interpretive reports. She did not integrate psychological test results with empirical knowledge of parenting factors associated with those results that would lead to hypotheses about each parent’s parenting strengths and weaknesses.

Read Dr. Gould’s Full Report Here:
_18.8.22 MEUTH L_Gould Forensic Psychological Report (2)

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Attn: Vikki Goodwin District 47 Texas House Rep, TSBEP Alissa Sherry Legal Consensus Psychologist Complaint – TBHEC Texas Family Courts – Gloria Canseco, Darrel Spinks, Alissa Sherry, Legal Consensus


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TSBEP Complaint Kelly / Alex Jones – Alissa Sherry Legal Consensus Psychologist – TBHEC Texas Family Courts

TSBEP Complaint Kelly / Alex Jones – Alissa Sherry Legal Consensus Psychologist – TBHEC Texas Family Courts – Gloria Canseco, Darrel Spinks, Alissa Sherry, Legal Consensus


TSBEP, Custody Evaluation, Forensic Psychology, Texas Family Courts, TBHEC, Gloria Canseco, Darrel Spinks, Alissa Sherry, Legal Consensus


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