Releasing a Documentary on Family Court Corruption!

Releasing a Documentary on Family Court Corruption!

Clark County Nevada

February 6, 2022


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Vem Miller documentary filmmaker.

Miller has done many documentaries exposing family court corruption on an international level.

Miller started directing music videos for several years, he then leaped into television programs.

Miller now is entrenched in making documentaries entitled “America Happens”.

Miller has several series on “America Happens” he said that he started to learn the laws, particularly on the family court to enhance his documentaries.

The host echoed that the Nevada Supreme Court came down with their ruling in the Jennifer Abrams Vs. Veterans In Politics International, Inc. that the courtroom is of public concern.

Miller said the family court doesn’t have a jury which is a constitutional violation and the judges and attorneys seal the case to avoid their gross criminal behavior to traffic children.

The host said that after watching one of Miller’s documentaries it was revealed that Case Workers received financial incentives to take children from loving parents. Each child is worth 35 thousand dollars in a 60 billion dollar industry.

The host said that many judges take the bench but don’t resemble the litigants before them, because some don’t have children of their own nor have never been married.

The host said that a jury trial should start with the Relocation of Children and Termination of Parental Rights. Either with a tribunal (3 Panel Judge) or a jury trial.

The host stated that leaving it up to one judge breeds corruption and bias.

Miller said that there is no due process in family court the judge’s discretion is not law. Doing this destroys the fabric of the law.

The host said that if judges in family court are ruling by discretion then they should change the qualifications of judicial candidates. By eliminating the practice of law and a State Bar license to practice law.

The host continues to say that anyone with common sense should be allowed to assume the family court bench. This would be the same qualifications Nevada has for municipal court justices with a population of fewer than 100,000 people.

Footnote: Nevada has no legal education or licensing requirements for municipal court justices, and only requires Justice Court justices to be a licensed attorney if they represent a county with a population above 100,000 people.

The host said that we shouldn’t continue to waste tax dollars for legislators to adopt laws if family court judges are going to continue to rule off of discretion.

Miller said that our state government knows exactly what type of problems exist in family court, but refuses to clean it up because they are making a lot of money in this industry.

The host said that when the family court Judge deems a litigant as vexatious they are violating that litigant’s 1st and 14th Amendment rights of our US Constitution.

Silencing a litigant by having them keep their mouths shut and refusing to accept any court filings violates their rights to a fair judiciary.

The host continued to say if they are making litigants vexatious because they are fighting for the love of their child. Then why can’t we do the same to attorneys that file crap just to see what sticks in the name of making a paycheck?

The host said that attorneys in family court know that they are committing perjury to it anyway and nothing ever happens to them. So they continue to lie!

The host continues to say if family court judges want to continue to do the jobs of criminal court judges, then they need to be a criminal court. This would able litigants to obtain a jury and if they can’t afford an attorney a public defender should be appointed to them. This is for any sentencing that requires incarceration.

“A jail cell doesn’t know the difference between criminal and civil contempt”.

The host brought up the fact that a civil court judge which is a family court judge doesn’t have the jurisdiction to order a litigant to take a drug test. The Nevada Revised Statutes states that only a criminal court judge has that jurisdiction.

The host continues to say that if the litigant appeal it would be overturned in the Nevada Supreme Court. But family court judges intimidate litigants and say that if they refuse to take the drug test the court would deem their drug test dirty and take their child.

In the Nevada Revised Statute, a judge can not use the child as a sword to develop power over a litigant. Isn’t this Parental Alienation by the court?

Many litigants don’t have the knowledge, time, or funding to appeal a case.

Miller said that many family court judges act on discretion and no evidence. The Rule of Evidence is out the window.

Miller said when a litigant speaks out against family court they lose their children and gets tossed in jail.

Miller also said that many judges give conflicting orders to litigants. This causes major confusion and discredits the litigant.

Miller said that nothing won’t change unless we do something about it. Many people don’t get involved until it personally affects them.

In a criminal enterprise, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Miller said he has 10 more Episoids coming out.

The host said that litigants need to find a way to make the law work for them.

The host continues to say that he has personally talked down litigants from doing stupid things to judges, opposing counsel,  and the opposing litigants on their cases. So many judges and community leaders should thank Veterans In Politics for being involved.

The host said the US Constitution is what separates us from other countries. Many countries want to be like us because of the Constitution and we continue to crap on it.

The host said if you are deciding to go to family court don’t do it. Get a mediator and a paralegal, compromise then submit it to the court for signature. Because if you go to family court thinking you have a winning case, you will be surprised!

See the latest video of Vem Miller:

America Happens – Episode 7 – “Family Law is a Genocide Machine”

Please click on the Vem Miller discusses the new documentary America Happens Episode 7 Family Law is a Genocide Machine VIP interview below:


A JUDGE said there are no Due Process Rights in my courtroom!

A JUDGE said there are no Due Process Rights in my courtroom!

Clark County Nevada

January 10, 2022


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Roy Plamer as he discuss the corruption inside of the Family Court System.

The host made a statement that many of his attorney friends wouldn’t practice in family court, because they don’t know what the rules are.

Meaning the law says to do this but the judge’s discretion tells them to do that.


Discretion is the power or right to decide or act according to one’s judgment; freedom of judgment or choice: It is entirely within my discretion whether I will go or stay (no laws needed to follow).

If judges on the family court bench are making their ruling at their discretion, maybe we should change the qualifications of judges in family court. We should remove the part that they need to be a licensed attorney. It looks like all we need is good old-fashioned common sense to be a family court judge.

Nevada has no legal education or licensing requirements for municipal court justices and only requires Justice Court justices to be licensed attorneys if they represent a county with a population above 100,000 people.

The host added that judges hide behind the term “The Best Interest of the Child”.

Palmer echoed that the best interest of the child should be two parents that love that child, not to be alienated by the family court system.

Palmer said the attorneys are the most corrupt they take your money but hardly put in the time required for your case. He explained getting an attorney will stop a litigant from doing any filing until they remove the attorney.

Palmer believes that the money from attorneys is being laundered back into the courtrooms.

Palmer said full transparency should be allowed and needed in family court.

Palmer spoke about how Child Protective Services (CPS) breaks the laws to enforce the laws as they steal your children and the system allows them to get away with it.

Palmer expresses his experience before Cynthia Giuliani Clark County Family Court Judge.

Palmer said that he express the fact in open court that Giuliani was violating his due process rights. He indicated that Judge Cynthia Giuliani responded by saying that; “there are no Due Process Rights in my courtroom”.


Due process rights are the guarantee that a person has the right to the fair application of the law before they can be imprisoned, executed, or have their property seized. This concept is responsible for all the procedures that guarantee a fair trial no matter who you are.

The Host indicated if a judge is going to make a statement like that from the bench it is a clear indicator that she has been on the bench far too long.

Palmer said that the judge wanted to shut him down by making him a vexatious litigant to cripple and stifle him from defending himself in a court of law. This measure is used to silence a litigant!

The host indicated that both the First and Fourteenth Amendments of our US Constitution were violated.

The Host advised Palmer to file a Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission Complaint and file a Federal Lawsuit against the Judge and the Family Court System.


Palmer said that if CPS is knocking on your door you don’t have to let them in until they have a warrant, because they will lie to steal your kids.

Roy Palmer discusses Clark County Department of Family Services (DFS) and Family Court Corruption


Judge has his head up his “A$$” gives children unsupervised to Multiple Felons!

Judge has his head up his “A$$” gives children unsupervised to Multiple Felons!

Clark County Nevada

December 13, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Destinee Larosee a victim of the Clark County Family Court Corruption.

Register of Actions

Case No. D-18-581826-D

Destinee Larosee, Plaintiff vs. Austin Craig, Defendant.

Larosee is in Family Court for her two sons, prides herself by being a victim advocate at UNLV.

Larosee said she has been in Family Court for three years now.

The incident:

Larosee explains the hot and cold treatment with her ex-husband and continues by saying that her ex-husband was completely controlling even with sex.

Larosee explains an incident when her ex tosses her son who is almost 2 years old on the bed and turned up the television.  She continues by saying that she was shoved into the closet then her head was slammed against the wall with his hands on her neck. She was then shoved onto the ground while still being strangled.

Larosee explained that her ex-husband then forced his penis into her mouth and forced her to perform oral sex.

Larosee said she then went unconscious, when she regained consciousness she was laying on the floor gagging for air. The police weren’t called immediately.

Larosee said the trauma set in coupled with embarrassment.

Larosee said her ex admitted by bragging about the incident to his best friend and his best friend’s wife.

Larosee finally went to the police and filed a criminal report, a rape kit was performed.

Larosee said that the police arrested her ex after reading her statement.

Larosee said she had particular hemorrhaging inside her throat. Her ex was charged with sex assault, battery by strangulation to commit sex assault, and Domestic battery by strangulation.

Larosee testified for almost 3 hours in a preliminary hearing in Criminal District Court. The prosecution added first-degree kidnapping.

Her ex-husband took an Alford plea deal and pleaded guilty to:

  • 2nd-degree kidnapping,
  • coercion of sexual motivation,
  • battery by strangulation,
  • battery constituting domestic violence,
  • A registered sex offender,
  • and was sentenced to six months in jail.

An Alford plea in Nevada is when a defendant in a criminal case does not admit guilt but concedes there is sufficient evidence to find him/her guilty at trial. In short, it is a guilty plea that allows the defendant to maintain his/her innocence.

Linda Marquis Clark County Family Court Judge is in the picture and gave Larosee an emergency Temporary Protection Order (TPO) and sole physical custody.

Everything was moving in the right direction until Family Court Judge Bryce Duckworth was reassigned to her case.

Now, the ex-husband is out of jail and took Larosee to court for custody and visitation and Bryce Duckworth decided to retract the last judges’ decision and gave the felon unsupervised overnight visits every other weekend from Thursday thru Sunday after he sees a counselor for four visits.

Whatever happened with Donna’s House?

Donna’s House Central (DHC) is a Family and Child Treatment (FACT) Program sponsored by the 8th Judicial District Court-Family Division.

 Donna’s House Central provides supervised visitation and exchange services for custodial and non-custodial parents. Donna’s House Central provides a safe, neutral, and child-friendly environment for non-custodial parents to initiate, reunite, or continue in a relationship with their children. Visitation is provided in one-hour or two-hour blocks of time under the auspices of visitation supervisors. All activities are monitored, and reports are provided to the Court. 

The host explained how family court judges are extremely inconsistent and will circumvent the law to fit their narrative.

Please click on the video below:

Destinee Larosee corruption with Clark County Family Court on the Veterans In Politics talk-show

Veterans In Politics International

where change happens!

Veterans In Politics International gave to Chet Buchana 98.5 KLUC Toy Drive.


Father with no criminal record gets a “Lifetime Restraining Order” against his 3-year-old son!

Father with no criminal record gets a “Lifetime Restraining Order” against his 3-year-old son!

Does a Judge’s Discretion give them the right to violate the law?

Clark County Nevada

December 8, 2021

Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Jason D’Souza and Kash Jackson on how the courts steal children from their parents.

D’ Souza:

D’Souza went through the family court system in Orange County California and was given a lifetime restraining order to be within 100 yards from his son.

D’Souza is going on over 900 days of being alienated from his son. This is a “Civil Death” Sentence. D’Souza still has to pay child support.

D’Souza has no criminal record, no CPS record, no drug or alcohol abuse, no child molestation charges, no weapons charges, no neglect charges. D’Souza has a clean record with positive monitoring reviews.

D’Souza said he was given this death sentence because he spoke out against the family court corruption on social media and the judge said that his words are a weapon, this is a violation of D’Souza’s freedom of speech.

The Host asked D’Souza why didn’t he do a federal lawsuit against the State Of California Family Court System and the judge who rendered that order for violating his constitutional rights?

The Host asked D’Souza why didn’t he file a judicial disciplinary complaint against the judge?

The Host asked D’Souza why didn’t he file an appeal to the California Supreme Court against the judge’s order?


Jackson founder of Veteran Liberty Network a retired Navy veteran and former gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Pary in Illinois.

Jackson responded that a pro-se-litigant has no chance of winning against a seasoned attorney in family court, litigants are not educated in defending themselves.

Jackson explains how the appeal process works by saying litigants are financially devastated and emotionally and mentally crippled. You are struggling to keep your head above water, you’re losing your home, your credit is being decimated, you are buried in attorneys fees, and often you’re being cycled in and out of the local jails on false orders of protection any of several charges to put you on your heels on an upward fight. The courts violate your due-process rights on the onset and make it far more complex. Then the appeals court send it right back to the crocked judge to fix their violation of the law. Now the family court judge seeks revenge on you.

The Host suggests using a paralegal that the litigant would pay a fraction of the cost rather than hiring an attorney and using all of your legal resources to have a paper trail.

Jackson stated that judges have ex-parte communication and take the litigant’s attorney into their chambers leaving the opposing party who is a pro-se-litigant representing themselves in the hallway, this is another violation of the litigant’s constitutional rights.

Article 14 of the Constitution:

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Jackson said that he hasn’t spoken to his children in over 3 years and he has never done anything to his children to warrant this alienation. This would make any normal red-blooded American upset with the system!

The Host:

The Host said that the court is in violation by using children as a sword to intimidate parents.

The family court system will beat you down so badly that it makes you powerless, lost, and enrage.

You should never give up trying to be in your minor children’s life, there is always a way!

Someone please contact Jason D’Souza and help him be in his son’s life…..

Stand up for your constitutional rights!

Please click on the link below to view this powerful and inspirational video:

Jason D’Souza & Kash Jackson zoom discussing how the courts steal children on VIP talk-show

Veterans In Politics International

where change happens!



Ghost Real Estate Market Used to Bribe Judges


Attorney Liz Goodley: Real Estate Scam with Valerie Houghton


Mark Erickson Blacklisted in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley  judges have become disgruntled with their $200,000 annual pay. So family  lawyers decided to do something about it in order to  get in judges’ favor. Fueled with client money pouring in from  Facebook, Paypal , Google and Twitter executives, divorce lawyers are using Bitcoin or crypto currencies as well as equity in family homes and investment properties to bribe judges and rig divorce cases. The blueprint is being repeated all over the state  as these well funded lawyers and corrupt judges  operate what has become California’s most dangerous criminal organizations.

Police officers willing to write bogus reports of domestic violence while ignoring serious white collar crimes play a critical role in the operation. Crooked cops  are getting special loans and below market houses in exchange for the role they play in the scam.  Children whose parents are involved in divorce or custody disputes are being used by the enterprise  to incite conflict and generate fees that justify the selling off  of the family home or rental properties that generate family wealth.  

Judges rotated through family, civil and criminal courts are the most likely to be dragged into the network. These judges issue orders that are critical for the organization. It has worked like a well oiled machine for 20 years, as property values in Silicon Valley skyrocket.

The pandemic however, disrupted the corruption and leaked information to outsiders. Meetings through local bar associations have been disrupted due to the pandemic . No longer can the lawyers rub shoulders with judges or others in the enterprise  in hallways such they they are able to  overhear other cases in a manner that invites illegal, or exparte,  communications. 

During the COVID crisis, attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area used the pandemic to  record public court hearings, meetings with private judges and attorneys court appointed to represent children.  Some of the recordings were made illegally to help lawyers and judges make more money on ghost real estate transactions and inflated legal bills that  are always ordered in favor of lawyers assuring a steady stream of bribes. 

The existence of these illegally recordings only is revealed when I judge is involved, as was the case in a Santa Clara County Superior Court earlier this month: 

“Judge Roberta Hayashi needs another apartment complex in Santa Cruz and someone has to chip in for more remodels on her Los Gatos house ” , attorney Mark Erickson is heard telling attorney Jim Hoover in an illegally recorded call made on special software Erickson keeps on his office computer. Erickson, like most other lawyers,  reportedly does poor legal work, charges unconscionable fees, spies on his own clients and makes backroom deals with opposing lawyers to stay in the good graces of the local judges.  This is especially true in  cases where he opposes  attorneys associated with Hector Moreno, David Patton, James McManis  or Jim Hoover from Hoover Krepelka, all of whom assure outright bribes to judges, cops and court appointed experts to get desired legal outcomes that keep the flow of clients coming into their legal practices. 

The pandemic has  caused trouble for divorce lawyers who find it difficult to conceal their criminality when other lawyers, and unknown members of the public, or a jury,  may be listening. After moving her troubled career as a family court judge to civil court, Judge Hayashi was more than humiliated during a hot mic moment on a Zoom where the  jury was present and an attorney in a auto accident case was heard calling  Judge Hayashi a
“Fucking Idiot”.  A sentiment divorce lawyers Mark Erickson, Hector Moreno, Nicole Ford, Liz Goodley  and Elise Mitchell expressed when they were  recorded outside the  family courthouse back in 2020. 

The LA Times and the San Jose Mercury recently reported on the hot mic incident and social media is mocking attorney Vincent Sal Filipo for calling Judge Hayashi a ” fucking idiot” in ear shot of a jury and recorded Zoom hearing.  Judge Hayashi is said to be fuming and planning to make sure Sal Filipo never wins a case in Santa Clara County again. 




Head of the real estate private judge mob, attorney Carlos Martinez corruption dates back to 2007 and the Silicon Valley Law Foundation

​Illegal recordings have also revealed how  Los Gatos based attorney Carlos Martinez, Capitola based attorney John Hannon and lawyers from San Jose;  James McManis, Rhonda Edgar, Walter Hammon, Richard Roggia, James Cox, Tracey Duell Cazes  and   Bill Dresser are  connected to real estate scams designed to take family homes and convert the equity to attorney fees during a divorce, custody or domestic violence case in family court. 

Converted fees are laundered through attorney trust accounts , title companies and escrow accounts where the funds are used to bribe judges up and down the state, where the bribes assure  civil cases are buried and claims are returned to family court. Houses sold below market value through private judges,  referees or ” Special Masters” are funding the criminal enterprise that incites conflict, harms children and seizes family homes in order to continue to operate. 

Family courts do not have jurors. Cases are heard by a single court judge. Torts such as fraud, domestic violence, concealment, and conversion can not be litigated in family court as the claims must  be in heard in  civil court where a jury is entitled to hear the claims. Judges who have been earning money on side hustles from rigged divorce cases do not want these cases heard by jurors who go home and tell about what is really happening in family courts. Looking through civil court filings against attorneys can reveal the players in involved  in the corruption.  

The pattern of the most corrupt lawyers show that they work closely with the police departments in Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Jose, Los Gatos and Santa Clara to assure reports are written in a manner that will allow lawyers to raise false domestic violence claims in and around the time a divorce case is filed. Further, individual police officers and police chiefs are accepting bribes that prevent clients willing to pay the criminal organization from being charged for tax evasion, fraud and other crimes that could be exposed during a divorce case.

Police chiefs who have been paid bribes through local police associations include police chiefs from Gilroy,  Los Gatos, and San Jose ,  all but Los Gatos Chief DeCena have resigned as they knew police records laws and new snitches could expose their corrupt deeds. Scott Smithee , the chief in Gilroy,  was known for  his long corrupt history with drugs and sex trafficked, and more recently  for bribes he took that included special loans and real estate deals assured by Intero Real Estate agents who agreed to who assured home remodels and tax accounting favors through the CPA firms of Greco, Filice and Thompson and MHTB, where Angelo Pezzoni, Mike Schumway, James Butera and Marcy Nunez have worked for powerful members of Silicon Valley’s legal community in exchange for court appointments that offer them immunity.

​According to information provided to family law attorneys Valerie Houghton, Elise Mitchell, Liz Goodley, and Heather Allan, by now deceased Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy Jack Solario , the most corrupt judges, lawyers and cops, get off the books accounting advice and should they ever face a DUI, false DV claim or personal divorce, free legal advice from attorney James McManis , and his former associates including, Carolyn Helwick, who uses her former relationships at the local DA’s office and as an associate in the McManis Faulkner law firm where Helwick was known as the go between when it comes to bribing local judges or getting clients to agree to use private judges. Helwick’s name appears in the Mitchell papers as having assured over $5 million in bribes to Judges Patricia Lucas, James Towery. Roberta Hayashi , Mary Arand, Julie Emede, Beth McGowan, Stuart Scott   and Carol Overton ( the judge in the county protecting big landlords in unlawful detainer and civil harassment cases) . Overtime’s ties to real estate has made her one of the most corrupt judges in the county. 

San Jose police Chief Ed Garcia, moved to Texas , where he reportedly continues to cover up human trafficking crimes. Scott Smithee, the former Gilroy Chief is reportedly getting into private security for Silicon Valley’s tech and social media companies where he is reportedly consulting on how to conceal the most serious white collar crimes connected to SEC violations and real estate fraud. 

                        Rigging Divorce Cases

Judges have a legal obligation to disclose their social, personal and professional relationships with lawyers or others they appoint in a case, they rarely  do. Judges also have a duty to report attorney misconduct, they rarely do . Judges know everyone lies in family court, yet they look the other way when it comes to the criminality of clients paying the criminal enterprise and  assuring bribes to local judges. Those clients and their lawyers  will never be sanctioned or disciplined by the state bar. In fact the corruption at the bar, revealed by the Thomas Garardi case works to protect the most corrupt lawyers in Silicon Valley These corrupt lawyers are never prosecuted  by a local district attorney whose political campaigns are funded by the monies these lawyers and judges pay to keep them in office. 

Divorce cases that are ” fixed” or ” rigged” involve the same lawyers and the same pattern and practice when it comes to public corruption. These cases, regularly assigned to a specific judge, often find a judge working for the criminal operation, come into their case at a hearing where no legitimate reason for the judge switch has occurred.  Judge James Towery’s cases show the most corruption, where Towery has injected himself in other cases where the corruption could be revealed. 

The lawyers in Silicon Valley are no different than those in LA and Organge County, where it was recently revealed how corrupt attorney Thomas Giaradi had become, right under the nose of the State Bar.   Giarardi was known for screwing his clients. Now in his final years of life, he is facing disbarment, bankruptcy and his own divorce from celebrity Erika Jane of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Turns out their plush lifestyle was supported on the backs of women and orphans Girardi  represented in class action lawsuits, never got paid.  Girardi’s corruption and influence include bribes and kickbacks to Governor  Gavin Newsom, who appointed Girardi to approve judges Newsom would appoint over his political career. Bribes to Shelia Sonenshine, Judge Moss, Judge Lucas, Judge Yew.  and countless  attorneys acting as private judges independently, David Weinberg,   or through the private business known as JAMS are also documented in the Mitchell Papers. 

                 Judges Stealing Family Homes 

The blueprint of Silicon Valley divorce lawyers using a divorce or custody case to earn more in fees paid with equity in family homes was drafted by bigger law firms. Hoover Krepelka , a firm known for ” donating ” to local bar associations and non- profits in a manner that assures high asset divorce cases  are assigned to certain judges who keep information about real estate fraud and SEC violations stay out of  civil court where the corruption could be revealed to a jury. 

One secret recording made by attorney Marilyn Moreno reveals that Santa Clara County Judge Carol Overton has been assigned by court managers to ” kill” civil cases with related family law matters.  Judge Overton has reportedly been assigned to work on any case involving SEC or real estate fraud to keep it out of ear shot of a jury. The recent hot mic incident involving Judge Hayashi solidifies the resolve  of the judges to continue to protect the corruption and handle the cases that cold leak information to the public that family court judges don’t want heard. 

One recording, believed to have been made by Bill Dresser shows Marilyn Moreno, Bill Dresser and attorneys from Hoover Krepelka’s law firm , discussing how to get  Judge Overton to pressure a mother to drop her civil real estate fraud case and get the case back to  family court where they can use pressure on custody issues related to her young children to get her to forget about the real estate fraud. Judge Overton’s assignment on the unlawful detainer calendar in the county made her very popular in the local judge bribing pool. 

On the civil calendar Judge Overton’s courtroom deals with civil harassment and unlawful detainer cases. In recent months Overton has been assigned as a ” settlement judge” to real estate cases that arise from claims of fraud in a divorce case. Overton has been reportedly working to favor clients in the case who are represented by Hoover Krepelka’s firm.  A secret recording believed to be made by Marilyn Moreno reveals a public court judge , believed to be Judge Carol Overton, captures Overton telling attorneys  Dresser and Moreno to assure their client accepted a settlement and dropped a civil case, to ” get the case back to family court”. Arguably where no media or jury is watching.  ” If your client does not agree to drop her civil case , the judges in family court will make her life a living hell. Overton is reportedly not beyond making threats to get her way to protect slumlords and the criminal organization that is using divorce and custody cases to generate huge sums of cash that are used to pay off judges, lawyers, experts and cops. 

The Los Gatos Police Officer Association is noted in the Mitchell Papers as assuring Overton large sums of money so the Los Gatos slumlords are assured of Overton’s favorable orders in court cases involving Los Gatos real estate. 

How to Detect Fraud Divorce Case and Real Estate 

Homes in California contain exceptional equity values that have skyrocketed over the past 20 years. This equity has become the golden ticket for family law attorneys and judges dealing with divorce or probate matters. Through illegal activity these lawyers, and bribed judges, are converting equity in family homes to their own personal profits. 

The corruption is spreading to other counties in California, it is being ignored by presiding judges, the Commission on Judicial Performance and the State Bar. 

Civil court files reveal the lawyers involved in the corruption. Look for judges assigned to unlawful detainer cases. These judges typically protect real property owners and landlords over tenant’s rights. Malpractice claims also reveal the patterns and practices, but knowledge of the players is critical too and malpractice lawsuits are a huge leak when public corruption taints a community’s family courts. 

Judge Overton became connected to the corruption through the law firm Hoover Krepelka , and its relationship to Dean Rossi  and the law firm Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck which has historically worked to for  Intero Real Estate Services, a real estate company known for fraudulent transactions connected to the county’s family courts. And a company where agents and brokers have a long history of bribing judges, cops and lawyers. This agency is getting court appointments through private  and public court judges and then  selling family homes below market value. Police officers, lawyers and judges are benefiting and much of money laundered for these transactions is bring moved through crypto currencies and attorney trust accounts, where they are not disclosed,  nor detected in family law cases.  

Self- proclaimed malpractice attorney John Hannon is a source of leaks too, Hannon has been known to dragnet clients into malpractice cases, only to drop them by staging fake fights with clients, or intentionally blowing service and discovery deadlines. 

Hannon is particularly known for escalating duress in his clients, while colluding with the very attorneys he is hired to sue for malpractice. Hannon’s reach is in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara Counties, where he takes nominal retainer agreements and gets his real money kicked back from the lawyers who never get exposed in family court due to his  incompetence and connection to the family court corruption. Hannon is known in particular for preying on victims of domestic violence, and for verbally insulting any client who dare to question his competence. This leaked email shows how Hannon pretends to not be able to serve lawyers he is secretly protecting.  Mr. Hannon was meeting daily with Mr. Dresser as the two were trying to determine how to get a  restraining order filed against Bill Dresser in Sacramento County back before Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Carol Overton who is the highest grossing bribed judge in the county. 


Litigants and Candidates speak-out against a Corrupt Family Court System!

Clark County Nevada

April 23, 2020

Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) hosted a peaceful and safe protest in front of the Clark County Family Court on Monday, April 20th.  The deplorable continues to isolate, discredit, and defame VIPI and its President. They are desperate to protect a corrupt system and never ever addressing the issues that have plagued a system that was designed to help families going through a painful civil ordeal, they are more concerned about their own personal wealth and power.


Please click on the videos below and judge them for yourself…


STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 7, Anthony “Tony” Palmer Family Court Virus Protest!


TRUSTEE, CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT A, Kari Deike Family Court Virus Protest!


Megan Goble protesting again Family Court Judge Moss. Family Court Virus Protest!


COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT D, Las Vegas Fire Chief David L. Washington Family Court Virus Protest!


COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT D, Stanley L. Washington Family Court Virus Protest!


Giano Amado speaks out against Family Court Judge Mathew Harter Family Court Virus Protest


Frank Switzer speaks out against Family Court Corruption Family Court Virus Protest


Lynn Wells corrupt Family Court Attorneys Jennifer Abrams and Marshal Willick Family Court Virus


Father’s loss custody to a corrupt system Kenneth Hall & Ashley Hall Family Court Virus Protest!


Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics request changes Family Court Virus Protest!


Karen Brown upset with dirty trick attorneys play Family Court Virus Protest!


Central Texas Family Court Corruption

Central Texas Family Court Corruption

Topic: Host Mike Lee and guests discuss the unfair and oftentimes damaging outcomes handed down in family court cases that involve minor children.

If you have issues that you feel are unjustified or corrupt please email

SANSON ‘SLAPPS’ ABRAMS! Nevada Supreme Court Upholds Free Speech!

SANSON ‘SLAPPS’ ABRAMS! Nevada Supreme Court Upholds Free Speech!


LAS VEGAS, NEV. (March 5, 2020) – Today, the Nevada Supreme Court handed down it’s ruling in the hotly contested matter of Abrams vs. Sanson, [Case No. 73838].  Sanson is victorious!  At the time of this writing, Jenny Abrams could not be reached for comment.

“Naturally, I am quite pleased,” stated Steve Sanson, President of Veteran’s in Politics International — in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!  Our Truth Hits! I-Team spoke with Sanson via telephone.  “Today is a huge victory for free speech!  Nevada’s anti-SLAPP statute basically did what it was designed to do — which is to knockout frivolous lawsuits — in the first round — to protect the little guy from unnecessary and costly legal battles — where the guy suing you has no leg to stand on in court — and they’re just trying to burn you up financially.”

CLICK HERE to READ the LANDMARK RULING – Abrams vs. Sanson (March 5, 2020)

It happens all too often.  An everyday citizen in good faith speaks-out on issues of public concern.  But then some big-shot gets his or her nose out of joint.  Rather than address the citizen in the marketplace of ideas, the big-shot decides to throw-down at the local county courthouse.  After all, the big-shot has money, power, and lawyers on retainer!–while the everyday citizen generally has no means to fight-off the big-shots lawyers.

In such cases, the big-shots have no illusion that their lawsuits are meritorious.  The big-shots are just being total slobs — seeking only to economically bludgeon the citizen — as punishment for speaking out.  The slobs figure that, even if the citizen successfully defends the lawsuit, it won’t even matter because the citizen will be economically devastated by the cost of the litigation.  Even if the citizen wins, there’s no Ed McMahon “prize” for winning.  The citizen is simply left with a pile of legal bills, constricted blood vessels, and a worthless defense verdict to frame and hang on the wall.

This is what happened in the matter of Jennifer Abrams vs. Steven Sanson and Louis C. Schneider, (a tough-as-nails Las Vegas attorney who does family law and criminal law).

Jenny Abrams is the big shot who brought a totally bogus defamation lawsuit against Sanson and Schneider.  As today’s High Court ruling shows, Jenny Abrams’ defamation lawsuit is frivolous.  It appears to have been calculated only to inflict attorney’s fees and costs upon a good faith citizen — Steven Sanson — as punishment for Sanson having spoken-out on issues of public concern.

Among free speech aficionados, Steve Sanson is a something of hero!–a social justice warrior who weathered the storm of a frivolous defamation lawsuit!–who stands-up for the truth, justice, and the American way!–a proud United States Marine who shapes the course of Nevada free speech laws!  “OO-rah!”

And the good news is this –> Nevada’s anti-SLAPP laws allow Sanson to recover attorney’s fees and costs as a result of Abrams’ frivolous lawsuit.  Yes, Jenny Abrams could wind-up having to pay a tidy sum of money to Sanson and his lawyers.  In addition, Jenny may get stuck having to pay penalties of up to $10,000 — to teach her a lesson for filing frivolous lawsuits.

And this is the beauty of the anti-SLAPP laws, i.e., it’s a way of “teaching a lesson” to the big-shots who try to step on the little guys’ throats — by hitting the big-shots where it counts — in the pocketbook!  And this spells epic revenge for the little guys, and further serves, in no small measure, to deter other big-shots who may entertain the foolish idea of attempting to punish others for their “good faith communications in furtherance of the right to free speech regarding a matter of public concern,” as NRS 41.660 contemplates.

VIPI President, Steve Sanson with Dee Smart Butler candidate for Clark County District Court Judge Family Division Department “J.”

Many folks ask: “What is Anti-SLAPP?”  First of all, “SLAPP” stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.  Jenny Abrams’ lawsuit is fairly characterized as a lawsuit that was strategically designed to target Sanson for his public participation — which apparently came in retaliation for Sanson’s opinions on Abrams — i.e., her perceived lack of “openness and transparency” and perceived “obstructions to the judicial process.”

In responding to Abrams’ “SLAPP” lawsuit, Sanson’s hired power-hitter attorney Maggie McLetchie, Esq., (McLetchie Shell LLC).  Ms. McLetchie, who comes from a family of stalwart free-speech advocates, filed an “Anti-SLAPP” motion to dismiss Abrams’ “SLAPP” lawsuit — on the basis that the lawsuit was frivolous.  Ms. McLetchie, who was brilliant in oral arguments before the High Court, carefully explained why Sanson’s statements implicate matters of “public concern” and should thus be afforded anti-SLAPP protections.

When it comes to free speech, Ms. McLetchie totally “gets it!”  And the Nevada Supreme Court agrees.  Once again, Ms. McLetchie’s legal arguments carry the day!  Bravo!

In 2018, the Las Vegas Review-Journal dubbed Ms. McLetchie the “First Amendment Champion.”  Truer words were never spoken!  And today, with yet another landmark victory to her credit, nobody can deny that Ms. McLetchie is the undisputed Champion of the First Amendment and friend to freethinkers everywhere!

It all started when Sanson published a series of articles on VIPI’s website concerning Abrams’ courtroom conduct and practice.  Sanson was critical of Abrams.  Sanson called her a “lawyer behaving badly.”  So, Abrams hired her boyfriend, controversial attorney, Marshall Willick, who sued Sanson for defamation, emotional distress, conspiracy, and so-on.  Sanson’s attorneys filed the anti-SLAPP motion asking the court to declare the lawsuit “frivolous” and to dismiss it immediately.

The District Court found that Sanson’s statements did involve issues of public concern.  Sanson’s statements related to an attorney’s courtroom performance and the public’s interests injustice.  The District Court also found that Sanson’s statements were “opinions” and thus incapable of being false.  Abrams had shown no probability of prevailing on her claims, so the District Court granted Sanson’s motion to dismiss.

Dissatisfied with the District Court ruling, Abrams and her attorney, Willick, appealed to Carson City.

In ruling for Sanson, the Nevada Supreme Court analyzed Sanson’s statements.  Were his statements of “public concern?”  If so, they would be afforded protection.  Well, the High Court found that Sanson’s statements criticizing Abrams’s courtroom behavior were indeed matters of “public concern” because the public has an interest in an attorney’s courtroom conduct.

Writing for the majority, J. Stiglich explains: “The public has an interest in an attorney’s courtroom conduct that is not mere curiosity, as it serves as a warning to both potential and current clients looking to hire or retain the lawyer.”

Abrams tried to argue that her courtroom antics were not of “public concern,” but the Supreme Court disagreed.  An attorney’s courtroom behavior is “matter of utmost public concern.”  The Court held that Sanson’s statements about Abrams came “indirect connection” with issues of public interest for purposes of anti-SLAPP analysis.

Sanson also criticized Abrams’ practice of “sealing cases” from public view.  Sanson expressed his perception that Abrams style of practicing law is antithetical to openness and transparency.   Again, the Court found that Sanson’s statements came in “direct connection with an issue of public interest.”

Notably, however, the Court did reverse a portion of the District Court’s ruling on Sanson’s statements that came in a private telephone conversation.  The Court ruled that telephonic statements are not protected because such statements were made in a private telephone conversation, which is not a “public forum.”

These unprotected telephonic statements potentially expose Sanson to a claim for defamation.  But here’s why it’s interesting:  Sanson’s telephonic statements were made to a guy named Dave Schoen — an Abrams employee — who also moonlights as one of the chief agitators at Nevada Court Watchers, a Facebook shill group devoted to heckling Sanson and anyone who supports him.

And while Sanson’s telephone statements are not protected by the anti-SLAPP statutes, Abrams still has an uphill battle in her defamation case.  On remand to the lower court, to prove defamation, Abrams must show that Sanson’s statements to Schoen were made to a “third party” – which may prove a dicey prospect because Schoen is an employee of the Abrams law firm, i.e., not really a “third party.”  The Court also noted that Schoen initiated the call to Sanson, which tends to show lack of intent, a requisite element on defamation claims.

The Nevada Supreme Court gave guidance in interpreting Nevada’s anti-SLAPP statutes.  In determining what constitutes “good faith” communications under the statutes, the High Court states that the relevant inquiry must examine the “gist of the story,” not the literal truth of each word or detail used in a statement.  Courts must look to the “gist or sting” of the communications as a whole, “rather than parsing individual words in the communications” explains J. Stiglich.

Taken as a whole, the Court soundly rejected Abrams and her bogus lawsuit.  The Court held that her additional claims — of emotional distress and conspiracy — lacked even minimal merit, which is just a polite euphemism for “frivolousness.”

To gain a real-world perspective, the Truth Hits! I-Team contacted renowned civil rights attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, Esq., who stated:  “Las Vegas is world-famous — not just for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife, but for its burgeoning family court corruption.”  Phillips decries Las Vegas Family Court.  Phillips lamented:  “It’s a den of iniquity — where civil rights go to die.”  

The Truth Hits! I-Team has come to learn that Las Vegas Family Court is internationally known — with a reputation for having broken all records for wanton, reckless and systematic corruption.  Las Vegas judges are known the world over for routinely disregarding evidence, rewarding perjury, and ignoring constitutional rights.  Apparently, the Las Vegas family court is a full-time concern to folks all around the globe — not just in Vegas!

Committed to excellence in journalism, our Truth Hits! I-Team wanted to get both sides of the story.  Our I-Team rode straight into the heart of the enemy camp.  We visited Nevada Court Watchers, a shill group on Facebook.  Our I-Team chit-chatted with many folks, all of whom portrayed Sanson as a “corrupt individual who interferes with the administration of justice!”  Boy howdy!  Them sounds like fightin’ words!  But wait … there’s more!

Nevada Court Watchers is home of Nevada Court Watchers PAC — a political action committee — which vows to “pursue targeted, highly-funded campaigning against any judicial candidate who (i) seeks a VIPI endorsement; (ii) attends a VIPI event; (iii) gives money to VIPI; or, (iv) appears on a VIPI radio program.  Hide your kids!  Hide your wife!  NCWPAC is on the warpath!

Abrams lackey, Dave Schoen, alleges that Sanson extorts money from family court litigants and that Sanson intimidates judges by calling them on their cell phones regarding pending litigations.  Schoen alleges that Sanson does this in order to exercise undue influence over vulnerable and susceptible judges.  Dave Schoen, his wife Julie, their kids, and even their dogs, all agree that “Sanson is the living embodiment of corruption.”

Our I-Team spoke with many Nevada Court Watcher devotees, many of whom reside outside the Vegas valley, including, Charlene Villanueva, (Orangevale, Calif.); Linda Parker Harbison, (Roslyn Penn.); Rob Berkman, (Burke Virginia), Carol Christiansen, (Montgomery, Texas); Jayne Bennett, (Liberty, Indiana); Elske Shipp engaged to Alex Ghibaudo, (a regular guest at the shill group, Our Nevada Judges); Beth Cooper from Sydney, Australia; Kristen King, (Chugiak, Alaska); Mindi Brown-Coursey, (Haskell, Oklahoma), Grace Iha, (Bellevue, Kentucky); Issendai Icchantika, (Boston Mass.); Majella Schmalz, (Sheboygan, Wisc.); and yes, another Aussie, Rita Hawkins, from Down Under.

It turns out that Las Vegas Family Court’s unique brand of judicial corruption is so brazen and so notorious that it draws worldwide attention!  Who knew?  Apparently, Las Vegas Family Court is so burdensome and oppressive to civil rights — that it sends seismic shock waves throughout legal communities of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Barrow, Alaska, and halfway around the world in Sydney Australia!

Curiously, the Nevada Court Watchers to whom our I-Team spoke were reluctant to speak “on the record.”  Despite the fact that they talk about Las Vegas Family Court all day long, none wished to be quoted “on the record.”  The general sentiment was that nobody in the group was willing to mention Samson, for any reason.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that, as a direct result of Sanson’s favorable ruling, nobody at Nevada Court Watchers would be discussing Sanson, as an obvious embarrassment to Willick and Abrams, who many believe is the driving force behind Nevada Court Watchers.

One member of Nevada Court Watchers, who wished to remain anonymous, told our I-Team: “Today, we’re just gonna make fun of McDonald, then we’re gonna humiliate Bahns, and then we’ll heckle Amy Luciano, with our daily routine of exposing them to hatred, shame, contempt, and ridicule.  But no Samson today.  We’re totally on lock-down with the Samson thing, so like, no comment, ya know?”

The I-Team was unable to reach Marshall Willick for comment.



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TSBEP / TBHEC Complaint Process – Texas Psychologists / Custody Evaluators

TSBEP / TBHEC Complaint Process – Texas Psychologists / Custody Evaluators
TSBEP Complaint Process Issues – TBHEC Texas Family Courts – Gloria Canseco, Darrel Spinks, Texas Board of Psychology, Texas Behavioral Health Executive Committee
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Involuntary Private Parental Rights Termination by a Psychologist – TSBEP/TBHEC

Involuntary Private Parental Rights Termination by a Psychologist

My name is Lauren Walker and I am a parent whose life was devastated by an unethical custody evaluator.

I have a beautiful 6-year old daughter, and we haven’t seen each other since July 2018, when a jury terminated my parental rights. I went from my daughter’s primary caregiver to being removed from her life altogether in a mere 2 years. My family spent over $1,000,000 defending me in this custody battle – 17 hearings in all —  that was fueled by the custody evaluator’s continual recommendations to the judge.

I was beaten badly by my ex-husband.  I experienced a traumatic brain injury from him kicking me in the head with his boot.  My daughter and I, at one point, received a protective order to keep us safe from my ex-husband. When I left him, he continued to use the court system to abuse me.  The termination petition was instigated by my ex-husband – not the State.  And, the idea to terminate my rights originated from the custody evaluator, who grossly exceeded her scope, and violated rules as well as the code of ethics.

Not once did any other professional recommend that it was in my daughter’s best interest for my rights to be terminated.  Yet, that’s what happened … due to the custody evaluator’s actions and ongoing manipulations in the courtroom.

Dr. Johnathan Gould, who is a renowned forensic psychologist, reviewed Dr. Alissa Sherry’s evaluation reports.  I have a 27-page report with details of his findings. He concluded that her report was completely flawed and did not qualify as a custody evaluation.

Dr. Gould cited:

  • Concerns about the information included and excluded from the report

  • For example, the inclusion of speculation and hearsay opinions, and the exclusion of direct observation of parenting

  • Failure to assess critical parenting attributes, which was the purpose of the evaluation

  • Misuse of psychological tests

  • Use of unreliable methods and lack of scientific-based findings

  • Notable differences in the treatment of the parents

Dr. Gould recommended that the jury should not use the evaluation as evidence to support its decision.

My daughter’s and my story is terrifying and heart-breaking.

In closing, I plead with this Board to conduct strenuous oversight and investigation of its forensic psychologists involved in family court cases to prevent this tragedy from happening again, and to correct cases that have already ended in tragedies.


Thank you.

Lauren Walker

This is part of the Expert Opinion Summary from Dr Jonathan Gould::

It is my professional opinion, within a reasonable degree of professional certainty, that Dr. Sherry’s evaluation is seriously flawed. Dr. Sherry provides a robust understanding of the dynamics and chaotic organization of the families.

  • She does not, however, provide information relevant to answering questions about parenting attributes, abilities, or capabilities.

  • She does not provide information relevant to answering questions about the nature and quality of parent-child interactions.

  • She does not provide information relevant to answering questions about the psychological and emotional needs of the child.

  • She does not provide information relevant to answering questions about the fit between the parenting attributes, abilities, or capabilities of each parent and the psychological and emotional needs of the child.

Dr. Sherry’s interview procedures neglect gathering information about critically important areas of parenting, parent-child interactions, parent-to-parent communication, and child’s perception of each parent.

Dr. Sherry’s information gleaned from collateral interviews was essentially absent of information describing third party observers’ personal knowledge and behavioral descriptions of parenting behavior or parent-child interactions.

None of the parent interview data and none of the collateral interview data were organized around factors identified in the professional and scientific literature pertaining to positive parenting.

Dr. Sherry’s uses of psychological test results were of questionable value. Her use of computer-generated reports raises concerns about use of hearsay and concerns about the admissibility of opinions based upon the computer-generated interpretive reports. She did not integrate psychological test results with empirical knowledge of parenting factors associated with those results that would lead to hypotheses about each parent’s parenting strengths and weaknesses.

Read Dr. Gould’s Full Report Here:
_18.8.22 MEUTH L_Gould Forensic Psychological Report (2)