Clark County Nevada

June 11, 2021


Las Vegas, Nev., (June 4, 2021). The newsflash, apparently official, Jennifer Abrams has paid $155,000 to settle-up with Steve Sanson and Veterans In Politics, International (“VIPI”).


Moments ago, our editorial staff learned that local attorney, Jennifer V. Abrams, and the Abrams & Mayo Law Firm recently entered into a settlement agreement with Steve Sanson and VIPI. The Abrams Parties agreed to pay $155,000 to resolve the parties’ ongoing litigation.

Our editorial staff was informed that Abrams and her firm have already paid the settlement in full—$155k.

We presume the lion’s share of the $155k will go to the lawyers.

The lawsuit is continuing in district court. Louis Schneider a Nevada Attorney remains as a defendant. After the Nevada Supreme Court almost entirely upheld the district court’s prior decision to grant an anti-SLAPP motion, Schneider sought fees and costs and dismiss the remaining claims. Those motions are still pending.


Our editorial staff spoke with Steve Sanson, who explained that the settlement agreement has no confidentiality clause. “Well, Abrams wanted confidentiality, but I said, NO!” explains Sanson, “This is about freedom of speech and I took an oath to defend the Constitution along with our fundamental liberty interests in freedom of speech. This case started with Jennifer Abrams suing to silence me and the public has an interest in knowing what happens in anti-SLAPP cases.”


Abrams is a controversial divorce attorney—who some see as emblematic of the chronic problems that plague the family court. Employees of Abrams’ law office run a Facebook hater group where they openly taunt and bully parents fighting for custody.

Sanson criticized Abrams’ sketchy courtroom conduct. Then Abrams retaliated—by filing a defamation lawsuit against Sanson, VIPI , and all its officers! (Holy guacamole!)

But Abrams’ defamation lawsuit was baseless. Abrams had no likelihood of prevailing on her specious defamation claim (and she knew it). Instead, it seemed that Abrams calculated her lawsuit for one purpose—chilling Sanson’s speech-related activities.

Abrams thought her defamation lawsuit would shut down Sanson’s criticisms of her shady courtroom conduct. But Abrams never counted on the indomitable fighting spirit of a United States Marine! “OO-rah!”

In response to Abrams’ half-stepping defamation lawsuit, Steve Sanson countered with an anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss—and Abrams got knocked out! It was epic! Sanson handed Abrams a stunning upset defeat! Much like the Lakers victory over the Supersonics back in 1989!


It was long, arduous litigation. Abrams lost in the trial court, then she appealed, but again, she (almost entirely) lost. It wasn’t even a valiant fight. It was just sad. Some legal observers speculate on whether Abrams was stubbornly prolonging her inevitable defeat—trying to prove a point. If so, the only point is that Abrams paid $155,000 (ouch!). Sanson showed himself to be a noble defender of First Amendment liberties!

In the court, Steve Sanson and VIPI established proved that his criticisms of Abrams’ courtroom conduct are free speech—protected by the First Amendment! This means that Sanson has a constitutional right to criticize Abrams—regardless of whether she is offended! Sanson’s triumph over Abrams was a ginormous victory for free speech enthusiasts nationwide!

Sanson added, “I am glad the Nevada Supreme Court correctly ruled that an attorney’s courtroom conduct is a matter of public interest, which we can discuss publicly! With all due respect to Ms. Abrams, she must learn to accept criticisms—especially when they’re valid.”

“And, I’d like to thank my lawyer, Maggie, McLetchie—a heavy hitter—a First Amendment guru—who always had faith in me,” says Sanson who added, “and I wish to thank her associates, the hard-working  Leo Wolpert, and  Alina Shell. Without these talented individuals, this landmark decision would not have been possible! I also want to give a shout-out to Anat Levy who always has my back!”


The Nevada Supreme Court ruling in Abrams vs. Sanson has sent shockwaves through the corridors of legal power statewide! The high court precedent is clear and unambiguous. The Nevada Supreme Court wholeheartedly supports free speech!

The VIPI editorial staff spoke with our legal correspondent, T. Matthew Phillips, a First Amendment aficionado, who explained, “What we do in life—echoes in eternity.” Phillips added, “When Carson City enacted our state’s anti-SLAPP statutes, they had in mind Jenny Abrams’ frivolous lawsuit against Steve Sanson.

Justice was served!”

We were also fortunate to speak with a world-renowned constitutional expert, Maggie McLetchie, who told our staff, “I’m pleased the parties were able to reach an amicable resolution.”


“She sued me to stifle my free speech,” says Sanson, “and the reason she tried to stifle my free speech was to hide her own misconduct.” Sanson added, “If you see something, say something, right? So, I see a shyster lawyer, I say something … she files a shyster lawsuit … she gets slapped out of the water! $155 thousand smackeroos! Cha-Ching! Thank you, please come again!”

Our editorial team wondered whether there’s any legal insight that this litigation may offer—as a learning experience. T. Matthew Phillips explained, “Never underestimate your opponent.” Phillips reminds us, “That’s straight outta Sun-Tzu! Jenny Abrams underestimated a tough-as-nails United States Marine, who basically opened a can of whoop-ass with a side o’ fries and a triple-thick chocolate shake!”


Note also, the legal battle rages on between Sanson and Marshal Willick another divorce attorney. Remarkably, Willick pulled the same stunt as his girlfriend, fiancée, wife (who knows) Jenny Abrams. And, like his girlfriend, Sanson served up a “how-do-you-do!” Willick now back-peddles, desperately trying to dismiss his own lawsuit against Sanson.

Stay tuned!


Please click on the link below to view Saturday’s show: Tahra Violet self-healing on the Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show




On April 5, 2021, a federal lawsuit was filed by Ali Shahrokhi and T. Matthew Phillips against family court judge, Mathew Harter.  [Shahrokhi, vs. Harter, 2:21-cv-00557-APG-BNW].

The lawsuit seeks a court order removing Harter from the bench—for violating Plaintiffs’ 14th Amendment right to expect a “fair judiciary.”

This federal lawsuit against Harter alleges that the 14th Amendment guarantees the people’s fundamental right to expect a “fair judiciary”—the cornerstone of democracy.  However, where judges commit crimes—such as fraud and perjury—there can be no “fair judiciary.”

Harter must go!

The lawsuit alleges that Harter committed bankruptcy fraud, perjury, and concealment of assets; and, because of these crimes, Harter’s mere presence on the bench “offends traditional notions of a fair judiciary,” which violates Plaintiffs’ federally protected rights under the 14th Amendment.


In this federal lawsuit, the Nevada Attorney General represents Harter—for free.  But Plaintiffs challenge this free legal representation!

Harter should have to pay for his own lawyers!

First of all, the Nevada Attorney General (A.G.) has already denied Veterans In Politics International’s complaint about an investigation against Harter, concerning the bankruptcy indiscretions, therefore, the A.G. is now conflicted-out.

The A.G. is in no position to represent Harter concerning allegations of Bankruptcy fraud because the representation creates blatant conflicts of interest.

The A.G. should NOT represent Harter and for two reasons—(a) Harter committed bankruptcy fraud and the people should not have to pay to defend his conduct, and (b) Harter is being sued for conduct “off the bench,” and because the operative acts occurred “off the bench,” Harter is not entitled to a state-paid attorney.

What does the law say?

Well, it says that Harter is entitled to a state-paid lawyer in lawsuits “based on any alleged act or omission relating to the person’s public duties or employment,” [NRS § 41.0339].

So, did Harter’s BK filing relate to Harter’s public duties or employment?  No!  Therefore, no free ride for Harter.

In addition, there must be a determination that the acts in question happened in “good faith,” [NRS § 41.0339].  But Harter cannot show good faith—because he committed “fraud” in the bankruptcy court!


Plaintiffs Shahrokhi and Phillips made a motion to disqualify Harter’s attorneys-of-record, i.e., Nevada Attorney General’s Office.  This motion is now pending before a federal judge.

Plaintiffs argue that the A.G. must be disqualified because the acts that give rise to the lawsuit—Harter’s personal bankruptcy—did not arise within the scope of Harter’s employment as a judge.  In addition, Harter’s personal bankruptcy (obviously) came in “bad faith,” [NRS § 41.0339.1(b)].

Remarkably, the A.G. argues that the state may represent Harter because his B.K. filing, “relates to [Harter’s] public duties or employment.”  But this argument is absurd!  The A.G. argues that bankruptcy is part of a judge’s official duties!

Judges have duties to file bankruptcies?  (Who knew?)   Perhaps the federal court will once-and-for-all resolve the thorny issue of whether filing bankruptcy is part of a judge’s official duties (or not).


The A.G. next argues that the state may represent state-court judges when representation is in the best interests of the state, [NRS 228.170(1)].  The A.G. told the court that the defense of Harter is in the best interests of the State of Nevada.  But Plaintiffs wonder—how is defending Harter in the best interests of the state?

According to the A.G., “Nevada has an interest in protecting its judicial officers from being bankrupted by means of having to defend civil lawsuits brought by disgruntled former litigants.”  Oh, how ironic!—The A.G. worries about Harter going bankrupt?!  No worries.  HARTER won’t again be eligible to pull another bankruptcy until 2024.

Does the A.G. ever worry about the countless families that Harter bankrupts?

Plaintiff, T. Matthew Phillips stated:  “Harter’s BK was on his own personal time, therefore, attorney’s fees must be funded on his own personal dime.  Get it?”

Plaintiff Ali Shahrokhi was direct:  “It is a waste of public funds.  He must pay for his own attorney.  Does the state give Harter a free lawyer if Harter is in a car accident driving to the movies on Saturday night?  Attorney General must be disqualified.”

However, the A.G. refuses to quit as Harter’s attorney!  The state’s managing attorney is none other than Steve Shevorski who, much like Tom Petty, just “Won’t Back Down.”  Shevorski insists there is no conflict of interest and that the B.K. filing was part of Harter’s public duties and therefore, Harter is entitled to a free, state-paid attorney.


Harter committed bankruptcy fraud—in plain view of the general public—and under the nose of a federal judge.  Harter survived complaints to the U.S. Trustee’s Office, the Commission on Judicial Discipline, and the Nevada Attorney General. Recently Veterans In Politics International filed another complaint, this time with the Nevada Commission on Ethics, lets see if they joined the crowd to protect a judge that commits a criminal act.

Harter continues to sit on the bench in judgment of others.

As long as Harter remains on the bench, there can be no “fair judiciary” in Nevada.  Stay tuned for the results of the motion to disqualify the A.G. as Harter’s attorney.

Please click on the video testimony before the Clark County Board of County Commissioners:

Mathew Harter Clark County District Court Judge Family Division is a Criminal on the Bench!

VETERANS IN POLITICS INT’L (“Where Change Happens!”)


Briana Johnson Clark County Assessor hands-on working knowledge of the Department!

Briana Johnson Clark County Assessor hands-on working knowledge of the Department!

Clark County Nevada

May 29, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Briana Johnson Clark County Assessor.

The election year 2022 is right around the corner. On the ballot will be the Clark County Assessor.

Johnson a Las Vegas Native graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Johnson has been in the Assessor’s Office for over 26 years and excelled through the ranks.

Johnson has a hands-on working knowledge of the entire Assessor’s Office.

Office of the Clark County Assessor:

The Assessor values all property subject to taxation. The Assessor is required by Nevada law to discover, list, and value all property within the County. The property is assessed at 35% of its current appraised value. In addition to the parcels of real property (land, homes, commercial buildings), the Assessor must value personal property including businesses from lavish multi-million dollar casinos to one-person operations, manufactured homes, aircraft, and any other personal property which is taxable. The Assessor collects personal property tax only as of the ex-officio treasurer of the County.

About the Clark County Assessor:

Briana Johnson was elected Clark County Assessor on November 6, 2018.  Prior to being elected, she proudly served the public for over 26 years in the Assessor’s Office.  She started in 1995 and held various positions in the Appraisal Division, including Manager of Property Appraisal, prior to being promoted to Assistant Director of Assessment Services in 2016.

As Assessor, Briana Johnson oversees the daily operations of the Office and the assessment of approximately 775,000 parcels, 25,000 manufactured homes, and 45,000 businesses in Clark County.  In addition, she supervises the processing of approximately 80,000 exemptions for the Blind, Veterans, and Surviving Spouses.

Johnson is a native of Las Vegas who graduated from Valley High School.  Johnson later graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.  Briana Johnson holds a Property Tax Appraiser Certificate in both real and personal property from the State of Nevada.

Johnson’s professional affiliations include the International Association of Assessing Officers and the Nevada Assessors Association.  Johnson is also a member of Toastmasters International.

Please click on the links below to be informed:

Clark County Assessor:

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Briana Johnson Clark County Assessor on the Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show.


Citizens Review Board is a Board of “CLOWNS”

Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Giano Amado Judicial Activist.

Amado has been championing legislative reform because of the tremendous corruption that has plagued the family court system. Amado was motivated by the corruption at the hands of Mathew Harter Clark County Family Court Judge.

Amado would like to eliminate qualified immunity, Amado discussed his victory from the Nevada Supreme Court when he received an order for Reversal and Remand on June 29, 2020, against Harter.

In addition, Amado also received a Disqualification from the Nevada Supreme Court because of bias reasons again, against Judge Harter in November 2020.

Amado said that Judge Harter has destroyed his daughter’s life and the lives of his family that he can never get back.

Amado went before the Las Vegas City Council requesting that we form a Public Citizens Review Board to oust corrupt elected officials.

Amado state that the LVMPD Citizens Review Board is a “Circus” that is there to protect corrupt police officers and not the citizens they have violated.

Click on the video:

Giano Amado will discuss the need for a Public Citizen Review Board to oust a corrupt elected official


Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics request a major overhaul of the LVMPD Citizens Review Board before the Las Vegas City Council

Click on the video:

Sanson President of Veterans In Politics request a major overhaul of the LVMPD Citizens Review Board

Jac Lindell

Many years ago I was appointed to the citizen’s review board but after my 1st hearing (which resulted in metro revising their policy based on my recommendation) I kept from hearing further cases for applying common sense and my refusal to wear a shirt and tie….. the ides of a board is great, the lady that runs it needs to go and people with some background or at least common sense need to serve on board…. when I am stopped I always disclose I have a CCW and where my weapon is (right front pocket) because I know the officer may not have run scope on me when he pulled me over and as you say to get a CCW I had to pass an extensive background search and I am told no one with a CCW permit has ever committed a crime with their weapon…. that cop needed a reprimand at the least.


UK Parliament Facing Growing Anger After Voting Against Enhancements to Protect Domestic Abuse Survivors

Conservative Members of Parliament (MPs) voted against several amendments to the domestic abuse bill on Thursday including:

  • placing serial domestic abusers and stalkers on the current Violent and Sex Offender Register (Visor);
  • giving family court judges training on sexual abuse; and
  • providing greater protection to migrant victims of domestic violence.

“Domestic abuse remains underreported and only a small proportion of survivors see criminal sanctions against their perpetrator – a register could have been a useful tool,” she said. “We have to find ways to proactively hold perpetrators to account and prioritise survivors’ safety.”

Read more here.


NBC Nightly News Investigates: Judges Accused of Ignoring Abuse in Custody Battles

NBC News’ Kate Snow investigates how allegations of violence and abuse are handled when there’s a custody dispute over kids in family court. Kathy Sherlock says she tried to protect her daughter, Kayden, by pushing back against unsupervised visits. Kayden was killed by her father before he took his own life.  The Center of Judicial Excellence is honored to have provided data and information to support this coverage.

Watch the two-part special here: Part One; Part Two – starts at 13:45 min


“If He Kills Someone, You Can Say I Told You So”–How Protective Parents Are Belittled in Family Court

A letter to the attorney general As the executive director of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that advocates and rigorously fights for the rights and protection of children, I write to command attention to the public health crisis created by the multiple government agencies responsible for providing services to families and children. These agencies ignore critical […]

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Some Steps We Take in Battling a Corrupt Family Court System

  How does the FCVFC go about fighting corruption in the family court system for our clients? Here are some of our strategies. Always we conduct an initial evaluation of court records, testimony, and evidence, in order to plan a strategy. We seek if possible to connect with a moral attorney in the state in […]

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Protect Children and Parents from Court Appointees including Mediators

Read the full article at Protect Children and Parents from Court Appointees including Mediators

jen-theodore-WxCjNdz_B4I-unsplash 19momsfightback.jpg

Although I was in a 7 year post divorce case initiated by the father, MRS. Family Court Helper referred to me throughout her report to the court as MRS. Was she a once a MRS. always a MRS. kind of person or was she just careless in her cut and paste of a report she had used many times before?

MRS. Family Court Helper follows the money and moves from role to role. The trend in the family court industry is to find another court appointee role without standards or standardized training (especially domestic violence training) and use this for divorcing families who end up in court. The latest trend is mediation. MRS. Family Court Helper is now a mediator.

But she still prefers to do a PRE (custody evaluation) even though the research is saying this approach is harmful to children. MRS. Family Court Helper has conducted over 100 PRE (custody evaluations). When asked how much follow-up she had done to see how the children fared, she was incensed. When she finally responded, the answer was she hadn’t done any. What kind of professional does that?

MRS. Family Court Helper now says on her web site that the mother filed a complaint with the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) because she was upset with the parenting time decision she recommended when serving as a parent coordinator. It was much more than that. BEWARE of any licensed mental health professional that uses this line. MRS. Family Court Helper suddenly became an SA/CFI (Special Advocate/Child and Family Investigator), the role the court appointed her to serve, again in her response to DORA. Interesting isn’t it?

• MRS. Family Court Helper double billed me. These were corrected when I pointed out the errors, but not before.

• When I asked for a recap of the billing it took MRS. Family Court Helper 4 months to get me a recap of the billing. It was submitted in her reply to my DORA complaint. Even though she says she was a parent coordinator on her web site and in previous billings to me, the billing and the response she submitted to DORA listed all her work as being that of an SA/CFI as the court document ordered. She’s sneaky.

• MRS. Family Court Helper failed to discuss or implement changes that would take my child out of the middle of the conflict. Suggestions were made by a school counselor with over 20 years’ experience as a counselor and parent. The counselor looked over the child’s records and shared what she had seen work and then made some recommendations based on the changes MRS. Family Court Helper was proposing. When the recommendations were shared with MRS. Family Court Helper, her response was maybe it should be her who goes to the school and talks to the school personnel. She didn’t implement any of the recommendations.

• MRS. Family Court Helper took a piece of research which spanned 25 years and included recommendations to a group of Colorado goons promoting the parent coordinator role and decided not to follow the research but the recommendations of the goons who had no back up research.

• MRS. Family Court Helper did not set session agendas and the sessions were totally out of control. According to other mental health professionals I shared my concerns with regarding the nature of the sessions; MRS. Family Court Helper allowed transference to occur but did not remove herself from the case per the standard recommendation when transference occurs.

• MRS. Family Court Helper’s bizarre suggestion—“I can hardly wait to tell you this, what about, what if, the parenting communication is just between you and the father’s girl friend?” The girl friend is long gone from the picture.

• MRS. Family Court Helper’s response to the child running away from the father’s house a second time was to say the child “said she/he could handle it”. If the child could handle it, why did the child run away? And why wasn’t this a red flag to MRS. Family Court Helper?

Not long after a complaint was filed with DORA and a motion was filed by me to have MRS. Family Court Helper removed as the appointed SA/CFI, a contempt charge was filed against me. MRS. Family Court Helper said she read every document but failed to note as did Jefferson County Magistrate Cecelia Curtis that the contempt motion was meaningless. Magistrate Curtis had failed to read the file and didn’t realize the document surrounding the contempt charge had not yet been signed by her and sent out to all parties.

MRS. Family Court Helper is sneaky. BEWARE. She was assigned to be a SA/CFI and decided she would rather be a parent coordinator—a Colorado role with no standards, no standardized training and no follow up on its effectiveness. Not knowing at the time that this was a specific ambiguous role a group of Colorado goons were promoting, I signed an agreement with her saying she was a parent coordinator. Please learn from my mistake. Do not trust a court appointee, regardless of credentials.

Lessons learned. Don’t sign any document with a licensed mental health professional working in a court-appointed role without having it first looked over by an attorney working specifically for your family. If the court appointee is in business with an attorney as MRS. Family Court Helper is, even more reason to consult with another attorney. Or better yet, avoid this type of arrangement all together. It is not good for you or your children in my opinion.

Better yet, don’t use a mediator who has worked extensively in family courts in other roles. It’s not about the children for them, it’s about the money. Avoid Colorado family courts if at all possible.

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Ghost Real Estate Market Used to Bribe Judges


Attorney Liz Goodley: Real Estate Scam with Valerie Houghton


Mark Erickson Blacklisted in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley  judges have become disgruntled with their $200,000 annual pay. So family  lawyers decided to do something about it in order to  get in judges’ favor. Fueled with client money pouring in from  Facebook, Paypal , Google and Twitter executives, divorce lawyers are using Bitcoin or crypto currencies as well as equity in family homes and investment properties to bribe judges and rig divorce cases. The blueprint is being repeated all over the state  as these well funded lawyers and corrupt judges  operate what has become California’s most dangerous criminal organizations.

Police officers willing to write bogus reports of domestic violence while ignoring serious white collar crimes play a critical role in the operation. Crooked cops  are getting special loans and below market houses in exchange for the role they play in the scam.  Children whose parents are involved in divorce or custody disputes are being used by the enterprise  to incite conflict and generate fees that justify the selling off  of the family home or rental properties that generate family wealth.  

Judges rotated through family, civil and criminal courts are the most likely to be dragged into the network. These judges issue orders that are critical for the organization. It has worked like a well oiled machine for 20 years, as property values in Silicon Valley skyrocket.

The pandemic however, disrupted the corruption and leaked information to outsiders. Meetings through local bar associations have been disrupted due to the pandemic . No longer can the lawyers rub shoulders with judges or others in the enterprise  in hallways such they they are able to  overhear other cases in a manner that invites illegal, or exparte,  communications. 

During the COVID crisis, attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area used the pandemic to  record public court hearings, meetings with private judges and attorneys court appointed to represent children.  Some of the recordings were made illegally to help lawyers and judges make more money on ghost real estate transactions and inflated legal bills that  are always ordered in favor of lawyers assuring a steady stream of bribes. 

The existence of these illegally recordings only is revealed when I judge is involved, as was the case in a Santa Clara County Superior Court earlier this month: 

“Judge Roberta Hayashi needs another apartment complex in Santa Cruz and someone has to chip in for more remodels on her Los Gatos house ” , attorney Mark Erickson is heard telling attorney Jim Hoover in an illegally recorded call made on special software Erickson keeps on his office computer. Erickson, like most other lawyers,  reportedly does poor legal work, charges unconscionable fees, spies on his own clients and makes backroom deals with opposing lawyers to stay in the good graces of the local judges.  This is especially true in  cases where he opposes  attorneys associated with Hector Moreno, David Patton, James McManis  or Jim Hoover from Hoover Krepelka, all of whom assure outright bribes to judges, cops and court appointed experts to get desired legal outcomes that keep the flow of clients coming into their legal practices. 

The pandemic has  caused trouble for divorce lawyers who find it difficult to conceal their criminality when other lawyers, and unknown members of the public, or a jury,  may be listening. After moving her troubled career as a family court judge to civil court, Judge Hayashi was more than humiliated during a hot mic moment on a Zoom where the  jury was present and an attorney in a auto accident case was heard calling  Judge Hayashi a
“Fucking Idiot”.  A sentiment divorce lawyers Mark Erickson, Hector Moreno, Nicole Ford, Liz Goodley  and Elise Mitchell expressed when they were  recorded outside the  family courthouse back in 2020. 

The LA Times and the San Jose Mercury recently reported on the hot mic incident and social media is mocking attorney Vincent Sal Filipo for calling Judge Hayashi a ” fucking idiot” in ear shot of a jury and recorded Zoom hearing.  Judge Hayashi is said to be fuming and planning to make sure Sal Filipo never wins a case in Santa Clara County again. 




Head of the real estate private judge mob, attorney Carlos Martinez corruption dates back to 2007 and the Silicon Valley Law Foundation

​Illegal recordings have also revealed how  Los Gatos based attorney Carlos Martinez, Capitola based attorney John Hannon and lawyers from San Jose;  James McManis, Rhonda Edgar, Walter Hammon, Richard Roggia, James Cox, Tracey Duell Cazes  and   Bill Dresser are  connected to real estate scams designed to take family homes and convert the equity to attorney fees during a divorce, custody or domestic violence case in family court. 

Converted fees are laundered through attorney trust accounts , title companies and escrow accounts where the funds are used to bribe judges up and down the state, where the bribes assure  civil cases are buried and claims are returned to family court. Houses sold below market value through private judges,  referees or ” Special Masters” are funding the criminal enterprise that incites conflict, harms children and seizes family homes in order to continue to operate. 

Family courts do not have jurors. Cases are heard by a single court judge. Torts such as fraud, domestic violence, concealment, and conversion can not be litigated in family court as the claims must  be in heard in  civil court where a jury is entitled to hear the claims. Judges who have been earning money on side hustles from rigged divorce cases do not want these cases heard by jurors who go home and tell about what is really happening in family courts. Looking through civil court filings against attorneys can reveal the players in involved  in the corruption.  

The pattern of the most corrupt lawyers show that they work closely with the police departments in Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Jose, Los Gatos and Santa Clara to assure reports are written in a manner that will allow lawyers to raise false domestic violence claims in and around the time a divorce case is filed. Further, individual police officers and police chiefs are accepting bribes that prevent clients willing to pay the criminal organization from being charged for tax evasion, fraud and other crimes that could be exposed during a divorce case.

Police chiefs who have been paid bribes through local police associations include police chiefs from Gilroy,  Los Gatos, and San Jose ,  all but Los Gatos Chief DeCena have resigned as they knew police records laws and new snitches could expose their corrupt deeds. Scott Smithee , the chief in Gilroy,  was known for  his long corrupt history with drugs and sex trafficked, and more recently  for bribes he took that included special loans and real estate deals assured by Intero Real Estate agents who agreed to who assured home remodels and tax accounting favors through the CPA firms of Greco, Filice and Thompson and MHTB, where Angelo Pezzoni, Mike Schumway, James Butera and Marcy Nunez have worked for powerful members of Silicon Valley’s legal community in exchange for court appointments that offer them immunity.

​According to information provided to family law attorneys Valerie Houghton, Elise Mitchell, Liz Goodley, and Heather Allan, by now deceased Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy Jack Solario , the most corrupt judges, lawyers and cops, get off the books accounting advice and should they ever face a DUI, false DV claim or personal divorce, free legal advice from attorney James McManis , and his former associates including, Carolyn Helwick, who uses her former relationships at the local DA’s office and as an associate in the McManis Faulkner law firm where Helwick was known as the go between when it comes to bribing local judges or getting clients to agree to use private judges. Helwick’s name appears in the Mitchell papers as having assured over $5 million in bribes to Judges Patricia Lucas, James Towery. Roberta Hayashi , Mary Arand, Julie Emede, Beth McGowan, Stuart Scott   and Carol Overton ( the judge in the county protecting big landlords in unlawful detainer and civil harassment cases) . Overtime’s ties to real estate has made her one of the most corrupt judges in the county. 

San Jose police Chief Ed Garcia, moved to Texas , where he reportedly continues to cover up human trafficking crimes. Scott Smithee, the former Gilroy Chief is reportedly getting into private security for Silicon Valley’s tech and social media companies where he is reportedly consulting on how to conceal the most serious white collar crimes connected to SEC violations and real estate fraud. 

                        Rigging Divorce Cases

Judges have a legal obligation to disclose their social, personal and professional relationships with lawyers or others they appoint in a case, they rarely  do. Judges also have a duty to report attorney misconduct, they rarely do . Judges know everyone lies in family court, yet they look the other way when it comes to the criminality of clients paying the criminal enterprise and  assuring bribes to local judges. Those clients and their lawyers  will never be sanctioned or disciplined by the state bar. In fact the corruption at the bar, revealed by the Thomas Garardi case works to protect the most corrupt lawyers in Silicon Valley These corrupt lawyers are never prosecuted  by a local district attorney whose political campaigns are funded by the monies these lawyers and judges pay to keep them in office. 

Divorce cases that are ” fixed” or ” rigged” involve the same lawyers and the same pattern and practice when it comes to public corruption. These cases, regularly assigned to a specific judge, often find a judge working for the criminal operation, come into their case at a hearing where no legitimate reason for the judge switch has occurred.  Judge James Towery’s cases show the most corruption, where Towery has injected himself in other cases where the corruption could be revealed. 

The lawyers in Silicon Valley are no different than those in LA and Organge County, where it was recently revealed how corrupt attorney Thomas Giaradi had become, right under the nose of the State Bar.   Giarardi was known for screwing his clients. Now in his final years of life, he is facing disbarment, bankruptcy and his own divorce from celebrity Erika Jane of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Turns out their plush lifestyle was supported on the backs of women and orphans Girardi  represented in class action lawsuits, never got paid.  Girardi’s corruption and influence include bribes and kickbacks to Governor  Gavin Newsom, who appointed Girardi to approve judges Newsom would appoint over his political career. Bribes to Shelia Sonenshine, Judge Moss, Judge Lucas, Judge Yew.  and countless  attorneys acting as private judges independently, David Weinberg,   or through the private business known as JAMS are also documented in the Mitchell Papers. 

                 Judges Stealing Family Homes 

The blueprint of Silicon Valley divorce lawyers using a divorce or custody case to earn more in fees paid with equity in family homes was drafted by bigger law firms. Hoover Krepelka , a firm known for ” donating ” to local bar associations and non- profits in a manner that assures high asset divorce cases  are assigned to certain judges who keep information about real estate fraud and SEC violations stay out of  civil court where the corruption could be revealed to a jury. 

One secret recording made by attorney Marilyn Moreno reveals that Santa Clara County Judge Carol Overton has been assigned by court managers to ” kill” civil cases with related family law matters.  Judge Overton has reportedly been assigned to work on any case involving SEC or real estate fraud to keep it out of ear shot of a jury. The recent hot mic incident involving Judge Hayashi solidifies the resolve  of the judges to continue to protect the corruption and handle the cases that cold leak information to the public that family court judges don’t want heard. 

One recording, believed to have been made by Bill Dresser shows Marilyn Moreno, Bill Dresser and attorneys from Hoover Krepelka’s law firm , discussing how to get  Judge Overton to pressure a mother to drop her civil real estate fraud case and get the case back to  family court where they can use pressure on custody issues related to her young children to get her to forget about the real estate fraud. Judge Overton’s assignment on the unlawful detainer calendar in the county made her very popular in the local judge bribing pool. 

On the civil calendar Judge Overton’s courtroom deals with civil harassment and unlawful detainer cases. In recent months Overton has been assigned as a ” settlement judge” to real estate cases that arise from claims of fraud in a divorce case. Overton has been reportedly working to favor clients in the case who are represented by Hoover Krepelka’s firm.  A secret recording believed to be made by Marilyn Moreno reveals a public court judge , believed to be Judge Carol Overton, captures Overton telling attorneys  Dresser and Moreno to assure their client accepted a settlement and dropped a civil case, to ” get the case back to family court”. Arguably where no media or jury is watching.  ” If your client does not agree to drop her civil case , the judges in family court will make her life a living hell. Overton is reportedly not beyond making threats to get her way to protect slumlords and the criminal organization that is using divorce and custody cases to generate huge sums of cash that are used to pay off judges, lawyers, experts and cops. 

The Los Gatos Police Officer Association is noted in the Mitchell Papers as assuring Overton large sums of money so the Los Gatos slumlords are assured of Overton’s favorable orders in court cases involving Los Gatos real estate. 

How to Detect Fraud Divorce Case and Real Estate 

Homes in California contain exceptional equity values that have skyrocketed over the past 20 years. This equity has become the golden ticket for family law attorneys and judges dealing with divorce or probate matters. Through illegal activity these lawyers, and bribed judges, are converting equity in family homes to their own personal profits. 

The corruption is spreading to other counties in California, it is being ignored by presiding judges, the Commission on Judicial Performance and the State Bar. 

Civil court files reveal the lawyers involved in the corruption. Look for judges assigned to unlawful detainer cases. These judges typically protect real property owners and landlords over tenant’s rights. Malpractice claims also reveal the patterns and practices, but knowledge of the players is critical too and malpractice lawsuits are a huge leak when public corruption taints a community’s family courts. 

Judge Overton became connected to the corruption through the law firm Hoover Krepelka , and its relationship to Dean Rossi  and the law firm Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck which has historically worked to for  Intero Real Estate Services, a real estate company known for fraudulent transactions connected to the county’s family courts. And a company where agents and brokers have a long history of bribing judges, cops and lawyers. This agency is getting court appointments through private  and public court judges and then  selling family homes below market value. Police officers, lawyers and judges are benefiting and much of money laundered for these transactions is bring moved through crypto currencies and attorney trust accounts, where they are not disclosed,  nor detected in family law cases.  

Self- proclaimed malpractice attorney John Hannon is a source of leaks too, Hannon has been known to dragnet clients into malpractice cases, only to drop them by staging fake fights with clients, or intentionally blowing service and discovery deadlines. 

Hannon is particularly known for escalating duress in his clients, while colluding with the very attorneys he is hired to sue for malpractice. Hannon’s reach is in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara Counties, where he takes nominal retainer agreements and gets his real money kicked back from the lawyers who never get exposed in family court due to his  incompetence and connection to the family court corruption. Hannon is known in particular for preying on victims of domestic violence, and for verbally insulting any client who dare to question his competence. This leaked email shows how Hannon pretends to not be able to serve lawyers he is secretly protecting.  Mr. Hannon was meeting daily with Mr. Dresser as the two were trying to determine how to get a  restraining order filed against Bill Dresser in Sacramento County back before Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Carol Overton who is the highest grossing bribed judge in the county. 


Civil Rights Attorneys should focus on Family Court!

Civil Rights Attorneys should focus on Family Court!


Where the Rule of Evidence does not apply!


Clark County Nevada

April 28, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Megan and Jason Snow as they discuss numerous Civil Rights violations in a Clark County Family Courtroom.

Jason Snow married Megan Snow both live in the same household. Jason Snow has been a step-father to his wife’s daughter for the past five years.

Megan Snow is deemed a vexatious litigant preventing her from defending herself and fighting for her child. This same hypocritical rule does not apply to overzealous attorneys who file tons of documents just to increase attorney’s fees on both sides.

Megan Snow is not allowed to file any more paperwork on her case, custody modification is to be removed from her vocabulary, and if she does file for modification she would be “sanctioned” so ordered by Family Court Judge Soonhee “Sunny” Bailey.

What happened to the right to a fair trial?

Jason Snow has to leave his home for two days when his wife Megan Snow has visitation with her daughter. Jason Snow has to find somewhere else to live every Thursday and Friday since 2018, leaving his wife, his biological 3-year-old son with Megan Snow and his step-daughter.

It’s alright for Jason Snow to live with his 3-year-old biological son, but it’s not alright for him to be around his 7-year-old step-daughter, just because Megan Snow’s ex does not like Jason Snow.

There is absolutely no reason why Jason Snow should be removed from his home when his step-daughter arrives for her court-ordered visitation. With no end in sight. Is this in the best interest of the child?!

Where is the ACLU?

The US Constitution is eliminated in Clark County Family Courts.

A Congressional Investigation and a Federal lawsuit have to be in place because our local government has failed voters in family court.

Just when you believe you have heard everything. Listen to this explosive interview.

Megan & Jason Snow discuss Civil Rights Violations in family court on Veterans In Politics Talk