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The Brazilian grandparents sent to prison for helping their daughter after she fled with her son want the hospitals where their …


Shifts Happen – Series 4 – Session 14 – Risking Vulnerability

There is a powerful Quantum Truth that is necessary to emotionally go free and manifest your Highest Potential.

Accepting yourself, warts and all.

Why is accepting yourself vital? Your self-acceptance allows you to deserve love, compassion, and kindness from yourself and others and to receive expansive blessings from the Source.

Vulnerability means “realness”. Accepting yourself without judgement, to be free to be yourself.

This brings up the question – What DOES being yourself mean? Who ARE you?

Who you are is an imperfect being in the process of evolving yourself by freeing yourself from your internal shadows. By doing the inner work.  Ascending is impossible if you are running from your shadows.

We were all trained out of this – being vulnerable and real with ourselves, yet so many – including you – are re-membering you are on the earth plane, at the time, to bear light for the purpose of helping humanity awaken to the truth of who we all are.

You are here – right now – in the most incredible time on earth.



Fear of Vulnerability Blocking Ascension

A big block to reaching higher frequency relationships with self, Source and others is the fear of being vulnerable.

Men are programmed to think that vulnerability is a weakness; it’s not tough and strong. And weakness meant his annihilation. This created a disowning and a disassociation with one’s inner self and the emergence of a False Self in his life. Adopting defences and a mask to get by in life.

By teaching a man not to turn within and walk through and resolve the dark valley of himself, he could be coerced, blackmailed and forced into doing dark acts that matched the unhealed agony of Separation from his Highest and Truest Self. Without being real and humble and turning within, there is no access to inner God/Source guidance for compassion, freedom, expansion and thriving – for the whole.

It means remaining a prisoner to outer forces.

Women have also been trained to be real and vulnerable with themselves and others. She was scorned as being over-sensitive and over-emotional.  Men were told to distrust women. She was irrational and bad for him if he allowed her to have any emotional input in his life.

Like men, women have discovered, horrifically, that being vulnerable turned out very badly for them. For her to acknowledge her most powerful assets – the inner world of emotions, nature, or her inner connection with Source as her ability to manifest love, well-being and life force, was diabolical for her. It didn’t just mean invalidation and punishment from men; in some eras, it meant being put to death.

Women and men were programmed into feeling shameful when it came to an internal relationship with Source. They were told they were bad, small, even evil, and had to repent and pay penance for their sins. Of course, this felt like judgment. Because God was created as an “outer” damning figure instead of the Love and Oneness of the God Spark within, it’s perfectly understandable why people become atheists and turn away from any Higher Power, which means denouncing their own Inner Being and Higher Self as well.

By demonising vulnerability, aka realness, humanity has been disconnected from its inner being. If peace can’t be made with the war inside, namely the trauma of having a dis-integrated relationship with yourself and the Prime Creator, then battles with everyone and everything else instead ensue.

The ridiculous programmed inversion is – by trying to hide these so-called “unacceptable parts” from yourself and others, you don’t get to avoid them; rather, you are sentenced to live a life run by these unhealed parts. They attract people and situations that match these shadows, as well as fuel the self-sabotages inside that match these shadows.

Because there is no beating Quantum Law – so within, so without.



Unconscious Vulnerability

Many spiritual people believed, “If I own my stuff and let people know this is my stuff, then they will care for me with my stuff.” This is not true. Predatory narcissists love knowing your vulnerabilities. They prey off and use your wounds against you.

Naturally, you don’t want to put your pearls in front of a swine.

If you are not taking care of your vulnerabilities with healthy boundaries, you may not have the awareness or inner work at a level to trust your intuition or make wise choices around people who could be bad for you.

Sharing our wounds and life stories and risking our soul, heart, body, mind and finances with someone before getting to know them over a healthy period – as we did with narcissists – is dangerous, as we all know. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being reckless.

Last week, we discussed ascertaining relationships for a good reason. Your “realness” at this level before getting to know people is speaking up, being truthful, and honouring your inner voice GPS (God Protection System) when something feels off.

This is being vulnerable in a powerful way. You are risking someone else’s displeasure because you are being real and taking a stand for yourself. Someone will react badly if their agenda is to coerce or control you. Or maybe their sense of self is so fragile that any perceived scrutiny makes them react.

Either way, these are people who are not safe to have relationships with.

This flushes the wrong people out.

You are honest in a calm way. You can speak up. You will risk losing it all to get it all. You ask for what you need.

You honour yourself and will never again risk losing yourself to retain another.


The Road Home – Vulnerability With Yourself

Self-partnering is the blessing and acceptance of all of you – warts and all. You can’t change or evolve any part of you until you bless and accept all of it. By doing this, you agree with how the Source/Prime Creator blesses and accepts you, warts and all. Source has zero requirement from you. How can Source need anything at all when Source is already the ALL?

The inverted lie that we are unholy, damaged, wrong and bad is what has kept you trapped in the separation from yourself, and the shame that has kept you from going free of the persecution and victim consciousness that has made humanity so sick and dis-eased.

Vulnerability with yourself is the way home.

Meeting your shadows, not denying them or projecting them onto others, or trying to burn them off with addictions to try to numb out the pain. Denying shadows doesn’t make them disappear, it only allows them to fester and grow in strength in the darkness, whereas The Light disinfects them and heals them. The Light is about authenticity, it means embracing, accepting and allowing yourself to be real as yourself.

Your ego doesn’t like this – it would have you believe that your self-honesty means self-disintegration. However, in fact, this is the exact opposite.

Here is a powerful exercise to assist.

In sacred and quiet time with yourself, write out a list of all the things you feel ashamed of about yourself.

Then, as you open your body and breathe, write out, “I unconditionally accept and love all of these parts of me, just you as Source/Prime Creator does.”

Today, we will do our Quanta Freedom Healing™ Shifts to help you embody this truth. To help move this from a “mind-concept” that you can’t feel to be real, to become an embodied “isness” inside of you.

It is such a relief to exit the matrix of “I’m ashamed that I’m not perfect”. What is perfect is our growth and immersion in our own experience, with the ability to feel, understand, upshift and integrate ourselves into higher consciousness.


Vulnerability Granting Authentic Connection

Authentic connection occurs with validating and understanding emotions. This is an interest in wholeness and depth. Love blossoms with holding space with uncomfortable feelings and emotions – for ourselves and others.

This requires not talking ourselves out of uncomfortable feelings or invalidating or shutting down others. It’s called empathy, awareness, and higher consciousness; it’s the ability to embrace and move through all of it by feeling it and being present with it, and celebrating and loving the growth opportunity in it instead of staying mired in it as victims.

Staying open, stop hiding and playing games or saying what you think others need to hear.

There are more people capable of this than you could imagine now! Many people are realising that the outside-in-life, outer God concepts and trying to treat symptoms without going deeper don’t work.

They are coming home to themselves and the truth.

There is a Great Awakening taking place on Planet Earth, and you have a front-row seat.

You can love that you are here to be real – FULLY yourself – loving yourself, wounds, shadows and all, knowing that embracing your inner being and ascension process lovingly is the gateway home.

We can stop talking about wounds like a victim. Seeing them as a problem and a terrible curse in our lives. They are not. They are perfectly designed for the connection, love, acceptance and healing of our Soul/Source Self.

This is where alchemy is, where richness, manifestation, and lifeforce are.

It is what it means to be fully alive.

This is the greatest attraction force to other awakened souls – leadership into the depths of energy, life force, emotional manifestation and the Quantum World.

Of course, you may wonder, “Where does such a human exist?”

It is only through your vulnerability that you may grant other people permission around you to share their truth and growth, inner awareness and ascension work.

Now, let’s shift some of the painful programming that has kept you separated from being real and vulnerable into truly loving and accepting yourself right now.



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Family Injustice: A Father’s Fight

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Shifts Happen-Series 3- Session 12 – Being Financially Free

I love the journey of quantum prosperity we have been on together, all leading to today’s session –“Being Financially Free”.

Let’s just recap where we have been in this Series 3 – Manifesting Prosperity – Session 1 from Series 3 was – “Becoming Abundant” – you learned that financial prosperity can thrive in an energy of acceptance for “where you are at” right now. As well as gratitude for your journey of development, healing, and expansion.

This sets you up on a beautiful frequency foundation to generate abundance!

Then we had Session 2 – Passion, Creation, Reward – the opening up to your true Soul desires and mission, igniting motivation and synchronicity from the Field of All That Is, and knowing the amazing reward of being “on song”.

Then we have Session 3 – “My Energetic Financial Flow” – learning how to open up the flow of “plenty” and “more” within a healthy ecology of money. I know last week was a huge eye-opener to many of you when you realized how much the Quantum Law of “more” loves “flows” and how to ignite that in your life.

This leads us now into today, Session 4 – “Being Financially Free’.



A Quantum Examination Of Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom means different things to different people. It depends on “who you are in the world” and what your requirements are. Do you need a lot of money or not so much for your life to work?

Let’s look deeper.

Absolutely … for everyone, financial freedom means no longer having to struggle to make ends meet or having to exchange time for money – meaning that you are trapped in living to work instead of working to live.

That is serfdom; it’s slavery.

It’s so sad that the majority of humankind has been programmed into believing that this is acceptable and normal.

The truth of Source/God/Creation in Oneness with your Soul is that you ARE Freedom. Yet you have been programmed to be exhausted, emptied out, stressed, and stuck on a treadmill.

It’s great that you are members of Shifts Happen, to leave behind old painful programming and access the TRUE life that your soul was born to live.

Now that you are energetically rising out of the old limiting programs, you can access a 5D world where you CAN be financially free. After expanding yourself regarding prosperity in the last few sessions, you probably feel more “possibility” inside, more clarity, and you may even have inspiration and progress regarding connecting to your mission.

But … do you have a struggle with “Financial Freedom?”

Is there a fear or blocks around this question, “Will I have enough money to do the life I want to live?’”

Many people think financial freedom is about having a hot car, expensive clothes, fancy dinners and going to exotic holiday destinations.

That’s an egoic program. It’s not true.

Some people have this, and they are bored out of their brains and desperately unhappy. The reason is that this is feeding the ego, from where no genuine, durable satisfaction can ever be felt.

There is no freedom here, it’s a trap. Because there is always a requirement for MORE material things and more and more and more, to try to feel “full” on the inside – that is not freedom; it’s a living hell.



What IS Financial Freedom REALLY?

Remember the energetic, emotional truth that we have already discussed about your real Self and Life, regarding how you never wanted anything material other than to feel good?

From this powerful baseline truth, you can innerstand that Financial Freedom is not the freedom to buy anything in the world that you want, rather it is the FREEDOM required financially to be YOURSELF.

Most people don’t even know what that level of deservedness is or feels like – the indoctrination has been so powerful into serfdom and working to live – either to serve a parasitical system or the internal parasite of your ego.

Let’s be honest – working hard to have the necessities to “live”, or the things that make your ego feel “significant” does not allow you the space, energy or time to BE yourself.

Which is the TRUE destiny of financial freedom.

The following is the true essence of financial freedom, “I can create. I can generate, be and experience who I TRULY am, which is the opposite of being a slave to the system or my insecure requirements to try to feel “okay”.”

Financial Freedom is about having your essential living covered to unleash your soul passion, your unique contributions, and what it is that’s going to set you alight and on fire into the only life that would ever truly gratify you.

Financial freedom and prosperity are connected.

Both are impossible when you are exhausted every day just to keep the bills paid, the roof over your head and food on the table or the “stuff” to try to feel okay about yourself.

So, how do you move into a place of financial freedom from a place of feeling stuck and unfulfilled?


Unblocking indoctrinated beliefs not allowing Financial Freedom

There is a need to do the inner work on the layers of false and painful beliefs that you have been indoctrinated with.

Things like  …

“Life is hard and a struggle.”

“I can only earn this amount because of my education/age/abilities (whatever the limiting belief is).”

“It’s normal to get a job, pay the bills, go to sleep and do it all again.”

“I have no idea how to earn extra income or change the way I live.”

“Life is hard, I am meant to struggle.”

“This is all there is for me, just like my parents.”

“To be loved and accepted I have to have and present to the world in a certain way.”

This is a 3D slave system that you have been trained into.

But … you can turn this around.

The shifts that we are going to do today in our healing session will address painful limits regarding Financial Freedom and will energetically move you from “non-possibility” (if you can’t feel the expansion inside, then you can’t create it in the physical world), into a new trajectory that you may never have been able to access, until now.

One where “the streets are lined with gold”, and you are now open to receive inspiration, cues, guidance, opportunity, synchronicity and miracles from the Field. There is nothing too intricate or spectacular that God/Source/Creation, with unlimited available permutations, can’t deliver.

I’m not talking about dodgy “get rich schemes”; I’m talking about a fulfilling real life where you are no longer exchanging time for money, and you can start unleashing your ability to be fully YOU – whatever that looks like.

This isn’t about the amount of money. It’s about enough money to have the freedom to fulfill your soul – which will always lead you to expansion and prosperity.

From a fulfilled soul place, the money that you spend with financial freedom WILL satisfy your soul. It will bring meaning and further expansion to your real self, rather than be something to try to feed the bottomless pit of the ego.

Your soul IS freedom, it IS Creation, and in Oneness with God/Source/Creation – which is where Quanta Freedom Healing shifts align you with. The ignition key gets turned.

Then, of course, the logical mind tries to grasp “BUT … How do I get Financial Freedom?” yet that is also 3D. When you have opposing traumas blocking you – trying to think your way out of them is like putting “ice cream on top of poop” – your consciousness does not ALLOW for new expansive thoughts until you have shifted on the inside and then your mind has access to Higher Trajectories.

Also, the mind only believes in “what it has experienced.” It doesn’t believe in the unknown, yet your soul has access to and Knowledge of ALL of it.

This is why you have to shift.

Now, in combination with shifting from within, let’s look at some of the practical aspects.


Letting GO to Let In Financial Freedom

You now know you need ACTUAL freedom to be yourself, live and create your soul’s desires, and BE financially prosperous.

Financial necessities can make this near impossible.

What is your Hamster Wheel that is stopping you? Why do you have to exhaust yourself in a job every day that only basically covers your bare essentials, and there is nothing left for you after that?

Are your overheads too big? Are you in a big mortgage because of … why … exactly?

If so, let go … downsize to get freedom.

It’s not a step backward, it’s a huge one forwards.

Do you live somewhere where the cost of living, or your mortgage or taxation system is too brutal – meaning you have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet?

Let go and go somewhere else.

But then you say – “I can’t do that!” Yes, you can! You are not behind bars. You have convinced yourself you are, but you are not.

If you stay in this prison, there is only one alternative way out – work into the night trying to create other revenue streams when you are exhausted, barely functioning, and certainly not going to be channeling creativity, all because you keep waking up to a crappy job tomorrow.

If you are working in a job you hate to pay the bills -that is a dying, not a living.

You would be better off going to a foreign country with cheap accommodation, doing a part-time job, living simply, getting some fresh air and sunshine and start having the space, well-being and time to channel something meaningful.

Maybe you living in an environment that is not healthy for you causing you to have to spend a whole heap of money on your health to try to survive it, where you could move out, begin to heal and restart your life in a much simpler and less expensive way.

That is Financial Freedom!

That is space for TRUE prosperity to arise.

The real question is, “How attached are you to the 3D Slave System?”

Does it feel good? Or, now that your 5D self is activating, pushing anything that is not of the Light to the surface, does it feel like total garbage?

I bet it is the latter.

Is your body breaking down as well, with your Inner Being screaming at you, “Wrong Town!”

You may think, but what about the kids? What will other people think?

Do you want your kids to grow up indoctrinated into slave systems, too, or to live from their soul, follow their hearts and enjoy their freedom, lifeforce and creations?

Do you care what other people think, especially those who are still trapped in the slave system and will be until they die, despite the fact this system is crumbling anyway?

Will you be lying on your deathbed from some illness that came because of financial stress, blocked creativity and a depressed soul, justifying it by thinking, “But I had a beautiful house, and my kids went to private schools.”

(Even though these are 3D slave indoctrination camps, too!)

Or do you want to lead the way, giving other people the freedom to unleash their soul into the unlimited Field of plenty, possibility, and creation because you had the guts to create the necessary detachment, freedom and space to do it?

In Oneness with Source/God/Creation, please know you don’t need a lot of money to create a lot of money – this force ALWAYS provides the way (remember how I shared with you my journey into real estate was with very little money and a miraculous brokered deal?)

Your OUTER world can’t provide you with Financial Freedom when you are trapped in financial slavery. There is not the space for it to move into your life, yet once you honour your soul and create relief, space, and freedom, and let go of 3D slave attachments, then the plenty, miracles, and full blast of Source-Filled financial prosperity can start entering you and your life.

Of course, it takes guts and courage, and it means listening to the language of your soul which isn’t programmed into 3D falsities, it is leading you home. Not just to freedom of your soul, but also financial freedom where you are flourished and nourished and taken care of in a beautiful synergy with God/Source/Creation flowing through you as you.

Okay … so lets start the shifting to step onto that 5D prosperous, abundant  timeline.

_________________________End of Transmission______________________

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Family Injustice: Minions and Mayhem

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Shifts Happen – Session 10 – Passion, Creation, Reward


In last week’s Shifts Happen session, the first of series 3, “Manifesting Abundance” was about developing an attitude of gratitude, letting go of victimisation, regret, resentment and everything from your past that may haunt you regarding being abundant, as well as connecting to your God/Source Self to reset as an Abundant Being.

We worked through this information last week and did some powerful Quanta Freedom Healing shifts.

This essential foundation of gratitude, which means acceptance of “I am where I am at because this is perfect FOR me no matter how it seems” grants you the ability to go to the next step.

Which is Passion, Creation and Reward.

Let’s explore what this springboard is and how to step onto it.



What Is Passion?

Passion comes from the soul; it isn’t from the head.

Passion is something that you feel inside as excitement, deliciousness, and being LIT up. It just doesn’t feel like work, and you can spend hours doing something with full gusto.

Can you imagine that if you were connected to your True Abundance, that this is what you would feel like much of the time? And certainly, this comes into Being when you start “creating” what it is that you are here to BE and the abundance of your soul – to share with the world.

When you no longer are trying to “do” something to stop feeling so lousy or victimised, you have opened up space within for passion to erupt and emerge.

What is the greatest crusher of passion? THINKING! Being your own kill-joy. It would be like a child feeling passionate about a “calling” they are feeling in their soul, and the parent says, “Don’t be ridiculous, no one can make money from that!”

If you are doing this to yourself, you haven’t realised your SOUL does not get it wrong. In the Quantum Field, you have a future self (and much more), feeling excited about something, and this is a BIG “Yes!”

But if you go into your head with all of the “But HOW can this unfold?” “What if I fail?” “I don’t have the answers to how to make it work” you are NOT living as a 5th Density Being.

As a 5D Being, harnessing the creative power of The Field, (All That Is), you KNOW it is impossible with the logical mind, which only has memories and logically “learned” information, to be ABLE to work it out!

The logical mind says, “I can’t do it if I don’t have the answers. I’ll believe it when I see it. I need others to reassure me or get absolutes or guarantees before I embark on that journey.”

Your logical mind only processes 40 bits per second of information and is incredibly limited. It is in “Separation Consciousness’ It does not have access to All That IS.

But what happens when you LET GO of Being 3D and step into the 5D world – where you are harnessing the Absolute Mind and the information that IS the Entire Field that is responding to the frequency of your Inner Being?

Now, you are in Unity Consciousness – access to the Entire Field.

You know you only need to follow your passion. You know your Soul and God/Source never get it wrong. You pull up your Big Boy or Big Girl pants and stop listening to the small, scared, demanding guarantees voice. You move into your heart space and passions and follow THAT. You stop trying to make sense of it. You stop analysing and simply follow the call.

Source is Large and in Charge – you know that having the faith to follow is your greatest mission.

Gratefully, in our wonderful community, we have the healing super-tool Quanta Freedom Healing (especially now with Speedy Shifts) helping you unleash yourself, let go of limiting beliefs and fears, knowing that Source/God/Creation always provides, there is no way you are meant to go without or be hungry and cold.

Yes, you may need to let go of large structures in your life that were all ego-based and not the truth of your soul. Structures that are keeping you a prisoner. Do they light up your soul? Are they a representation of your True Self? If not, let them go.

It’s also ridiculous to put your life on hold by saying that you want to wait until this situation is better, or house prices rise again, the kids leave school, or interest rates drop … or whatever it is.

Your soul, quite frankly, could not give a crap about conditions and waiting. Your soul is unlimited, unconditionally, and just “is”. It says, “This is where you are called to now, and there are NO losses, no missed opportunities, or statistical or practical limits.” Your soul and Source are One, unlimited, and have every variable available to create “the way”.

Freedom and your soul call reign supreme, not external situations.

What is yours by Soul Right can not be taken away. It will return in abundance, plus some, if you honour your soul – which is abundant and unconditional and is the generator of your Thriving and True Flourishing and Nourishing.

Passion is where the Mission is – Mission is where Prosperity is at all levels, including money.

You may have ego structures and attachments that absolutely need to go to allow you to unleash yourself.

And so be it – it’s totally for the best. This is how you let loose passion. No regrets, guilt, or obligations that are tied up in people, situations and things that are not right for your soul.

Go free, and then you can access passion.

If you choose the “sensible” route, you are in “Wrong Town”. Sensible has its place, like not trusting people wildly just because you have an “impulse” or a “chemical rush” when you get with them (which is a BIG warning sign), like getting involved in a get-rich scheme and being manipulated out of money.

That’s reckless, that is not what I am talking about. Rather, let’s say you have years of qualifications and you know that profession doesn’t agree with you anymore. Let go and Let God/Source enter your soul and guide you to “what is next.”

In hindsight, when you connect to your true soul calling, you will see exactly how everything you did lead to now and wasn’t wasted. It was meant to be. It has all been important to create the True Self and Life you were destined to be and love.

If you are not feeling the passion, then you are not connected to your Soul Calling – it’s that simple.

Check-in with yourself about your “inner passion.”

Do you know what interests you? What are you drawn to? What lights you up? What would you love to share with others to benefit their life?

Authentic Service IS passion!

If you are not there yet, it’s because you are not allowing yourself to be. You haven’t made peace with “where you are at” yet, to let the Light illuminate within what it is that you are passionate about – your soul calling.

Innerstandings are still required. My suggestion is to go back to last week’s lesson and repeat the Quanta Freedom Healings. You may also do some Speedy Shift Healings on “the confusion about what I am passionate about being, doing, and sharing with the world.”

Shift to “peace” and “space” always, then the answer comes. Take note that if you are not already passionate, that Speedy Shift won’t work unless you have shifted into an Abundance Inner Foundation. You need that first (last week’s session.)

The very fact that you are connected to this work, in Shifts Happen Membership doing the healings, means you absolutely have a Soul Mission to unleash. Star Seeds are called to do this!



How Is Creation the Next Step?

Creation means acting on your passion. Not dreaming about it and doing nothing – rather making the inspiration and passion spring to life through your application.

Your Source Soul Self is providing you the cues, the ideas, the urges of “Call this person”, “Do this thing”, Look over here”, “Start by doing this” …

Back in the day, I was just following the cues. I followed what felt great, and I applied myself with incredible gusto. I still am doing this. There are some things I can plan – yet most of what I do can’t be planned – it’s spontaneous. I live in the now and the moment and that’s where the power and creation come from.

Yes, you may write out your goals for the year. But maybe these will change. As the information and the inner guidance change, you will change. As world situations and events change (boy, is that happening on steroids), your guidance will adapt accordingly. You will have to adapt. 3D beings are attached to a set path and structures, whereas a 5D Being flows, adapts, morphs, and moves.

To me, the best goal you could ever have is this: “I am an unlimited being, signed up to expand, serve, and generate abundance, breakthroughs, upshifts, and prosperity for myself and others.”

Creation means creating. It means effort. It means commitment. No creative endeavour fell into anyone’s lap by just doing a little bit here and there and hoping that it would pay off. If you are lazy, then you are not committed. If you aren’t willing to give up time wasted, such as mindless chatter or indulging in addictions and watching Netflix, you aren’t committed.

If you have passion (essential), why aren’t you in Creation?

This is where the false beliefs need to be found, loaded up, released, and replaced with the Light Codes (Source Activation) of your True Creative Source Self.

Do you think you are not capable? Are you scared of starting from scratch? Do you dislike hard work? Are you afraid of commitment? Do you shy away from responsibility? Are you scared of failing? Are there things you don’t want to give up that would need to be if you commit? Do you distrust yourself? Do you feel obligated to others? Are you fearful of what people will say?

There could be many more blocks – that’s usual. But they don’t need to remain inside you!

When the fears are released and you declare, “I am a channel and willing creator to unfold my passion into reality for humanity” then you are off and running.

Then, you can feel passion, follow inner cues, commit, show up, work hard, and do what it takes.

Now let’s check out “rewards.”


What Are the Rewards?

The rewards are “in the moment” when you are on a mission, in passion and acting on what you are guided to do.

You feel alive. You know you are on target (if you stay disconnected from results). You feel the delight of knowing that you showed up to bring your unique contribution to the planet – whatever that is.

Because you are already living abundantly in gratitude, and you are cleaning out traumas (false beliefs and limits) every time that you feel them “ping”, you are expanding further and further into the Field divinely connected to your mission.

The right messages, people, opportunities and situations show up. When you hit brick walls again, you shift and let go of trauma and fear, and the right path appears. You know what to do, as if by magic.

The greatest reward of all is knowing that you are now living as a Quantum 5D Being, and your faith in Source and your Soul gains strength. You start to ‘be” Creation Itself.

You experience being taken care of and having enough to get by whilst you are building. This happens because you value your soul instead of your ego or what other people think. You are free to be yourself, your directions, passion, and connection with others who are travellers on your soul path with you, which will include other people who are authentically living and moving into 5D expansion.

You are being called to leave behind limited 3D incomes and situations and start emulating the universe itself – unlimited expansions, possibilities, and plenty.

As a 5D Being, you are The All; you have access to everything that you need and want to expand and be unlimited. You are an Unlimited Being.

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Shifts Happen – Workshop 6 – The Value That I Am

This is the second, of our next round of Shifts Happen 90-minute episodes called “Self-Foundation”.

It’s so beautiful to see how much our Shifts Happen Community is expanding globally, and I love the reports of how many people are experiencing profound inner shifts and drastic outer results as a result of our epic group healing sessions together!

I promise you – I am so grateful – they are as powerful for me as they are for you – THANK you!

Today, it’s Christmas Day in Australia. And as I did this session it was early morning Christmas Day.

I’ve been cut off from family, whilst being in Cape Tribulation because of the cyclone, and the damage it has done here in Far North Queensland. It’s sad to be separated from family and friends back in my birth state, yet I feel so blessed and grateful that I got to hang out with your Dear Thrivers in such a connected soulful way this Christmas Morning.



Video Transcript

It’s Christmas time, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, for those of us who are celebrating Christmas Day today, and for you other beautiful souls tomorrow.

At this festive time, it’s not always that wonderful for everyone. This can be a very painful and emotional time for many of you beautiful people in this community.

Maybe you have been able to heal a lot of your previous abuse, and you have now landed in a great place. Or maybe there is still loss, separation, painful memories and even challenging times for you to face this Holiday Season.

I know that so many of you from last week had big shifts regarding your inner critic, and are also moving out of the patterns that you were criticising yourself about, into much healthier ways of Being … and this is really beautiful. I hope that this has been an amazing relief for you! And very important timing for this holiday season.

Now we can tackle the innerstanding of your True Value.


The Value That I Am

Maybe you have been able to heal a lot of your previous abuse and you have now landed in a great place. Or maybe there is still loss, separation painful memories, and even challenging times for you to face this Christmas.

I know that so many of you from last week had big shifts regarding your inner critic, and are also moving out of the patterns that you were criticising yourself about, into much healthier ways of Being … and this is beautiful. I hope that this has been an amazing relief for you!

Now we can tackle the innerstanding of your True Value.


Where Does Self-Value Really Come From?

We believe people will treat us how we treat them – but this is a completely false premise. People treat you and love you in alignment with how much you value, and how well you treat yourself.

You will never allow love into your life less than the level of value that you have embodied regarding yourself. If you value something in your life – like a car, a house, a possession, or even your child – how well do you care for this person or thing?

This brings up the very obvious question – how well do you really care for yourself? And in what ways do you demonstrate this?

Last week we made very important shifts, regarding how you speak to yourself, and building on this, we can extend this out further. Are you trying to be valued from the outside? Such as by finding the affirming comments, results, recognition, and results that will allow you to finally feel valuable. There is a better way, you can anchor into true self-value, that will stand the test of time and be intrinsic no matter what is going on with other people and situations outside of you.

What a relief!

In the world that we are presently living in, with so many parting of ways and huge divides happening in many people’s lives as we see old structures and ways of being crumble, it’s becoming vital to value ourselves and be able to stand strong, in the faith and belief of our worth.

This week’s transmission and healing is about shifting you from trying to get outer valuing to embodying self-value and co-generating being valued with people who also value themselves and have the resources to authentically value the truth of Who You Are.

Spoiler alert – this is NOT going to be everyone, it may not even be the majority, and it definitely may not be the people who you would dearly love to be valued by.

Let’s investigate this more deeply …



Feeling Undervalued

I know that so many of you, myself included, have been the black sheep of our families. You saw life differently; you weren’t content to just “go along” with trivial things that didn’t seem important. You saw underneath and beneath the veil, and wanted to face, converse and do something about things that you believe mattered. Yet, you found this was unpopular, even scorned by your family or peers. You may have been rejected, ridiculed, and even abused by the people you love.

Has this happened at a greater intensity for you in the last few years? You may be feeling desperately alone, and questioning yourself. Is there something wrong with me? Am I defective? Am I unacceptable? Was I meant to always be the outsider?

Of course, our false programming has taught us, that our value depends on how other people treat us, yet our true value is all about what we believe about and how we treat ourselves. Fortunately, now, we are not alone – there are many other “Starseeds”. (Google this word and read up on some descriptions if it is a new term for you. Let me know in the comments below if you resonate with this information.)

You may be a person on this planet, at this time, who is awakened to the importance of raising consciousness, doing the inner work, and being the change that you wish the world and humanity to experience. Being in Shifts Happen, this is absolutely what you are up to.

We need to be honest with ourselves, as the ascension callings and shifts become more intense and obvious for us. We always knew we felt “different” from the normal status quo. We felt at home with the bigger spiritual and galactic understandings of life. Even if you are new to this information and way of healing yourself Quantumly, you may have started to recognize how much better and real and true this way of living feels for your soul.

Once you have started to awaken, you can’t go back to sleep, not without even more suffering.

What is there to go back to anyway? The old 3D world is about smallness, ego, obtaining stuff to try to be fulfilled, staying stuck with internal shadows and victimisation, and ignoring your calling towards igniting and activating the Light inside you that is your Source Self.

That is becoming more and more unbearable.

No one said this journey was easy, but as the 3D false structures “life from the outside in” and “trading freedom for being controlled and mined” are all being exposed and crumbling, please know you are on the winning team.

We do have each other – with many more people now listening to their souls and coming out into the open as well.

Despite so many breakdowns all around us, this is the most exciting time to be alive. And you are valued beyond measure by all of Source for being called, hearing the message, and standing tall right now.

As a Starseed, if you try to just fit in and be accepted by others, you will not feel valued and you certainly will not value yourself. It reduces your vibrational frequency and Source Calling to just fit in, and it won’t work anyway. You will still feel like an outsider, overlooked, misunderstood, undervalued and diminished. And you will be intensely frustrated that you don’t feel fulfilled in such circles.

Of course, as Starseeds we have work to do on our value.

Because it has taken a beating.

Let’s see how …


How Value Is Connected To Trauma

Our shadows and trauma have been intense. You would not be interested in self-healing and working on yourself unless this had been the case. Virtually every single one of you has had a hard journey to get to this point. This doesn’t mean that you are a misfit, rather this was by design so that you could shed trauma for yourself and the collective and hone your real-life ascension skills – releasing trauma and reconnecting with Source, to help self and then others with their identical traumas.

It granted you skills, wisdom, compassion, and insight.

Yet if not awakened, and not coming out of the voluntary amnesia of this lifetime, of course, you could just decide it’s too hard, you don’t have what it takes and there is no way out of the pain. I know many of you like me, before Quanta Freedom Healing and going free of internal trauma, had no idea how we could have survived what we have been through!

Over the years I have met many Starseeds who have been lost in trauma, addictions and self-annihilation, because of the dense vibration of Planet Earth and the abuse they have experienced. These individuals didn’t awaken to the truth – they forgot why they were here, the mission they were on, and the connection to Source that they have.

They didn’t work out how to be “in this world but not of this world” and they didn’t overcome their traumas.

With trapped internal trauma we can try to self-medicate our way out of the trauma with vibrational pastimes that are within the same bandwidth of the trauma. Therefore, choices like unhealthy food, addictions, and people.

This clogs us up with even more toxic energy and darkness and causes us to disintegrate even further. We may even want to check out of trying to exist because it feels too painful.

The further a person is away from the truth of their soul calling the more torturous it is. In the absolute torture of Not Being Aligned with our True Source Self, we try fruitlessly to be “valued” by people and results outside of ourselves to try to stop the pain.

Boy, do I KNOW how that used to feel!


Trying To Be Valued By Others Who Are Not Aligned With Your Values

One of the most terrible ways that we can devalue ourselves in this lifetime is to try to be valued by people who don’t share our values. This is now getting even more pronounced.

If you are working on yourself to ascend and you are trying to be loved by people who aren’t, then you immediately have a conflict of souls. Hurt people hurt people, they project their traumas onto people, don’t take responsibility for their actions and behaviours, and don’t want to do the inner work.

This is 3D and it’s not working for people, because their shadows are coming up to be cleansed, and unless they take responsibility for them and work through them, the toxicity is spewed all over others.

Because you are awakening and ascending, you simply can’t give away your heart and soul to people who aren’t. It’s not because you don’t love and care for them! You see things too clearly, you know what they are battling, and you see they are not open to navigating their growth. Healing people heal people, but you can only do that for people who wish to take responsibility for their own healing.

If you try to force these people to work on themselves, so that they can love you safely, you are not valuing yourself, and you will go through terrible dismay and “devaluing” with the way they treat you and the way you feel about yourself.

Your soul is screaming at you now – “No More!”

You have to let go, love them from afar, and seek unity with people like yourself.

(Mind you there are lovely, kind unawakened souls, who are not necessarily combative, and they are fine to be around.)


The Healing Path To Self-Value

You now know with the inner shift work directly in your subconscious that when you feel better, you do better. You make choices aligned with the consciousness that you feel on the inside.

Let’s start with a powerful soul-statement that will start to line you up with the reality of self-value that you seek.

“My soul and Source planned it perfectly, to be here at this time for this mission to help humanity and this world ascend. I value this choice and my Oneness with Source and the Divine Plan. I see me as Source sees me – a valuable and unique contribution to humanity, this planet and lifeforce itself. There are many souls, like me, who are always remembering their value at this time.”

And, this mantra and beautiful self-talk as well as the deep subconscious shifts inside your Being, to reverse all of the programmed and painful devaluings you have felt – will help you rise into the organic Beingness of self-value.

Okay, so now we will prepare for your next Quanta Freedom Spa Healing for your Soul, our 3 Source Healings and Resolution Shifts + 3 Goal Setting Shifts.

———-End of Transmission———-

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Anyways … I’m excited to converse with you, about this your VALUE!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Soul Warriors.

I love you and look forward to your comments and questions below.