Are You an Echoist?

Are you An Echoist?
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Recently, I’ve been inundated with requests from journalists to discuss “echoism,” a term I introduced in my book, Rethinking Narcissism. Articles on the subject are trending, and a new book, Echoism, even devotes itself to understanding the topic in depth. Echoism support groups, therapists, and workshops are springing up, and demand for information appears to be growing. But what does the word mean? 

I’ve compiled my answers to nine of the most frequently asked questions about echoism. 

1. What is echoism? Echoism is a trait that my colleagues and I have begun measuring, and like all traits, it exists to a greater or lesser degree in everyone. People who score well above average in echoism qualify as echoists, and their defining characteristic is a fear of seeming narcissistic in any way. Of all the people we measured, echoists were the most “warm-hearted,” but they were also afraid of becoming a burden, felt unsettled by attention, especially praise, and agreed with statements like, “When people ask me my preferences, I’m often at a loss.” Where narcissists are addicted to feeling special, echoists are afraid of it. In the myth of Narcissus, Echo, the nymph who eventually falls madly in love with Narcissus, has been cursed to repeat back the last few words she hears. Like their namesake, echoists definitely struggle to have a voice of their own. 

2. Can echoism exist without narcissism? Regardless of how it begins — and there are many childhood causes — echoism, like any trait, persists regardless of whom people spend their time with. Still, echoists are often drawn to narcissists precisely because they’re so afraid of burdening others or seeming “needy” that to have someone who relishes taking up all the room, as narcissists often do, comes as something of a relief; but it’s a high price to pay for a respite from their anxieties. When narcissists become abusive, echoists sometimes blame themselves for their mistreatment (“I expect too much”; “I’m being overly sensitive”; “I shouldn’t have gone back”; etc.). No one deserves to be abused, whether they stay in a relationship or not — abuse is 100 percent the responsibility of the abuser — but echoists can mire themselves in abusive relationships, because they feel responsible for their mistreatment. 

3. Are some people more apt to become extreme echoists? Echoists appear to be born with more emotional sensitivity than most of us — they feel deeply — and when that temperament is exposed to a parent who shames or punishes them for having any needs at all, they’re apt to grow up high in echoism. A client of mine had a narcissistic father who grew enraged whenever people didn’t do exactly what he wanted — a misplaced dish was enough to set him off — and as a result of his lessons (my way or the highway), she wasn’t just afraid to say what she needed or wanted. She didn’t even know what that was. This is typical with extreme echoists — they’re so afraid expressing their needs will cost them love that they lose touch with their own desires. 

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Shifts Happen Transmission – Session 1 – “The Light Wins”

Shifts Happen – Transmission – Session 2 – “Ego Be Gone”


It was a joy and honour to speak about Higher Consciousness and Ego today – the expansive part of ourselves beyond the physical. That which we believe is “ourselves” – the limited mind and five sensory realities.

This explained to members the difference between programmed fear, pain and struggle and being freed into flow, power, love, liberation and grace.

Session 2 went deeply into the difference between Separation Consciousness and Unity Consciousness and why the former has been responsible for warring, dis-ease, lack and traumatic struggles, including the ones we can have in our own everyday lives!

This conversation, at this pivotal time in Humanity’s history, is how we can awaken to a Higher Level of Consciousness that not only frees us into the lives we dearly want to live but also has the ability to heal our world.

It is my greatest wish today that this following information is soul and life-transformational for you.

I know HOW much you will be able to relate to what is going on in your OWN life right now!

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Video Transcript

Let’s get started on today’s very important topic, “Ego Be Gone”.

Today is a talk about a consciousness shift from who you thought you were being to who you really are.

This is vital information – for you to feel whole, happy, loved, deserving and FULL –  meaning having risen out of pain, struggles and traumatic suffering.

By engaging in the consciousness shift that we are talking about today, you will feel whole and happy regardless of what you do or don’t have. That is TRUE freedom from where you can organically and EASILY expand and create – finally knowing that you are Creation itself.

Let’s dive straight into this – what Separation Consciousness is as the playground of the ego and how you have been deceived into living this way.


Separation Consciousness

Separation Consciousness is not knowing that you and Source are One, or that Source is within you as you, or innerstanding your capacity as God / Source Consciousness.

In your programmed Separation Consciousness, you feel like a small, separate Identity. You’ve forgotten that your Identity is All That Is, so you try to create a False Identity from the outside in.

This is limited to your physical self, how others see you and what you have or haven’t accomplished.

Interestingly, no matter what you achieve or hope to “do” and “get” to feel worthy of love and acceptance and feel like you belong, something is always missing.

Please know until this Quantum Journey, I had felt like this my entire life!

Then your mind battles to find a way to finally “arrive” somewhere where you will feel whole, acceptable and worthy, yet is conditionally precarious on what happens on the outside.

It constantly tries to gather information about what people think. What do they have that I don’t? Why do others seem to get what they want and I don’t? And … Even after I succeed and get certain things, what more can I get now?

This is because your mind is NOT your True Identity. Your mind is only a servant of your Beingness, and if your Beingness is in Separation Consciousness, not knowing that you and God / Source / Creation are One and you ARE All That Is, with NOTHING missing, then your mind is also in the dark believing it is coming up empty – no matter what it gets.

This is why you are never durably happy! It can only ever be temporary!

Never durably full. Or satisfied. Or safe. Or whole.

And always feel like there is something to feel stressed and hurt about.

You think this is normal, that this is the human “accepted” condition. It’s not – there is nothing natural or normal about it – it is inner programmed insanity!

It’s because you aren’t living life from your True Identity – “Source and I are One”; you are living life through a False Self – a mind that believes everything and everyone else is your Source and Identity.

Please think about the following in relation to our world …

Humans can demonise, violate, desecrate and murder each other when believing they are not at One with them. They are separate, so, therefore, it’s possible. And because we were separated from ourselves, it was possible to despise and treat ourselves with a total lack of care, love and respect.

Just as it became possible to despise God / Source / Creation, not knowing that this is us … all of us, and All That Is – because we thought it was something outer and separated instead of inner and connected.

This is the delusional dis-ease of Separation Consciousness that has taken humans into total darkness and given rise to the False Self – aka ego.



The Ego – The False Self

Let’s look at how the Ego operates as a disconnected from Source “Edging God Out” Entity.

It …

  • Feels empty, needy, anxious and wanting.
  • Judges self, life and others harshly.
  • Believes that this life is all that there is.
  • Tries frantically to “find something” on the outside to take away the pain.
  • Feels unsafe and unsupported.
  • Has to “know” and won’t stop obsessing.
  • Believes that life works from the outside in, trying to control all aspects of others and all the possibilities.
  • Lives in the pain of the past and the fear of the future.
  • Has only access to programming from the past and information derived from someone else – despite whether or not it is even accurate or true.
  • Does not critically think for self and goes along to get along.
  • Is disconnected from intuition (the inner GPS – God Protection System).
  • Has no Inner Identity other than what can be gleaned from the outside.
  • Will sacrifice self for supposed security.

This is an incredibly limited and painful capacity that leaves you always coming up empty and continually being traumatised.

Now, let’s examine the rise of consciousness that is happening for humankind right NOW and is more available than it ever has been.


The God / Source – True Self

  • Let’s go of internal trauma and fills up where that trauma was with Source’s Light.
  • As a result of filling with Source’s Light, activates into feeling whole, safe and “at home” right now unconditionally.
  • Doesn’t resist events but rather accepts all of it as evolutionary evidence: “I’m aligned” or the gift of knowing how to move into alignment.
  • Knows self as immortal, eternal and infinite – The God Source Self.
  • Knows that when one’s inner self is shifted into Light and peace, all else follows.
  • Feels safe and supported.
  • Has no need to know absolutes or outcomes and simply aligns with right action in the now.
  • Has access to All That Is and information that is the truth of Existence Itself.
  • Is alive, functional and whole in the moment.
  • Is guided by Inner Infinite Knowing.
  • Knows truth and sees through illusions.
  • Knows self as at One with Source.
  • Innerstands the connectedness of all things.
  • Will lose comfort and security to gain one’s True Self and True Life – the only life that is aligned and durably fulfilling.

Now let’s look at the passage of the dissolving of the ego to the birth of the True Self …


Ego “Be Gone” to True Self “I’m Home

I know that the True Self may seem like a dream come true, yet this is your organic self that just IS. It’s your defunct Separation Consciousness programming that has foisted this way of living upon you that is totally unnatural and completely traumatised you.

Who has this benefitted? Definitely not you and not the citizens of the world.

It has served the agenda of people who want you disempowered, fighting against each other, fearing all sorts of crises, being in the dark and seeking outside authorities other than your Soul Source Self – all for power and control of people and resources.

It’s all been a narcissistic anti-life, anti-human, anti-Source / God / Creation model.

Now, can you accept the truth?

I know you may feel very attached to your old way of thinking and living life “from the outside in” and wanting things to “please your ego”, and that’s totally understandable. It was all you knew.

However, to stay in this old system is becoming intensely painful and ineffective. Now, in the egoic mind, results are non-forthcoming. It is like walking around the block fifty times to try to cross the road.

If, on an inner level, you aren’t feeling whole, the veil of manifestation is so thin now (Source / Creation and You are One), the results will be painful, no matter what you try to do.

Life from the inside, being your True Source Self, is the only one that has any pleasing, happy and healthy results now.

Because you are Creator.

The reason why we are having this conversation, now, is because it’s TIME to!

The old 3rd density paradigms, fear, pain, separation, trauma, dis-ease, lack and fear structures, are being exposed and coming up to be released and finalised. They can no longer hide in the shadows.

This is why, right now, you are seeing people and situations in your life which are no longer tenable. Individuals and things are falling away. Additionally, you are getting powerful intuition and knowing. You are experiencing your Self more and more beyond the physical, as you REALLY are – telepathic, intuitive and knowing.

The era of “Power Over” “Separation Consciousness”, and “being in the Dark Ages” has run its Course.

Now, more than ever, you can surrender to and BE who you were born to be. It’s time to heal, not just for ourselves but for the collective. To raise and unify within ourselves, back to Source and with each other.

That is what the rise of Unity Consciousness is all about.

We can shed the trauma, lies and shackles and know ourselves as the True Human, taking our place in The Light, as we were always designed to do – rendering narcissistic, deranged inner and outer tyrants powerless against us.

They could only ever operate when we were in the dark.

But we aren’t anymore.

Let’s now do the Quanta Freedom healing shifts to really bring this home.

…End Of Transmission…


In Conclusion

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The Untold Truth About Trauma

The Untold Truth About Trauma


Trauma is terrible. It feels terrible and robs you of your energy, lifeforce and positive future.
Arguably, narcissistic abuse is one of the most severely compounding traumatic events that anyone can go through. Such traumas are not something you can just snap your fingers and get over. Toxic abuse trauma is deep, hideous and insidious. Contemporarily, many people live on with the trauma of narcissistic abuse for most, if not all, of their lives.

Does it have to be this way?

It doesn’t, especially when you understand the truth about trauma.


Trauma Is An Inner Experience

The following statement changes everything you used to think about trauma –

Trauma is not what happened to you. It’s your INNER experience as a result of what happened to you.

The vital point about this is the words “inner experience.”

What does this mean?

It means that trauma is inside of you and causing the breakdowns in your life from inside of you. For many years, as an advocate for Thriving after narcissistic abuse, I discovered that trauma needed to be addressed inside of ourselves for healing to be effective.

That allows you to go completely free from trauma, level up beyond it and be even more empowered, clear, safe and expanded than even before it happened to you.

I have seen the most horrific of traumas overcome, and Thriving forthcoming, with thousands of people, as well as my own significant trauma experience.

Let me explain why!


Trauma Being An Outer Focus

The usual model of supposed trauma recovery is a focus on the outer experience. Who did it to me, when it happened, and why do they behave this way I am trying to learn all about and protect myself from people like this doing it to me again.

Sadly, we have been programmed into thinking about trauma in this way. Learning all about other people’s inner experiences and outer behaviour doesn’t grant healing to your inner experience and ability to be outwardly powerful, whole and safe. Information is not transformation.

This would be like being hit by a car, and the person next to you leaves you bleeding on the road and runs after the hit-and-run driver to try to hold them accountable. Clearly, you need attention, you need to recover, get well and be strong again to continue your life. There is no way they would abandon you and leave you to escalate into greater sickness by denying you the medical attention you desperately need.

Emotional wounds are no different. Just because you can’t “see” them doesn’t mean they aren’t deadly, or when left unattended, don’t get progressively worse.


The Outside Can Never Heal You

The faux-healing culture keeps us disconnected from our inner beings, trying to change everyone outside of ourselves to try to get better.  If you need accountability or justice to feel whole, you could be waiting your entire life traumatised and still not get that result. How can a damaged, unconscious, toxic person heal themselves enough to become conscious, responsible and remorseful in order to give you what you want to heal you?

It is impossible to force someone to be accountable or be held responsible for what they did to you. Even if they did, you still have to heal your inner being, because it is YOUR inner being, they can’t do that for you. Any relief from justice is short-lived because the trauma is still wedged inside of you like a toxic cancer eating you alive because that is what trauma does. It doesn’t magically disappear even when someone is held accountable or apologises. I promise you I have seen the evidence first-hand in this community. On the rare occasions that justice happens. I have clients and students doing their inner recovery work even when the narcissist is put behind bars. That “outer event” did NOT heal them!

Wouldn’t it be much more empowering to heal yourself from the inside and move on in your uplevelled Thriving Life regardless of whether this person comes clean and does the right thing or pays for what they did?

Of course, it would be! An attachment to the outer will never give you that.

Rather, it allows what this person did to continue destroying you for the rest of your life, whereas your own resurrection and liberty from trauma, from the inside, means that you and your life win, independent of what happens to this person.



Why Attention To The Inner Experience Is The Only Way To Heal Trauma

Many people are shocked that research, talking and cognitive therapy is not helping them recover from trauma.

The following is an example of exactly why.

Say the words “I think traumatised.”

Now say the words “I feel traumatised”.

Which statement lands as “real”?

Obviously, it is the second one because trauma is not logical, it’s emotional. It lives inside of your emotional, limbic, somatic (feeling) self.

The trauma shows itself to you with feelings of anger, shame, despair, helplessness, hopelessness, depression, anxiety and every other negative emotion. Then your head tries to “think” your way out of these inner states with obsession, rumination, excessive talking about or researching, and trying to get emotional relief.

If you don’t know how to turn inwards to release this trauma from your inner experience, then the trauma may escalate to attack your physical body with the manifestation of accidents, body parts breaking down, health conditions arising and even serious dis-ease.

These are all the products of trapped internal trauma. “Dis-ease” is the operative word.

Then you may turn to self-mediation to try to stop the emotional and physical pain. With addictive pastimes or choices to try to numb out. Yet these only escalate trauma because your inner being was never healed, and now other serious issues are piled on top, leading to an even greater disconnection from yourself and your ability to be whole, empowered and healthy.

The problem is you have been programmed to believe that inner attention means having to remember and think all about your childhood, and later traumas, reliving them to try to work out how the trauma got there. Naturally, you think your life may be on hold, with painful, lengthy and expensive sessions of regurgitation.

This is not true – that is the old and obsolete way to heal.

Let’s go back to the statement that changes everything about your understanding of trauma –

Trauma is not what happened to you. It’s your INNER experience as a result of what happened to you.

It’s your feelings. It’s the dense, painful energy that your body is holding, generating the present triggers that are arising. You can’t defeat what you don’t define. The definition of your trauma is NOT the event; it is the FEELING in your body.

You can’t heal what you are not prepared to turn inwards to feel, and then release. There are powerful and easy ways to do this to free yourself from trauma in a fraction of the time of the old ways of trying to deal with it. Without having to think about it, at all! Additionally releasing trauma does not have to be banging cushions, screaming or some other drastic dramatic event.



I hope today’s article is starting to make sense to you.

More than this, I am passionate about everyone learning the truth about trauma and having the ability to live free from it.

Please join me in my FREE 100-minute Masterclass, where I deeply explain the truth about trauma in even greater detail and take you through a soothing, supportive Quanta Freedom Healing session to find and release trauma, in record time, without needing any memory recall or logical dissection whatsoever.

You will feel immediate relief and benefits, by signing up here

As always, I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.



Thriver TV Special : Thriver Talk With Anita

Thriver TV Special – THRIVER Talk with Lindsay


Like Lindsay, maybe you’re dealing with difficult circumstances that leave you feeling stuck or helpless, and you don’t know how to make it stop. Maybe you have felt the conflict between what you outwardly show and your innermost reality.

The good news is that it is never too late to shift things. No matter how severe the situation, you can break the cycle and heal for real.

I recently interviewed Lindsay, a woman living a double life of success and abuse. Lindsay is an attorney who has her law firm, LNZ Law. She has been licensed since 2016. In 2017, she got into a relationship with a narcissist and stayed until 2020. During lockdowns, the situation came to a head.

Despite feeling codependently attached, she was brave enough to take the journey of healing. She listened to her inner voice, which is at the root of Quanta Freedom Healing™ and never looked back. She shares her personal story in hopes that it will reach and help one person.



Video Transcript

I was very happy to interview Lindsay, knowing her story could help so many people who are like Lindsay.

As she and I discussed, Lindsay is pretty, successful and intelligent, and was living a “double life” – being a respectful high achieving attorney in her business and family life, and behind closed doors living with an abuser – where the abuse had become dangerously physical.

Like some people in our wonderful community, she had known this man from her childhood. She felt that they were destined to be together, and the start of their relationship felt so “right”. Yet things escalated to a terrible level – literally life and death.

After leaving him, Lindsay went through the obscene Aftershock, like we all do, that she says felt like the worst addiction withdrawal of her life.

It’s much worse than overcoming Oxycodone addiction years ago.

Many times, she had returned to him until the very last time.

Fortunately, Lindsay had a friend who was able to discuss with her that there were inner reasons as to why Lindsay had gone through what she did – because it didn’t make logical sense as to why she would get into a relationship and stay with someone like this.



In her research, Lindsay found my work, which resonated with her, and she started NARP immediately.
Lindsay’s story is about a brave single Mother who worked deeply on her previous wounds and painful internal traumas, with NARP, of feeling codependently attached to a man experiencing abuse she never thought she would. She rose from this to become at peace, healthy, happy, empowering, and wise for herself and her children.

She attributes this to living life from the inside, which is the path of Quanta Freedom Healing™ and Living.

Lindsay states that she doesn’t think she would even be here if it hadn’t been for finding this Community, NARP and doing the Healing Meditations.

Her greatest wish, as she said before going on camera, was, “I want to share my life even if it helps one person.”

It is my greatest hope that this wish is fulfilled today.



Please know no matter what you have been through, what is lost, how old you are or how many times your heart has been broken, you don’t have to suffer alone.

You can heal for real.

Become a NARP Member and join our wonderful Thriver Community today.



Where Do Obsessive Thoughts REALLY Come From?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts you simply can’t seem to let go of? You’ve tried therapy, numbing out, and more – but the thoughts just won’t go away. If this is the case, I’m here to help. Over the course of this 5-Day Challenge, I will share with you the step-by-step recipe to end obsessive thoughts – forever.

Today, I’ll walk you through the first step: Identifying WHAT and WHY you are obsessing about. First, let’s get started with a few deep breaths and some positive affirmations. Say out loud: “I give myself full permission to be honest with myself. If I am real, then I can heal. My truth sets me free.” Now, think of one topic of obsessing to work on – and be honest with yourself about what you are obsessing about.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “So within, so without.” This Quantum Law perfectly applies to your thoughts – because what’s inside of you is exactly what’s outside of you. What this means is that your inner identity beliefs are what’s co-generating the experience you’re having. To tackle these beliefs, we need to first get in contact with your feelings. Get ready for the deep inner healing you deserve. Trust yourself, and remember your vulnerable feelings lead you to healing within.



Facebook Live Transcript

Okay, so you want to stop obsessing about something that you simply can’t seem to let go of.

Maybe you have been doing a lot of Quanta Freedom Healing, and you feel like there must be something missing because you can’t go free from these thoughts yet.

Or perhaps you have been trying to get relief by trying to stop thinking about it and just get on with your life. Or perhaps you’ve tried a ton of therapy – trying to talk it out. Or your hoped time would heal whatever you are obsessing about – and you will eventually stop thinking about it.

Perhaps you have adopted ways to numb out – because the obsessive thoughts are so painful.

Over the course of this 5-Day Challenge, I’m going to share with you the sure-fire step-by-step recipe to end obsessive thoughts – forever. Today I’m going to explain each step for Day 1, which is about identifying the obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me!

Please make sure that you have your journal and pen ready.

We are going to start off with the questions soon, and in regard to your “obsessing”, please work with one topic of obsessing – so that you know how to address it. Then, you will be able to use this healing formula for ANY other topic you are obsessing about.


Identifying WHAT You Are Obsessing About

Exercise 1: Write this statement down now: “I give myself full permission to be honest with myself. If I am real, then I can heal. My truth sets me free.”

Read it to yourself a few times whilst you have your body relaxed and you are deeply breathing – this helps you absorb this statement as an “inner standing” and embodied feeling rather than just thought you are trying to get through your head.

Okay, now let’s start with the first question – write this down …

Question 1: What is it I am obsessing about?

Be really honest – just name it.

It could be that your ex moved on as if you were nothing.

It could be a person professing to love you who has betrayed you.

It could be the fear of finances.

Or … literally anything at all.

Write down as clearly as possible what you are obsessing about.

If it’s a whole heap of things that you can’t separate or define, then write down, “I’m overwhelmed”.


Identifying WHY You Are Obsessing About It

Now please know, incredible Quantum Energetic Being that you are, Soul of Energy-In-Motion – which means Creator through E-Motion – I promise that everything you are going through and experiencing IS about you because this is the only place your life experience is created from.  It is also the only place to transform you, inside of you (which is the REAL you), and then you and your entire lived experience can change.

This is where you will start discovering that your Inner Identity Beliefs, which are underneath these painful experiences in your life, are unconsciously co-generating them with life and others.

PLEASE know this is NOT blaming you – it’s just allowing you to know – incredibly powerful creator that you are – that you live in a physically manifesting Universe that adheres to Quantum Law – which means “So within, so without”.

What this means is that whatever your Inner Identity Programs are, for good or bad, is exactly to the letter the experience that you will continue to choose and who and what will choose you. This is what you roll around in, battle with and obsess about if it’s a False belief and painful.

Your FEELINGS are your Inner Identity programs!

You can’t heal “the thoughts about what happened to you”. That’s a symptom of the Inner Program. Your FEELINGS ABOUT “what you are obsessing about” lead you to where you can heal yourself – by finding and shifting the painful belief on the inside.

So, let’s get to the FEELING …

Exercise 2: Okay, now please write down “I bless and accept my true feelings. I am ready to meet and embrace a part of myself that needs my love, attention and healing.”

Now… before you GO for the feeling inside of you – let’s go through some examples … So, for example, with your ex moving on like you didn’t exist, the painful associated feeling could be  “I’m not worth loving” or “I’ll always Be Alone”.

Fear of finances could be “I’m not going to survive” or “I’ll lose everything”.

Or you could be obsessing about challenges and frustrations with others, and the painful feeling is, “I’m invisible, and I have no voice.”

Maybe you are obsessing about constantly struggling in life,  and the feelings are “I’m not enough to make my life work.” Or “I’m meant to suffer. I don’t deserve the good stuff.” Or “life is always hard.”

Now, how do you know the difference between the “obsessive thought” and “the feeling”? It’s simple: the “feeling” is inside your body – it arises when you get in contact with your inside experience. And that’s vital to do because if you don’t get in contact with your inner experience, you will only ever be trying to address “the symptom” and will never “heal the cause”.

Which is like trying to turn your radio up louder to drown out your car engine, making weird noises, instead of going mechanically inside to fix the true problem. If you do this naturally, your car breaks down, just like we do, if we don’t go inside.

So, let me take you through the exercise to feel your feelings in regard to your obsessive thoughts.

Exercise 3: Open your body and breathe, move a little, whatever feels nice to create space in your body. Now, with your eyes closed, with your attention inside of yourself, ignoring any outside thoughts, ask yourself, “What is the vulnerable part of me feeling about this topic.”

Be loving, kind, receptive, in your heart space, open and present – as you would as a loving parent showing up for a child you adore.

Question 2: What are my vulnerable feelings connected to the obsessive thought?

Write down and record what these are. Examples again – are feelings such as “I’m not worth loving” and “I have no value.” “I’m supposed to suffer.”

Let these feelings be authentic to you – what does your Inner Being say to you when you ask her/him, “What are your vulnerable feelings driving these obsessive thoughts?”

Trust yourself … whatever arises.

If you can’t get to the vulnerable feelings – then you may need to deal with your defences first – namely, your ego.



Ego Blocks Not Letting You Get TO The True Reason You Are Obsessing

Your ego is the internal narcissist – it feeds off drama and your pain body. It doesn’t want you to evolve and go free from pain and fear. It KEEPS you stuck in obsessive-lopped thoughts and feelings. The acronym for EGO is Edging God Out – it traps you in the traumatised small mind, keeping you separated from your True Power as a Source / Soul Creator.

As a healing ascending Being, your ego’s days are numbered, and that is a good thing – because with your ego at the helm, you would remain in the lopped thoughts that are in the bandwidth of your unhealed trauma (darkness). Of course, it is your destiny to go free into the Infinite Source / Self mind – which is health, well-being, solution, progress, purpose, joy and miracle (The Light).

Your ego tries to convince you that you need to hang on to dark and painful rumination to keep you safe – yet that is a totally inverted false premise that keeps you embedded in darkness with no way out.

Your Ego shows itself by not letting you get vulnerable with yourself. It gives you feelings of anger, blame and self-recrimination. Your ego keeps you focused outwards, blaming others or turning on yourself with anger, dismissal, degrading statements and shame. (Sounds narcissistic, yeah?)

Imagine the EGO guarding the hurt, vulnerable Inner Self (which is in there), refusing to let you get near, hold or heal this part of you. Yet … we are waking up from this trance! Then the ego ceases to have power over you – you CAN call it out and then shift it out.

What are classic EGO feelings, “They are to blame for my life” and “My pain is their fault”?

As “true” as this may be from the “human” perspective, it doesn’t allow us to get better, be better and do better. We will always remain a victim with internal unhealed trauma eating us alive. Zero healing or evolution is possible if this defence isn’t recognised and removed.

Also, classic self-abuse EGO statements are “You will never heal”, “You should be punished”, and even “You are bad and evil.” These statements are designed to CONVINCE you that this is WHO you are – but it’s a lie. You are a child of God / Source / Creation made in the image and likeness, no matter what you have done or gone through!

Exercise 4: Sooo … now I want you to again, open your body and breathe, move a little, whatever feels nice to create space in your body. And with your eyes closed, with your attention inside of yourself, ignoring any outside thoughts, ask yourself …

Question 3: What does my ego tell me about my obsessive thoughts?

Remember, these are outer-focused and/or self-punishing thoughts. Write these down in your journal, such as “It’s (that person’s) fault”, “I’ll never heal”, “This is (or I am) useless” etc.

Shifting Painful Feelings To Start Dissolving Core Obsessing Reasons

The fastest route to healing your feelings and, therefore, thoughts and therefore life is changing your INSIDE programs. Speedy Shifts have the potential to heal aeons of traumatic programs in minutes., granting you fast relief and breakthroughs.

So now, here are my recommended healing combinations.

  • Shift Ego Blocks First

You have to dissolve away the EGO, the “guard” who is not letting you hold and heal the core reason you are obsessing … then …

  • Release and heal the “vulnerable” feeling that is released once the ego defence is removed.


Okay, So How Do I Do This?

This depends on the following categories that you fall into.

  1. Intense Triggers and Obsession

If you are just starting with Speedy Shifts and your journey of narcissistic abuse recovery, and you have SO many things that are causing you obsession (this is usual) – then take the feeling of “overwhelmed” to NARP Module 1 Speedy, follow the instructions, and repeat until you can eat, sleep and function again.

Then go on to this next step if …

2.  You can Identify a Particular Obsessive Thought/ Feeling about anything at all. (This step applies to all Speedy Shifters.)


  • a) Target and shift any EGO FEELING with Module 1 Speedy NARP or The Source Healing and Resolution within the actual Speedy Shift Course. **IMPORTANT – Do NOT Stop healing and give in to your ego, no matter what!!! If it tries to block you, then keep restarting the healing, TARGETING the ego block. Rinse and repeat until you have cleared all of these blocks and egoic feelings, and the voice in your head is gone … then.


(Start with the most powerful painful feelings first and work down your life to the least painful. The BIGGEST ones are the ones trying to get your attention first and, therefore, are the RIGHT order to shift first. By healing the biggest, you will see many other painful thoughts/feelings diminish greatly and even melt away.

Keep working with these for the next few days, and take notes in your journal about …

  • what you shifted,
  • what scores have you got to,
  • how you feel …and
  • what shifts and changes in your life as a result.

(You may experience positive instant turns of events that seem like miracles!)

And … next week, we are going to take a deep dive into Day 2, investigating “where you have landed”, then identifying your trauma patterns that are in repeat (that keep you in over-thinking patterns) and how we start dissolving them out of your Inner Identity E-motional signature.

Hint … We are going to get to more creative/specific and Source-defined shifts!

But let’s just get our foundations right first!

To have this direct experience with me – in my Facebook Live – where you will also see questions answered, come join my Facebook Page here. The replay will be just as powerful for you.

For more information on Speedy Shifts
👉 Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program NARP plus Speedies
👉 To upgrade from Silver NARP to receive Gold Package Speedies plus a whole heaps more…/che…/1069383/narpgoldupgrade

I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.


Thriver TV Special : Thriver Talk With Anita

Thriver TV Special : Thriver Talk With Anita

I’m so delighted to introduce Anita, one of the bravest and strongest members of our Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

I have known Anita for a couple of years now, as a student of mine as well as a program member. And it has been an absolute honour and joy to witness her journey through the incredible traumas she has faced.

For many of you, it may be difficult to imagine what Anita has lived through. She has endured an abusive relationship with her narcissistic mother and has gone through the incredibly tumultuous and painful experience of a divorce with a narcissist.

But not only did she survive… she excelled in the face of it all. She and her dream team of lawyers achieved a powerful court case win despite enduring multiple obstacles.

So, to begin her story, let’s start with her narcissistic mother. All of it exploded in 2020 when Anita had been stuck in quarantine in Guatemala. She got back home, and two weeks in, her mother passed away from a stroke. Of course, this was a traumatic experience for Anita, but it was also made so much worse by what her mother did in her will.

It took Anita a while before she could understand why this was. With the help of an incredibly dear friend who saw through the situation, Anita got the NARP Gold package and dove right in.

Despite not quite understanding what NARP was or what it was doing, Anita went through it. And it was through it that she had a breakdown that enabled all the memories of her ritualistic abuse to return. For almost an entire year, she was in the valley of the shadow of death, feeling sick to her bones all the time and wanting to die every second.

But from here, something amazing happened. Anita started to use NARP to shift her life in her favour. She shifted her focus towards her trauma and set her mind to creating the optimal conditions for a successful court case.

Through trial and error, she eventually found the right mix of shifts to honour her values and truths. And it’s what separates her from most “victims”… she was unafraid of fighting back and honing her power – through her shifts – to reclaim her life and legal victory!



Video Transcript

Welcome, dear friends, to this Thriver TV story. If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so, and I’d love for you to share my work with others who need it.

And I have the absolute joy and pleasure of introducing Anita, one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. She’s a dear friend.

I’ve known her for a couple of years as a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program member. She’s also been a student of mine, and I just love her to pieces. And Anita, thank you for coming forward and sharing your story.

Well, thank you for inviting me, Mel. It’s a real honour. Thank you.

And I know, Anita, that there are so many details of your story from the narcissistic mum, which we’re going to go into, and your experience of ritualistic abuse, which is a topic that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. And I’m thrilled that you are talking about it because you’re not the first person in this community who’s come forward with that trauma.

And also, you went through a tumultuous, painful divorce from a narcissist. But you ended up being able to create and win a really powerful court case. And you had your dream legal team.

But anyway, okay, I digress. Well, so the situation with your narcissistic mum kind of all exploded in 2020. Share with us what happened there.

Yeah, I’d been locked down in Guatemala, where I worked with cacao. I got back. I quarantined with my mother. And then, two weeks in, she died of a stroke. And I was very traumatized by what she’d done in her will, which was distinctly narcissistic, shall we say. And a very dear friend of mine, who was already on the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, said, “Anita, it looks like your mother was a narcissist.”

And he very, very kindly bought me the NARP Gold package. And so, I diligently started doing the shifts, even though I didn’t understand what I was doing. I went through all the shifts, and that’s how I started working with NARP initially.

So, the original stuff you were working on with NARP, were they to do with your mum, ex-husband, or a combination of both?

At the time, it was just the stuff coming up with my mother. And the recognition that I’d been abused by her all my life and that there was a name for it, and it was called narcissistic personality disorder. I just thought she was an evil distortion of what a mother should be, but it was a relief to be able to put a label on it, so to speak, and find other people had been victims of that sort of behaviour.

Exactly. Coming into our community is an eye-opener for many people because it’s like, “Oh, my gosh, this isn’t just my story. This is so many people’s story as well.” Okay. Because she passed away. So, when you started doing the modules, what happened to you?

So, when I started doing the modules, there wasn’t much happening initially. I had to go through a fairly big breakdown for the modules to start working. And that breakdown involved a very acrimonious divorce with my former husband, where he announced that he was going to help himself to half of my property. He stole my business and took away pretty much everything of value to me.

Very typical.

Fairly standard with that sort of personality.

But I hadn’t realized that he was displaying all the attributes and qualities of a narcissist. So, I had a nervous breakdown. And then, from there, all the memories of the ritual abuse came back. And I went through a year of the valley of the shadow of death, as I like to call it, where every single second of the day, I just wanted to die.

The memories were so painful that every single cell in my body felt sick, and I was on the verge of ending it all when one of the NARP programs popped up in my inbox, and I thought, “This is my last chance, saloon. It’s either this or not being here.” Yeah.

When we first connected, I remember you had that spark of life and hope. You are a slither of what you are today. You could see that there was this beautiful, amazing woman who was hanging on her last thread. And I’ve seen this a lot with people from ritualistic abuse who are activated into it, and the trauma is so huge. But you had it all going on everywhere.

The mum, the ritualistic abuse, the husband, the ex taking your property, taking your business, taking every part of you. So, okay, what happened next?

Yeah. Well, I would look on the NARP Community Forum and see thrivers and NARPers having these spectacular court wins, and I thought, “How the hell am I going to get there? This is just impossible. How am I going to get from here, where I am now, in this place of just absolute desolation, fearing that I’m going to be made destitute, unable to engage with the legal process?” I was even unable to speak about it because I was so traumatized. “How am I going to be able to get from this place to a spectacular court win?” It just seemed beyond me.

So, I just kept shifting. My biggest breakthrough was a shift where I suddenly thought, “Oh, my God, I’m going to target the trauma in my body that’s generating the blocks and obstacles to my engaging with the legal process.”

Yeah, and it was like, bam, everything shifted. I was able to operate from a place of analysis and logic and deduction, as well as a kind of soul sermon if you like. I mean, that one shift cleared away so much and enabled me to operate from a position of power and ownership in this divorce process.

And then, from there, I became more and more adept at steering the course of the shifts and tailoring them to create the conditions, if you like, and attract the right people so that I’d be able to honour myself, honour my values and truths, which I’d never actually known what they were in the first place. So, it was like a multidimensional process as well, focused around the court case.



So, all this stuff just came flooding in. It was like, “Oh, my God, I am worth something. Oh, my God, my business is worth something. All that equity that I put into that business that he’s stolen, that was worth something. My rights, my truths, my values they’re valuable to me.

And in honouring them, I’m honouring my soul and my soul path, and the creator of which I’m part of creation.”

It was multi-dimensional. It was a huge and even further spiritual awakening. So it made it more engageable, if you like, this court process, knowing that it was part of a bigger spiritual picture.

That’s so well put. And it’s so true. And all of our ascension and healing and well-being, including finances represents the sole value. It’s the health, it’s the mental, it’s the emotional, it’s the spiritual, it’s all of those things combined.

So, what was the outcome in court? I know when you told me, I’m just like, what? That’s so cool. And witnessing stuff happening, like a big shift. And people listening to this, I know, because out in the normal non-quantum world, what happens is people are like, well, you can’t beat narcissists in court since the court and solicitors and judges are a part of the narcissistic system.

And it is, even for normal things, it can be awful. But in line with the quantum law of so within-so without, when we shift on the inside, massive things happen. So, yeah, explain what happened.

Yeah. So I went from a place of being unable to engage with the process, even speaking to my solicitor about what had been going on, and trying to explain that I was with a psychopathic narcissist and everything was not going in my favour. We had a financial dispute resolution. It was like a second hearing. And I got pasted. I was painted as a greedy, grasping woman who wanted to keep every single penny from the marriage, and he was painted as this poor kind of trodden-over husband.

Anyway, I couldn’t have felt more battered, so I had to crawl off and do more shifts. And I thought, no, this doesn’t feel right. This isn’t aligned with my soul truth. And despite what my solicitor told me, she said, “Oh no, you’re just going to have to go to give him 50% of the property.” I said, “No, this does not feel right and is not aligned with my soul. No.”

You are supposed to instruct your solicitor, not the other way around. And we fall for that stuff all the time. So yeah, keep going.

So I sacked her.

Yeah. Good.

I found through a friend a spectacular lady who was described as lethal, and she certainly was. She prepared me a magnificent case, and I hoped it wouldn’t get to a final hearing, but the other half wanted a final hearing. He wanted his day in court. He wanted to annihilate me.

So she had recommended a barrister, who was an absolute super sleuth. And I have to say, I called in my perfect legal team. Now, he’d read my case notes because he was diligent, and he was like, “Something’s not right here.” So we went into the final hearing, and we broke for lunch. I had to give my evidence. I was just about to go up into the witness box.

And what had happened before that was that in real-time during the court, they’d uncovered that my former husband was concealing his assets, and he’d been lying and perjuring himself in court. And so I got an amazing deal. I didn’t have to give evidence in the end, his solicitors came back and said, “Right, okay, we have to make a deal,” because he was screwed.

So I was just in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I broke down in tears. It was just the most amazing, miraculous thing that had ever happened. And I was thinking, I’m going to need a miracle to sort this shit out. And I got one. Yeah, I got one.

And Anita, we see it all the time. We see that an internal shift can be an outer thing. And that’s what you were listening to when people said, “Well, I had this miracle.” We’ve had cases where the narcissist broke down and couldn’t get to the court, and the judge decided without them, and the most incredible synchronicity has happened. So I’m so thrilled.

So what I love about that is you honoured yourself. When we’re in the fear and when we’re in the trauma and we don’t feel like an authority, and we don’t have value, we’re not listening to that inner voice. And when that solicitor said, “Well, you’ve got to take that deal,” we’re in fear and trauma, we just do that. We go along, and we end up getting throttled.

But you’ve done enough to have a shift inside you to listen to your guidance and stand in it and move with that. And then that moves universes. And that’s exactly what happened. So when did your friend recommend the new solicitor who was ruthless? Was it after you shifted and chose to go your own way?

Oh, that was my choice. It was like I had this internal sat nav, a moral compass aligned with my soul, that was getting stronger and stronger and stronger, like a strongly beating heart. And I felt like I had to honour it, regardless of what solicitors were saying, regardless of what the judge had said. It was like I had to honour myself.

It felt very empowering doing that and discerning that my current solicitor was very mediocre and calling in someone who was powerful, incisive, who was intelligent, and who was strong. And I did that through shifting and through intention setting.

Yeah. And always I was going back to the forum. I was getting inspiration from the community, just reading about successes. I was getting inspiration from-

And for people, that’s our global community, the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program Community Forum, a private community where all members can get coaching and support 24/7/365. But yeah, they’re amazing in there.

Yeah. So I mean, I would say to all NARPers, take a moment to be still and go inside and feel into what your truths and your values are. And if it doesn’t feel right to you, regardless of what a judge is saying, a solicitor is saying, or anyone else is saying, it’s got to feel right to you.

And if it feels right to you, then there’s a way to be able to get the support that you need and call it in. Please work with your shifts to get to the place of honouring your soul and your values, whatever they are and however they’re expressed in the material world, whether that’s your property, your business or your child.

Yeah, very good. Beautiful share. It is so important not just to accept or believe that you’re up against a narcissist; you’re going to get throttled, and there’s nothing you can do. It’s just not true. These people get quite powerless, and they unravel when we step into our power, and that’s what’s so exciting. They’re not as tough as what they make out to be at all.

So, Anita, like the breakdown, I want to talk a bit more about that.  I want you to share with people how bad it was and how you felt when you were in that place.

That was possibly the toughest period of my life. I didn’t think I was going to get through it. I didn’t think I’d be here now. Every single cell in my body felt like it was sick. I just felt like I was dying a million times across all my lifetimes and into my soul. It was horrific and inescapable. I couldn’t escape from this torment and the memories that were coming up.

My inner world was on steroids and acid. It was quite horrible. I mean, I can look back on it now and kind of laugh about it, which is a testament to the amount of inner work that’s taken place.

But when I came back to doing some deeper work with NARP, I was literally at the Last Chance Saloon. I thought, “If this doesn’t work, I’m going to end it because I can’t bear being in this body anymore. I can’t bear it.” It was just horrific. And I had done some great work with some amazing shamanic healers.

I remember you saying.

Yeah. I’ve trained and qualified as a shamanic practitioner myself, so I knew what was going on on a multidimensional level, and even then, it was just unbearable. Although I say, without that, I guess I would’ve been even more confused. So, at least I had that perspective and the shifts as well to be able to clear all this stuff out of my body.

But yeah, MTE Support were amazing. I know at the time you had Violet, and I reached out to Violet several times, and she was like a lifeline. She knew intuitively how to support me and what to say. Honestly, those MTE members were like angels during that time. All I did for a year was maybe lie on my bed and shift. That’s all I could do. I could barely leave the house. I was in a state of very, very deep depression. And looking back on it now, it was like a different lifetime.

So, how did it start feeling different? What happened?

My internal world shifted, and that was reflected in my external world. My external world had, for pretty much all of my life, been very haphazard and chaotic, and I started to see more structure. This is all taking place at the same time as the court hearing, so I was able to bring more structure into my life.

I was able to show up for myself more and make choices that were based on a deeper soul level rather than informed by trauma, bad habits, patterns, or addictions.

I remember back then the battles that you were having with certain decisions, as we can all do before we start healing enough that are self-sabotage and self-harming, which align with how we’re not valuing ourselves, and you started to come out of that.

It’d be so interesting to show people the pictures, the photos of the Anita I met, and the glowing beautiful creature that you are now because you are. You’re just stunning. It’s like two different people.

Yes, I agree with you. I just want to say to all the NARPers out there who are struggling with addictive patterns and behaviours that I had all the addictions except for heroin, crack, and gambling. I was addicted to alcohol, substances, sugar, dairy, and nicotine. I was addicted to a party lifestyle, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Just all the stuff. I mean, at the time, I didn’t realize that what I was trying to do was to distract myself from my inner world. Like I said, I want to say to all the NARPers out there, with the shifting, I noticed that these addictions were diminishing. I would reach for them less. It was as if my body didn’t want them, my soul didn’t want them, or I didn’t need them. And gradually, it’s almost as if they began diminishing of their own accord.

So I didn’t have to use my will or force myself into refusing these patterns. It was as if the internal battle had just vanished. There just wasn’t even a battle anymore. It just wasn’t even a thing, which was such a wonderful reward. And I’d made space for other things to come in. I’d made space for nourishing interests and hobbies and people to come into my life. And so I started to be able to choose that.

I know some of the people you’ve connected with who are gorgeous in your world, in the U.K., and the stuff you do, and they’re stunning people.

Yeah. And so rather than connecting, again, with abusive people or parasitic people or people who didn’t value me, I was connecting with loving and genuine people – people who valued me, and who saw me and who understood me.

I’ve also noticed that when I’ve reconnected with old friends, I say friends in the loosest possible term, and they haven’t aligned with this new version of me, they’ve fallen away very quickly, which is great.

Which is great. Yeah, because it’s hard to bring people up to your level. It’s much better if they’re at your level or you’re growing together, which I love. Anita, honestly, I’ve always with you felt like, even though we’re around the same age, I felt like a bit of a mother hen.

No, I do because I’ve always loved you and seen you in your battle and seen who you are. And also, you reminded me of myself years ago. It’s not about me. It’s about you. But years ago, when I was on death’s door, and I thought I could never recover from my breakdown, and I’d been plagued with addictions all my life, although, after hearing your list, I think you had a better crack at it than I did, I think you’re right up there on the queen of addictions.

But mine were bad, too, so I saw so much of my journey in you. And I’d had some massive big trauma on just very deep sexual levels, too, which you’ve had at a much worse level. So it’s heartwarming for me to see because it was death/rebirth for you.

And what’s so exciting about you is that you are such a gifted, incredible lady. If I were in the U.K., I would attend your workshops. I seriously would. And I want to give you a big plug because Anita is… Please explain what you do.

Anybody in the U.K., we’ll put Anita’s details up so that you can connect up if you want to, and I would suggest it. So what do you do? Explain it to people.

Yeah. So, I am a cacao ceremonialist. Cacao is the ancestral medicine of the Mayan people. And cacao has got the most wonderful, wonderful healing benefits. Cacao was there for me on my healing journey with NARP because cacao brought me into my body and allowed me to connect to the earth and also to connect to higher dimensions as well. But most importantly, she’s a medicine of embodiment.

And there were times when I couldn’t get up in the morning. I’d open my eyes and think, “Oh my God, I’m here again.” And the thing that got me out of bed was that trip to the blender to make my cacao.

I know I’ve segued, but I felt it important to share how instrumental cacao was in my healing journey.

So, I’ve been working with cacao since 2014. I serve cacao at ceremonies, and I also work as a shamanic practitioner and energy healer, sharing cacao in my one-to-one healings. And I also make chocolates. I’m very well known for the chocolate that I make, which is made in sacred space and is divinely delicious.

You’ll have to send me some to Cape Trib. I want to try some of your chocolates.

I’m going to try some of your chocolates.

Okay. It’s a date.

I’ll buy some. Yeah, you have to send me some. I’d love to try them.

Yeah, for sure. Yes, I will.

If chocolate’s healthy, I’m all over it.

Yeah, well, they’re healthy chocolate. So here’s a dish of my chocolates. We’ve got Radha and Krishna’s Love Garden, which is that one. That is a cardamom chocolate with crystallized ginger, pistachio and banana.

And we’ve got tantric breakfast, which is… I know. Do you fancy a tantric breakfast?

Sounds exciting. That sounds dangerous, actually.

Which is cayenne chocolate with a handmade brittle of cashew nuts and maple syrup, vanilla and dates.

So you make these?

I make those, yes. Yeah.

Oh, my gosh.

And they are plant-based, so they’re made with coconut milk powder, they’re made with maple sugar, and they’re made with coconut sugar. So, there’s no dairy, no cane sugar, and the base is ceremonial grade cacao, so they’re also a medicine. Yeah.

Oh, my goodness. So look at you now that all this trauma’s out of your cells and all this creativity that bursts forth. And this is what I love so much about people who go through the dark dungeon of narcissistic abuse. To get out of it, you must let go of the trauma and get the light in.

And then when that source light comes in, you activate into soul mission and purpose. I’m so proud and excited for you. I love the stuff that you are getting out there and doing in the world now. And you’re an inspiration, Anita, and I hope that you can be an inspiration to other people still in the dark breakdown in the bowels of hell.

You and I have both been there, so Anita, what would you say to people who have come across my work? They’re looking at this community, who are in those dark places. What could you share with them?

I’d love to say, invest in yourself. If you value yourself, but at the same time, you feel that you are disempowered and that you have no control over your life, coming to NARP is the most fantastic way to break through lifetimes.

We’re not just talking about this lifetime but also about ancestral stuff and other lifetimes. So, regardless of whether you resonate with that, this is what the shifting is all about. So we’ve got DNA codes literally in our blood, and doing the quantum healing helps to dissolve these habits and patterns that have been holding us back from being the very best versions of ourselves. And yeah, do it. Yeah.

Also, these shifts allow you to come into your body and start to make peace with your body. For many of us who’ve experienced abuse, the body is a very unsafe place to be. It’s been the platform for trauma. We don’t trust our bodies. They’ve heard other people, felt pain, and are carriers of pain. So, doing these shifts is a really beautiful way.

Engaging with the whole NARP and Quantum Freedom healing process is the most wonderful way of returning to your body and making peace with your body, learning to trust your body again, taking ownership of your body and beginning to love yourself. And that was one of the biggest takeaways that I had. Loving my body, loving myself and taking ownership of my body and my whole being.

And you’ve become such a goddess who’s in her heart and body. When we first met, of course, you were traumatized, disconnected, disassociating and couldn’t even feel.

You’re now an embodied goddess, and I’m sure anybody looking at you and listening to you can hear it. It’s coming from your soul now.

Anita, thank you so much, darling, for coming on and for being such a special dear friend in my life and a fellow traveller. I love you to pieces.

Oh, thank you, Mel. Thank you so much. It’s such an honour. Thank you.

And how can people contact you if they’re in the UK to experience your cacao stuff and your products?

Yeah. So the website is coming soon. I’ve mainly been involved in the divorce for the last two years, so the website’s been on the back burner. So, currently, I’m doing everything from my Instagram while the website is under construction. So, I post my stuff on my Instagram, and once my website is up, I’ll be posting on my website. So, if people want to reach out to me on Instagram and also take a look at my work, I’ve got a card here.

Yeah. You need to bring it over in front of your face, so yeah. Okay. I’ll tell you what, honey. We’re going to put it up. We’ll put it up. What’s your Instagram handle?

My Instagram handle is my name, anitabrulee_sacredhearts.

Beautiful. Beautiful. So we’ll put that up with this interview as well, and people can find out more about cacao and get on to you, and that’s exciting. All right, honey. Thank you so much for taking this time this morning.

It’s your morning, it’s my evening, but it’s always awesome to hang out with you. And every time I see you, you look more and more beautiful, truly.

You are age-reversing. You look ten years younger than the last time I saw you. You do.

Oh, gosh. Well, I’ve been doing the medical medium food – so lots of celery juice and healing foods. That, combined with shifting, has been amazing.

All things are healthy, and I love it when we put combos together. It’s just so powerful. All right, gorgeous girl. Thank you, and I hope everybody watching this can be inspired to know that it’s never the end. And I love what I believe, that if you are still alive, source, God, creation hasn’t finished with you yet, and you are a perfect example of that, Anita.

Thank you, Mel. Love you.

I love you, too.

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How Do Trauma Signature Patterns Imprison Your Mind?


Are you feeling like your life is stuck in a rut? Do you find yourself obsessing over relationships, situations, and the past?

It’s time to break free from the imprisonment of your mind and take back your power. Dissolving trauma signatures that imprison your mind is one of the most powerful tools for finding inner freedom.

When we experience trauma, it creates a wound or energetic signature within us that can continue to play out in our lives until we heal it. This trauma signature, or false belief, can create a prison of the mind that prevents us from reaching our full potential and keeps us divorced from our true desires. It’s like a heat-seeking missile that always finds its target and can wreak havoc in our lives, even if it sabotages our efforts to create the life we want.

But you don’t have to be trapped by your trauma signatures any longer. By understanding the nature of your trauma signature and healing the deep-seated beliefs, you can start creating the life you deserve.



Facebook Video Transcript

The Topic for Day 2 of the 5-Day Challenge is “Dissolving trauma signatures that imprison your mind.”

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What does that mean? It is about going free from the painful patterns that your mind keeps you trapped in now, as well as your future – that play out again and again, even with different people and situations.

In our Day 1 information, you started working on freeing your mind from obsessive thoughts. We spoke about discovering what you are obsessing about, how your ego blocks you from healing the vulnerable part of you, and how to get past your ego.

Today, we are going to go DEEPER. In today’s lesson, we focus on finding and healing the traumatic energetic signature – the false beliefs you have taken on in your VERY core ESSENCE, deep within your Inner Identity. These are painful traumas with a life of their own, on autopilot, within you.


Your Painful Energetic Signatures are Heat-seeking Missiles

Your deeply unconscious, insidious and painful energetic signatures play out in your life to the “tee”, often regardless of what you try to do. This is because they feel like you are normal, and they feel “real”. It’s all you have ever known, and it feels like “your stuff” that is “you”.

Right now, you are in this 5-Day Challenge because you know that you are obsessing about something or someone. You may think this is because of a situation that you recently went through or has just happened.

But is it really?

What if you were to consider that this is all coming from a feeling, a theme, a painful belief – aka traumatic energetic signature – that has been in your Inner Identity for a VERY long time? What if this was an already existing “fracture” when you were little, as well as your lived experience in previous lifetimes?

What if this energetic signature in your energy field has stayed the same for many lifetimes and played out in repeat because it hasn’t been healed yet? And … healing from THAT would be a HUGE key to unlocking you from the prison of the painful 3rd density traumatic, stuck, victimised mind into liberated 5th density empowered creativeness and consciousness.

Yes! This is the case!

Until realising and acting on that inside transformational work, these insidious patterns can keep you in lower vibrational repeat powerlessness, experiencing the evidence of “my painful belief is real”. That’s a vicious cycle, therefore hardwiring more of the painful belief as your lived, expected and self-determined experience. Then there is the added aspect of getting literally physiologically addicted to your painful, traumatic inner signature. This happens because your painful emotional triggers signal to the hypothalamus chemical manufacturing plant in your brain to create peptides that match the painful emotion.

These peptides are then distributed through your body and accepted into your cells. The powerful peptides (traumatic inner identity signatures are highly charged)  make your replicating cells create twice the amount of docking points to accept the same impactful peptide (their “drug”). Therefore, you need more and more and more of the painful peptide that the cells are geared to receive – and literally crave.

You have become an addict, co-generating more powerless, painful and traumatic events in your life that match the painful peptides that your cells crave. This may sound impossible to beat – but it’s actually not!

Your traumatic inner identity signature is NOT who you are. You are geared naturally to live free from it. A great part of the battle has been you accepting that what you are feeling is normal and that struggling and battling with this part of you is REALLY true.

These feelings and battles are not your True Self. They are simply a dis-ease. An imposter, a glitch in your emotional system that was never meant to be there and is not you or your truth.  It CAN be found and cleaned out – like cleaning out a virus in a computer system.

Let’s start doing that.



Inner-standing WHAT your painful energetic signatures are about

Now, I want you to breathe, open up your body and go along.

Stay open to the information and the processes I am about to share with you. Because the truth will set you free, this information has the power to liberate you from previous painful patterns which were blocking you from reaching your full potential and keeping you separated from your dreams.

Exercise 1: Write this statement now: “I now acknowledge that what I am obsessing about is a theme for me. This theme has played out in repeat and is connected to a painful, energetic signature within me. I am ready to find it to heal it, and go free.”

Read it to yourself a few times whilst you have your body relaxed and deeply breathing – to help absorb this as an inner standing.

Why is this inner standing so important?

Because of Quantum Law, “so within, so without”. Meaning that whatever is going on as an energetic signature inside of you – for good or bad – means that you are programmed into the exact matching trajectory that will bring about “more” of that energy signature no matter what you try to do.

This inner emotional (energy-in-motion) heat-seeking missile is what is REAL for you regarding the people and situations you choose, the way you show up with these people and what becomes of these exchanges.

It has been your “normal”. It’s familiar – it’s just what you know how to do, unconsciously, and it is ingrained as your “usual”. You don’t know that you unconsciously expect this and continue to connect and participate in it.

Then, because it is unnatural, it is not aligned with your True Self, Unity Consciousness, Source / Soul Self, which is about expansion, life force, freedom and creation, and it hurts.

It’s contrary to the true inner code – your Source Self is innate programming that is your self and your life. This is why you are obsessing, trying to “think” your way out of an unnatural, dis-eased glitch – but this is never the way to resolve it.

Only the inner work does this.

Okay, now let’s move on to the next exercise.

Exercise 2: Think of the vulnerable feeling that you have been able to reach in Day 1’s lesson.

Are these feelings of “I’m not good enough?” “I’m not heard”, “I’m not supported / lovable/worthy of love”, or whatever it is.

Write it down again. Hopefully, this is what you have been able to get to – after getting your ego blocks out of the way with Speedy Shift module 4 – the Source Healing and Resolution Module, and you have been working on the vulnerable feelings with either Module 4 Speedy Shift again or Module 1 Speedy of NARP (as per your instructions for Day 1)

Now think about the “pattern” of this … such as WHEN and WHO have you felt this feeling.

Was it as a child? Was it one of both parents or a teacher or other caregiver? Or another family member? Was it in adult relationships? Was it at school? Was it with friends? Write down the person or people, what age approximately – really tapping into the “feeling” of your vulnerable part.

Now, you are going to really identify what your energy signature is …

Maybe you had DEEPER feelings after doing your inner Speedies work on Day 1.

(I know many of you have because you told me this!)

Whether or not you have gone deeper, now it is time to! This is where you REALLY have to trust what you are feeling…and go DEEPER.

Let’s set that intention together now.

Exercise 3: Write this statement now: “I’m ready to go DEEP into the truth of what has been playing out for me. The DEEPER painful inner belief. Because as a powerful Creator, I know I’ve had the power to generate what I don’t want, unconsciously. Now, I acknowledge that I have the power to find this so that I can powerfully recreate my life anew.

Identifying your painful energetic signatures

Let me help you really feel this with some examples that may go “ping for you” – for example, if you have found the vulnerable parts “I’m not heard, I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable” … DEEPER underneath this could be a painful core belief such as…

“I don’t deserve to exist”, “I don’t belong here (on this planet)”, “I’m defective/wrong/unacceptable… etc. “I’ll never fit in.” “It’s unsafe to be myself”,… or maybe all of these.

Your painful trauma signature has to do with your EXISTENCE. Your place in the world. Who you ARE as a human being on planet Earth.

It is a False Belief created by embodied trauma, usually set up way back in past lives and absolutely inherited from your ancestors who also had big fractures about their very existence, wedged in their subconscious programs. Please know that not only do you take on aesthetic features like skin and hair colour, but you also inherit emotional beliefs; they are passed down to you as well – including the PAINFUL ones. Because they have large emotional energy trapped in them, they powerfully manifest and have a life force passed on from generation to generation.

Then, as well as being impregnated with painful, energetic existence signatures that were a part of you when you were born, you were also brought up in a family that reinforced these traumas because your family carried them as well.

The important thing to understand about painful energetic signatures is – if they exist inside of you – they will continue to play out for you – and you will also pass them on to your offspring and those people’s lives who you influence.

There is no upside for you or anyone else to hang on to painful, energetic signatures. When you go free from them, you will also pass on energetic freedom to those you are connected to and those whose lives you touch.

This is what leading by example is about.

So, Ask yourself this …

Question 1: “What painful belief or beliefs do I have about my VERY EXISTENCE as a human on this planet?”

Breathe, open your body, rock if you need to self-soothe and be brave. The more vulnerable (truthful) you are, the more authentically real you are and the more powerfully and quickly you can heal.

Write down what arises for you.

Now … as shocking as this may seem, this energetic signature doesn’t have power over you. Lies don’t – they only seem to when you believe them. Once the dense energy of this energy signature is released and replaced with the Light of your True Self in Speedy shifts, then you won’t believe this ridiculous notion at ALL!

Because it will NO longer Be Who You Are. Your inner standing (internal energetic signature) will have completely shifted and changed. Then, the people and situations that bring you the evidence of this belief will become unpalatable for you. They won’t yoke with you anymore. You will honestly speak your truth, and they either step up to join you in your truth or you lovingly part ways, knowing that you are no longer a match for these people.

Then you can start generating situations and people who DO match your True Self version.

Imagine what that could be as you come home to the truth of Who You REALLY Are on this planet, namely this …

“I am a fractal of Source and All That Is, and at One with Creation Itself. I deserve to exist because existence and I am One. I am supported by all of Source’s life force and loved unconditionally by Source / God / Creation simply because I exist. It is impossible to be separated from or not deserve that which I am.”

Can you imagine what will start to open up for you in the inner standing of this Truth?

The EVIDENCE of this inner standing.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that your life is not going to have growth challenges and things that go “wrong” – which is always pushing you to up-level on the inside to alter course, turn up in more empowered ways on the outside, and claim your next True Self and True Life expansion.

And … you will not be spinning your wheels stuck in the same “Analysis paralysis” because your Energy Signature is no longer powerfully playing out behind the scenes, keeping you stuck in less than situations and interactions that bring about the same painful patterns and people.


Were You Addicted To Your Old Inner Fractured Existence Self?

Absolutely! Because it was familiar and “normal” to you, and even more than that, the disappointments, struggles and painful triggers were supplying you with emotional peptides, chemical cocktails that your hypothalamus (the chemical manufacturing plant of your brain) creates and dispenses throughout your body. The cells of your body absolutely get addicted to the feelings that create heavy emotional charges.

This was a HUGE reason for you being stuck in the obsessional loop with painful thoughts, this was the way your painbody manufactured more of the pain that you were hooked on and that which your ego loved feeding off as well.

You don’t need to worry about this – because when you work with Quanta Freedom Healing (and now it’s even faster with the Speedies), the addiction loop is broken. The body gets a shift, and the brain follows, meaning the painful emotional peptides cease to be manufactured.

The dis-eased cells used to receiving nasty cocktails are instantly set free because they are immersed in the Light of Source, which heals what we can’t.

This means you just organically ascend beyond all of that mess – shift by shift – often instantly!


Shifting Up and Out of Your Painful Trauma Signatures

Again, it’s important to understand that to change your life, you only have the power to change yourself. If you do that inside of you, you will change your Being, and everything that is manifesting as your Self and Life will start changing, too.

This is where you have power as a Human Being – you are not a Human “Doing” or a Human “Getting”!

So now, here are my recommended healing combinations.

Set the intention that you are targeting the trauma in your body that relates to the Inner Identity Existence Signature of “whatever it is”.

Choices to use are:

  • Speedy Shifts Source Healing and Resolution Module (powerful option; DO THIS FIRST!)
  • NARP Module 7 Speedy Shift – Connecting to the gift of your spiritual empowerment is also a very powerful tool to heal your Existence Wounds.

Also, I highly suggest

  • NARP Speedy Module 2 – Releasing the illusion of something or someone else being your source of self.

And .. you can use the Speedy Shifts Course Goal Setting Module – setting up the goal I spoke about previously …

“I am a fractal of Source and All That Is, and at One with Creation Itself. I deserve to exist because existence and I am One. I am supported by all of Source’s life force and loved unconditionally by Source / God / Creation simply because I exist. It is impossible to be separated from or not deserve that which I am.”

I know it’s long – but all you need to do is set the intention that is your goal-set and then clear trauma till you get to a 10/10 – and the results in your inner and outer worlds will be spectacular!

When working on deep existence traumas (and really any traumas), it’s very beneficial to use Module 1,2,3 tune-ups in the Seedy Shifts Course because that helps you to SHUFT out of the lesser 3D self into the Higher 5D self, so much faster and more effectively!

I’m excited to hear about the results from Day 2. it’s been thrilling to hear how well many of you have been doing after Day 1. Many of you are already free from the obsessive thoughts haunting you!

This Day 2 information will give you an incredible super-boost into peace, grace and inner power!

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It’s my honour to read and answer them.


Shifts Happen Transmission – Session 1 – “The Light Wins”

Shifts Happen Transmission – Session 1 – “The Light Wins”

This week’s number 1 debut Shifts Happen event is “The Light Wins”.

“The Light” has been a very misunderstood metaphor in relation to healing trauma, accelerating soul growth and emancipating you from fear and pain.

It is my greatest wish today that your deeper understanding of The Light, and how to apply it, will grant you healing, relief, freedom, illumination and wonderful soul expansion.

Not just for you personally, but also for our world.

Please find the video and the transcript of this transmission below.

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Video Transcript

Dear Quantum Warriors, welcome to our first-ever Shifts Happen Session – The Light Wins. My name is Melanie Tonia Evans, and I am thrilled and honoured to be here with you today – incredible souls from all over the globe.

Congratulations for wanting personal soul growth and being here with all of us – a Soul Tribe who is passionate about up-levelling consciousness from trauma to empowered freedom, especially in these crucial, pivotal times.

What Shifts Happen sessions are really about is dissolving away the restrictive and destructive programming you have received on planet Earth to activate the remembering of the true Light Codes within you as the Divine Spark of Creation that You Really Are.

It’s wonderful to see our Soul Tribe here, dear friends who have been with me for years, others more recently and beautiful new members who also deeply sense there must be a better way than what we are told is “usual” and “acceptable” human hardships.

This month of Shifts Happen is about serving you with four weeks of core foundational belief shifts that will play a very large part in not just helping you shed the Old Self, despite all you have tried to become your True Self, but also be able to deal, navigate and turn every breakdown into an even greater and more expansive breakthrough.

Such is your Life when you decide to Go Quantum.

If you are new to my work or Quanta Freedom Healing, please say “me” in the chat.

Welcome … I love that you have joined us today!

Okay, so today’s session is “The Light Wins”.


Everything That Will Fulfill You Is In The Light

The Light is vital – because in The Light is everything you want and need. It’s quite astounding that despite how obvious this is, many people leave The Light part out of healing trauma and trying to achieve personal ascension.

This is crazy because rising up is all to do with The Light.

You may have heard the expression, “I’ve seen the light.”

Or “The light at the end of the tunnel.”

Or, “I feel much lighter.”

These are uplifting statements, activating feelings of emancipation and breakthrough. Feelings of resurrection and power arise from within.

Let’s examine expressions of “darkness”, such as …

“A dark night of the soul,”

“I’m in the dark”,

“This is a dark time in my life”.

This feels like a breakdown. The word “dark” conjures up feelings of helplessness, bewilderment and hopelessness.


The Truth About The Light and Darkness

So, in stark contrast, what is The Light – really?

Spectacularly, it’s the antidote to darkness. It’s the TOTAL remedy.

I’ll explain how soon, but first, let’s look at these facts – you know, if you step into a dark room and turn on a light, the darkness is gone.

Similarly, in the myth of vampires, when you shine a light on them, they flee back into the darkness.

Let’s examine synonyms for Darkness – trauma, battles, dis-ease, bondage, struggle, breakdown, confusion, untruths, hiding, painful patterns and disintegration, being lost within.

The darkness creates withering, wastage, decline and demise. It is anti-life.

Meanings of The Light are – healing, relief, emancipation, freedom, illumination, the truth, life force, well-being, breakthrough, healthy new patterns, the integration of your Source Self and remembering Who You Really Are.

The Light creates growth, rising, expanding and evolution. The Light IS Creation itself.

When unpacked these distinctions, it’s clear to understand that The Light reverses darkness.

But, you ask, how can The Light actually be applied? Is it an “idea”? Information? An answer to a question?

You have been led to believe that if you just find the right THING or hear the right ADVICE, you will be delivered into The Light.

But it NEVER was something you could obtain from OUTSIDE of you.

It was only ever something you could GET INSIDE of you.

But how?

By filling up with it from The Light Source. By bringing into you the Light Codes directly from God / Source /Creation, you then awaken and activate the ones within you that are the SAME.

There is a process to directly do this. It’s Quanta Freedom Healing, and that is exactly what we will be doing together on the topic “The Light Wins” in our healing session today.



You Were Programmed Away From The Light

So … how has your human programming separated you from The Light and the re-membering back to Who You Really Are?

You were taught not to know how important accessing The Light and filling up on the inside with it really was. Also, you were not taught that even if you did know how to, you can’t put “ice cream on top of poop” (a famous late Debbie Ford expression), meaning unless trauma is released to make space, there is no room for The Light to enter you.

Also, you may have had painful programming about A Higher Power.

If you believed this Higher Power was separate from you, possibly judging you as an unworthy sinner, that made you feel flawed and bad. Naturally, this created internal shame and fear. Why would you wish to connect to a Higher Power that feels like these things?

And if you decided to connect to this Higher Power, did this mean you would have to submit to control, possibly suffer lack and martyrdom and give up your own desires to appease this force and earn your worth?

(Sounds and feels a lot like narcissistic relationships, actually!)

Maybe you would suffer punishment and even damnation if you didn’t get your service to this outer God right.

(It definitely sounds and feels a lot like narcissistic relationships!)

If you feel small, guilty and shameful, you may have felt like it would be preferable to turn to other authorities outside of you in times of fear and pain because turning to a Higher Power was so threatening.

But what if the truth of this Higher Power – The Light Source that is the Creator of All Things, wasn’t like this at ALL?

What if this Higher Power contained the Light Codes of healing, relief, love, integration, expansion, activation, confidence, wholeness, wholesomeness, courage, inspiration, guidance, support and the unfolding of your True Self and Life beyond your wildest dreams?

What if The Light WAS the remedy to ALL the darkness?

Would that feel better? Would you want to fill up with The Light and internally activate these things in your inner and outer Universe?

And what if you were made of the SAME Light, and that you and The Light were, in fact, never NOT ONE, yet your programming has caused you to have the experience of “being alone, separated and in the dark”?

What if Separation Consciousness was the true ORIGINAL sin of humanity that plunged us all into darkness, dimming our Light?

What if today I could show you how, with Quanta Freedom Healing Shifts, you can come back home to embody, activate and actualise The Light within you? The Light that is latent inside you, waiting for the Source Light Codes to activate your True Source / Soul Self?

Would you like that?

Do you wish to leave behind the 3rd density matrix of pain, fear, suffering, smallness and powerlessness? The delusion and lie that God / Source / Creation and you are separated?

Would you like to embody the higher consciousness 5th density truth that God / Source / Creation and yourself are One?

Can you start to innerstand how this will not just raise you up into Unity Consciousness and The Light, but also has the power to unite every narcissistically created “separation crisis” between religions, sexes, nations, races, and “groups”?

Evolved civilizations and planets know the truth about Unity Consciousness: if you feel at one with the Source and you know you are One with others, there is no possibility to deceive, harm or take from anyone. It would be akin to doing it to yourself, and because you already feel “whole”, what would be the point anyway?

Now, in our new golden age, many inhabitants on planet Earth are walking up out of the engineered trance of the dire and disgraceful effects of separation consciousness.

For you – embodying the Light of God / Source / Creation of all things, which is actually YOU as YOUR superconscious, elevates and awakens you to your true power and capacity.  In real-life terms, this delivers you to a light-filled, divinely guided, inspired and illuminated life that heals past traumas and starts to unlock your greatest fulfilment, flourishing and thriving.

Plus, your example will help heal the world and activate you onto your True Mission Path, the only life that would fully gratify you and the one that Source FULLY wants for you, too.

That is why the Light wins. It’s a TRUE win-win for all concerned.

So now … I’d love to take you through the specific Quanta Freedom Healing to connect you to and fill you with your Light-Coded Self.

Because this is in the Speedy Shift format, with me doing the healing for you, all that is necessary for you to receive the healing is to open and breathe and just “be” to receive the shifts inside of you.

Then, after we finish integrating this healing, I will grant you some additional powerful Speedy Shift formulas to further embody and activate your Higher Self Light Codes!

**To access the recorded 6-Shift Healing of this session, extra healing formulas and the following Question and Answer channellings, plus all future weekly Shifts Happen events, you can sign up as a Shifts Happen Member.

If you are subscribed to Shifts Happen Membership, all of this event, “The Light Wins”, parts 1-4, are NOW available for viewing on your Member’s Hub.

Please note the most powerful recommended Speedy Shift Healing to resolve separation from “The Light” is Module 3 of the Speedy Shifts Course – “Allowing The Light”.

(Further add-on instructions and fast-track amplified healing are included in Membership Part 3 – the actual Shifts Happen Healing, with an additional Goal Set 3-part shift, and in Part 4 – Mel’s Tips where I granted 4 additional Source Healing and Resolution shifts – Module 4.)

I feel very inspired about next week’s Shifts Happen Session 2 – “Ego Be Gone”, because I know how life-changing this information will be for you!

I look forward to answering your comments and questions about this transcript below.


Healing The Addictions Making You Obsess


Today we talk about addictions. How they make you obsess, and how they separate you from your Highest and Best Life.

How do addictions sneak up and grab you?

How does your mind trick you into reaching for an addiction in times of stress?

How can you short-circuit this viscious cycle and come home to the safety, peace, grace and healthy ascension of yourself?

In today’s Speedy Shift Challenge Day 4 – Healing The Obsessive Mind – you will discover truths and shifts that will help you melt away your addictions powerfully.

Please find the video and the transcript of this transmission below.

If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel or followed me on Facebook, please do so, and I’d love for you to share my work with others who need it. I’d also love for you to connect with me on Rumble and Instagram.




Facebook Video Transcript

Today in Speedy Shifts Facebook Challenge Day 4 – we are going to talk about melting away the addictions that fuel your obsession.

On day 3, we spoke about Who You Will Be Without Obsessing, namely your True Self, but please don’t think that your ego is going to go quietly into the night. Let’s face it, your ego has, for a very long time, been getting a free feed of toxicity from your obsessing mind. It will try to tempt you at EVERY turn to give up your good practices and go back to obsessing.

Let’s review your good soul practices to stay on track …

  • Loving self-talk

When you are triggered, breathe deeply, open your body, take your attention inside of you and speak to yourself lovingly as you would a child who you adore “(Endearing term) I’m here, I love you, I’m proud of you, you’re doing a great job. As soon as we can, we are going to shift this out – Okay?”

Now, your Inner Self does not have to scream, demand, or manifest some sort of calamity to get your attention to turn inwards to her or him because you have self-partnered and self-validated.

  • Acceptance

Keep your body open and breathing and say, “I bless and accept this feeling because it’s showing me what next I need to let go of and shift.”

This is the consciousness shift immediately away from being a victim to an empowered Quantum Being. From this place, you know that all of life is happening FOR you and not TO you, and you know that no matter what the darkness throws at you, it grants you another powerful up-level opportunity into even more Light.

You refuse to start THINKING about your trauma and get on with your day – self-soothing until you can get to a Quantum Healing Module.

But your ego has OTHER Ideas, and addictions are one of the most powerful ways that your ego can derail you.

Especially if you are NOT okay with feeling pain.


Being Able To Hold Space With Pain

If you, like I used to, struggle to be in emotional pain, your ego can really mess with you.

This doesn’t mean you are weak or incapable, usually, it means you are a sensitive person who feels feelings intensely. Most people who are spiritual and into personal development fall into this category.

This turns into a vicious cycle because if you don’t embrace your painful feelings, whatever you resist will persist, your Inner Being will feel invalidated and scream louder, and the pain will intensify.

To stop this from happening, it’s vital to breathe, open and ACCEPT the feelings of pain.

There is huge alchemy in this.

Yes, we want to shift things, BUT if you refuse to BE with yourself UNCONDITIONALLY at all times, you are missing the point. Self-partnering, like the right relationship, is unconditionally supportive and loving. Every relationship you have in life, and even with life itself, starts with the emotional (energy–in–motion) relationship that you are having with yourself.

Of course, you want life and others to support you at all times, no matter what STATE you are in … and Life and Source / God / Creation will support you, even when you are traumatised IF you are self-partnered.

Which means opening up your body and breathing and being IN your body with the pain.

This is super-presence. This is love. This is self-partnering.

Trying to avoid this, self-medicate, self-avoid, and self-condemn are all the ways that not only do you reject and re-traumatise yourself, but you also will NEVER heal. I promise you, even if you say to yourself, “I hate this feeling” and “I want it gone”, and do healing on yourself all day, every day, you are missing the point, and you won’t heal.

Yes, you can turn inside to heal this, but it will only work if you have loved and accepted ALL of yourself, including this triggered feeling, first!

I promise you this gets easier to do, and very soon, you will discover how powerfully solid you feel when you don’t disengage from your feelings.

Why is this SO important? Because when you are self-partnered in this way, your EGO cannot trick you into disengaging from you and starting to seek solace from the outside.

Let’s find out how this takes place …



Your Ego’s Favourite Tool Of Deception- Addictions

We all know what these things are – food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, mind-numbing pastimes, sex, shopping, gambling – things that not only separate you from yourself but add more bad energy to bad energy. This is the act of self-rejection and abandonment, rather than being your own partner, soother and healer.

Your ego loves this, because from this place you will obsess even harder.

EXACTLY about the unhealed thing you tried to run from. Plus, the additional shame and pain of being addicted to something that hurts you because you aren’t prepared to be with this painful feeling inside of you.

You can’t heal what you are not prepared to fully accept and feel. You can’t defeat what you don’t face without fear and resistance.

I know that being fully present with your triggered Inner Being may terrify you.

But think of this – how would it be for another person who wanted your love, if they felt bad and you turned them away? How would it be in your life when you felt bad, and someone you loved ran away from you?

Now, imagine a child going through this. That is exactly what your Inner Being is – an innocent, underdeveloped, scared self who needs your Higher Consciousness – your love and super-presence to reconnect him or her to Source’s Light.

Please know your presence with yourself creates the template of how you are with others and who you will attract and accept to be with you. You will never accept a level of love lesser than the level of love you have for yourself. If you are still terrified of getting hurt again by others, it’s because you haven’t got your own emotional relationship into solid integrity yet.

Okay, now let’s make a powerful intention together …

Exercise 1: I want you to write down this empowering statement: “It is safe to breathe, open my body, take my attention inside and be present with myself in times of painful emotion. This immediately brings soothing, love, acceptance, trust and support for me. I know this creates more support and love from Source, life and healthy others.”

Now I want you to open and breathe and repeat this to yourself several times so that you can innerstand this truth.

How does that feel? Comfortable or scary? Does it feel like relief? Maybe a mixture?

I promise you I will grant you the SPECIFIC Speedy Shifts to be able to hold space for yourself in these times.

Now, let’s look at what happens if you don’t.


Running from Yourself Straight Into the Clutches of Your Egoic Addictions

What are addictions?

They are attempts to burn off or numb out the internal pain of unmet traumas.

Addictions pretend to be your best friend … “You need me when you are stressed, this is HOW to get comfort!” Yet what they do is lure you into self-destruction. Addictions don’t bring durable relief, solace and solutions, and they just make your life so much worse.

They generate dis-ease and anti-life; they destroy your spirit and connection with your Inner Being and Source. This dire separation and self-abuse generates more chaos, powerlessness and pain.

Please know I am not talking about having a good time in moderation. I am not a prude! I love a cocktail or two and some naughty food at times.

What I am saying is using a substance or an action to avoid internal pain. That is exactly what addictions are. The further you separate from yourself, the more you become dis-integrated instead of integrated – it’s that simple! Then you are under the ego’s control, and can be mined often for supply – your painful, toxic emotions.

Make no mistake, your ego is your internal narcissist, making you feel small, pathetic, empty, not good enough and defective and wants you to turn to addictive relief, which in turn makes you feel even smaller, more pathetic, emptier, and hopeless.

Your ego itself is a self-loathing parasite that does what all parasites who don’t have their own authentic energy source do – destroy the host and then end in annihilation themselves.

That’s what anti-life is.

So, how do you go free from the desire for addictions that your ego has been ambushing you with?

First of all, don’t panic with feeling bad. Emotional triggers are a part of the human experience.

Triggers and painful feelings that DON’T hurt you – they only do if you separate from yourself, start thinking about them, beat yourself up and make choices that hurt you.

Most Highly Sensitive People (Starseeds) I know are totally brave, with high levels of tolerance to physical pain, and are SO resourceful. They can sort out messes incredibly – taking on the workloads and responsibilities of multiple people. Like my previous self, you may just be really bad with tolerating emotional internal pain because of not being taught how to healthily self-soothe and be with yourself yet.

And certainly NOT in a Quantum Way!

However, the “pain” of an unmet trauma is no different to feeling a raw cut on your leg. But the problem is we can treat emotional pain as if it has a whole lot of other STUFF with it. None of that is true!

This is what triggers bring – FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. It hurts, we grant the trigger far too much power, rather than realising it is actually a BLESSING!

It is showing you an internal glitch that is NOT your True Self, offering yourself an opportunity to love and accept yourself even more through it (wouldn’t that be how you would start to trust and adore someone who offered you that level of support in your life?)

And … then the practice of blessing and accepting it as the grand opportunity to Upshift and evolve yourself Higher!

As a Highly Senstive Person you ARE tough and courageous – it doesn’t matter if the internal trauma-dense energy feels like you are having your leg sawn off! I know we can BEAR that! If you can hold it (without thinking), love yourself, bless and accept it, and Quantumly shift it, then you have mastered ascension!

Because you are here watching my stuff, doing this Quantum inner work it is more than likely you are a sensitive Starseed. You came onto this dense planet of duality and trauma, and it was shocking for you. You went through some horrendous things in past lives and childhood – but NOW it is your time to rise, face the dense internal energy for yourself and humanity, and up-shift with grace, presence and power.

We are NOT bad people. We are NOT annihilated. We are NOT being thrown out into the desert, strung up or having something terrible done to us now.

Those times are OVER!

We have the Quantum keys and knowledge now!

Exercise 2: I want you to write down this empowering statement: “I am already my True Self connected to True Source. I am safely partnered with Source because I am partnered with me. I now easily feel, bless and release the glitches that are not me.”

Relax, take deep breaths, keep your body open and repeat this to yourself several times to innerstand this truth.

How does that feel?


The Truth About Addictions

It could be said that every human being is addicted to “something”. This is true because we are wired that way – to be addicted.

Every emotional reaction we have (from our Inner Being) sends an electrical charge to our brain that signals the hypothalamus to create a peptide that matches the emotion.

This gets distributed throughout our being, and if we are used to regular doses, the cells of our body split, creating twice the amount of receptor points to receive that specific peptide. If you are used to being a victim, then your cells need twice as much victim peptide to fulfil them. Therefore, your brain will want to think about more victimisation, and you will do more things to victimise yourself, and create situations and have people in your life who grant you this self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the context of addiction urged – when they are hot and heavy and nasty – let’s look at what happens.

You have a painful trigger.

You don’t breathe and open your body or speak nicely to yourself.

You don’t bless and accept this feeling.

You start thinking about what hurts.

You are retraumatizing yourself and whipping yourself up into even more pain.

You resent the painful feeling and resist it so much, wanting to escape it, that your ego EASILY lures you with suggestions about an addictive choice.

Addiction urges can be MASSIVE because of what you have been doing.

Let’s look at how to turn this around.


Quantumly Healing Addictions

This is how you can and will reverse painful peptide addiction.

  • The feeling hits – you start loving self-talk WITHOUT thinking about it. It lessens the emotional signal.


  • You bless and accept the feeling – the signal turns to acceptance instead of trauma. Your hypothalamus doesn’t manufacture a nasty peptide – rather, peptides of support, love and acceptance start being manufactured – DESPITE the trigger.


  • These GOOD peptides reach and are absorbed by your cells. You start getting ADDICTED to these, which then makes the self-partnering practices you do become automatic because your cells call for them, turning you into a manufacturing and manifesting plant of “more of that”.


  • Then you shift on the underlying program, which will heal the cause of the trigger, and everything else is healing in your chemical and cellular makeup to support this shift being solid and lasting.

Okay, so let’s break down the healing steps with supportive Speedy Shifts – to go free from repeat traumas that push you into addictions.

You must go No Contact with your addiction that you reach for in times of trauma. This “thing” is a narcissistic entity in your life and must be treated as such. Don’t keep taking the poison that poisons you – or touching the hot stove that burns you.

Do all your self-supportive practices when the trigger hits – as previously discussed.

If you are terrified of facing internal trauma – then …

  • Speedy Shift Module 4 – Source Healing and Resolution of the fear of feeling and being with emotional pain.


  • Speedy Shift Module 4 – Source Healing and Resolution of NOT Blessing and accepting the pain and wishing to escape it.


  • Speedy Shift Module 5 – Goal Setting: “It is safe to be with and hold my pain. It is the grand opportunity to love, accept and support myself more, release a glitch and ascend higher.” (This isn’t to be done until you did the other Source Healing and Resolution shifts first.)

Then you will shift to addressing the actual Addictive urge trigger – ONLY after self-partnering and blessing and accepting it.

  • Speedy Shift Module 4 – Source Healing and Resolution of the dense energy in your body that IS the urge.

That is IT – that’s all you have to clean out. Because IN that urge are all of the traumas and programs that are causing you to tru to self-medicate eith your addiction of choice.

When you have reached a 10/10, this means that you can’t feel any addictive urge in your body. Rather on the inside you feel peace, space and relief.

But be prepared, as deeper urges will come up. That could hit in minutes, hours or days. You need to be vigilant, and you keep going. If you do, it will not take long to be free – I promise you.

This is exactly how I healed from a smoking addiction that was chronic, malignant, and nothing else helped – and I tried everything humanly possible to stop.

After ONLY 3 days of everything I have talked about here – I became a NON-smoker after a decades-long addiction that had escalated to 70+ cigarettes a day.

I never ONCE craved a cigarette again after those three days, and it was impossible for me to smoke ever again. I was done. It was because I shifted out the true reasons I smoked. Plus, I loved and accepted every part of this transformation.


In Conclusion

I hope this information is life-changing for you, just as it has been for me! – and I can’t wait to hear your results! It’s been thrilling to hear how well many of you have been doing after Day 1Day 2 and Day 3. Many of you are already free from the obsessive thoughts haunting you!

If you would love to be a part of the Speedy Shift Facebook Challenge and enter the Competition to win one of 3 personal  1 on 1 healings valued at $995.00 USD Quanta Freedom Healing™ then please watch my video for further details, and how to register for the competition.

There is only a week left to know and follow these instructions!

If you are not as yet a Speedy Shift Member, you can download incredible healings that take only 7 minutes of your time HERE.

If you would love to be a part of my Global Community so that you can receive weekly internal shifts that I do for you, you can start your ascension journey here by becoming a Shifts Happen Quantum Healing Member HERE.

Next week, in the Shifts Happen Global Community Healing you will learn all about, and shift on, “Ego Be Gone.”

I look forward, as always, to answering your comments and questions below.


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