Art Auction Raises Funds For Children Separated by Family Courts

Original Artwork Of Child  Victimized by 
Divorce Attorney Nicole Ford Starts Opening Auction Bid at  $1,000,000 to fund:

Reward For the Capture and Indictment of
Santa Clara County District Attorney
Jeff Rosen 

Children who grew up in Santa Clara Family Courts have submitted original artwork, computer designs and video to raise money to help save other children from child abuse when their parent’s divorce.  All art, YouTube videos, documentaries and memes will be auctioned at by a Flash Mob in early August. To raise funds to get their stories told. 

Reveal:  Emails and photos recently  found in the offices of Michael Kerner show that in 2011,  divorce attorneys  Donelle Morgan and Bradford Baugh  worked with private judges Michael Smith and Catherine Gallagher through Jim Towery and Barbara Spector  in a scheme that assured payments to operate  a sex trafficking enterprise that laundered money by selling the homes of Silicon Valley families involved in a divorce.  The enterprise  fueled an elaborate sex trafficking ring that brought white sex slaves disguised as nannies in as sex slaves for Silicon Valley tech executives 

Specially for the auction, a young woman from San Jose’s quaint neighborhood of Willow Glen  has produced a documentary that features the incredible story of how she  endured being raped on the ” therapist couch” by  men operating through  court appointed therapist   Michael Kerner  and  custody consultant Valerie Houghton who  repeatedly explained her mother would never come to save her because she was ” bad” .

In one  heart wrenching scene, the young woman learned her father’s divorce lawyers Bill Dok and Dennis Luca made sure that CPS and  the police were never called. 

The Auction will feature this documentary in a  YouTube video that explains how children were sexually abused in order to fuel an enterprise that used sex trafficking of young women from Russia and eastern Europe  to be sex slaves for Silicon Valley’s wealthiest tech executives from Apple, Facebook, Nextflix, IBM, Yahoo, Twitter, and Google. 

Nomination: Lawyers are Pigs! – Opening Bid $500

Nomination: Raping Children for Profit- $500 

Nomination: DAs Who Traffic Children – $500

Nomination: FAKE Soldiers-  Opening Bid $500