How Facebook Rigged California's Family Courts


Photo: Left is what Mark Zuckerberg looked like when James Towery of Hoge Fenton, and Chief Trial Counsel at the State Bar heavily litigated the Facebook case and stole that business from Boston and from the Winkelvoss twins. 

The Lawyers Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Hired ….

Looks like Facebook and privacy issues can be blamed on the crooked lawyers who acted on behalf of Mark Zuckerberg and U Conn, mainly James Towery, who had moved on to California’s State Bar, and locked up the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office which allowed Facebook to violate privacy and incite conflict in divorce cases.

A startling number of court orders show judges ordering one parent to not post on Facebook, or share photos of their own children when they are involved in a custody case.  More alarming are the number of subpoenas and search warrants that have been served on Facebook, a court process intended to criminal parents for using social media other parents use freely. 

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen has a history of seizing online information to reserve engineer crimes that  benefit his political career.  This happened as Rosen’s office prosecuted the Saratoga High students during the investigation of Audrie Pott’s death. 

Leaked records show that Rosen used the Facebook pages of former 49er Ray McDonald to stalk victims of 49er football players in an effort to ” clean up ” claims of sexual assault and domestic violence that would tarnish the reputation of the 49er;s who moved to Santa Clara in 2015.

Lisa, Shelia and Larry Pott have also used an abuse of process to stalk Michael Larazin’s  social media accounts, falsely claiming  that  Michael acted under various fake names on Facebook.  

Court orders show that family courts have been prosecuting parents for Facebook posts in a manner that is more than alarming. Those parents are now using Facebook, and other social media to investigate lawyers who incite such ridiculous conflicts in divorce and custody cases.