Is The Narcissist All-Powerful?

Is The Narcissist All-Powerful?

I’m sure you, like me, have been in situations where it has felt like the narcissist holds all the cards, and has all the power. It can feel like whatever you do, you are unable to get through to them, and have no choice but to knuckle under and accept whatever horrific, degrading or traumatizing things they are doing to you.

Most frightening of all, if you try to fight back and stick up for your rights, then things only get worse for you. They escalate their campaign against you, and come at you harder, longer and more persistently.

In today’s Thriver TV episode I explain how powerless narcissists really are. How, like vampires, they can only operate in the dark – and how they shrivel to nothing when we remove their ‘blood’ supply, close the door against them, and expose them to our Light.

This is the video for you if you want to take back your power and feel safe and healthy again – and be sure to stay to the end to hear how to access my upcoming powerful group healing!



Video Transcript

Hey, beautiful Thrivers!

Today I want to discuss are narcissists really all powerful? Are they like a terminator? Somebody that we are powerless against? Or is there another truth about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and what we can actually do to combat it?

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What Is Real Power?

We know that narcissists appear very powerful. Not only that, they actually appear quite psychotic because they’re not rational and they don’t listen, so the normal things that put boundaries on people’s behaviour –  common sense, authorities, other people’s input and explanations – do not apply to them.

So whenever they go off on whatever power trip they’re on, it’s impossible for you to try to use any of that to break through to them and get them to recognise reality and truth – let alone get them to play ball or play nice.

Narcissists are on another tangent and wavelength, where they are the victim, you are wrong, and so they are entitled to destroy you and take what they believe are their just deserves and rights – which is usually pretty much everything you have.

So what do you do to take your power back from a narcissist and combat this powerful, crazy, insane persona that they’re putting across?

I want to give you this concept: the greatest power is no power at all.

That may sound really, really strange, but I want to explain it deeply to you.


The Illusion of Narcissistic Power

Narcissists actually have no true power. A narcissist is operating from an empty inner void and they have lots of broken belief systems, which are all to do with separation and “Me versus you. I’m unlovable. I’m unworthy.”

They have a very poor self-image, a lot of inner trauma and a lot of anxiety. Therefore they have this malfunctioning persona, which is all about, “I have to win, you have to lose. I’m superior, you’re inferior. If I don’t get you first, you’re going to get me.”

They’re intensely paranoid, intensely triggered and intensely combative if you ever try to hold them to account or ask them to consider other people.

But they’re not coming from any real solid inner power.

What they’re actually working from is ego. Now, there’s an acronym that I like to use for ego and the late Wayne Dyer used it beautifully, which is Edging God Out. I know a lot of you in this community don’t like the God word, but you can change it to Source or Creation or whatever you want.

Because I’m not talking about an external God, I’m actually talking about All That Is. I’m talking about the quantum connection of our inner universe to our outer universe, which is the activation of our own higher self – our own super conscious / Divine Mind.

This is what a lot of people are now calling the fifth dimensional (5D) Self. It is a unity consciousness at one with Source and the Universe, which means everything that we have in our holographic field, in our experience. That’s what I call God.

Edging God Out, means that narcissists have chopped themselves off from that, because the only way to God is through our inner being, that connection.

A narcissist does not want to go into their inner being because they’ve literally murdered it. They’ve lsaid, “I don’t want to know anything about my inner being. I’m just going to go to my logical ego construct, which has to continually be fed with ‘stuff’, claims, notoriety, and all the feedback that tells me how significant and incredible I am”.

As the expression goes, this is like taping sandwiches onto your body and believing you’ve had lunch. So the narcissist is always needing more and more and more and more and more.  That’s the ego and the ego construct.

Whenever a narcissist is in an ego construct, there’s always fear and pain, and when a person is in fear and pain, they are not powerful.  They’re traumatized.

For a narcissist, that fear and pain is very much about  “my whole beingness is directed by what is or isn’t going on outside of me”. So *if I get sex tonight, it means that I’m sexy. If I get money today, it means that I’m significant. If I get attention today, it means that I exist”. It’s all a false construct – that’s why we call it a false self.

That is not power. It’s actually powerless. It means that there has to be energy from the outside to grant the narcissist their kick of power –  which is always temporary, never lasts and always keeps collapsing.




How The Narcissist Maintains Power Over You

The narcissist  in your life needs your participation to have power over you. They need you to be vibrating down at that lower level of fear, pain and emptiness for you to be hooked in to this toxic game.

It’s very much like in the vampire metaphor, which is all about narcissism. Firstly, vampires were an empty self. They were a no life, anti-life, and they had to drink human blood to get life force, otherwise they couldn’t exist. Similarly the narcissist needs your louche, needs your energy, needs your attention and needs you to hand them your emotional reaction. The more emotional reaction, the better.

Of course, when we are traumatised and terrorised by a narcissist, they feed off that. That’s their food. When you are in so much emotional pain, that’s the metaphorical blood that the narcissist needs, and so they love to see you ‘bleed’!

The narcissist loves you saying how hurt you are, how heartbroken, how disgusted, how incensed, how betrayed you feel. This is all triple A-grade louche supply. That’s the blood that feeds the narcissist to have the power to attack you. It’s very important to understand this.

Secondly, within the vampire myth (which really is more of a narcissist documentary) the vampire would knock on somebody’s door and they would use their hypnotizing eyes. A narcissist is full of promises, lies and future faking at the start, because – just as the vampire could only take you down if you open the door – for a narcissist to operate in your life, you have to let them in.

If a narcissist is already in your life, sucking your life force and getting your metaphoric blood, there are two things that you need to do. Stop handing them your blood and stop participating.

You have to metaphorically close the door and say, “No more. I’m not playing. I’m not responding. I’m not involved. I’m not going to do anything. I’m not going to give you any reaction. I’m not going to give you anything anymore.”

This immediately chops off the emotional energy supply, takes away the bullets the narcissist uses to shoot you with, and chops off your participation. This is why No Contact or Modified Contact is so important.

This returns us to how true power is no power.


Taking Back Your Power

Narcissists, in their darkness and their empty selves, will trigger and feed off us, emptying us out and smashing us to bits. This becomes the darkest battlefield that you’ve ever been on in your entire life. At that level of darkness, you are pushed like no tomorrow to find your light – to find your true power, which is no power. This is profound, but it’s so true.

So what does that mean? The normal human, third dimensional way is to try to fight back from a place of wounding, triggering and traumas. If you try to fight at lthat level, all you’re doing is powering up the beast to take you down. That’s not true power. That’s what we think power is. That’s why I’m saying to you that true power is no power.

What is no power?  No power means no ego, no Edging God Out.  It means coming home to our true power, which is no Earthly power. It is understanding the Quantum Law of so within, so without. This is how I live, and how the effective people in this community live – not only in regard to not just defeating and being impervious to narcissists, but our whole lives.

To do this we literally remove our triggers and our traumas, by turning inwards with Quanta Freedom Healing.  As a community, we are so blessed to have this powerful inner subconscious healing tool that can get us out of the separation of the mind / ego and down into the body, into the GPS, which I like to call the God Protection System. You can call it the God Source System, the God Creation System, it doesn’t matter. It is our connection to true power, which is not earthly power; it’s actually divine mind power.

This is done by loading up what hurts, which is our traumas and our triggers.

When we use Quanta Freedom Healing, we don’t need to go back into our childhood to work out, “Was I two or was I five when that happened?” Or, “Why have I got this programming?” It’s all about feeling what hurts in our bodies.

Then we load it up, release it out and replace it with the divine mind. This all takes place within a healing visualization,  which you’re talked through. All you have to do is switch it on, sit down and follow the process because you’re coded to know how to heal when you do that. We all are. Then you bring in the light – into the space created when you let go of the trauma.

What  you’re bringing in is the Divine Mind, which is your connection to Source, Creation, the Higher Mind, and unity consciousness. You already are that part of yourself. You already have that available to you. We all do. It’s just we’ve been disconnected from knowing about it because of our trauma and how this has played out in the world, with the small, traumatized self and mind.

By letting go of our traumatized attempted power and detaching from the narcissist with no participation, we can say, “I can’t change and fix you. In fact, the more I try, the worse it gets for me. I’m going to detach and take away all of your food. I’m going to turn inwards and get rid of my inner trauma so I can stop obsessing and don’t keep getting sucked back in.  I’m going to bring in the Divine Mind, which will actually reset me into the light of who I really am – to the true power, which is no power, because it’s divine power.”


Being In Divine Power

How does divine power work? In the most incredible ways! Because what happens with the connection to divine power is you have inspiration. You have peace and calm and wholeness within. You have access to synchronicity. The unity that you’ve created between you and your highest self starts coming to you in the field through healthy people, solutions, support – things that blow your mind – because you are plugged in and connected in to health, wellbeing, flow and divinity.

On that plane of existence, narcissists don’t operate because they’re actually vibrating a lot lower. So this seemingly powerful narcissist can no longer touch you. Anything they try to do to you doesn’t work because it’s as if there is a glass wall between you and them. You’re upper level and they’re trying to reach you, but their attempts just bounce back.

Even if you’re going through the horrible things that happen when you are dealing with court cases and custody, all you have to do is keep bringing in the divine mind. Let go of what hurts. Don’t feed the bear, the beast, and just keep walking forward in the Light of anti fear, integrity, confidence, power and truth. Then you will see how powerless the narcissist is.


In Conclusion

So I hope that this has really hit the spot – because it WORKS! In Quantum Law, it cannot NOT work, because quantum law is as absolute as gravity. So within, so without. When you shift to that on the inside, then your environment – your hologram outside of you – has to match your inner being. Therefore a narcissist can no longer operate in your outer universe. That’s the absolute truth, and it’s my Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) that will get you there.

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I hope this has really helped, because it’s a very important topic. I’d love you to tell me how this feels for you in the comments. Then until the next one, keep smiling, keep healing, and keep thriving because there is nothing else to do!